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  1. This guy, according to the NBI, was trawling online dating sites and introduce himself as a former US Marine working as a defense contractor... https://www.philstar.com/nation/2018/09/12/1850680/swedish-man-held-extortion
  2. Doug B

    2 Dead, 37 Hurt in Sultan Kudarat Blast

    Thanks for the encouragement mate, my gf said pretty much the same, we'll just see how things go.
  3. Doug B

    2 Dead, 37 Hurt in Sultan Kudarat Blast

    Thanks for posting, it could have been worse as they found 2 more ied's and defused them...My girlfriend's family live near Isulan, I'm due to visit next year, but if this crap get's any worse....
  4. http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1011699/retired-us-air-force-man-killed-in-baguio
  5. Doug B

    How Safe is Philippines?

    Ive been asking my gf every now and then about the safety of her area of Mindanao, near Isulan, she says its quite safe. I read about 4 or 5 online news outlets, and the martial law and the containment of any NPA, BIFF or any other terrorist groups seems to be working, I'm still worried as its my first trip, which will be end of next year. Fortunately my new family are eager to see my gf's new guy, and lots of bonding with them is planned, also with the neighbours too, there's a good feeling of neighbourly closeness in her village...in a nutshell, i think from the feedback ive had from this tiny area of the Philippines, its quite safe, but surround yourself with family and friends that you trust. Thats an opinion from someone who hasnt even been to the Philippines yet !
  6. Thanks Capa, im Mindanao bound next year, a barangay in Sultan Kuldarat, they seem to be dealing with the BIFF and the NPA effectively , my gf says her province is safe from bad guys, although im sure there are dodgy characters about, I've made friends with the neighbours and friends and family through social media, and will do in person, i know its a risk going there, but there's risk everywhere..just look at London!
  7. I dont know this guy, maybe some of you do, my friend put his latest 'news' on her fb page, she visits him in prison. " Still trying to get a lawyer and NBI to do their jobs. I wish to file cases against my ex Maribel Banggcoc Agliam (also known as Karen Banggcoc Erika Karen ... Karen Belle and Samantha Lahin and other false FB accounts) which means I could be in this Detention Center / jail until I get justice or die in here. The cases I wish to file include: - Criminal and Civil cases. Criminal Fraud. Married so Bigamy. Immigration Police Told me I am not married as she never annulled first marriage. (Good news...This means I am single) Cyber crimes. Calling me wife and child beater. Rapist...attempted murder of her. Lol. Other way around. Defamation of Character on Radio Tabuk as well as on FB Death Threats Giving me and my supporters death threats. Illegal Hacking Hacking by her and her friends into my Facebook and messenger account As well as my cellphone Civil Theft of house and all contents. Videoke Bar and all contents Jeepney Loss of income from Videoke Bar and Jeepney to prevent me having income Wilful Destruction of property. Videoke machine to prevent me having income Loss of any potential future income for me as I am prohibited from working in my industry ever again simply by being detained in Bicutan jail due to her false allergations that the immigration police immediately upon seeing my evidence dismissed as lies. Steal Revenue from the Goverment She operated Erika's Secret Videoke bar without permit but paid cousin in BIR taxes and had Tax Registered. August 2015 to August 2016. Since found out that is impossible. More fraud. Defrauding the goverment of Revenue. Against Taga police Destroying evidence of complaints I made against her and Policeman Brazilio Boringa who is accused of beating up witnesses intimadation of witnesses including Pinukpuk Junction Barangay members. Giving out death threats. Brazilio Boringna is also known to be a drug money bribe taking policeman in Cebu Visayer. Already been transferred twice from other stations for same offences/ complaints. He was sent from Cebu to Taga and is now in Bulanao Having affairs whilst still being married. Should at least be discharged from the police force. Bribing other officers at Taga police station to hide evidence cover up. Threatening fellow officers and their families lives who would not back him up. Bribing the Warden at Bicutan to take my cell phone. Take it off the premises. Hack into it. Destroying evidence. Bribing Immigration officials All these are inter related in one case. I believe that the only one who has the courage to go up against such criminals is TV 5's Raffy Tulfo. Raffy Tulfo staff advise me that Raffy will not help this case, because I am not a Pinoy. Very strange since he has helped other foreigners in the past. I am now forced to use a PAO lawyer. Since 25th August 2017 I am charged only with VISA over stay but am still at the:- Bureau of Immigration Detention Center DIWA Bicutan Taguig City Metro Manila I am determined not to let Gold Digging lying cheating Whores get away with such crimes. There are no laws for foreigners within the Philipinnes only Memorandum. Plus current consultation documents. Therefore Immigration can do as they wish and are even known to ignore DoJ rulings. I wish to live long enough to at least see a law inforced for foreigners. The British Embassy visit every month. Can not assist. Now 9 months of nothing. I was informedon 2nd March 2018 that I am free to be deported to the UK. (Have been so since November 2017. No family who can assist. I left the UK decades ago so dont know anyone in the UK. So if I self deport with no cash I will need to sleep on the streets no food no shelter. This also makes me unemployable and not able to claim UK benefits as no address. I have NO access to my meagre bank account unless I personally visit my own branch in Tabuk. 15 hours drive away. Not going to happen. Thank you for taking the time to read this. For further information please see "Mountain Love" my true story that can be found on my Face Book time line and went Viral. see xxxxxxxx Mountain Love and two follow up stories published. My story is now international reported in News Papers on Baguio and Tabuk Radio. You tube. And various other web pages. Can easily be found by searching David Wenham on Facebook I am told that No lawyers are going to come here. Raffy Tulfo wont help just refer to IBP IBP lawyer wants p230,000 just to look at evidence. No PAO lawyer will come here or respond. Will spend the rest of my life in this detention center. Please like and share my posting of this on my FB wall. Please Tag your friends of this posting. Tell Radio Stations TV Newspapers Thank you for caring"
  8. Doug B


    I think only the muslim men have the option of divorce
  9. Doug B


    That's what happened to my girlfriend, her ex went back to his ex and left her with 2 kids, but my gf is divorced legally, she a Christian and he's a muslim, under muslim law he can divorce, so with a few signatures she's free to marry.
  10. Ok thanks, I read he was 66.
  11. https://www.philstar.com/nation/2018/06/26/1828070/canadian-shot-dead-wife-hurt-batangas Did anyone know him? He was 66 yo, his wife was injured... Edit, Doug I moved your question into this existing topic. I am also curious if there is new information.
  12. Doug B

    Hi everyone -

    Thanks Ken
  13. Doug B

    Hi everyone -

    Thanks so much for the welcome, my girlfriend is from Laguilayan, its going to be quite a party when we both arrive there, we're meeting up in Manila when her Saudi contract ends, having a bonding holiday in Boracay then travel to her village...cant wait .
  14. Doug B

    Hi everyone -

    Maraming salamat po , ikinalulugod kong makilala ka....thanks for the warm welcome