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  1. Sorry to hear this Tommy Our condolences to L, you and the family.
  2. Does it not depend on where they got married? I mean, if they was married in the Philippines and divorced in USA, without having it registered in the Philippines. Are they not then still technically married in Pinas? I am curious to know
  3. Whole house surge protector makes most sense to me and thnx for the info about them wearing down over time. I had no knowledge about that! UPS could also be a solution. But if I understand it right they are dimensioned on how many watts the gadgets need and it will fast get expensive if you will use one UPS to several aircons, a ref, a washingmachine, tv and computer. Having one UPS for each appliance is maybe more economical?? But then you will need alot of them! Do all electrical stuff need a gentle shutdown or is it mostly computers?? I can see there is benefit
  4. Do you have these things in your homes? If I understand it right they protect your electronic equipment from damage or breaking because of brownouts and variations of voltage. It is the expensive stuff like refridgerators, aircons, washingmachines, computers and tv:s I want to protect. Have you experienced any of the above mentioned problems in Philippines? If you have AVR:s and/or surge protectors, do you have a big one for the entire house or several smaller ones, one for each machine? What do you recommend?
  5. I am in the same situation as you, planning to make our move later this year, if possible?? I guess there is different rules for different countries but I would NEVER, even consider, to move ALL of my money to a Philippine bank! I plan to keep most of my money in Sweden and then I will transfer to a Philippine bank when needed.
  6. The way I see it,the biggest problem with covid is that there is no way to predict how YOU will react if you get infected. We know that high age, diabetes, hypertension etc, increases the risk to die, but there is still many examples of old people with these sicknesses that survive covid, without severe complications. At the same time there is also quite a few young, very healthy people, getting very sick for a long time and some even die. It´s ofcourse up to each individual to choose if they want to take the vaccine or not, but to me it sounds like the risks with the vaccine is fa
  7. With this, I agree 100% But I also want to say that I have several genuin Philippino friends. One of them have been my friend for 20+years and she have never asked me för money, help or gifts!
  8. Maraming salamat for the info Tommy!! We will see how it will go with our planned renovation. Was supposed to be in the middle of it, right now, but as everybody knows, this year didn´t follow any plans. Hope to be in the Phillipines by september or october 2021 instead Take care and keep safe
  9. Your house looks really great Tommy and I am happy you have finally finished it. If you excuse, I am a bit curious how it ended up financially? Where you on budget or 5-10-20 % above? From my experience it is usually hard to stay within budget, but it would be interesting to know in what areas it was exceeded (if it was). Materials, labour, appliances, permits, furnitures, gardening etc? I am ofcorse not asking how much you paid for everything, it´s more to get an idea on what parts it could be wise to calculate with a bigger budget. Hope you had a great Christmas in the ne
  10. Whithout knowing the whole story behind this, I still find it quite scary, that more than 11k people have liked the video!!!
  11. Is it only me who finds this strange?? Do fighterpilots bring their cellphones when flying
  12. We usually don´t send gifts or cash at Christmas. Before covid we used to visit every year in January, and we brought gifts with us then. Now there is not many small children anylonger and I think it´s for them the xmas gifts are most important. The adults still want gifts, as always, but it is only small things to them. We do help with money sometimes to people we know having a hard time. I have a feeling that the gifts are not as much appreciated as it was before. I guess that is a good thing actually because most of the time, it is the poor who gets most happy for gifts. I take that as
  13. Hey guys, this topic is about Tommys housebuild
  14. Maybe they should try this on humans too, to stop the population growth??
  15. This is the main reason why it is not allowed in Sweden anymore, to have built in waterpipes. When constructing new buildings all pipes must be easily accessible. Asteticly it is not the best thing, but it is practical when leaks occur I must say that your house looks really great Tommy, and I wish our house was located in a place like yours! I am sure you and your lady will enjoy it very much!!
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