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  1. I have two balconies in my unit and they needed cleaning every month or so , due to black dust primarily from jeepneys I think. unfortunately one side of my unit is above as road that is used by jeepneys. The filth from these antiquated things is incredible. I lived in Beijing before and the pollution was terrible there... sadly aint much better here !
  2. i sympathise with the poster. Fortunately in Makati I seem to be able to og out whenever i choose and Im in the over 60s group. No one has ever asked me a question about me being out. Have a pass although no spuermarkets have ever asked for it. Saving a lot as no haircuts needed, no date nights , no restaurants, no bars... no flights and no trips whether domestic or international. So that side of things goes well.. fortunately no one asking for ( or getting ) any money from me either. Just shows how there is no uniformity in the lockdown and everywhere does it differently.
  3. maybe he could be a POGO worker.. those fine upstanding commie chaps didnt seem to have too much of a problem getting working visas!
  4. i used one in Makati ( yeah far from Bulucan i know).. they would send a lady on a motorbike, she would whiz over to SM Aura Taguig, get the extension and return it to me a few hours later. Great service... but yeah in Makati. Then I got the SRRV so now more extensions ever needed.
  5. I would add Ive also learnt that everything I need to know, or wanted to know, or could learn about, has a You Tube video showing me what to do , how to do it etc. I think many have probably learnt that the role of the Church may have diminished as people have done without it.
  6. Ive learnt its easy to get by and do very little.. although I have contunued to walk 10kms every day. no one ever stopped or questioned me walking the streets of Makati. Ive found its easy to fall into a routine of doing same every day, and perhaps drinking more than i should. Ive learnt that I dont need the malls on my doorstep and whilst Ive saved a lot in past few months by not going to malls Ive lost lots on all my portfolio that will take a while to recover. Ive also learnt that whilst I enjoy living here, and have had a very long association with Philippines, and it certainly has its benefits for a single guy maybe its time ( when things move again) to try and split my time here and maybe somewhere in Europe. The way the govt treats its citizens like children, represses the press and an individuals freedom of speech, plus a few other less attractive traits of living here then maybe its time to review how long I stay here each and every year in the future. Great table making though Sr !
  7. Yes have to say HSBC Premier really works excellently well with sending and transferring money to self and to exchanging money when forex rates are good from one location to another.. I have Jersey, HK and Manila and its very seamless.....except once a year they each ask where your tax jurisdiction actually is.. then theres a bit of dancing to do.
  8. Always been like this give or take a few minor amendments to the rules.
  9. Its Siliman and is very well regarded. Very nice school, one of oldest in Philippines, near the ferry terminal in Dumaguete,
  10. Regardless of how they report , they are one of the most popular and far reaching media companies in the Philippines..... oh and dont forget that because of this situation 13,000 people are now out of work. not forgetting its being reported in mainstream media ( and no Facebook is NOT mainstream media ) internationally. 2 days after World Press Freedom Day...This country does things in ways that are totally beyond my limited foreigner comprehension.
  11. Yep, foreigner or local we both have to pay BI if the amount threshold is reached.
  12. Its a weird programme that is sometimes compulsive viewing....the producers find ways to make Americans look stupid and they do a great job of it by creating some weiord and wonderfully mismatched couples. sorry Americans, not my view at all, just the reaction I get in watching the programme. Most recently aside from Ed, and super controlling Liza theres a strange guy from Las Vegas who has "chatted " to someone he thinks is a Ukranian beauty. Has never actually spoken to her or seen her on cam either. Been to Ukraine now 4 times and she has failed to meet him 4 times. And yet he still believes shes his forever love. Incredible.
  13. Yes and some of us do... i have a few condos in and around Makati and all well rented. No law against it at all. Just have to pay the real estate taxes on time annually.
  14. I happened to watch this myself just a couple days ago. Saw another one yesterday with guy and a girl on a 30foot boat, much less fancy, but still happy to be off grid.
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