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  1. I bought a house from a British expat who was returning to the UK on health grounds. It has a fireplace with chimney and has a hood over the top of the chimney, we get no bugs, but its as hot as hell in the living room kitchen 10M x 10M. I had 2 of the rotary ventilators fitted to the roof, not the really massive ones, about 16 inches diameter of the vent pipe. This has made a difference to the heat in the living room, I might get a massive one added as it does seem to work just not as well as I would like. wether they would resist a tornado is another matter. The roof is corrugated steel red in colour, and has aluminium bubble wrap on the inside. The walls are 8 inch hollow blocks which do get warm. the loft space is substantially cooler, A ventilator in the living room ceiling would probably work OK but the Chinese ones are all 50 Hz and will burn out quickly on 60 Hz, and I can't seem to find one with a shutter to close off for the air con, and none are big enough diameter.
  2. Thanks very much guys. We will be flying Phil Air the wife likes the food and to get there as quick as possible. Best regards Rob
  3. Hi all, new member here. I am going to retire to the Philippines this coming August. My wife is a Fillipina, and I intent to get a SRRV when I get there, my wife will be travelling with me when we leave the UK, so I will get a BB Visa, Question is do I need a throw away ticket when I arrive ? Regards Rob
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