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  1. Foreigner

    What is a "millennial" to you and yours?

    Well, my 26 year old daughter is a millennial, living in the USA , and she is always on Facebook and Twitter, so much so that she is always too busy to answer my phone calls from the Philippines. Instead of her being too busy as an excuse, I'm starting to believe that she (as well as many other millennials) have lost their ability to have actual conversations with their biological voices!
  2. Foreigner

    More Discussion On Tipping

    This has happened several times over the years, but he consistently comes back the very next day with my mail in one hand and an open palm extended with his other hand.
  3. Foreigner

    More Discussion On Tipping

    I'm not really sure if I'm breaking any rules or laws... oh well, this is the Philippines and so many rules and laws are always being broken over here anyway, ha ha, but I always give a 50 piso note to the same PHILPOST man for over 3 years whenever he delivers my mail from the USA. Maybe it's a coincidence? (or maybe it's not?), but I always receive all of my mail from the USA.
  4. Foreigner

    Miss Universe

    Since we now have a precedent, why can’t a Filipina (born and raised in the Philippines) with an American dad and a Filipina mom, represent the USA in the next Miss Universe? It would definitely give the USA a fighting chance.
  5. Foreigner

    Possible Senior Discounts For Expats Coming!

    Beware! In the USA, Tip Jar Money at Starbucks could be going to well paid managers and not to the baristas who actually serve you.
  6. Foreigner

    Possible Senior Discounts For Expats Coming!

    Now that we have 2 threads on senior discounts, I’m left wondering if any of the same expats that boasted about leaving big tips at Jollibee (in a different topic) are now looking for discounts at Jollibee. If so, we’s a strange lot... ain’t we?
  7. Foreigner

    Another day in paradise...

    I guess that I don't really have it so bad afterall. My biggest early morning disturbances are the sales calls at 7:30 AM... usually from Globe wanting me to upgrade to Fiber or local banks always wanting my wife to borrow money.
  8. Foreigner

    Brexit turmoil

    Gaining independence is not always easy. My country would have had it much easier if we had remained with Britain, but we chose to become independent. Independence was costly to both sides but we Yanks overcame many new challenges to create a new system of government, an armed forces and a new currency. Plus, we even managed to find the time to create our very own language.
  9. Foreigner

    Philippines Expat Merit Badges

    Held captive at hospital until full payment of bill (which was 3 x the charge for same procedure given to locals).
  10. Foreigner

    Remembrance day

    Let's not forget the war that was known as "The war to end all wars." My grandfather was an American doughboy during that war and he was lucky enough to return home... without that luck, I wouldn't be here basking in the tropical sun.
  11. Foreigner

    Philippines Expat Merit Badges

    Having the patience to wait for an actual drivers license and conduction plate from the LTO
  12. Foreigner

    Legal Capacity To Marry Gone Wrong!

    Sounds like a possible narrative being set forth by the Saudi's to justify a heinous and despicable act.
  13. Jamal Khashoggi (a Saudi National) stepped into the Saudi consulate in Turkey to obtain a legal capacity to marry his finance (a Turkish national), and is now presumed dead. Well, not just presumed dead, but murdered after a torture gone wrong, subsequently dismembered, and now missing. I cannot even begin to imagine a situation where I would walk into a US Embassy (or consulate) to obtain a legal capacity to marry, and end up being tortured, murdered and dismembered, with no one taking any responsibility for what happened.
  14. Foreigner

    Inflation? or Government GREED?

    I never said (asked) this. I was quoting JGF.
  15. Foreigner

    Inflation? or Government GREED?

    Unanticipated inflation benefits government because government gains tax revenue as nominal income increases. a. The increase' in nominal income pushes people into higher tax brackets. https://www3.nd.edu/~cwilber/econ504/504book/outln13c.html