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  1. Thanks.. didnt know that. .assumed the law applied everywhere....
  2. You didnt mention if the Chinese and Koreans are still smoking as if the world was going to end in Okada or are they only allowed to smoke in City of Dreams. Said Chinese/koreans and casino operators being In full compliance of the No Smoking in Public Places Executive order 26 of course.
  3. I wouldnt expect anything less from our dear chinese neighbours. You should see the selfishness they display to each other in every chinese city...parking on pavements, blocking entrances,smoking where it says No Smoking, etc etc and 100 other etcs
  4. None of us should expect that our presence would be in any way understood or appreciated.. Just as no one should believe that every Filipino is in awe or any form of appreciation of what we bring to the economy.. ie real estate taxes, capital gains taxes on properties and association dues paid, electricity water bills, plus our monthly expenditure, plus car purchases plus gas, plus alcohol , cost of SRRV visa or 9A, 13G visas, plus on PAL or Cebu Pathetic etc and many other plus plus plus. Simply put its expected we live here and that we spend, and Hey Joe can you spend more . And Hey J
  5. Be very aware of your surroundings and your possessions.. put them into deep pockets or hold on tight to them... or better yet, if you know where you go there will be street children bring the minimum that you need.. One way around the problem is to walk fast.. as in foreigner fast.. kids give up if they think " its too much trouble", hes walking too fast for me. The kids themselves if still young arent too much trouble but the hungry angry teenager who thinks nothing of getting very close, abusive and in your face angry can be much more of a problem. Wearing shoes are tr
  6. And yes, agreed in these covid times, owning a car might well be both better and safer. But covid times will pass ( we hope !!!!) I spent half my time out of Philippines, in the good old normal days so any car I had would have been incurring costs without providing use to me. And even going on a road trip which is possible now, would necessitate finding/using hotels.. and they dont seem to available at moment. :(
  7. I used to drive around Manila for many years. Learnt many defensive driving habits and quit a few bad ones too :) And I used to watch like a hawk for the MMDA crocodiles who would hide behind posts and pillars trying to catch people. Used to speak only French to them when I was apprehended for the crime of "swerving"...never got a penalty and never had my licence taken either. Of course having the 22 printed pages of the traffic rules and regulations in my car also helped. THe traffic cops ?mmda were generally amazed that I had such a thing..they had no idea they were freely available on th
  8. Look straight ahead always. Dont use irrelevant things like rear view or side mirrors. Indicate at will. Traffic lights... act confused. Same for roundabouts. Seat belts... hmm what are they for. Although having said the above, most car drivers are generally as well aware as in most other Asian countries these days. The problem drivers are jeepneys, owner jeeps, buses whos drivers are on a deadline, and cars whos indication/lights are not working or not used. Driving here.. expect the unexpected. Not much different to many other places.
  9. Gotta love the high standard of reporting sometimes. Dear Reporter, When it says Senator Manny Pacquiao, that already means/confirms hes a senator, so you stating that hes "also a Philippines senator" seems a tad superfluous and totally irrelevant.
  10. If you buy a normal " smart "tv ( and I think all are like that now) it comes with android and chromecast preinstalled. Meaning you can find some apps from android and with the cast you can share content from phone direct to tv. Most also now come with Netflix preinstalled and youtube too. I have one such tv and dont have any sky subscription etc as not really interested in local tv and if the gf wants to see it, its always available on phone , tablet or even tv via you tube. With some apps I can get sports events , EPL, cricket etc The advantage of a box is it wil
  11. Me too... as always reporting fails to actually report precisely or accurately. I believe some pay bands did get increases but a general increase in all pay bands didnt happen. Either way, what is more accurately reported is that nurses in Philippines are the lowest paid in S E Asia. And they wonder why ( then ban them ) from travelling overseas for better paying assignments.
  12. https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1308840/govt-nurses-get-pay-hike-18-years-overdue
  13. Good clarification. Tommy T. Am glad its happening. for the well deserving teachers... now maybe the nurses pay increase which has been delayed 18 years, since 2002 might proceed also ???
  14. I saw the sandbag story earlier but not here... apologies for my double post on same story.....
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