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  1. Freebie

    Broadband connection in condo

    moved into a new condo recently.. ayala land premier.. ( good title, quality not that great ).. contacted Globe and they installed within a day or so.... P1800 a month, and worked seamlessly for past 5 months.
  2. I can tell you something about this. I also used to lvie in China. I obtained by No Criminal record from UK and had a medical done in China. Went to see SRRV people.... no sir the Police clearance must be stamped and " red ribboned " by the Philippines embassy in London. And the medical... sir easier to get it done in one of our own accredited doctors. So if u want to waste a trip to your home country just to get a stamp on a certificate , thats what you have to do. And the condo you have sir, cannot be used in lieu of the deposit... And the US$ 20,000 that you have in BPI already cant be used, has to be a remittance made from outside the country into one of our nominated banks. I will just keep doing the visa extensions....
  3. Once I passed immigration and waitied in lounge for a CX flight ot HK. But.. sorry sir all flights cancelled , please go home and return tomorrow. So we were escorted past immigration and passengers all went home. So what was interesting was that officially we had exited Philippines but hadnt left the country. The next day of course it was madness trying to explain that to an immigration guy but a Cathay lady magically appeared and showed him the passenger manifest that showed I had left but hadn't -- if you know what i mean
  4. I arrived in PAL terminal the other day. Asked if I could get the 59 visa, and the lady superviro said " do u have 203 hours to wait " ? I replied that it used to be no more than 15 minutes previously. She stated it was now 2.3 hours and said if i was staying in Makati I should just do it there rather in airport. Seems they arent interested to process in that terminal any more
  5. I went to the Makati LTO with the pice of paper and they saif it would take maybe 2 or 3 hours until it was my turn. Stated that Seniors get priority One according to their info on te glass counter.. they looked at me, asked if Im senior ( I am ) and had the shiny licence in my hands 15 minutes later. Love how seniors get priority here !