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  1. Kalamansi is a briliant fruit, with outstanding juice ( and lots pips/seeds !) and Ive seen in some provinces that its very easy to grow. As I live in a condo hard to grow much on my balconies but a couple months ago I planted some chia seeds just to see what would happen...darn.. they are now maybe 1.5 feet tall and the leaves are brilliant in salads. So are chili plant leaves that I also grow. Tried with flax seeds but that doesnt seem to work in same way.
  2. My golly.. this is how countries used to dela with plague/black death/bubonic plague victims etc... Yes Pateros.. great idea.. mark them out so they will be ostracised immediately.....In a country that lives on gossip expect to see these houses pointed at by neighbours, and maybe a few hardy selfie fools will stand in front of their yellow ribboned houses for their Instagram feeds.
  3. I think @Old55 that a nail was just very much hit on the head... Care ?... " Bahala ka Sir or wala akong pakialam Sir " might be the phrases the good BI folk might be using as you hand over your dosh....
  4. Sadly tourists are the furthest thing on their minds at moment... The Pres is more intent on commenting on a senators hair, thats deemed way more important it seem. Thailand is taking many steps to be able to attract and keep tourists safe and that seems to be a better bet at moment. Nothing will happen in 2021 about tourists to Philippines.. but there may well be lots of announcements but as with everything at moment , its the small print that provides the real details of what you can do..not the big important sounding Press Release.
  5. They need to burn/destroy this amount VERY QUICKLY before the evidence, all 500kgs slowly but surely dissapears, is replaced, or misplaced and finds its way back into circulation......
  6. https://vaxcert.doh.gov.ph/ And heres the link if you want your digital vaccination cert.....at moment only applicable for Metro Manila and Baguio residents
  7. Many online streaming sources these days. Was watching cricket yesterday on one or two links that kept buffering so typed in online cricket streaming and found many new sites.. all have lovely irritating pop ups or links to other sites but once navigated and closed all is good. Just search.....
  8. Always remember where you live... when in doubt, remember where you live
  9. Remember that everything can change in Philippines with one minutes notice....hopefully all will be OK for you....
  10. My health insurance is with Cigna.. covers me worldwide except for US. Prices have been going up about 10% each years for past 5 years.. I'm in mid 60s....I too have concerns about what the costs will be post 70. So far Cigna is definitely winning at the moment in terms of amount paid and refunds received, given that in past 4 years Ive only used them for a few outpatient visits... but of course if I get a major problem /illness then I start to recoup my costs. Its a really hard one to decide what to do.. given the state of Philippines hospitals and the treatment inside crowded wards I wouldn't put much faith in Phil Health.... private help is the way to go . I know a few expats with Pacific Cross and they seem well served but slow to reimburse and require lots documentation. Theres no easy path to follow in terms of medical insurance for healthy ( for now !) expats here in Philippines.
  11. Which is also why the rest of the world doesnt make its citizenry wear plastic shields in front of their face... If only the rest of the world followed what goes on here , we'd all be better off !
  12. I asked that question of the PRA staff back when I was allowed in their offices.. 2018 maybe. They had a nice pat response that stated it would go to next of kin following Philippines rules on wills etc. Basically I have no trust in them returning the money whatsoever as they would hide behind rules and cant really see my daughter flying to Manila and doing battle with these fine people knowing how rule bound and hide bound they are. If I stay in Philippines Id consider it as a cost of getting the visa... but if I know I had a major sickness , Id hopefully have the time to " downgrade " my visa to a tourist visa and get the money remitted.. bUT I understand they arent exactly prompt in returning ones money. ..Oh and although you must pay the 20K in US$ they will return the money to you in pesos. Their country their rules. And given whats occurring in Malaysia with the disaster for MM2H holders I can foresee them imposing new rules here.
  13. Wait till he gets pics of the gender reassignment surgery that her brother/sister needs..... .yuuuuckkkkkkk
  14. I think you are 100% correct. Seems no one has any original thoughts other than " sir we have a problem = lockdown." They did have one guy who provided some creative thoughts, Dr Tony Leachon, but he was fired because he dared to speak up and state that the current govt strategy wasnt effective.... he didnt call them donkeys, but.........
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