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  1. I was giving food out to homeless kids with a local gf. I then went to the SOS to learn how to open an orphanage, then being sent to local gov. There were way to many laws sheltering kids, so we followed the presidents plan of making a food bank to feed, I am also trying to make a company there 100% employed by Filipinos.
  2. She was amazing for almost 2 years and then it fell apart fast. I could not just bring her over without knowing she was in this for love, maybe I waited too long? I guess it would be safe to say I may never know. Yes she is a beautiful girl, she has changed so much in 2 years.
  3. What a GREAT idea, Thank You!
  4. Wow thank you all so much for your replies. The $7000. was my trip there, my lawyer here, mostly, little to her. She never wants my money but I often send it then tell her so she can't say no. I have dated many from all over the Philippines and every one I had caught cheating in time, after all how hard would it be to cheat if your heart wasn't true. Yes here in the USA as well, I am not just saying it is a Philippine thing BUT.... I guess what I am saying is a really am a sucker for their women, black hair, black eyes and tiny sexy bodies how could I not..........just wish I found one who was well educated and wasn't a player with things in common.
  5. He sounds like to go to man to get things working right! I might buy a place there myself. I absolutely love the people there, I have never meet anyone there I didn't like and the women are so damn beautiful! I want to feed those starving kids too. I hiked in the heat 5 to 10 miles a day feeding them, well all that I could, just with me doing this alone I could only help a few dozen a day.
  6. Hotel at the bottom of Mactan bridge area Belvista I think was the name, pool on roof top
  7. Is it just me and my luck but it seems like when I come to the Philippines I always have internet connection issues? I was there last January to February for the Sinulog, and I stayed in Cebu City, and up in Daanbatayan, Cebu and had very little connection. Now I plan on coming back very soon but again connection issues. I thought about buying a pocket WIFI but my friend has one in Manila and said she had issues with it too. Do you have satellite internet or something better than Global?
  8. Hi Everyone, I've been dating a Filipino a good bit over 2 years now and she keeps vanishing, blaming it from typhoons, to no wifi. Don't get me wrong I know you just love Global (HA HA), and you do get your share of typhoons. But lets face it, I am very intelligent enough to search your weather or power outages etc. To the point. IF your with someone like myself who already paid over $7000. to marry a beautiful lady in Cebu why play games? Why is love only a game to so many people? I'm funny, I love to sing, I love family and absolutely believe in supporting our moms and dads. After all they took care of us long enough right. Fact is I AM all of that yet my current GF and last 3 Filipino GF's all played me hard to the point how do you trust anyone again? I'm not rich, and I am not poor, but better than this I am happy and I love life. I am loved by many too because I motivate people. I have not broke up with her yet because I was going to hire a private investigator to see why she is vanishing........but then again, do I want to know? If it comes down to this, do I need it in my life bringing me down to her level. I am a Christian man who need my lifetime best friend at my side for better or for worst. Not in front of me, nor behind me, by my side. Someone to sing with me, to garden with me, bike and hike, or even a midnight swim. Someone who isn't shy to say THAT'S MY BABY, OMG I LOVE HIM SO! I am so tired of games......
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