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  1. I was reading a British newspaper online, which said that the EU and the UK wouldn't accept any one entering that didn't have a inoculation approved by the European drug administration. This effectively puts the block on the Russian and the Chinese versions if you need to come back for any reason. I dont think you can have 2 different types mixed together, but I may be wrong here.
  2. Very sad. I met him once a long time ago swore like a trooper, no ladies around, you could tell he was a navy man. A real mans man. A real shame.
  3. I bought an electric telescopic ham radio mast cost £1500, this virtually doubled with customs duty and Philippine shipping the package weighed coming up to 100 kg. customs held it up for a month, the duty they make up as they go along, and the transport to my home was a rip off. 3 men struggling to get it off the truck an it was a small box van. I had to enlist the philippine amateur radio association to get it out of customs (I am a member) or it would still be there, they also make an extra charge for storage by the day. never again. even cheap items attract the customs sharks. I had a
  4. I buy Barako ground coffee here. Grown in the Philippines, and its easy to find here in Iba. I use an industrial percolator and that does about 1 ½ gallons. I do like coffee and drink gallons of it, probably so much its a danger to health, I still sleep ok though.
  5. Yes you are right, it was Dual. but in my cock up deliverance was a good film as well
  6. Yes I looked at this, but am not sure if paypal send the code by sms. my bank send the code by an automated voice, which works fine. I will just give paypal the elbow. I can use a bank transfer in the UK.
  7. Thanks, Had a look but no good for the UK
  8. I don't know if this applies to all expats or just the Europeans. I use papal a few times a year just to buy the odd secondhand bit of radio stuff or to buy from Ebay. This used to work just fine, I have a UK bank account ,and use my daughters cellphone number if they need to contact me she sends anything like this via messenger. Now paypal are insisting on a 2 factor security system, where they send you a code number by sms, that's ok my bank does the same. but the killer is that they won't accept a phone number thats not in the country you are registered in so no Philipine phone number.
  9. Thanks yes if you could give me his number I'd be obliged. Is he Philippino? if he is I'll get the wife to speak to him. Always have trouble with Philippno English on the phone. Yes I need someone to do as much as possible to avoid my travelling.
  11. Sorry missed a zero out should read 35000 PHP. you mist excuse my incompetence, my excuse I am getting old.
  12. Just as an aside, My wife contacted the accredited agent in Angeles, they wanted 3500 PHP and another 3500 at the end of getting a 13A, we will try another agent to see if this is the normal fee or just a long nose tax. Defiantly not paying that. I have mobility problems so I don't want to have to keep traveling up and down more than I have to.
  13. I Have decided to go for a 13A. just waiting for the agent to get back to me. Thanks to everyone who gave advice.
  14. Thank for that. does that mean a trip to manilla ? is there a fixer I could use? Its just a complete pain to travel for me, literally.
  15. I have been living in Phil for nearly 2 years now, and have a fillipina wife. I intended originally to get a SRRV but at my age I don't want to spend 20,000 USD to get it, so We go the balikbuyan route and the wife likes a trip out. Now with the lack of flights and the problem of finding a country that will let us in. What are the alternatives, any ideas?
  16. We Have a Scouter system 16 cameras. We tried the wireless version but it didn't have the power to penetrate the walls, so went for a wired type. I would say its ok for comparatively short distances, but we have a big lot, worse at night the IR lights don't have much range at night. I am going to see what is available in a zoom and steer. One of the cameras has gone black and white, another is far too light. and the fan in the main controller has packed up so typical Chinese. We can't get it fixed till the lockdown finishes .
  17. We have a Panasonic 8Kg which doesn't heat the water. Works OK though, just as well as it gets used every day. I do complain though that items like towels seem to come out a bit scratchy, probably down to the washing powder, out of my pay grade, just as well.
  18. Very glad your dogs OK, it can be a very worrying time.
  19. We've got 4, 2 proper GSD, brought with me from the UK and 2 Philippine wannabes 2/3 the size. all the males are aggressive, the females not so much. The 2 UK ones sleep in the bedroom with us. That took a major fight to achieve with the wife, she's ok now, but as I said to her they aint gonna steal plants from the garden. I wouldn't be without them, but I do love GSD's
  20. Come on, This is the Philippines. What do you think?
  21. I would have thought that would apply to me, I'm 72. She's 66, but it seems not. I am not allowed out on my own. If she has to go away for any reason one of the daughters has to stay here, in case there is a team of women waiting at the gate.
  22. Once unlocked you open by hand. I think its a screw the key undoes it its recessed so it cant be opened without the key. We Have 4 German shepherds, 2 are British I brought them with me, and 2 Philippine they are much smaller than the British. the males are much more aggressive than the females but all nice dogs. the females will bite but just not as nasty as the males. Filippinos just don't know how to look after dogs or how to get the best out of them, I am trying to teach the wife but it's an uphill struggle. I keep telling her that the stuff they want to steal is in the house which is
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