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  1. Hey guys, this topic is about Tommys housebuild
  2. Maybe they should try this on humans too, to stop the population growth??
  3. This is the main reason why it is not allowed in Sweden anymore, to have built in waterpipes. When constructing new buildings all pipes must be easily accessible. Asteticly it is not the best thing, but it is practical when leaks occur I must say that your house looks really great Tommy, and I wish our house was located in a place like yours! I am sure you and your lady will enjoy it very much!!
  4. I guess it will take a LONG time then
  5. No thanks, we are already too many people in this world. Making more will not make it better but I understand what you are thinking of .
  6. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-10-23/philippines-lets-foreigners-in-eases-travel-rules-for-citizens This sounds good, but in other places I read that it was only for foreigners with investment visas. Whatever it is, it´s a good start, if it is true
  7. I would be even happier if it was the opposite, ban from 5 p.m. until 7 a.m.
  8. That makes sense You are probably right even if I don´t understand what you are trying to explain. If cold air get out from the freezer it must be very badly insulated, or do you mean that the freeze and ref compartment is connected in some way? I guess it is up to every individual to decide what is most important to them, saving some money on electricity or have to bend down every time you want something in the fridge. I know what I will choose That´s "good" news, I was a bit conserned about this because out of the back of my head, I remember that the reply people got
  9. Hello Dave, if I remember correctly you been in Canada for a couple of months now? I am curious to know if you during that period ever regretted your move to Canada and wished that you had stayed in Philippines?
  10. I will also get a bottom freezer model next time, for the same reasons you just said. I never understood why having it at the top and why the selections of bottom freezers are so limited compared to top freezers. In Sweden it´s the opposite, bottom freezers are much more popular, you can almost not find top freezers in the stores. I have been looking at a Panasonic as well, the only thing that makes me hesitate about it is that some people complain of a feature that make it impossible to open the door again right after you closed it. You have to wait like a minute or something
  11. This is not from National Geographic I saw the same scenes in a movie I watched last month.
  12. I do, because I really hate a cold shower in the morning, hahahaha.
  13. Wars where "firstworld" countries are involved is most often because of resources. Resources is the same as money. Many countries have people in leading positions that is also deeply involved in the companies that make huge profits from war. For them war is good and they dont give a damn about the people suffering. When I said war is good for business I meant that is good for some, quite often for those in power. I remember watching a documentary about a war and some people made huge money on bombing the shit out of this place. The same people made lots of money also after the war, becau
  14. I think it is all about money. As long as you can convince the people that you have an enemy or that something is threatening your way of life, then it is easy to get the funds to produce all these very expensive equipment needed to protect you. War is simply good for business.
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