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  1. How can you call that racism? It originated from Wuhan, so I se nothing strange with calling it the Wuhan virus. Thats how it has been done before, Hongkong flu, Spanish flu etc. Maybe we should change names on those too so nobody gets offended I am fine with calling it just Covid-19, but I am also very tired of people being so sensitive and trying to make rasism out of everything, sorry for my rant.
  2. That is true, but when the plane is being used in that role, it is pretty important
  3. Is this really true? During the Battle of Brittain, Hurricanes was used against the slower bombers and the Spits engaged the german fighters. This was because the Spitfires had better performance. The Spitfires continued their role as an excellent interceptor until the end of the war, while the Hurricanes were more used for ground attack and was then replaced in that role too, by the Hawker Typhoon. Production of the Hurricane ended in 1944. Hurricane was a great plane and during the Battle of Brittain they scored more victorys than Spitfires, but a great reason for that was that RAF had a lot more of them and they also engaged the slower and "easier" targets. Hurricane could take a lot of damage too and still keep on flying and it was very robust in harsh conditions.
  4. This is why I wanna go to PH before I get too old. I think most of us actually will have a better life in our home countries when we need care, support and medical assistance. Our plan is to stay as long as we enjoy and when the time comes for the things I mentioned above, we will go back. Initially we planned to go aug/sep this year, but we will probably need to prospone that date. Luckily we did not sell our apartment yet.
  5. Is not balikbayans with spouses still allowed to enter, or did I miss something?
  6. And her reply to that was?
  7. Yes, but it was just a trick from him, to get all the flight stewardesses for himself
  8. I am happy to hear that atleast some countries still have common sense
  9. That is what I am curious about, finding out what makes people want to go back home. That´s how I feel about Sweden and because of that we are going to try to live in Philippines. I am well aware that it is not perfect, but it will for sure be different than here. Let´s see how long we will enjoy it. We will not burn any bridges so we will go home the day we don´t like it anymore.
  10. I am curious of those of you who wants to go back "home" What´s your main reason? What is it you miss most from "home" or what is it you dislike so much in Philippines that you choose to go back?
  11. How will they know that she moved abroad, if she did not tell them? As long as she have a valid British passport, I see no reason to why she would not be allowed to enter. She still have her British citizenship I assume.
  12. I Think that she has already shown you what her feelings are . The way you have been treated by her and the family is not the way to treat a person you love, atleast not in my opinion. I really hope things will work out in a good way and I wish I could express myself as good as you
  13. I think you should visit Philippines BEFORE you decide to move there. Moving to Philippines only because it benefits your pension sounds like a bad idea to me. I love Philippines but some don´t and it would be sad to find it out when you have already made the move. Good luck to you!
  14. Just make sure that you dont break any laws if you go out with a speargun on your own. I am not sure, but I Think a speargun is considered as a weapon. As a foreigner is it easy to think we can do all the things that the locals can do, but that is not always the case. Good luck to you.
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