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  1. as we all know here, information is fluid, and never exact, meaning sometimes its applied one way and sometimes another way. Two people will often have two totally experiences when dealing with the same facts and information and instructions. Its just how it is.
  2. 1. ALWAYS a good idea to look at the bike, take photos or better video of you walking round the bike as you take delivery of it. That way both renter and rentee know any damage issues. Rented one in Siquijor few years back, deliverd it back to bike shop and some fool 16 year old in shop, even without looking shouts " hey you need yo pay for the damage. I replied " hey then you need to call the cops as no damage done." No further conversation ensued. 2. Licences, sometimes people ask some dont. Depends where you are what the local custom is. 3. Some ask for money upfront some dont. Some have contracts to sign or ID to take. If some one wants money in advance I make sure gf takes a photo or video of me handing the money over. Thats saved a few issues of "sir we have no record of payment ". 4. cops...sometimes they might ask papers sometimes not. Depends where you are. Usually foreigners might get special treatment. Was stopped in Guimaras and cops wanted to take pic with me. The issue of whather i had papers or not was secondary ( No im not a rock star, theres just not many foreigners in Guimaras and basically no motorbikes for rent. I rented mine from a security guard near the ferry terminal ! )
  3. Had a friend in quarantine last week, said they came to his quarantine hotel with a credit card reader and was able to pay for it there and then.. P 2250 for him and P2000 for filipina asawa. He had booked it in advance but hadnt paid.
  4. You are correct that it should of course be checked but Ive had other stitches checked for infection then removed here by a doc from my barangay clinic... was suprised to be told that only a surgeon doc had to remove stitches. As for dissolving stiches, I actually asked about them to the nurse who put my stitches in ...she said yes she had heard of them when she did her training in Cebu but they hadnt ever seen any in Bantayan.
  5. We all know its easy to criticise some of what happens here down, were probably all guilty of it. But wanted to share to a nice positive story. Was in Bantayan for all of December and got to see some of Odette etc. Meanwhile one day there was cooking dinner and unbeknownst to me, the airbnb condo I was staying in had sharpened their previously blunt knives. Cue deep finger laceration and loss of lots of blood. Managed to patch it up for the evening ( thanks owner for providing a good useful first aid box ) and the following morning drove to a doctors only for him to tell me that only in the hospital can they apply stitches. Drove to the only small hospital on the island where there were a few forms to fill in and then a nurse proceeded to attend to my cut. I was the only person in A&E that morning. Cleaned with distilled water, then betadine then made 6 stitches, then wrapped it up and gave me spare gauze pads. She checked with a doc somewhere along the way and he prescribed antibiotics ( as usual here). When all is done, I move back to the reception area and ask the nurse how much this was. She totally astonished me by saying "Sir, no cost at all. Free". Not much in life is free but this treatment was. Very surprised and very happy to have been so well treated. Was a nice positive experience. As a funny postscript, I went 10 days later to my local clinic for stitches removal but was told only a surgeon doctor could remove. So a nurse can put in , but needs a surgeon doctor to remove?
  6. I was going through some old leases the other day as part of a clear out.. i rented 3 houses over 5 years in Alabang 1999-2004 and most were in the P140-180,000 range back then. So yes your US$ 10k per month is about right. BGC vs Makati.. horses for courses... I had a condo in BGC way back when there were only 5 condo buildings. Was a glorious place to live then as almost no traffic lights, no people, and this was before SM Aura and even before Market2. It gradually got developed and more traffic, more traffic lights, endless security guards, lots week visitors and it lost that special feeling and just became anonymous, very singapore like. Now I hardly ever go there. I live in a decent condo in Makati . My neighbour rents the same sized unit for P 120 per month. For me both San Lorenzo and Salcedo way more " real " than Makati.but then as I said at the start its horses for courses.
  7. Am on my 55th airbnb stay... most have been great with the exception of one in Sogod southern Leyte that was sooo bad ( door wouldnt lock, caretaker told us we had to buy our own toilet tissue etc etc ) and then there was the one in Oslob... One large bed was fine, but only one dining chair, and cups and glasses for one but there were two of us, and resvn stated there were two....phone signal required a walk of 100 metres to the mango tree though the site said it " had a signal depending on the wind ", spider family in the bathroom, no chopping board, one mouldy pillow, damp bedsheets, no mirror anywhere, cold water only and an aircon that sounded like a 1940s German tank.. very loud indeed....and for this prince of a place we paid US$ 40 per night....based on some great reviews....Booked for 9 days, left after 2,Went through the normal routine of advising owner who said everything was fine. Advised her I have photos of everything including the fact there were people bbqing outside our front door on what was supposedly a private space outside the property, private for us. From there went to airbnb requesting refund and lo and behold, owner promptly refunded me for 7 days. I didnt bother to make a review though in fairness to owner.
  8. I had been in Bantayan for the typhoon and whilst windy, didnt do a lot, though it did knock out Globe and all wifi for a ouple days. but drove from Hagnaya to Ceby airport yesterday. Lots gas stations seem to have lost their canopy from Danao on downwards, trees power poles etc down in many places....couple boats even pushed up onto the land. Very strange to see. Many relief trucks departing from Bantayan on daily basis most full with 50 litre blue water containers, clearly without somrthing essential as water the rest of the work restoration repair work cant happen.
  9. Maybe his family regrets his passing but I doubt many others will... what a piece of scum he was.
  10. Sir you are using logic. Regrettably its ocassionally out of stock here...as the said " play more OPM" bill makes obvious.
  11. Deputy Speaker Lito Atienza primary authour of the bill says the bill " is going to be a very effective way to ensure that Filipino stupidity remains at the very top of the pile, and that this bill will generate many comments but will serve no purpose at all". "Captain , Captain , the pulis are here saying we cant take off as we were playing international music, not the Apo Hiking Society track....lol
  12. I think we have all had a few of those in our times here......and yes, laughter is the only thing you can do, as well as a rueful shake of the head.
  13. Lived in China for several years and this was super common. So common in fact that a law was passed that people had to provide help to those who had been in accidents rather than record. The law was ignored and everyone continued to take videos for their click counts of small motor bike crashes, car crashes, bus crashes... what happened to people and their sense of care, duty and empathy for victims ?
  14. Sadly they never seem to learn the damage that their spite jealousy and frustration that others can achieve things and that the country could be proud of. The current SG has been seen to be involved in many activities against seemingly good and decent people including Supreme court judge. He wont be missed when hes gone ( soon ). His predecessor Mr "Wiguirre" wasnt exactly so stellar either so I read.. Oh for a govt here that actually would hire the Best and the BRightest.
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