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  1. If every response is expected to be tightly framed the range of cnversation gets really dry. So much media competing against forums I’d be happy for any reply reasonably topical and not sending a strict vibe. Many forums are having a hard time. Reasonably cogent replies should be welcomed or people will move on. imo
  2. As soon as envelope arrived at Fed Ex Lapu2 the delivery was online for next day delivery. I reached a live person in the office. (Three hours to find real number.) I told them very nicely five slightly different ways I would be very appreciative if they would have a delivery person call me ASAP. My phone rang fast. The envelope got picked from the batch, I assume. One day early and at 1pm it showed up. I learned my lesson in the past—- that the fnal leg of the journey is the weakest link with a glorified hubal hubal driver in charge. Not this time. Smooth as silk. Gratitude expressed to the driver. Thanks for the advice above.
  3. I would transfer the stamp to the new U.S passport. If their is a choice to premptively avoid a third world cluster for P6K I’m taking it. And that is not to imply I have P6K to waste or anyone else’s style is wrong. That’s just me. Not OP’s question exactly but it goes toward motivation. imo
  4. I observed they offer discontinued items subject to extensive negative reviews in the U.S markets.
  5. Approving a politically connected company just taking a stab at trying something new regarding a monumentally important infastructure issue. You could write a 400 page book that would not capture the mentality of the Philippines any better.
  6. Ryan.


    Hello all. I don’t know if this will help zero persons or twenty so I will just provide the information. Ok? I have an app called “HUSHED”. It provides a local phone number in authorized countries. If you have a VPN active you can sign up for a voip phone number in any home country they service. It is $30 a year. If you are from, for random example, New York, but actually living in Philippines, you can get a New York phone number with voice mail, text. Not just your country but your region. A pretend regular phone number that actually works. Now here is the killer. If you are able to access the “ Groupon” app. first, they are running a special. Instead of $30 a year it offers a promo of $25 for life. Just be careful, the “HUSHED” app has flaws. Read the reviews. Also, I found a possible sneaky TOS. Must use the Hushed app at least one minute every six months not to loose the deal. Just call a closed business or send one text. That covers six months. I am avoiding the easy to find links because I am not sure if they are frowned upon here. Go to Groupon, if you can. Search Hushed. Use VPN to look like you are in a country the service is offered. I used a U.S example but don’t let that throw you. If anybody is interested: Turn VPN on. Access Groupon site. Get Hushed Promo. Sign up with Hushed. $25 one time. You can then send and receive via that number on wifi. Just throwing ideas out there hopefully one is usefull. 🙂
  7. The time between 13A application and physical receipt of the ACR card was very stressful. I simpatico whenever these posts pop up. The process is engineered for uncertainty. As a side bonus, for me, it came with a den of thieves offering every imaginable excuse to charge extra fees. The last attempt when the card finally arrived- six hour wait to stamp the passport or magically P3K would allow them to stamp it on the spot.
  8. Sold! FedEx international priority envelope. Item is now in queue with my mail service. $35 group discount, too. Thanks for the advice.
  9. No. My mail service in U.S does not offer LBC but one of the choices they do offer might hand off to them. Will research now. Thanks.
  10. I need an express item sent U.S to Cebu. I suspect each available carrier partners with a service in the Philippines. My choices are UPS or DHL or Fed Ex to Cebu. (I suspect FedEx is a bad choice). Which one of the three is best U.S to Cebu. Small letter express mail? I will google also. Thank you.
  11. Aussie Mike, My service is not helpful to you since it is from the U.S yet I wanted to relate my vast experience on this subject. I admit few people will care about this subject but hey... Trusted my lawyer of thirty years to check my mail. Probably 3 times in 5 years was it critical and I actually asked him to look at it. The first two critical pieces of mail no issues. Third one, he was in the middle of a divorce and called me selfish. I explained I was halfway around the world and was asking for less then one favor a year. Trusted my longest work associate next, most reliable person on the planet. First request went easy. One year later, second request, I need a large box shipped the week he catches his wife having an affair after he picks up the box but before he ships it, He calls me selfish and says never to contact him again. I explain I care about his issue but can’t focus on it until he mails the box. P.S. I overcompensated from the above and have all kinds of tricks to operate far away as if you are back home. I should make a thread. Get a professional mail service! Just suggesting based on my experience. Good luck. 🙂
  12. This is an affirmation of Darwinism not the dangers of the lottery!
  13. Thanks for all added content. I don’t know why I posted the above. I guess I am venting my dismay at how some adults carry on with their life. As bad as humanity can get, in my fantasy world at least the children are spared. Stories like this continue. Local and expat. Nothing new. 🙂
  14. If anybody is familiar with a reference to Jerry Springer this is that kind of post. An alchoholic expat that I know has three children here between eight and two that have not obtained U.S citizenship. He is on Social Security but just now (Oct 2018) had to borrow money to fly home as a result of severe health complications. His wife is poorly educated, status seeking and has a collection of children with different last names besides the expat. Expat has no assets. Wife negative assets. Embassy and Social Security has minimum standards of proof regarding citizenship and spousal/child benefits. I’m researching now. Interesting subject. It seems tricky to obtain citizenship or future death benefits with unmotivated parents and dodgy documentation.
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