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  1. Living in Dipolog City and area there seems to be very little air quality problems compared to some of the city's I lived in.
  2. Yes they sell all 3 of the drugs that are subscribed by my Canadian Pulmonologist at Canadian or cheeper pricing I have a Pulmonologist here in Dipolog City that's as good as they get and is up to date in his field.
  3. I like the MI box because it has USB, sound pin jack out, HDMI out and it rated the best supported box on the marketplace, it has the full Android instruction set operating system on it. I use it in the bedroom with a 24” flat screen monitor and a set of speakers. It will not stream Amazon TV. I use a wirless USB mini keyboard with it, the remote is very nice with voice control. It is 1/3 more money than the Firestick. The AMAZON Firstick is hooked up to my 42“ smart TV as it only has HDMI out, which is a disappointment to me, but I also have a subscription to AMAZON TV and you need a Fire
  4. go to YouTube, type in Adding apps and programs to AMAZON Firestick. or installing Kodi for Firestick or what ever you want to watch on AMAZON Firestick. helps if you have a computer, smartphone etc to watch and pause while you type in the information into the setup of your TV streaming device (AMAZON Firestick, MI Box)
  5. If it's android based go online YouTube “how to install Kodi“ or Titanium TV or many other android based programs on streaming boxes.
  6. I have found it quite good for streaming from the net from my phone or computer. Some of my friends run Chromecast servers and I can stream from them.
  7. I would agree with you on this one. Buy a Amazon Firestick and and go to YouTube and see how to add some optional programming to it and stream anything you want in SD video. I have a MIBOX and a AMAZON firestick and they both work well with a few easy to do tweaks
  8. Well I came to the Philippines with a hope and a prayer. Hoping that my Filipina was waiting for me at the Hotel room I rented for a week and praying I made the right choice in choosing an older Woman (45) to restart my life a new from the previous disasters I had experienced for the last 3 years in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. I had rented a room at the Sea View hotel which is right in town very close to Lee Plaza, and many other places which would eventually have some meaning to me in the future. I arrived in Dipilog airport and made my way to the hotel airport vehicle and
  9. Well one year has past......and I have been very much in love with the Philippines so far. Had an emergency operation to remove my gallbladder and that was quite an experience. 7 days in the hospital and a bill for P250k and 6 weeks later I feel like a new old man. Thanking all those members that had concerns for my well being as green behind the ears expat and all the warnings. Well my experience and expectations of life here with my on line filipina has been the most wonderful experience in my life. My adoptive family has been a wonderful blessing to me and love me with real joy in their h
  10. Thanks John, I have tried Gramas Best but not the other two. I enjoy pizza and Italian from UrChoice Bistro Cafe down from the Lee plaza, The Boulevard has many nice places but I really love the barbeue tents in the evenings on the far end of the boulevard Dipolog night market and Barbecue. The Google maps app has all the places mapped on it including the other place had written about and I don't own.
  11. Sorry would tell you about a few good places I have found but I'll get shit upon for saying names of places. So you will need to PM me some other way.
  12. The (Chinese Cuisine) El Chibus, has changed ownership once agian. It's now called "The Old Chinese Null". Owned by some expats we know. The menu has changed for the better. More in tune for the expats tasting. Beers are still ice cold. Cheers
  13. Buy PHILHEALTH IT is cheap, works and for everyone the same as far as I have seen. Covers a portion of your hospital treatment and stay. Its a big band aid at best, but help cover the costs. Avalable to everyone.
  14. Hi everyone The Chinese Cuisines have changed ownership and is now called. el Chibus. The place is rocking with videoki for the girls in the backroom, smoking allowed inside, dinner inside and air conditioning, outside the guys gather and drink ice cold beers and talk and joke sometimes 20 0r more at one time. Our expat club on fb is Dipilog Dawgs.
  15. Same in Dipilog City. They had my passport for 3 weeks this time over Xmas holidays. I had a 2 month extension, the next extension they said i could have a 4 month extension. I was told by other xpats that I would have to go to Cebu if I wanted more than a 2 month-to 6 month, guess they just must have changed it here.
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