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    Hiking, biking, music, swimming, movies, dancing, dinner, anything outdoors, going to Church and praying together, laughter......lots of laughter! I am into health food, not into junk or drama......ok, ok a little junk but not much ;) kris@krisallen.com is my email if you have suggestions

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I was a hit recording artist on world charts back 10 years ago. I now own a small karaoke company and a day job driving a huge truck. I have a girlfriend if I can keep up with her vanishing (getting very tired of this even though I deeply love her) I love the country life, very simple, I love everything about kids from making them to raising them. I love old people. I love helping people, but not being taken for granted because of my kindness. I believe you get what you give, and Karma. You give 10% don't expect more in return, you give 110% you get forever and more....


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