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  1. lobojohn

    Fight Anyone?

    yeah its really a head shaker to me too, but B-Ball has been adopted by the fils as if its the only thing they can do . totally a national sport . totally emulating western B-Ball including covering themselves with ridiculous tattoos just like their heroes. ill never understand it. manny carried them in box for a long time , but now thats gone. they have a strong MMA program thats growing and producing some world class fighters imo and i like MMA. its the only sport i watch . Team Lakay in Baguio i think it is? the Asian circuit is more fun to watch than the American UFC imo.
  2. lobojohn

    Fight Anyone?

    ...and then i consider that all of the western athletes that come here to play pro sports are all basically rejects that didnt make it in their own country. its just an observation really , as i dont watch any of it beyond seeing it when changing channels. its bizarre seeing 6 ft plus girls playing volleyball mixed in with those pinays and i cant help think they must resent it. same for the b-balllers. soccer not so much.
  3. lobojohn

    Is this Normal

    ohhhhh i saw that one coming...
  4. lobojohn

    Is this Normal

    yeah a nice big healthy one .. ohh mmmmm
  5. lobojohn

    Logic - No

    ps.. i still have and use XP... hate windows 10
  6. lobojohn

    Logic - No

    yep.. thats the reality im familiar with and conveying, though not intimately like yourself.. my condolences and congrats on surviving it all. i might have been one of those callers that night.. you didnt happen to work out of nova scotia did you? hahahahaha omg
  7. lobojohn

    Wood deck repurposed

    i left an old meat house full of burls behind. wild cherry was my favorite to collect, but i guess i had a dozen or so varieties. priceless to me .any burl is beautiful to me. always a pack rat for old things and wood oddities, i sold it all to one man and that was that. sadly we arent so free to roam the woods and forests here in search of treasures. this a very old town i live in and lots of history with many old homes that are in high demand for their woodwork and framing and beams and shelled windows. i watched one taken apart piece by piece , tagged and cataloged with TLC and loaded up and shipped out to an architects home base in manila. the locals said he paid 5 mil for the whole place and they still left the main posts in the ground. keep on sawin mike
  8. lobojohn

    Cannabis-induced psychotic rage

    oh hell yeah dave. i witnessed it one day after school back in 69 when 4 of us got toasted and attacked a box of Premium Saltines in the kitchen of an old gf.. a horrible attack it was, when the entire box of crackers and a full large size jar of Welches grape jelly was massacred in about an hour.. evidence of the heinous crime was all over the counter . the attack was followed by the worst case of the HA-HA`S id ever seen. this guys story?? total BS
  9. lobojohn

    Wood deck repurposed

    its the WOW FACTOR Mike. im sure everyone that sees it is totally amazed. for me i can truly appreciate the time, love, and natural born skills that go into your work. i dare say youd love to have some wormy chestnut just laying around waiting to become a pig pen.. ;) btw mike.. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY
  10. lobojohn

    Fight Anyone?

    saw some pinay volleyball with the same kind of western ringers.. sux beyond sucking imo
  11. lobojohn

    Logic - No

  12. lobojohn

    Logic - No

    my nephew here is an execc at a call center. his answer is that the cue never clears 24/7/365.. rate of attrition is extreme and stress levels are through the roof. if your gf is happy there , appreciate her capacity for stress.
  13. lobojohn

    VHF TV stations Who is their target market?

    i feel so lucky after reading this post. i cant even begin to imagine some of the conditions some expats are living in and putting up with. even my wife is reading and shaking her head in disbelief.
  14. lobojohn

    VHF TV stations Who is their target market?

    id toss the tv... it wouldnt be the 1st time i did it either
  15. lobojohn

    Too hot or too cold

    hahaha funny.. i saw what you did there jack