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  1. No she hasn't. I am now having a problem of convincing her of any other wind ups, she is getting wise to me. One of the longest lasting ones, and I take no claim as to originality (I saw a cartoon on facebook) My wife has a real aversion to the smell of a fart, hands over mouth sheets over head. I told her that every night I came round to her side of the bed pulled the cheeks of my bum apart and did a fart whilst she was asleep, with her mouth open, I told her it was good for her and would keep the corona away. Just to reenforce the Idea that I was doing it I went round to her side whilst she was half asleep, and went through the act that provoked an instant reaction with the bed sheets over the head.
  2. My wife has been feeding my German sheperd peanuts most nights, she chews some and swallows most of them. I told the wife that when I take the dog out first thing I have been collecting the whole peanuts from the poo, giving them a quick wash and putting them back in the peanut packet, so she gets extra peanuts, she inspected every peanut in the packet. She is convinced that she had eaten the dog ones. she was not a happy bunny. won't give the dog peanuts now.
  3. I was reading a British newspaper online, which said that the EU and the UK wouldn't accept any one entering that didn't have a inoculation approved by the European drug administration. This effectively puts the block on the Russian and the Chinese versions if you need to come back for any reason. I dont think you can have 2 different types mixed together, but I may be wrong here.
  4. Very sad. I met him once a long time ago swore like a trooper, no ladies around, you could tell he was a navy man. A real mans man. A real shame.
  5. I bought an electric telescopic ham radio mast cost £1500, this virtually doubled with customs duty and Philippine shipping the package weighed coming up to 100 kg. customs held it up for a month, the duty they make up as they go along, and the transport to my home was a rip off. 3 men struggling to get it off the truck an it was a small box van. I had to enlist the philippine amateur radio association to get it out of customs (I am a member) or it would still be there, they also make an extra charge for storage by the day. never again. even cheap items attract the customs sharks. I had an electric winch fail the company sent a new one free of charge, what a drama that was, they could not understand that it was free under warranty stuck in customs for 3 weeks arguing with them, I did eventually get it with no duty. I have no complaints with the Chinese company at all very nice to deal within very helpful. Philippine customs are a complete shower. try to avoid like the plague. I have been told by Filipino friends that I should have used a Philippine name then there wouldn't have been such a drama. A new version of the long nose tax.
  6. I buy Barako ground coffee here. Grown in the Philippines, and its easy to find here in Iba. I use an industrial percolator and that does about 1 ½ gallons. I do like coffee and drink gallons of it, probably so much its a danger to health, I still sleep ok though.
  7. Yes you are right, it was Dual. but in my cock up deliverance was a good film as well
  8. Yes I looked at this, but am not sure if paypal send the code by sms. my bank send the code by an automated voice, which works fine. I will just give paypal the elbow. I can use a bank transfer in the UK.
  9. Thanks, Had a look but no good for the UK
  10. I don't know if this applies to all expats or just the Europeans. I use papal a few times a year just to buy the odd secondhand bit of radio stuff or to buy from Ebay. This used to work just fine, I have a UK bank account ,and use my daughters cellphone number if they need to contact me she sends anything like this via messenger. Now paypal are insisting on a 2 factor security system, where they send you a code number by sms, that's ok my bank does the same. but the killer is that they won't accept a phone number thats not in the country you are registered in so no Philipine phone number. I messaged pay pal they told me I could use Philippine paypal, but you need a Philippine bank to use it, there is no way I want a Phil bank and beside its so little used here, sounds like a scammers paradise. Just a heads up. I can use my bank they send the sms here no problem. Bloody paypal,
  11. Thanks yes if you could give me his number I'd be obliged. Is he Philippino? if he is I'll get the wife to speak to him. Always have trouble with Philippno English on the phone. Yes I need someone to do as much as possible to avoid my travelling.
  13. Sorry missed a zero out should read 35000 PHP. you mist excuse my incompetence, my excuse I am getting old.
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