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  1. Lee1154

    Possible Super Typhoon Mangkhut On The Way!

    Thanks, yes the Toyota deslership is maybe 4.5 K away.
  2. Lee1154

    Possible Super Typhoon Mangkhut On The Way!

    It got pretty windy here in Tuguegarao. Rained a bit too. :) power is still out but our cell service is back. Going thru a typhoon was a new experience. It is more fun in the Philippines.
  3. Lee1154

    Possible Super Typhoon Mangkhut On The Way!

    I have a front row seat to this one. Hardest thing to find out is the current position.
  4. Lee1154

    Kanu tax

    It is sad that it is standard practice to charge us more. In the USA, discrimination is obviously outlawed and socially frowned on.
  5. They are getting to where they are not worth the cost.
  6. That should give you plenty of time in my experience.
  7. Lee1154

    My journey to finding a Filipina girlfriend...

    Good luck.
  8. Lee1154

    Do you remember White Castle Hamburgers?

    In Nashville, we had White Castle & Krystals. I was blessed. Ha.
  9. http://cebudailynews.inquirer.net/156542/american-national-hangs-inside-nbi-jail http://globalnation.inquirer.net/165480/us-pathologist-doubts-americans-suicide-cebu-jail http://philippineslifestyle.com/hollywood-cameraman-hanged-cell-cebu/
  10. The ATM did not work so they shot it.
  11. Lee1154

    Doctors Waiting Room

    Love it
  12. Lee1154

    Magic Jack issues

    They may be blocking it. Mine is constantly dropping calls and has for a year. It does that using PLDT and Globe.
  13. Safari Lodge Baguio is a nice place to stay.