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  1. I understand how you feel, I also enjoy going to the shooting range but when we make the move next year, I have decided to forget about trying to get any guns there. I know that its not possible for a foreigner to own a gun ( if you follow the law), but many do as one person here said, they register it on their wife. I dont know if that is a good advice or not, but I will not do it. When I want to go shooting, I will go to a range and rent a gun for that occasion only. To me that seems to be the easiest way with the least amount of trouble and risks for me and my woman.
  2. And as long businesses and friends understand, there is no reason for them to change their behaviour
  3. This info i copied from another site. With DC fans, the direct (AC) power source, connects to a transformer which converts the power to DC. The effect is that it decreases the amount of power used by only using a direct current instead of the alternating current. To then create the force needed to rotate the motor’s rotor, the DC motor uses a system of magnets of opposing polarity. Please note that current models of ceiling fans with DC motors cannot be connected directly to a DC power source (like solar panels or batteries) and whilst that may change in the future, manufacturers do not seem to currently have plans to provide this facility. It looks like they use less power BUT, an AC fan is also using very little power so it is probably not worth the extra cost.
  4. The DC fans I been looking on was Hayes ceilingfans, I dont understand it as if they are rechargeble. They consume 30 watts on full speed and 5 watts on low speed. I guess the ac is converted to dc inside the fan in some way I cant explain, hahaha. Very expensive at 13k pesos, but if they are good and last a long time, maybe it can be worth it?
  5. In what way do you prefer the wall fan compared to a ceiling fan?
  6. Thanks for your input Jack! Maybe I misunderstood something since my electrical knowledge is very limited, hahaha. Is not a DC fan just using another kind of motor, running on DC current instead of AC current and because of that can be made more efficient?
  7. What kind of fans do you prefer? Ceiling, wall or floor stand fans? We just have floor stand fans right now, but I find them to be in the way all the time. I have been thinking of ceilingfans, but want to know what you guys think of that before I buy any. We have aircon too, but looking also in fans to keep down the bills. Do you have any experience of DC fans? Are they worth the extra cost compared to regular AC fans? Any brand you recommend or strongly advice not buying?
  8. I have a similar experience. I made it clear from the beginning that I am NOT Santa Claus!! Some people still tried to take advantage of me but they realised rather quickly that it wasn´t working. I guess the roumor spread and actually I haven´t had any ploblems since then. I do help people sometimes, but its I who decide who will get it, when and how much. I never help the lazy ones, no matter what reason it is, but sometimes those who work hard for improving their lifes. I also let them know why they get help, while others dont, and they always shine up, after hearing that and they are also very greatful. It makes me happy when I can help, but as the situation is, its not possible to help as much as we want because the needs of people here are endless.
  9. Is it regulated how long time you must be out of the country, before you can get back and enjoy the priviledge of the Balikbayan once again??
  10. I didn´t say that someone asked him for an apology, I just said that I didn´t see that there was a need for Tom to apologize for anything of what he said. Who needs to keep up? Enaugh of this from my side. I am here to get advices and many members have helped me. I appreciate that very much!
  11. And this is exactly what I am doing by asking questions here. I also collect information from other sources as well. And Tommy, I see no need for you to appologize for what you said, cant understand why some are so sensitive I appreciate yours and everybody elses opinions about this, many thanks to all!
  12. Fortunatly, we don´t have that problem, but I understand you.
  13. The plan is to use the bedroom unit, only when we are going to sleep and it would be nice if it is quiet. We don´t have alot of disturbing noices in our area so we are pretty lucky about that. Hope that will last! The unit in the livingroom will mostly be used during daytime. I understand that there is many "experts" out there, but I still appreciate to hear others opinions. There is always somthing I can pick up and learn from.
  14. You are right, I should have described my needs. Small house, our own. I want aircon in the bedroom and livingroom.
  15. In our case we will install it in our own house so its not a big deal if we cant move it easily, but if renting, that is also something to keep on mind It only raised your bill with 2k a month?? I suppose you dont use it very much then, am I right?
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