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  1. Totally OFF TOPIC I KNOW...... but i wonder how IT Geek and his grasping greedy avaricious wife is doing....He hasnt been on here a while with any updates... hopefully hes doing OK. we dont have a chat site so nowhere else to post my inquiry except here.
  2. Totally agree with you.....! Just went to one Mercury Drugs and big sign No Mask No ID. Next Mercury Drugs had no such sign .
  3. Sadly , the lack of logic curse strikes again. Me, Im senior, with no househelp and fortunately Im still going to the supermarket when required and in Makati theres a great many seniors still shopping. But really, the people making these rules seem to make them in a mental vacuum. They never seem to get around to thinking " what if that person etc etc ...... Just one blanket rule. Then again the amount of rules that contradict one another from barangay to barangay is astonishing.. some will fine curfew breakers, some wont. Some will stop seniors some wont...some will ban alcohol others wont... and for some Senators the rules whatever they are wont apply....... lol......
  4. This great meme has been appearing in a great many phone reposts... one doesnt need to ask why either lol fit looking gal... ...... theres some wonderful videos expressing the humour of the situation currently.... my whatsapp and viber is receiving them daily.. as im sure are most of the other posters here..
  5. I got mine with the help of an agent who apparently has helped applicants process a great many visas at PRA Makati. Mine was certainly VERY known ar PRA. He told me that a great many of his applicants were already married. They got the retirement vias because if ever they had a marital problem the wife could have the 13A cancelled immediately. So.. no wife no problem.. or No visa attached to the wife, also no problem.
  6. https://www.cnnphilippines.com/news/2020/3/20/DFA-visa-issuance-suspension-wont-affect-foreigners-in-PH.html
  7. I remember my Saudi days well.. .arrive new in Saudi, go buy a large plastic garbage bin..then go buy Rauch, in the white or red grape juice variety. Buy sugar, and then find the yeast that you secreted on your person. Mix and stir daily and after 14 days you have something thats alcoholic but in my case tasted not great.. but with 7Up added was acceptable. I thought my production quality was really bad till I tasted some friends. Theres' was for want of a better word, totally shit. Had to throw all mibe away when we had word that one day the mutawa ( religious police ) were coming to search our housing compound. They never came and so our drains smelled of fermenting wine for a good few days.
  8. Excellent post !I used to live near RAF Finnigley in Yorkshire.. .and can recall way back in the 1960s when I was still a young lad that every 6pm they would turn the engines on of the Vulcan bomber. They did this so as to be ready for the Russians apparently as this was at the height of the Cold War. This was a monstrous plane. More RAF stories please...
  9. Yes would be super hard... but having said that Ive seen lots white guys out walking around Makati..me included.... seems we enjoy walking.. In my case I dont go near anyone and dont touch anything so its all very safe. Traffic enforcers remain sat on their butts , police in certain places all playing on their phones and a big ass Police truck ( with camouflage that makes it look like army truck ) stationed outside Dusit Thani hotel. Also today firetrucks going around hosing down streets and pavements. No idea if thats effective but its good to see people doing something
  10. These government guys tend to get all hyped up so they issue or tweet a guideline. Then they go home and upon entering the office next day their secretaries say " Sir we've had calls from those foreign nationals here on student visa, on SRRV visa , on (9A, 13G missionary visas, Balikbayan visas.. are they all included or excluded"... He replies "No obviously they are excluded ".. " But Sir you said No exceptions??" Later that day clarification is issued that refers to the exceptions to the no exceptions. Thats how I would see this panning out. If not, and Im to be deported please can you deposit my SRRV 20K in my bank before deportation... Oh wait, you closed most the banks !!!
  11. Sm supermarket makati still has the all the normal alcohol range for sale.
  12. For some reason , all pulis here ( Manila ) now have camouflage uniforms. Im guessing its so that everyone looks like they are military and their " orders" to the population will be followed more readily than the regular pulis who are know to be somewhat inconsistent, susceptible to " considerations" and not so well trusted. Unless of course this is prelude to martial law ??????
  13. Had a Pajero when I first arrived here. Drive it at night for first time and it was like sitting in a moving cave. I could barely see out the damn thing. Next day I changed to a much lighter tint. In Malaysia police will force you to get a lighter tint as theres a maximum of 50% tinting allowed I think.
  14. I was on a tour of Norther luzon last week and ended up in Sta Ana which is the furthest north eastern point of Luzon. Came to one little hotel that had a " No Mask No Entry" sign... no other hotel had such a sign so I asked the guard if i could come in just to see the rooms. One guard and another joined him and said.. " No were full, No were private No were closed. " I suggested they just say Non Filipinos werent welcome, no need to spout so many lies. found an excellent hotel next door that couldnt have been more friendly, more accommodating and way less discriminating. Sometimes in small places people have small minds. Im sure the same happens in Europe and US too. Diseases cant be local therefor they must have been bought in by "those pesky foreigners" lol
  15. Interesting here in Philippines now how every city is trying ( ineffectively ) to keep out people from other cities. The ones they are trying to keep out left long before the bans etc. As in 1 million in Manila who left in the 48 hours before the lock down ( thats also super ineffective ). Nevertheless everyone is trying but with no malls open no bars open no restaurants open, expect a significant population increase around Christmas time....
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