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  1. Theres a good expat group in San Fernando and there were a few organised rides of groups from Angeles up to San Fernando area. Beaches are ok ( nothing like Pagudpud Norther Luzon for photogenic quality though ) , roads are fine , traffic not too bad and lots nice smallish hotels. Not sure what everyone does there though as doesnt seem like much to do there.
  2. 110 mill population, 23k covid deaths so far.... that 0.021% of total population have died. President could look at tuberculosis that represents 0.023% of population... more deadly and easily treated. Then again Im not a hotshot lawyer......
  3. Never ever forget where you live is also called The Land That Logic forgot. No logic to this case as its represented here......sometimes all you can do is shake your head at some of the nonsense that happens here and just get on with your day.
  4. Found the answer on their FB page ( well gf's facebook page as I refuse to use the site ) why they cant update their own webpage , who knows. Travel pass must be applied for one week before flight to PRA and on return they want a copy of passport bio page, srrv sticker page, copy of stamp of arrival...... makes you wonder what they do with all this info and why they need it, and why their systems arent linked with immigration and and and 1001 other whys........
  5. Yes the entry exemption has been done away with at least according to IATF resolution 119. But they still have something called a Travel Pass that is required to be obtained from PRA. No idea how long that process takes ( I did apply for the entry exemption mid February and heard exactly nothing from them since, nor to my 10 email follow ups. ) but have emailed them today , completed the same inquiry in the " contact me" part of the PRA website and tried to call but of course, no one answers.
  6. True @HKblues, but if this is the case for Philippines how will it be if we go to Uzbekistan with our Philippines vaccination certificate and they say " whats this ?" Go away. Somewhere along the way, every country will need some sort of way of recognising the validity of each countries vaccination processes because if not international travel cant develop. Im sure that common sense along the way will prevail but it may take time. FYI @HK Blues were you in HK 31 years ago today ??. I was, it was a typhoon night and Michael Chang was playing tennis like a hero in Paris... and meanwhil
  7. So.. if you are vaccinated in Philippines you only need 7 days quarantine on returning to Philippines.. but if vaccinated in any of the other countries around the world you need 14 days quarantine. Is there something special about being vaccinated in Philippines that we dont know about ??????? Do please tell us IATF Gods
  8. The more people who make noise and disagreements with some of the illogical policies and inane backward thinking the better. Sadly there are so many " experts " here ( Expert = a guy who once saw half a youtube video about Epidimiology but left as there were too many adverts ). Of course the govt can just ignore but the more high profile folk who keep saying " Why" and " This doesnt make sense " the better. Presumably the good folks in government are talking to Singapore about how they are handling the covid situation and keeping their economy running well... Oh, they are
  9. or even consider, a family decides to take their 2 kids and lola and lola to Subic... before they even leave home they need to spend P 16,000 on tests alone ! One thing is for sure, this country never ceases to amaze ! Or amuase. Or frustrate , all in equal measures.
  10. No idea who this scumbag /scambag is but had an interesting time googling Petrea and all the scams reported on an old Cebu expat website. Seems there are liars and cheats in every community, and this fatso seems to be a good example, whatever his real name is. Anyways he was right about the rain in HK on handover day although that rain didnt start till about 5pm. I was there. And there was an excellent Mexican restaurant in Times Square too.
  11. Ive ridden motorbikes in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia and China.....and in all cases you need to have eyes in front, at sides at back. Ive also ridden motorbikes in Guimaras, Southern Leyte, Biliran and Norther Leyte, , Southern CEbu adn Moalboal, Bantayan, Siquijor, Dumaguete, Pagudpud and Northern Luzon and probably a few other places... and as always eyes are needed everywhere. Other drivers can and do incredibly stupid things. Came off a bike in Puerto Galera when a combination of black out, rain on road, giant pothole and two dogs who ran into r
  12. As of todays figures 4 mill have received one dose and only 900K have received the required two doses. Seems they are currently vaccinating about 160K a day...who knows when they open the old Ngayon Filipino site if that will increase... getting to Ngayon Filipino certainly isnt easy for many. Numbers going up slowly, very slowly.... when and if they can hit 500k a day then there will be lots requests from The Vaccinated for the rules for them to be relaxed.
  13. Sorry to hear this, but its an oft repeated take that folks here didnt get what they paid for and feel they have no sense of redress. I fortunately learnt long ago to only buy from what could be considered good quality. Mine is an Ayala Premier building which for Philippines is probably good standards... for HK where I lived in apartments for many years, it would probably be at best average quality, and for Singapore where I lived, would be considered poor quality. Would be average for Thailand and Shanghai ie. Lots money spent on lobby and nothing spent on decor away from lobby.
  14. Well there one hell of a lot of schools in the country. Wonder what they will be doing with them if not using them for teaching. ????
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