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  1. KurtVD

    Choosing a place to live (expat)

    Also, I’m still not even definitely set on the country: Right now I’m back in Vietnam with a friend, and I’ve forgotten the many advantages here: very easy to get around, very inexpensive, no typhoons to worry about...Drawbacks: language is hard to learn, but necessary, few people speak English, and most of them only a few words. I (Swiss citizen) need a visa even for a month, about 100$, and outside of the cities, imported products are hard or impossible to find. I don’t know about healthcare in the Philippines, but in Vietnam the situation is not too bad, there’s a international hospital in Saigon, I know someone who’s been treated there twice for quite serious stuff and found it alright. Luckily I can keep on looking/traveling and don’t have to decide in a given time....that’s what’s good about renting, you can always leave, and with prices as low as here, I can easily afford to leave with a few months left on a lease, no biggie.
  2. KurtVD

    Choosing a place to live (expat)

    Well, I’ve spending some time already in my condo in Paranaque, it’s old but inexpensive for what it is: quite roomy and it has a really good airflow thanks to its little balcony, and the trees in front keep it cool the whole day. But also, I wanted something close to the airport, because this is just temporary, there’s no way I’ll be living in a Megacity permanently, especially not Manila, it’s so time consuming to get anywhere. The next item on my agenda is to “check out” Dumaguete. From what I’ve heard, it is quite good for expats like me who like a quiet environment.
  3. Anything where a 45 year old foreigner would feel comfortable hanging out for a couple of hours. Health-wise, I try to avoid loud/noisy places, but I know that in Manila, that is hard to find, so I welcome any and all recommendations. I mentioned my health problems because I wanted to avoid getting answers like “Maybe you should go live near Burgos St. in Makati”, because I’m definitely not fit enough to go out more than once or twice a week... For example, these coffee houses, can you be more specific? Around where exactly?
  4. Hello, I’m renting a condo in this area, I chose it mainly because of its proximity to the airport, since I want to spend this year exploring my options (eg visiting different places in and outside the Philippines). For now, I know where the malls, markets and pharmacies are and everything is very convenient for a short stay (just like I intended), but my question is: is there anything interesting in this area that I haven’t found yet, especially bars and nightlife-wise? Because of health concerns I don’t go out a lot anyway, but it would be nice to know if there is something nearby...
  5. I haven’t heard of Lyft here, so yes, to use Grab, you need the Grab app.
  6. Unfortunately I had seen the Grab booth only once I had ordered the car to pick me up at one of the bays; thankfully he found me anyway. Next time I will certainly use the booth.
  7. Good to know, but I’m not surprised, it’s exactly the same scam in Bangkok: whenever a cabbie “offers” you a flat fee without the meter running, it’s usually at least double the normal fare, or much more.
  8. I’m sitting in a Grab car right now, about 10 minutes wait just as you said :)
  9. Thanks! I was wondering if they’re allowed to come to the airport to pick up customers, that’s probably the safest and fastest solution.
  10. This is only my fourth time to arrive at MNL airport after a long flight, and every time before there was a long waiting time to get a taxi at the arrival level. Is it possible, and advisable, to get to the departure level upon arrival, and catch one of the arriving taxis there? They’re more than willing to leave the airport with a paying customer, rather than empty, and to avoid the fee at the official queue. I’ve done that in Bangkok many times and never had any problems (and always immediately got a taxi).
  11. KurtVD

    Too hot or too cold

    I had no idea about el. rates in Thailand, but I found that hard to believe, so I googled it and found this article (https://www.infrastructureasiaonline.com/government/indonesia-electricity-tariff-still-competitive-asean-region) which compares the rates from December 2017. Thailand is cheaper for private users, but a little bit more expensive for large businesses: When converted, the electricity tariff in Indonesia for household users is 11 cents USD/kWh, while in Thailand it reaches 12,7 cents USD/kWh, Singapore 16,73 cents USD / kWh, Philippines 15,61 cents USD/ kWh. Rates in Malaysia and Vietnam for household consumers are cheaper, ie 9,34 cents USD/kWh and 9,67 cents USD/kWh, respectively. For medium business consumer power, tariffs in Indonesia are 11 cents USD/kWh, lower than Malaysia (12,68 cents USD/kWh), Singapore (11,88 cents USD/kWh), and Vietnam (12,07 cents USD/kWh). Meanwhile, electricity tariffs for the same consumer in Thailand and the Philippines are lower, ie 9,6 cents USD/kWh and 9,44 cents USD/kWh. However, for the type of large business users, electricity tariffs in Indonesia became the cheapest in ASEAN, which are 8,36 cents USD/kWh, compared to the same class consumers in Singapore which reached 11,62 cents
  12. If they have figured out how to pop the mirror out, they’ll probably figure out how to open it. However, if they don’t see it, maybe it doesn’t attract their attention.
  13. KurtVD

    Choosing a place to live (expat)

    I haven’t heard about these yet, but that sounds like places I could like a lot. I will put them on my list of places to see. Thanks!
  14. KurtVD

    Grounding of electric appliances

    Hmmm...somebody correct me if I’m wrong , but AC (alternative current) means that there is no left or right polarity, but that the polarity is constantly switched between the two poles. This is why there is usually a frequency indicated with the voltage (like 220V, 50Hz) , 50Hz meaning that the polarity is switched 50 times per second. I’m no electrician, but that’s how I understand AC works. DC is different, for example your 12V system in your car: connect something the wrong way (anything, the battery or even just the wires for the smallest lightbulb), and you will blow a fuse at the very least, or worse.
  15. KurtVD

    Too hot or too cold

    I see, although I doubt that this is their reasoning in malls, bars etc. Plus, if it was that, they would have to maintain their A/Cs on a very strict schedule, otherwise they’re nests of bacteria, and probably worse than warm or hot temperatures.