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  1. I heard the Quota visas were extremely limited in their number, so possibly you might not obtain one in any given year. Quota SRRV SRRV is available from age 35.
  2. codermonkey


    If you could make $10,000 a day buying peoples garbage then nobody would go to work. Just more fakery to add to the fake news.
  3. codermonkey


    I was handed tap water in jollibee and pissed through my ass for a week! Sure it was 'only' water. Yes I'd have eaten it, cooked pork should be safe. However he is correct he does not have the same immune system as locals and maybe hes always picky with his food? I've eaten dog, guinea pig, haggis, alligator, insects, ballot, chicken feet, durian, frog, llama, airag, all sorts, but its very easy to get sick eating food travelling, and people will also get offended if you say their food made you sick.
  4. codermonkey

    Why Play Games?

    Why would anyone pay $10,000 for a blood diamond, that gets taken to the pawn brokers a couple years later after the divorce? Yet millions do.
  5. codermonkey

    Why Play Games?

    I had a similar experience, generally you aren't paying them to marry you, you pay them 'support' so they can eat, pay the rent and generally stay out of trouble, then you pay for fiancee visa, then sick relatives, load, internet, etc. The sad fact is a large proportion of Filipinas realize they can make more money by being a 'professional girlfriend' (scammer). I suspect whatever you give them isn't enough because, as we aren't super rich, they just see it as a 'pay rise', and they see having 4-5 'boyfriends' on the go as 'overtime'. $7000 can in effect be several years wages. Many Filipinos live hand to mouth with effectively no disposable income at all. They may never have substantial savings in their entire life. They may have their own private goals, they may be secretly buying a plot of land, or building a house with your money. I suspect they simply don't see the relationship on the romantic level. I've also began to think hypergamy is a universal female trait. We are lucky they are often so short sighted and don't play the long game. Possibly they feel they would never manage to secure marriage due to their behavior even when its offered, or maybe they prefer their life as it is. Another explanation might be they already have a filipino boyfriend of course. The Philippines has the infamous Sogo chain of love hotels, they exist for the native population, for a religious country I get the feeling there is a lot of extra marital sex going on. I split with my ex 5 years ago but I still question all these aspects to this day.
  6. codermonkey

    Concreters and other jobs

    The Philippines produces doctors and nurses that are exported worldwide. I'm sure becoming an expert concrete finisher is well within their abilities.
  7. codermonkey

    Hypothetical Reproduction!

    Surely opting for an endless pain in the balls is the decision to have kids
  8. The tripadvisor reviews are pretty poor, I certainly don't see it as a money making venture. Oh great only a 30% loss then !
  9. Yes sounds not unreasonable, but its possible a condo could fall into bad repair and some members would want to fund repairs and others wouldn't. While its unlikely to be demolished its possible your nice new condo could become a slum and you wouldn't have a lot of recourse. Maybe not so bad if you own one, if you own 10 then its an issue. Condos are sold at a premium and demolish costs are high. After 50 years its quite possible that you would be out of pocket if forced to sell in a run down development or if the block is demolished. https://philpropertyexpert.com/what-will-happen-to-a-condominium-investment-after-50-years/
  10. I would want to know what protections in law if any exist regarding the extension. The condo association owns the land and leases it to the condo owners. 1. How much can be charged for how long an extension. 2. Who can inherit the property if I die 3. What rights does the land owner (association) have ? 4. Who maintains the block ? How are they incentivised to keep it maintained ? 5. Will any anti-social behavior rules be enforced in the condo development ? What happens with nuisance neighbors ? If the block is not maintained the association can vote to sell the land and demolish the block.
  11. I heard condos come with a 50 year lease, once it expires the condo association has to renegotiate the lease. Now I'm sure this is just a formality, but you won't have any sway on the association.
  12. 10 units is likely to run into 1 million+ dollars. You never really own in PI after 50 years your lease will expire on all your properties.
  13. codermonkey

    A caution about plastic car and motorcycle covers

    Standard tip for removing chewing gum is stick in freezer, but yeah sounds like you need the part stripped and painted.
  14. codermonkey

    The right fit

    If you are flying from a cold country then agree wear a pair of jeans on the plane. One in Philippines its too hot and humid for jeans, unless you plan going to an air con nightclub, and even then expats and tourists will often wear shorts. Laundry outside your hotel is not hard to find, if you are in a cheap hotel you can ask at front desk and if they don't do laundry they will direct you to the local laundry place. Typically I pack 7-10 days worth of clothes and just get stuff washed once a week. Like I said its normally 1-2 bucks. The biggest problem is potential for lost or damaged items, but Asia is really good, they count your items on collection and return. You can also always buy some washing power and hand wash items in the sink or shower, its so hot that its easy to dry them.
  15. codermonkey

    The right fit

    I know all the textiles comes from china, but they ship the western stuff to the west. Most of the stuff in the country is not the same sizing, even if you go to big name western brand stores. I am not big by any sense of the word, at the time I was 6ft 1in and 32 inch waist. Pretty average for UK male, virtually nothing fitted. Whatever I did buy barely fitted and did not fit after one wash. Its down to the individual, sure walk round the mall to pass some time, but clothes shopping isn't my idea of a good holiday, USA has the best clothes shopping in the world, its pretty pointless to do it in PI.