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  1. And how does this relate to the topic of this thread?
  2. Very very good, that is certainly something to consider. In Scandinavia where I live it takes MUCH longer time before it becomes profitable.
  3. You break even, in less than 3 years?
  4. When you enjoy eating Cold adobo, minudo etc...
  5. Will that fit inside a BB box??
  6. Careful Jack, didn´t you say that your wife read this forum too??
  7. This made me laugh so hard that my woman had to come and see what I was laughing at. Her comment was that they must be luko-luko I dont judge them that hard since I guess they have never seen something like that Before
  8. I am not a big fan of vitamin supplements. I believe that you get all you need if you eat a balanced diet. In a place like Philippines it should not be too hard considering the amount of fruits and vegetables available. There is times when there can be a reason to take some supplements but I Think its important to have your needs analyzed Before starting to eat all kind of different pills. Some supplements give several hundred % of your daily need and its not a good thing. Its in fact possible to overdose some vitamins and minerals. Supplements have become a big business and the Companys do all they can to convince us that we need to take it. I dont Believe them . The other supplements that help when you have pain in your joints makes more sense to me.
  9. Yes, it all depends on how you look on things. Some prefer to save some more before they feel comfortable, others will need so much that they will never make it and some think they can live like a king on 1k $. Much depend on how you choose to live your life and what expectations you have. Nothing last forever and if we come to the conclusion that it wont work, then we will not have to regret that we did not tried it. Atleast we had those months, years or whatever it will be. I Always try to have a positive view on things but also not being naive. I appreciate all info I have got here. Maraming salamat!
  10. Yes, my wife is pinay. When I said I had a good job I meant it was a job i do not dislike and my salary is about average for my country. We can easily live on half of my salary and then the wife also have her income. Life is not bad here but I am constantly thinking that I want to live somewhere else. I am tired of the rat-race, sleep-work-eat and then repeat. We have calculated that we would be ok on 100K pesos a month and plan to live a quiet life with no car, no party in the bars or other expensive habits Thanks for your input and advice
  11. Thanks for your advice. It could be that it would not work out in a good way for us but then we just have to go back home. There is no need to wait until the last peso is spent before making that decision. I agree with you on the size of the buffer.
  12. I am aware that Philippines can be quite expensive, but it also depend much on the way you live. If wanting to live the same way as you do back home I would not be surprised if it is even more expensive than back home Thnx for your advice.
  13. Thanks for your input, inflation is a thing many people seems to forget about but in the long run it will make a big difference if you have not calculated for it. About our life expectancy I am more sceptical, todays old people live longer than before but that is no guarantee that we will live as long. Yes, many things in healthcare improve but there is also some things going in the other direction. Multiresistent bacteria and environmental impact to mention a few of them. Beside that, I feel that if I get to 80 I just need to have a enaugh to live a very modest life.
  14. I am the same, never had that affliction
  15. I have no obligations back home but my woman have an adult daughter and a grandson. I guess she will miss them alot but they can stay in touch with Skype. It will also be possible to vist them sometimes but not very often ofcoarse since we will have no income. Ofcoarse we can go home if we find out that we made a mistake but I am resigning from a quite good job and will probably not be allowed to come back to that. But there is always other jobs to get.
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