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  1. Viking

    affordable apartments in cities

    https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/country_result.jsp?country=Philippines Here you can get a general idea what it will cost you to live in different citys in the Philippines Just search for the city you are interested in and start comparing. Its only an estimation ofcoarse, but you get something to start with, good luck.
  2. Viking

    Very sick wife

    Yes, they are very family oriented, but that usually mean family by blood ;) They can "protect" you from others, but that is most of the time because THEY want to keep you as their golden cow, that they can milk until you get dry. When you get dry, you are useless to them. The trick is to make them belive that they will benefit if they keep you happy About fathful spouses, to me it seems to be 50-50, many are faithful but very many ?????? around ALOT. I have heard a number of men bragging about how many children they have, and not only with their spouses ;) Children they take no responsibilty for at all. Maybe all this talk sound negative but I want to say that I still love Philippines and its people The positve sides outweigh the negative sides by far, to me.
  3. Viking

    Very sick wife

    Maybe it was one of those men I saw once when eating at Romulus Place in WB. A car stopped outside and out came three very Beautiful Young girls and one OLD man with a cane. They helped him to the table and had their dinner. What surprised me about this event was that ALL of them seemed to have a VERY good time, they were talking, laughing and making jokes to each other and it was actually a good thing to see! It was so different from how it usually look when there is old guys with Young girls, the guys talk to other foreigners and the girl do fb on her phone ;)
  4. Viking

    Very sick wife

    Do Philippines recognize divorces in all other coutries or is it only from the US? Curious because my gf was married to another foreigner before. They was married in PH but later divorced in Sweden. I told her that we cant get married because then they could arrest her for bigamy when we go back to PH This has always been my excuse to not get married , is it true or false?
  5. Viking

    Very sick wife

    Many people in the Philippines do not consider it wrong to steal from someone, as long as it is not discovered!!! In their mind, her mistake was being discovered, not that she was scamming you! To be honest, I am not totally happy about their Culture and would prefer if they were thinking a Little bit more as we do in Europe/US Some parts of their culture is good but not all of it, the same could be said of every other cultures as well. We just have to be aware of that and dont believe that it is a perfect paradise with no problems. Divorces in Philippines have been almost non existent for a reason and thats not because they all have happy marriages. Until recently it was not legal to get a divorce, thats why! On the other hand, look how many people who have separated from their husband/wife? Its many!!!
  6. Viking

    Very sick wife

    You better prepare for a long fight with a very slim chance of success For sure, there are some foreigners who have won against their pinay wifes but the odds are definitely against you. I understand you feel like you wanna fight right now but my advice is to put it behind you and move on, its not worth all the problems it will give you. Even if you will win there will be no money left to pay you back. Think of your own Health, its more important than the money you lost. We are not getting younger and getting an heartattack is easy to get from situations like this. Take care of yourself and try to be positive
  7. Viking

    Choosing a location to live low budget

    You better take really good care of her then, because finding a pinay that is not jealous is like winning on the lottery, hahaha Congratulation to your good luck
  8. Viking

    Choosing a location to live low budget

    Are you really sure she is a pinay??? ;) lol
  9. Viking

    Choosing a location to live low budget

    In this site, you can compare prices between different citys in the Philippines. As you understand it not 100% reliable but you can get an estimation about the cost in different places. You can also compare to other countries, not only COSTs, but many other things too. https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/country_result.jsp?country=Philippines
  10. Viking

    RANT- What cheese's me off

    I also have a hard time to understand their facination in taking pictures at the wrong moment. To me its very wrong, and disrespectful for anyone involved, but they dont seems to understand that
  11. I have also experienced things like this on many times. Depending on my mood and the situation, I let it go or I say something. Surprisingly, almost all of the time they step back when being told to do so. I have also noticed that once you say something you get support from from the other people standing in line. I think it is different if you are in a situation like Mick told us about above, then it is ok to me, unless I am also late for my flight
  12. Viking

    Is Tipping 20% Too Much in the Philippines?

    That can for sure be a problem. Philippines is a place many tourists stay in for an extended time when they are there. These tourists usually dont belong to the group of big-tippers because they want their money to last as long as possible. There are exceptions to this, those going to places like Boracay, El Nido, Alona Beach and some places in the big citys. Here they dont stay so long and when they are there they are not afraid to spend money. As we all know it is expensive there and ofcoarse thats because the tourists are willing to pay the price. In general I think there are to few foreigners/expats in most places around the country (except the most popular ones) to have any real impact on prices. All in all I think that the downside of moderate tipping is rather small compared to the help it do to many pinoys/pinays.
  13. Viking

    Is Tipping 20% Too Much in the Philippines?

    I realise things like this can have an impact on people living there, but that is part of life. It´s not realistic to expect tourist refrain from tipping for the reason of keeping prices low for expats . I wanna clarify that I am NOT a fan of BIG tipping, but a small amount when it is appropriate is fine with me