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  1. Lee1154

    The Culture thing ( Even Dogs)

    How did you teach that dog to sit in a chair? Haha!
  2. Lee1154

    Volunteer In The Philippines

    Before I came here two years ago, I did an internet search for hours trying to find a volunteer organization to work with here. I ran into the same issue. All of them wanted to be paid insane amounts of money to volunteer my time. I looked into getting a visa associated with being a volunteer and did find out that it has to be with a Philippine Govt. approved organization. Then I emailed everyone that I could find an email address for asking for help finding a list of these approved organizations. After two years, still no replies. Personally, I gave up.
  3. Lee1154

    Gutwrenching song

    Yes, thanks for sharing.
  4. https://www.rappler.com/views/animated/216456-china-telco-play-in-the-philippines "The road to D-Day was paved with new protocols, new rules, and new timelines that observers say only the muscled with insider information could comply with. And the winner turned out to be the favored one." "Duterte had no one else in mind but his best ally, China. As early as last year, he invited the Asian giant to invest and help boost the telco sector." I thought I read, a month or so ago, that the 3rd Teleco was a real estate development company?
  5. Lee1154

    A Little Something to Reflect On

    You are not alone. I resemble each of your comments..
  6. Lee1154

    Luzon - Super Typhoon Yutu

    At least we get some nice cool weather several days before a typhoon hits here in Tuguegarao. Will be buttoning down the hatches before bed tonight.
  7. How long ago we're you last in the US? I was slightly shocked at the price of Wolf brand Chili I saw in the local Metro store until I made a quick trip to the US and found that at Walmart in the US, the price was 2/3 the cost of that in the local Metro store. Considering shipping and tax, I see it as more reasonable. I checked some prices on line before making the comment.
  8. Lee1154

    False Advertising on Lazada

    I ordered from Lazada several times and everything was great. After the Chinese bought them, problems started.
  9. Does this mean that I will not have to pay thrice as much for a can of tomatoes? Currently the price of any canned goods is three times the price as in the USA.
  10. If you get further north to Tuguegarao city, give me a shout.
  11. Lee1154

    Possible Super Typhoon Mangkhut On The Way!

    Thanks, yes the Toyota deslership is maybe 4.5 K away.
  12. Lee1154

    Possible Super Typhoon Mangkhut On The Way!

    It got pretty windy here in Tuguegarao. Rained a bit too. :) power is still out but our cell service is back. Going thru a typhoon was a new experience. It is more fun in the Philippines.
  13. Lee1154

    Possible Super Typhoon Mangkhut On The Way!

    I have a front row seat to this one. Hardest thing to find out is the current position.
  14. Lee1154

    Kanu tax

    It is sad that it is standard practice to charge us more. In the USA, discrimination is obviously outlawed and socially frowned on.