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  1. Thanks again for all the advice. This clarifies things for me.
  2. My spouse is a dual national (US & Philippines). We plan to bring her dual citizenship papers and old passport when we go through immigration next trip. She wants to enter as a Balikbayan, as do I. What documents does Philippine immigration require to establish that I am her spouse? I have the NSO "Report of Marriage" from the Philippines. Will that suffice or do I need our US marriage certificate as well? Any other docs? The main objective of our next visit is to establish bank accounts (dollar and peso) and scope out long term housing. Got some great info on establishing bank accounts in a previous thread.
  3. Thanks all for your advice. This is a great forum and I look forward to doing a deep dive in past threads.
  4. When we come through immigration next trip, should she use her dual citizenship papers, rather than the normal 30 day tourist stamp? I'm not sure what the bank will be looking for. Is there a special stamp for dual citizens (and me as her spouse? She has a US passport but she can get a Filipino passport as well. Next trip is only for a few weeks, but I'd like to lay the ground work for longer stays. The bank account is crucial.
  5. Thanks, Scott. I figured it wouldn’t be a problem but I wanted to ask. We’re coming here on As tourists for a few weeks; since she’s a Filipino citizen I am hoping this won’t be too hard. I vastly prefer a dollar account to pay so I can’t. Way too early in the planning stages to stay here for several months and apply for the SRRV visa.
  6. My spouse and I are planning to purchase property in the Philippines in the near future. She is a dual US-Filipino citizen. I have read up on the requirements for a US national like myself to open bank accounts, but I do not as yet have the visa, ACR-I, nor the time to do this yet. I note that one of the benefits of US-Filipino dual citizenship is to own and operate a business in the Philippines and to me this presumes that she would be able to open a bank account, preferably a US dollar account. However, if 45 years of association with things Philippines have taught me anything its not to presume or assume anything without checking the rules first. I couldn't find anything definitive on this so I am hoping someone on this forum can shed light on this. Separately, back in the day (2000) my wife had a peso account with a bank in the Philippines in a Manila branch. We attempted to withdraw funds from another branch of the same bank in another province and were told that we had to use our original branch to withdraw funds! Given the proliferation of ATMs in the intervening years, I (again) presume that this is no longer the case and that one can walk into any branch of the same bank (e.g., BPI, BDO, etc) and withdraw funds? Thanks for any help.