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  1. Because a busker is also working,unlike others who pretend that they're poor and they're not. It's everywhere where you can get permit to do busking. Mys3lf also in Germany I was paying 30€ so I can do it. Is not quite expensive
  2. I encountered also bad situations. After i ran away from war I was living in the streets in Germany. Picking bottles. Was a hard period but I easily found a job where they accepted me. I was working in factories and I had a good payment. I meet Filipinos men and women who prefer to not work and collect bottles and beg there. I also saw Filipinos who marry old and rich people. But most of all I have Filipinos friends who like to work hard so they can reach their objectives. In short term, there are 3 types of Filipino
  3. He was indeed a Filipino. But he don't have to be that sassy if someone's offering to a busker amount of money
  4. I recently got married,last month ago. My question is what is the advantages of 13A visa and how can I get double citizenship?
  5. My point here is,they continue to be jealous. When I gave to that man some money (around 250P) an man stopped by my side and started to bring me insults and threads that I shouldn't give to that man no money but to give it to the church because I can get blessings. I told him that I don't need his blessings and to keep on walking wherever he have to go. Then he told me that hell pray that so my life won't be easy and my death painful.
  6. But there are people who aren't scammers and try to win their money in the fair way. But the system is xxxx up. I dunno how is life in US as I'm Russian but I can assure you in civilised society everyone is all for one and one for all
  7. Philippines as far I saw,they never promote or pay their skilled people. But they invest money just in stupid kdrama, kpop and churches. They never invested in something good,hospitals schools or kindergartens.
  8. Where do you want them to go. Is not like our countries with open squares and plazas. Is not their fault that the infrastructure sucks here
  9. But they aren't beggars. A street performer expose his skills. A beg is when you really ask for
  10. Recently I saw many street performers. But unlike EU, these people who are so skilled and have a great talent on doing something special,they never get rewarded and they are insulted. I recently saw an old blind man at the overpass in Baguio,he is playing guitar like Hendrix. But people are ignoring. Why is like this?
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