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  1. May or may not be useful but does your bank have a branch here. I bank with HSBC in HK and they wont send credit cards to a home address by courier.... but I arranged for them to send my new cards to a bank employee who had provided correct identification etc. He received the cards, sent me notification and I collected from him. And HSBC paid for the many calls that it took to arrange this. Several weeks later I received regular mail from HSBC checking that I had safely received the cards.. that mail took 8 weeks to deliver and i live in the centre of Makati. !
  2. Dude, my reading skills are more than adequate. Im well aware what a previous poster said and what I said. But thanks for noting the difference. Regards to Granny.
  3. Whether hes seeking attention or making a joke in his usual infantile way, he does the female leaders of the world a disservice.. especially as his country has already had two female Presidents.. not forgetting Angela Merkel, Jacinda Arden , Indira Ghandi Benazhir Buttho...etc etc et al. He only has until May 9th 2022... then perhaps the country can have a president who has more professional communication skills.... but then again, knowing how people get elected here ( singing and dancing shows, plus tins of sardines and the possibility of blue notes ) its merely a hope only , tha
  4. You are right.. the Hermes Birkin ( which has/had a 3 years waiting list ) is over US 30,000... 1.5 mill pesos.
  5. Hes also done a lot for the imported handbag industry. His wifes collection of handbags is quite astonishing..but even more astonishing is that whenever the wife gets a new bag, Pacquios mother, Dionisia, has to get an identical one. A rare form of buy one get one. The mother has created her own following by being a celebrity momma complete with toyboy. I dont begrudge him what he has earnt at all. He came from very very humble beginnings and distributes a lot of wealth. Apparently his team receive well over 1000 emails a day begging for help..every day for past 10 years.
  6. Being a single guy here, I think ( from experience of chatting to these types ) you have ticked most of the boxes. I stay far away from anyone where any or some of the warning signs show. Sex on the first night certainly isnt a warning sign as I rarely encounter a date where it doesnt happen on first date. Im not some super stallion, but eventually we all know whats going to happen and happen it does. But all the othes, especially the phone, the pics of trips to tourist trips are dead giveaways. As is a familiarity with high end brand names / Thankfully this country is full is
  7. It maybe fair to say the original topic has truly been waylaid......
  8. There are a great many students in Dumaguete so there should be plenty of limited size accommodation...there were also quite a few studio accom types on airbnb before. Maybe out of the said ladies prices bracket but theres a few available., as ive stayed in some.
  9. Was managing a large very tall hotel in HK. We received a request for reservation from Australian navy for about 25 rooms, all guys. The person making the reservation specifically requested all the rooms to be on the VERY top floor of the property. WE asked why... reply was " these are submariners.. These guys been 10,000 feet under the sea for past 3 months.. they deserve THE BEST VIEW above ground , for their stay in HK".
  10. I worked here for 5 years and worked with a great many filipinos OFWs in Saudi ,Hong Kong, Jordan, Malaysia and a few other places. Without a shadow of a doubt the OFWs were way more serious workers. Prouder of their jobs, probably aware of their responsibilities to repay their debts, probably aware of responsibilities to send money home utang na loob etc , and in general as they told me, happy to be out of the Philippines and the incompetence of govt there ( this was a phrase regularly repeated ). In general they didnt take short cuts, they followed instructions much better and they w
  11. I have Prudential. Covers contents for my condo except for cash and pcs and phones. I had an expensive one previously with Tokyo Marine but this year with Prudential , following a tip from a friend who has a few condos covered by Pru
  12. SAdly oh so true. See HK today, thet arrested a number of proposed candidates in next elections. Well thats one way of ensuring "your party " wins, jail all the opposition. A few football teams probably might like to also employ that strategy
  13. I lived there 1988 to 1998 and it was possibly the " perfect " time for HK. China was just a noisy spittle ridden place over the border and had no influence on HK except for selling its chemically soaked vegetables in Park n Shop there or peope going to Shenzhen for copy handbags etc. And then June 30th, on a very rainy and foggy night ( tears of a British god lol ) the handover was made. Chinese troops entered the city , but were immediately confined to barracks and slowly but surely the thugs who govern Beijing ( and I lived in that polluted spittle ridden place for a few years too )
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