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  1. I do, because I really hate a cold shower in the morning, hahahaha.
  2. Wars where "firstworld" countries are involved is most often because of resources. Resources is the same as money. Many countries have people in leading positions that is also deeply involved in the companies that make huge profits from war. For them war is good and they dont give a damn about the people suffering. When I said war is good for business I meant that is good for some, quite often for those in power. I remember watching a documentary about a war and some people made huge money on bombing the shit out of this place. The same people made lots of money also after the war, because they made sure that other companies, they also were involved in, got the contracts to build it up again, win-win . Thats great business, get paid for destroying something and then get paid again to rebuild it. The loosers are all who lost their life/health/things and the taxpayers who had to pay for it all.
  3. I think it is all about money. As long as you can convince the people that you have an enemy or that something is threatening your way of life, then it is easy to get the funds to produce all these very expensive equipment needed to protect you. War is simply good for business.
  4. Maybe, and if that is the case, they can share the info about it.
  5. I am not so sure about this, in the case of covid. Especially since it will most likely be a Russian or Chinese vaccine that haven´t gone through stage III trials before it will be given to the Philippino people. Philippines have a very young population and most of them are not in the risk to be serious ill if they catch the virus. I am not against a vaccine, but I think it is unnecessary to be first in line to test a new product, especially if it comes from Russia or China.
  6. Accidents with emergency vehicles do happen, also in Sweden, but not very often. It´s a balance of the situation. It would not be very practical if the ambulance, for example, would have to stop at every crossing, redlight etc when someone is in urgent need of help. Atleast that is my opinion. On the other hand, you cant can´t drive like you are the only one on the road just because you are in an emergency vehicle. I think it work pretty good here (Sweden) those times I have been involved with this, but considering how people usually drive in Philippines, I am not surprised that it would not work there
  7. In Sweden, emergency vehicles don´t have to stop BUT they will be at fault if an accident happens.
  8. Planet Earth is good enough for me . I have actually never felt the need to have a gun to protect myself. I am a guy who likes to shoot and own several rifles, long range rifles, shotguns, pistols and revolvers. Shooting is recreation to me
  9. Compared to Norway, most places are cheap
  10. Hello again Rich It´s true that when you marry a pinay you marry the whole family. With this comes the expectations that you will help financially when there is a need (this is the general opinion but there is exceptions). Depending on the family, these needs can be very often or very rare. Honestly speaking I have mostly seen the help to the family being a one way road and I would be surprised if they will help, if we talk financial problems. They often offers to help with other things but they can also be grumpy if they don´t get paid for their "help". Sometimes they also insist on "helping" when it is not wanted! My wifes family always wanted to pick us up at the airport, they did not have a big enough car for all to fit so they "hired" a car for 3000 p + money for gas, to come and get us. Very kind of them , thing is that we could get a taxi from the airport to our house for less than 1500 p, hahaha. And all of them were ofcorse very hungry after waiting all day for us, so we needed to stop and eat on our way home, hahaha. They looked funny at me when I told them that taxi is alot cheaper and faster, so that´s how things are done now! Pls don´t misunderstand me Rich, I may sound negative but I love Philippines AND it´s people. But sometimes it can be a real challenge to understand how things are because it is so different to what we are used to. Have a great day
  11. My wife sent money to the school fee for one of her nieces. It could be paid monthly or for the whole semester. If all semester was paid at once, there was a discount. My wife thought that was a good idea since she could then save some money. She sent the money needed to pay for the semester. At the end of the year the niece did´nt get her grades and we could not understand why, We later found out that the parents had just payed monthly and of course the money did not last until the end of the year, thats the reason why she could not get her grades
  12. Hello Rich, welcome to the forum You say that your wife pays for funerals and that she cares for your parents, I am just curious if she is the only one of the siblings doing that? Do she pay for it in full or do she just help with some of it? Not all foreigners are bless with good jobs, high salarys, pensions and investment incomes. Problem is a vast majority of the philippino people think so, and they don´t understand that many foreigners going on vacation to PH with their wifes had to work hard to save the money they need, to do such a trip. You also say, what goes around comes around. I Philippines, I am afraid that is not always the case. I have seen on noumerous occasions that people dont show any gratitude at all for the help they have recieved, even complaining that they did´nt get more. Of course there is also many that is really thankfull and it´s much more satisfying to help them I think we should HELP those who deserve our help (not those who loose their money in cookfighting etc ) if we can afford it, but we should not accept that it is OUR responsibility to provide them with all their needs. People must learn to take responsibility for their own lifes. Thats how I feel about this.
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