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  1. If I were the poster Id get on You Tube and review the various multitude of videos there are concerning expats in Philippines and their various experiences. Theres plenty to choose from and some successes, failures and in betweens in terms of overcoming/dealing with culture shock.
  2. You omitted to add.. " And be expected to pay most of the time "
  3. Did you say smooth the way, or to get in the way.... lol
  4. Which is why I have my Cigna policy as I also know the NHS wouldnt do anything for me having not lived in UK for past 35 plus years. I know though that they are obliged to treat me for emergencies, but yes anything that requires long term treatment, I understand the NHS wouldnt do that for me.
  5. Ive done it both ways. I find its way easier just to pay the bill myself, send a scan of the bill to Cigna and so far for 100% of all bills sent, the money is remitted to my HK account within 5-7 days.
  6. I buy sourdough bread every week from Salcedo market in Makati. I asked the baker how best to keep it. Never in the ref he says. Keep it in a brown paper bag in a dark place. And so thats we do and it works great. Usually finish the bread after about 5 days and its always good to the last day with this method. I thibnk this method is also shown on the lockdown go to site for all required information...... you tube
  7. I have Cigna and it helped me greatly on my many international travels. I suppose if one was only in Philippines one could pay for regular doctors visits etc as the price per visit plus medication isnt that high, but I think the purpose of medical insurance os for those " oh no not me " days. For instance several years ago was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Had prostate removed plus 5 days in hospital in Hong Kong .. the costs for that , plus numerous follow ups back then came to approx USD 40,000. Insurance paid in full. Paying for that without insurance would have left a big hole in the pocket/wallet. I think thats the main purpose of insurance, not the random outpatient visits that are made.
  8. Hi @ Nigel... theres a great site that I used called MajorCompare... based out of HK. Thats how I got mine... https://www.majorcompare.com.hk/ I think they list all the major insurance players so you get to choose what to utilise and what to discard ( ie in my case I dont meed US coverage so that saved a fair chunk on the annual premium)
  9. Its a fair point. But if you assume that this Covid 19 situation is a " one of " then the SRRV still makes sense as theres no annual reporting, renewal is a breeze once every 3 years etc and no requrement to stay in country regaardless if its 6 or 12 months requirement. Although at this moment were all staying in country for far longer than perhaps planned. But of course if there are other events ahead such as Covid-25 etc then maybe the 13A is easier. Swings... .and the things that go round.
  10. Note that SRRV visa holders still arent allowed. The product is sold as a permanent residence type visa but this pandemic sadly has proven that we holders of SRRV are very low on the totem pole . I hope we all make our position clear to the good people of PRA.
  11. The key as others have commented is having enough savings to weather any storm, and for those savings to be where you can control it. Whatever the country ones spouse/partner comes from theres always going an element of mistrust somewhere along the way. Maybe there are perfect marriages where people share everything but a sensible man, having seen and heard and read ( and maybe experienced a scam or two ) will know to have Plan B money somewhere away from prying eyes. .. always remember what can go wrong , can go wrong. Or as Joe Louis said, " I dont like money but it quiets the nerves "
  12. You may well be right and yes depending on who you ask, and what their experiences in police interactions were.
  13. But screwed if theres ever a problem with the only bridge in, and out. Spent two weeks there and whilst most islands are well served with supermarket, local palengke etc, Naval, the " capital" seemed to really lacking in a supermarket that would stock things you might want to eat , other than endless tins of pork and beans. Maybe its improved as it was a nice enough island with a couple great waterfalls.
  14. Current head of Philippines police, Gamboa says since he took over, 9 months ago 6,000 of these fine specimens have been fired. Not that many considering there are 209,000 police in country but maybe its a start. Met with several Filipinos recently and the conversation veered towards the pulis. I asked every one " would you or do you trust the police". 7 out of 7 stated No or No way, or are you kidding. Ask your sweet wives if they do ?
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