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  1. Was in a very small doctors office in Moaboal somewhere near the Town Hall. I was the only patient there until a local guy his wife with crying baby walked in. By now the small waiting room was full. The doctor said " next" from behind their covid plastic curtain, the guy deliberately picked up the side of his shirt so that I could see he had a gun. He walked into the doctors office with his crying kid. I very wisely left thereafter as the action of this ignorant fellow somewhat equally appalled and enraged me at same time. Teachers cant educate ignorance.
  2. In full agreement with you HK Blues. Other day was in SM Supermarket standing in a line that wasnt moving. 15 people ahead of me. Could see cashiers were having problems, and it seems the IT system for cashiers was temporarily down. Meanwhile over at the service counter two "manager types " with " how can I assist you " sashes were happily discussing the latest hair conditioning products or something like that. No one was moving , so I walked briskly over there and asked if they knew that no cashiers were were able to complete transactions and could they assist and assist quickly. Three minutes some plugs had been changed or whatever and cashiers were functioning again. Two ladies in front looked at me and said thanks , and I suggested that if "everyone complained things might go better... if no one does anything nothing will happen".. to which they agreed. I guess next time it will only be complaining again.
  3. The wife ( well the ex wife ) met in a nightclub in Hong Kong. She was with a group of fellow filipinas who all worked with a very well known Asian airline. That led to marriage, kids and a huge amount of discounted travel ( 90% off !) all around the world. Eventually, after over 20 years wife and I had different interests expectations and motivations. GF I met from a dating sight....she was shy but looking for adventure in her life might be the best description. That was 4 years ago and we continue to smile, travel and enjoy life with very few arguments, zero jealousy and a tampo attack once a year max. Way simpler and satisfying ( to me ) than being married.
  4. Ano is out of a job in a couple weeks. Hes an ex military man unused to the logical lateral and empathetic thinking of Governor Garcia. Just used to Yes Sir No sir.
  5. Its Gwen Garcia rather than Cebu City.. . She long ago decided that Cebu should make its own rules and forget listening to dictates from Manila. And seems shes both right and popular . She did a lot to get tourism going again in Cebu province during covid. Good to hear intelligence to situations instead of the illogical utterings from DOH.
  6. Maybe not everyone has been there, but seems a few of us.... theres only thing to do when you see that Mach 2 level of jealously and its to run. far. And fast. As theres no possible future, nor enjoyment with such an obsessed person.
  7. Then you will fit right in with some ladies....prepare to open the wallet and be amazed that carabou really do need gender reassignment and can you be the one to help please.
  8. Many ways to learn Kinosabi. A few will to read the forums, watch the youtubes that explain the numerous various and frequent scams. The first rule is never ever ever send money unless you know the recipeint. Match girls ID with where its being sent. Check the girl really lives where she says she does. Tell her youve been scammed many times, and as a result you have a padrino in the NBI who will investigate the girl if shes is found to have been lying. Never send money for a plane ticket, send a ticket you can refund or exchange. Or better yet, I was talking to one girl who wanted to come stay with me ( 19 )...I wasnt 1000% sure of the girl and perhaps neither was she/nor her parents , so I flew to Butuan. Parents interviewed me , I was older than them which was amusing to me, I watched and observed the girl and she came to stay with me for 6 weeks. Remember , in this country there are thousands ( and thousands ) of girls....if on doesnt sound right or gives off the wrong vibe, move on. Get her on video, see her pics, see how she is with others.. if its all selfies and showing off, probably some vain type. ..Find one who might match . Finally remember at all times Its your money, you have EVERY right to be cautious with it.
  9. and you dont need to be married to stay here as long as you choose... and you dont need to be worried a wife can kick you out, as has happened to some on the 13G :)
  10. Very well said. The confusion arises when one persons expectations arent or dont match the others expectations. In my current situation I was really clear up front there was and wouldnt be any commitment to each other but that she would be safe, her costs would be covered and that if any of us were never happy we could each leave with no issues. In my case, she doesnt know but theres a letter attached to my will stating to my executor that I wish her to have P250,000 from my assets in the event I suddenly fall off my mortal coil. I wanted to make sure she would be well looked after in case those clogs get popped. But you are right JGF, " most will indeed be fine with no marriage. And in my case not having a prostate after cancer, the question of kids hasnt and for obvious reasons cant come up. Good thread !
  11. Sir, if you come here you will see how things are. The reality is anyone will say anything on internet when money is potentially involved. You can find the type of arrangement that you want but somewhere along the way, feelings will come into things and then things get messy. Fair few folk on this board are married, happily or otherwise or have live ins and perhaps dont see things any more from a single mans perspective. I have an outstanding situation with a lady significantly younger than myself. Twice a year I will go off on solo travels ( Namibia, UK, Vietnam, Cambodia, Patagonia ) for several weeks. She will stay in my condo as we live together . I will leave money so she can spend it on food clothes etc and shes very frugal and good with budgeting. Twice or three times a year she will go to her province and see her family and again I provide an allowance for her costs when shes there. I get my single life for a few weeks twice or three times a year and no questions are asked, nor does she ever look or try to look at my cellfone etc. And then twice a year we will go on travels to various islands here together... we're about to go to Dumaguete and Siquijor for 5 weeks. We live together but arent always together., which I enjoy. When she needs money I provide but its not a situation whereby I provide a set amount weekly/monthly.. I just help her when she wants/needs something or when she has costs. During our time together I ensure I pay her Philhealth, SSS, have got her ATM and credit card and Gcash, phones , tablet, pc etc and make sure she knows shes safe and funded if theres an emergency . We enjoy our life together as bf/gf and its certainly not a paid arrangement and we both know if we ever have enough of each other the door will open . She knows I will never marry again as to me thats a prison without bars. The single, non married life is the only life I want. So my arrangement to me is perfect. But I probably had to be with 50 plus girls in first few years I was here to figure out what I wanted and to find someone who I wanted to be with most of the time rather than just some of the time. Life is good , but you have to be here and date various girls face to face to see whether you want the type of arrangement you are seeking or some other arrangement. I f you find someone with similar values explore places and time spent together. Better to start slow and build things up than by presenting a contract that states in return for this , this must happen. That would probably turn many ladies off. Wish you good luck... you will certainly find there are a great many twists and turns on your journey... this country can eat up newbies who dont know the environment regardless of how well they think they have planned things.
  12. Just recognizing that there was significantly less crime in philippines committed by chinese, when chinese had to apply for a visa , as opposed to current situation whereby chinese get visa on arrival. There was also probably significantly less chinese too. We can all see how much crime is being committed by chinese. Thankfully at moment its generally committed by chinese on other chinese.
  13. If they dont do a simple rudimentary check how would they ever know?. The reason it took 3 days previously for chinese to get a visa to visit Philippines was because in theory, they checked the passport against the chinese criminal data base.. So I was told by a staffer at the Philippines embassy. Reality was that it stopped very few , but as I observed, there was significantly less chinese crime when visas werent available on arrival.
  14. Isnt it wonderful that this country lets these criminal vermin in. And continues to find that its invariably chinese who do KFR ( kidnap for ransom , a well used local abbreviation ). who continue to be caught dealing ,buying selling drugs, and then prostituting their own people. Having lived and worked in China for over 9 years the type of chinese coming here most certainly arent the type this country wants. nor needs. I dont wish to tar all intskis with the same brush as I worked with some excellent chinese , but not this criminal scum thats here.... the same short haircuts, the uniform of endlessly wearing black, smoking everywhere types... And yet as they now get visa on arrival they have no issues entering. There was much less chinese instigated crime when they had to submit their passports to the very old decrepit Philippines embassy in Beijing.
  15. One of the great inconsistencies of life here is that the inconsistencies are consistent.. meaning, go to 5 LTO offices and you will get 5 different answers to your questions. Go to their offices and ask questions and somewhere you will find a friendly fellow who may help.. or maybe useless in the info he/she provides. Dont trust nor rely internet for gaining accurate information because what it says maybe inaccurate. Visit various LTOs and find out.
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