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  1. Foreigner

    Remembrance day

    Let's not forget the war that was known as "The war to end all wars." My grandfather was an American doughboy during that war and he was lucky enough to return home... without that luck, I wouldn't be here basking in the tropical sun.
  2. Foreigner

    Philippines Expat Merit Badges

    Having the patience to wait for an actual drivers license and conduction plate from the LTO
  3. Foreigner

    Legal Capacity To Marry Gone Wrong!

    Sounds like a possible narrative being set forth by the Saudi's to justify a heinous and despicable act.
  4. Jamal Khashoggi (a Saudi National) stepped into the Saudi consulate in Turkey to obtain a legal capacity to marry his finance (a Turkish national), and is now presumed dead. Well, not just presumed dead, but murdered after a torture gone wrong, subsequently dismembered, and now missing. I cannot even begin to imagine a situation where I would walk into a US Embassy (or consulate) to obtain a legal capacity to marry, and end up being tortured, murdered and dismembered, with no one taking any responsibility for what happened.
  5. Foreigner

    Inflation? or Government GREED?

    I never said (asked) this. I was quoting JGF.
  6. Foreigner

    Inflation? or Government GREED?

    Unanticipated inflation benefits government because government gains tax revenue as nominal income increases. a. The increase' in nominal income pushes people into higher tax brackets. https://www3.nd.edu/~cwilber/econ504/504book/outln13c.html
  7. Sadly, not reviewing birth certificates (before and after they’re submitted to the NSO) seems to be more common than not in the Philippines. Fortunately, I caught a big mistake on my son’s birth certificate. They had incorrectly listed my nationality as Filipino, which I’m not—I’m an American. In my case, the information was corrected. If I hadn’t checked the birth certificate at the hospital, the NSO copy would have been wrong and my son could had his American citizenship denied by the US Embassy when I filed for his CRBA.
  8. Foreigner

    So how do you know if your Filipina wife loves you ?

    My filipina wife always pinches my face and butt, gives me 10,000 pesos pocket money every month, and always surprises me with new American-sized clothes that she buys online for me. I really think that she still loves me.
  9. Earthdome, did you get an interview on the very same day that you filed the I-130?... or did you have to wait for an appointment for the interview at a later date? As far as the interview, was it just for your spouse?... or were you both interviewed?
  10. Foreigner

    Filipino Cigarettes

    Way back then: And now: What a difference time can make
  11. I first attempted to get a US Immigration Visa for my Filipina spouse back in 2015 at the US Embassy (Manila). Back then, I brought my paperwork over to the Homeland Security Window and was told to come back at a later date (once I had acquired a Philippine Drivers license, proof of receiving mail in the Phils, and a dozen other things). OK, I now have all of the requirements but I can’t reach the embassy to get any information. The online information is not really helpful and the Embassy phone lines are always busy. Can anyone with recent hands-on experience tell me if the process is still the same for getting a US Visa for my spouse? Is it still the case that the first step for a US Expat is to show up with the required documents (including i-130/g-325a’s) and payment at the Homeland Security window at the US Embassy? Thanks in advance for your help.
  12. Foreigner

    Google Chrome Crashing

    Same thing happened on my Windows 10 PC. Microsoft is possibly trying to crash Chrome, since they recently attempted to stop people from downloading Chrome and Firefox by displaying the following message:
  13. Foreigner

    Bottled gas up again

    A few days back, my filipina suggested switching to Induction Cooking (from bottled gas), because she's tired of running out of gas in the middle of cooking a meal... but now I can see more and more reasons to make the switch
  14. Foreigner

    Pampanga as the next best thing to Manila?

    From what I've been told, many neighbors (of all ages) did not survive.
  15. Foreigner

    Pampanga as the next best thing to Manila?

    My wife (who was born and raised in Pampanga) does not like her memories of lava falling on many of her old neighbors.