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  1. Now, I'm already aware Foreigners cannot own land in the Philippines. An I'm already aware we can own Condos. So from here this is a 2 Part question. Can Foreigners own apartments or Houses? And If that answer is ,Yes. My next question is this. Would renting any of them out Via AirBnb or otherwise be considered working...As I know foreigners usually cannot work over there?
  2. Sounds like a good plan I'll be mimicking when I head out there as I'll be alone....Buy the beer, Save my own life, get the Hell outta there ASAP. The "Throw Away" wallet and cheap phone are also good ideas.
  3. I can have them shipped to me I would assume, since they already do that. Not sure if they'd give me a bunch in advance, but I already have a decent stockpile of the pills anyways. P&T. Check. On that as well, I'm not too far off from having my rating "protected" anyways. My PTSD has only gotten worse over the course of the last 10 years. to the point where I have a VA appointed Caregiver. According to https://www.visn21.va.gov/docs/VA_Manila_Benefits_Fact_Sheet.pdf Which you posted earlier, If I am reading it right, I should be able to recieve treatment and possibly Voc Rehab while in The Philippines which seems odd since that is a job technically. I'll have to ask my VA Rep about these further when I see him. As a sidenote...I dont take the My VA meds currently. I use Medical MArijuana in IL for the PTSD. Again, I am 100% aware That is Illegal in Philippines and That's not what I'm going there for.
  4. Thanks, As a Vet I'll be looking into USAA!
  5. So, Does the FMP let me then see a Therapist in the Philippines? Since I'm service connected for PTSD and see one here in the states, I assume that covers the meds I get also?
  6. 1. It's a 'Soft budget', while I plan to 'try' and stay within this budget for almost All my expenses. Minus Visa renewals. I can add more to this budget if I have too. Judging from what I've read and the weeks of research so far...I honestly shouldn't have too. Unless I plan to live like royalty...which I dont...more than happy with a sleeping bag and a foxhole...although that is NOT the plan. Might just give you an idea of what I'm comfortable with. While it does make me Hypervigilant...its not to the point where I'm deathly afraid of people. If I can make it in the inner city of Chicago, Packed Metal concerts, and packed Demolition Derbys ( my job )..I should be okay...I'll have my VA pills as a backup. Also, i think it will act as a form of Prolonged Exposure Therapy ( which helped my issues with confined spaces an being claustrophobic) VA docs literally made me ride an elevator up and down in the VA for the whole day. If it gets to be to much, just head back to my room and regroup. I'm also factoring in where I want to go also.. going to avoid Manilla if I can (for my initial trip) to help also. Looking into Cebu, PG, Subic Bay..etc...something not too far off the beaten path. Definitely dont plan on it...not there to cause problems for myself. Sounds good. I'll be looking into at least 1 credit union. Thanks for taking the time to give some solid advice. Its appreciated, an I'm still in the learning/ pre planning stages!
  7. Diving is Most Definitely on my list of things to do, even though I've never done it before. That WWII Wreck diving sounds hella fun! Sounds like it would be a good way to escape the PTSD also an keep me busy.
  8. Cure seems like a stretch...but I have had some small success with microdosing MDMA. Sadly, that is also Highly Illegal over there in the Phil's. An I think that doing what I can to not wind up dead or in jail over there is a solid base for a plan.
  9. Having never been there, but soon to be there, This is some pretty solid advice.
  10. I'm not really into partying So i think that will save me A lot in the long run. I did more than enough of that shit in the Army, Lol!
  11. Thanks guys I'll do my best to watch my language and tone. Awesonme, Good to know my Tattoo's shouldn't cause any issues.
  12. @Old55 Just noticed that Edit. Apologies for that. It's an Army/Infantry thing I picked up, Profanity has been ingrained into my natural way of talking. I don't mean it to be offensive. I should probably work on not talking that way anyways, I wouldn't want to blurt something out like that where a local might get pissed at me or think I was directing it towards them.
  13. It is a soft budget sir. I should be fine on what i'm living on so i can keep saving more in the bank. If not, I would CLEARLY be doing everything wrong. Thanks for that info...Good to know ahead of time...Preventative maintenance.
  14. Yeah, I could bring my VA prescribed pills I suppose, If i notice myself going downhill, But I should be fine as long as I am keeping busy. Yeah, 0 interest in breaking ANY laws there. Death or Life in a Filipino prison doesn't sounds too appealing.
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