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  1. Near the airport can be a good location, it depends how close it is and how much it’s gonna be per night.
  2. And I probably won’t even regret it (if you find it first). You see, when I said second hand, I didn’t mean a few years old, but rather a few decades old, something that I might even have to have rebuilt first (an old Cub for example). I’ve done that a couple of times (in Vietnam) and I love driving these old Hondas, and parts are available easily and cheaply, so rebuilding is just a matter of finding a willing mechanic. He doesn’t even have to be a very good mechanic, since these are not very complex vehicles. But thanks to all your answers I realize that it’s probably the administrative part which is going to be the biggest obstacle, and I’m not very good with that, so for now, I’m not sure at all what I’m going to do... :(
  3. Now that makes sense, I didn’t know you were comparing it to getting around by car: I thought you were saying the risk of getting robbed was higher compared to my current means of transportation, which is Jeepneys and walking.... As for everything else, that sounds like you were quite unlucky, although I don’t know why you mentioned being blacklisted (why?), and bag snatching is an unfortunate reality in many large cities, not just Manila. Personally , during all my time traveling and living in SE Asia (more than 15 years), I never allowed myself the luxury of being carefree, I was always slightly on the paranoid side, all while still doing what I wanted to do and going where I wanted to go, and so far I’ve been lucky and have had a ‘perfect record’ (0 serious problems, robberies or the like). But I’m aware that this isn’t completely under my control, and I’ve certainly been lucky a few times....knock on wood ;)
  4. Very clearly, thanks a lot :) But you have to admit that this is not exactly the same as writing ‘headaches and problems’ and expecting me to understand what you mean by that ;)
  5. Thank you, that is some valuable information. I guess that’s still not a dealbreaker, as long as it’s possible. I would prefer an old one by far - I just don’t like the modern ones. When you say ‘previous owners’, do you mean all the previous owners, if there have been more than one?
  6. You mentioned ‘headaches and problems’ when buying a second hand scooter, and I have no idea what kind of problems you are referring to. Mechanical problems? Administrative problems (as in virginprune’s post)?
  7. What exactly do you mean by that? I’m grateful for any advice that I can understand, but this, I don’t get at all...
  8. Wow....it took me quite a while to understand what you meant by all that, and why this is a just a misunderstanding. You see, for now, and for the near future, I’m staying here on a tourist visa, so the question if it’s possible (legal) to drive with my license from home is very relevant to me (my bad if it was recently covered here, I haven’t seen it). Btw, why would you say that it’s different in the Philippines, then proceed to explain that it’s more or less the same as almost everywhere (the 90 days)? But anyway, thanks for that, at least now I’m pretty sure that I’m allowed to drive with my existing license. As for the other question, if you read what filipino wannabe wrote, you will see that it’s just a little confusing, so I asked for clarification: why are my chances of getting robbed higher when I’m driving a motorcycle? Are there roadside bandits or something like that? Obviously, driving a motorcycle is a high risk activity, but I might still decide to do it, so if anyone has information about where to find a used one and how it works with the number plates , that would be great :)
  9. You seem to say that the risk of getting robbed is bigger while driving a motorcycle, can you explain why? As for getting run over, Manila seems a lot safer to me than some places I’ve been driving before, so that wouldn’t be my biggest concern (go drive in Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City on a Saturday evening, after that not much can scare you) True, I didn’t think about that, since in most countries, as a tourist, you’re allowed to drive with your license from your home country. Is it different in the Philippines?
  10. So I’m thinking about getting a second-hand scooter, or motorbike, the cheaper the better. I’m pretty good with vehicles and engines (mechanically speaking), so I would like to get something a bit older, maybe from a private owner. Are there any website, shops or marketplaces where I could find a few offers? How does the registration work? As a foreigner on a tourist visa, can I legally own a motorcycle? How complicated is the process of registering it?
  11. Also, I’m still not even definitely set on the country: Right now I’m back in Vietnam with a friend, and I’ve forgotten the many advantages here: very easy to get around, very inexpensive, no typhoons to worry about...Drawbacks: language is hard to learn, but necessary, few people speak English, and most of them only a few words. I (Swiss citizen) need a visa even for a month, about 100$, and outside of the cities, imported products are hard or impossible to find. I don’t know about healthcare in the Philippines, but in Vietnam the situation is not too bad, there’s a international hospital in Saigon, I know someone who’s been treated there twice for quite serious stuff and found it alright. Luckily I can keep on looking/traveling and don’t have to decide in a given time....that’s what’s good about renting, you can always leave, and with prices as low as here, I can easily afford to leave with a few months left on a lease, no biggie.
  12. Well, I’ve spending some time already in my condo in Paranaque, it’s old but inexpensive for what it is: quite roomy and it has a really good airflow thanks to its little balcony, and the trees in front keep it cool the whole day. But also, I wanted something close to the airport, because this is just temporary, there’s no way I’ll be living in a Megacity permanently, especially not Manila, it’s so time consuming to get anywhere. The next item on my agenda is to “check out” Dumaguete. From what I’ve heard, it is quite good for expats like me who like a quiet environment.
  13. Anything where a 45 year old foreigner would feel comfortable hanging out for a couple of hours. Health-wise, I try to avoid loud/noisy places, but I know that in Manila, that is hard to find, so I welcome any and all recommendations. I mentioned my health problems because I wanted to avoid getting answers like “Maybe you should go live near Burgos St. in Makati”, because I’m definitely not fit enough to go out more than once or twice a week... For example, these coffee houses, can you be more specific? Around where exactly?
  14. Hello, I’m renting a condo in this area, I chose it mainly because of its proximity to the airport, since I want to spend this year exploring my options (eg visiting different places in and outside the Philippines). For now, I know where the malls, markets and pharmacies are and everything is very convenient for a short stay (just like I intended), but my question is: is there anything interesting in this area that I haven’t found yet, especially bars and nightlife-wise? Because of health concerns I don’t go out a lot anyway, but it would be nice to know if there is something nearby...
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