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  1. Maraming salamat po! Sweet music to my ears!
  2. Unfortunately Philippines is probably not a great place to live for people with disabilities. In Philippines I have rarely seen the adjustments that is normal in many western countries, to make life easier for people that need them. Hopefully this will be better in the future but I am afraid it will take a long time before we will see any improvements.
  3. Please share some pictures, if possible
  4. We will do the same, enjoy life in the Philippines now and then move back to our home country when we need the more advanced medical care. And this is the reason why we have decided to make our move now, instead of waiting until we can collect our pensions. It's impossible to know how long we will be healthy. Better enjoy life when we can, instead of always chasing more money!
  5. I will be one of those who will not follow that advice when we move (hopefully before the end of this year). Main reason for that is we already have our house CLOSE to the relatives. I am well aware of the risks but I think it will be good, if not, we already have a plan B and C.
  6. I thought the advice used to be, stay away from the family!! Some even talk about the 3 island rule, atleast one island between you and the family 🤔 But I guess it all depends on what relatives you have.
  7. I think you are right. Philippines is probably not the place for you, right now, but there are many other alternatives to choose from. I hope you find a nice place 👍
  8. I can imagine that it will take a long time to rebuild everything that was destroyed, I hope it will be back as fast as possible. I am really missing Moalboal, been there several times on diving trips.First visit was in 1992, and to my liking, it has not changed as much as some other tourist destinations (Boracay for example 😳)
  9. I'm in the same boat as you, Swedish, and our Covid vaccination certificate is denied as well. However, it's not a big deal getting the WHO yellow card, you can order it online and have your healtprovider sign it and you will be good to go! This is only a very minor obstacle compared to many other issues you will face if you intend to live in Philippines. As others already have said, don't try to fight the system, adjust and adapt is the way to go 👍, or else, you will probably end up with an heart attack.
  10. Flooding can be a problem, but when settling down in an area you have to stay away from the "lowlands". It's more problematic for the really poor people, they don't have much choice. I hope life is coming back to normal now in your place after the typhoon you experienced recently. Stay safe.
  11. True, but it is mostly the east coast of Luzon that take the biggest hits. Typhoons get strength over water, so they are the strongest when they make landfall, but they then quickly get weaker when passing over land. NCR, as you know, is on the west side of Luzon, when the typhoons get to the NCR area, they have already lost much of their strength and the NCR is therefore much less affected.
  12. I am not too old when looking in my passport but when trying to remember my passwords I feel like I am getting senile! 45 passwords!!! I use the same for all of the not so important stuff and then different passwords on the more sensitive applications. The 4-digit PIN was not much better. Having many different cards created chaos in my head. There were numerous occasions when I stood at the ATM trying to remember my PIN, lots of people in the line behind me didn't made it easier to remember. 😂
  13. Really? I thought it was the east coast of the country that most often get hit hard by the typhoons? Our family is in a suburb of Manila and I can't remember they being hit hard by a typhoon during the 25+ years I known them. However, flooding has occurred in some of the lower areas.
  14. Sorry for your loss. Don't blame your self. It's tough to loose both parents at your age. Stay strong and try to think positive, you are probably on the bottom right now. It will feel hard for a while but eventually things will get better.
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