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  1. Guys, this was on Facebook and was posted by an Australian.
  2. flyboyrd1949


    HAS ANYONE BEEN TO SHANGAI? FOOD, PLACES TO STAY ETC Mod; I moved your question to the China topic. (and changed to "plain text")
  3. Actually there are several buffets here in CEBU and according to your pocket book and taste here are some choices ranked by price and food choices. 1. Radison BLU .....next to SM 2. 101.....across from PARK MALL 3. Viking Buffet .....in SM
  4. I have read recently that a foreigner got deported for raising his voice and insulting a Filipino, apparently the Filipino went to the Bureau of Immigration and filed a complaint against this foreigner, he was later deported. Has anyone in this forum heard of of any such cases?
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