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  1. You forgot to say that all the smoke belching jeepneys have now all been replaced with electric and solar powered versions too.....so much nicer since that changed.....
  2. Bought a Panasonic in SM Appliance 2 years back. Works fine but the psin function really isnt very good.. found one sticky typhoony summer that needed to buy a dryer too, which I hadnt expected to have to do.. so would recommend washer with a very good spin function. Has a soak rinse and spin function... even a self cleaning function.. just didnt expect that i would have to hand wring towels out before drying
  3. Id say its fairly typical sadly. You should hear the noise every night in apartment buildings in Beijing. No one cares for, or has a moments care for anyone else. Having sad that the monster kaoroke machines st up here outside peoples houses here arent that nice either........
  4. I hope this will be a good thing, and that we can see less of these barbaric people..... use of the term barbaric ? I lived and worked in China for over 7.5 years and saw them everyday in the way they shout spit smoke, ignore every rule possible, park on pedestrian crossings, bosses slapping workers for a mistake a boss had made, pouring home made beer into Heineken bottles, selling gutter oil to hot pot restaurants, not helping anyone injured in an accident but taking the phone out to post of Weibo, the law that says grown up sons/daughters must contact their parents once a month,.... the list would be a long list if I mentioned all their transgressions. I was happy to take their money but how they live and work.... they have a lot fo learning to do about manners and social norms. So less of them here will only be a good thing. hopefully the number of flights here from China will be reduced accordingly. But knowing the Chinese they will find some new illegal way around this rule....
  5. Quality is not a word I would associate with building works here. Generally the approach is shoddy and from my experience most tradesmen get away with whatever they can , if and when they can. No one seems to inspect their own work with an eye for keeping their work area tidy, neat or to the standard that was agreed. Most seem to want to skip skive and take short cuts. Its been like this for the past 30 years that Ive known the country. Sometimes I can accept and laugh about it and other times its frustrating as I know it can be done so much better.r Ive worked with many Filipinos in other countries and there, they follow the rules, the standards and can do good work when properly supervised. But here......watch every worker and repeat the instructions and never take a break because something might not be done as expected
  6. Totally agree with the sentiments expressed here. Life as a single retired guy is excellent. I had many years of being married to an Asia lady but eventually the fights, the nagging , the lack of shared interests after kids left told, and we went our separate ways. I live in my own condo in Makati and travel 50% of the time.. sometimes around Philippines sometimes internationally. Im only alone when I wish to be and spend most of my shared time with a nice lady who is quite a bit younger than myself. Im happily retired and whilst I watch my expenditure and defintely dont spend US$ 100 a day I have a good life and enjoy all my time. If I become old and inform will be easy enough to find a carer or two.. preferably two , one young and cute , one older more sensible and knowledgeable. dont need a wife for that. Will not be marrying ever again. We all make our own life choices and Im happy with mine.
  7. Clark has a heap of cancellations today also. I have a Cathay flight scheduled to HK for tomorrow and just for interest I looked at Clark.... prices for a round trip HK trip vary from P23,000 to P 60,000.
  8. Maybe the clue is in the handle I use ?? Plus Im from Yorkshire... and we all know how tight Yorkies are.......
  9. Every time I visit a Watsons pharmacy, they will always ask do I want the prescribed or a generic.... with one being 50% lower in price I know which one I always go for......:)
  10. K, most Asian apartments in whatever country will be higher in price than many parts of UK except for London. dont be suprised. Its not based on their salaries/ purchasing power, as many apartments in the major cities of Manila and Cebu are bought by OFWs on long term loans , many are bought by families, and many are bought by rich Filipinos who wait for a price appreciation. ... and on the other side many of the apartments are fuelled by strong demand.. not only Filipinos but Europeans, koreans and chinese. A very large sized apartment in a good building in Makati in a reasonable location on Makati Avenue is currently advertised for Rush sale at US$ 3 million.. or GBP 2.3 mill quid.
  11. Buy from a high class developer with a good reputation. This is the only way you will be able to get a quick resale. Buy from a lousy cheap developer like SM or robinsons and the old saying of " you pays your money you take your choises is true. Ayala land is one is best and yes most expensive . however all their properties are usually sold out in pre-marketing... meaning theres a lot of demand for their product. A developer that cant sell all its units means its not a top tier developer.
  12. Just remember that you need to be there all the time with 6 eyes working . Staff, visitors, suppliers, even government officials will all take you for a ride if they can. Glue yourself to the cash register . And hope that you enjoy your chosen life as if its not enjoyable, you will stop paying so much attention and thats when the problems start. I worked here for 5 years and its most certainly true that "when the cats away" etc etc. Dont rely on the fact that because its a business thats related to your wife that maybe her relatives wont either interfere, or se themselves as part owners. Decide who you can trust and assume that if someones not on that list they cant or shouldn't be trusted. Had my own sister law ( back in my married days) take me for a few mill pesos in a business we shared.
  13. In my last job in China I found that I had a reasonable amount of spare time , and so started on writing a book . And 3 years later found I had reached page 500. I never knew I had so many stories in me. I added many quotes from poems, movies and song lyrics to enhance the context and found it to be a really enjoyable excersize. With the assistance of a friend I had the pages properly laid out, designed the front , back cover and had 10 copies printed. They will go to my siblings and kids once Im no longer here. Thoroughly enjoyable and I had lots fun researching ( Such as on what date was Knebworth when Rolling stones played, what position I came in London Marathon etc ).... takes time and effort but so does all the good things in life and for those who have a good story to tell, its a great way of running down the various memory lanes we all inhabit .
  14. And dont forget that you will most certainly need and be asked to show medical insurance for the duration of her time in the various countries she visits.
  15. Most doctors will prescibe antibiotics for most ailments here. Standard practice.... but the ey wont prescribe more than twice a year , or maybe its no more than twice in 6 months...but, not taking antibiotics doesnt stop the bodies immunity to them though. Every farm raised animal that we eat , is full of them so they are in your body whether you take them or dont.......
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