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  1. Impresseing to see what they can do with very simple tools! But I am not so sure that I would like to use one of these guns myself, when hearing that they were made out of scrap metal! For some parts in a gun it is very important that the right kind of metal is used or the gun can blow up in your hand, not a nice experience!!
  2. I just say that they should have protected the old and weak, then I would have been happy, but they failed BIG time in doing that!
  3. Philippines have reported 1280 dead out of 110 million and Thailand have reported 58 dead out of 70 million Sweden have 5411 dead out of 10 million, somehow it is quite obvious to me that they had a better result in fighting this virus but their metods can of course be questioned. I know that Philippines and Thailands figures are probably not as accurate as Swedens but there is quite a bit of margin in favour for them, don´t you think? You dont sound like a Swede, Swedes never revolt, we just talk, or maybe thats just what you are doing Have a great day and enjoy the Swedish summer, tomorrow it can be gone, hahahaha.
  4. Well, I am also from Sweden and I am NOT proud about how we have handled the virus here! I am not saying that we choosed the wrong way, the future will tell, but it has obviously not worked out the way it was supposed to do. They said they wanted to protect the old ones and those being in riskgroups, but that has been a total failure. Very many people have been infected in homes for old people and in hospitals due to lack of information, education and protective equipment!!! Sweden used to keep huge stocks emergency equipment but they decided a few decades ago that was not necessary, it was better to buy when it was needed they said and now we know how that worked !!! I think we are one of few countries where wearing a facemask is not recommended, the reason for that is that they say there is no proof that it will help and there is a chance that people will get more careless if they use them instead of not wearing them!! With that logic I think we should not be wearing saftybelts while driving our cars or helmets riding motorbikes either We never had lockdowns or hard rules in Sweden about what to do and what not to do, but we have had recommendations and people have been fairly good at following them. It has been recommended to practice social distancing, wash hands often, don´t touching your face, don´t travel, stay at home if you not feel good, work from home if you can etc. Another thing that have not been good is that they implemented the same recommendations to all of the country at once. First place to get hit by this virus was the capital Stockholm and we were all told to follow the recommendations. In my part of the country and many other places we had NO cases at all at that time but we should still live like they did in Stockholm. Now the situation is improving in Stockholm so they are relaxing the advices, but the problem is that my place have not had the expected peak yet!!! The fact that we have an upgoing curve of infected people is most likely because they did not test many people before (lack of equipment and people to analyze the results), the curves of people dying and those in intensive care, are on its way down and I personally think they are the most important curves to watch. If they had done what they said they should do, protect the old and weak, then I would also have been proud of how my country have handled the situation but this is a big FAILURE!!!
  5. Are you happy with them? Do you notice that they lower the temperature inside? Are they noicy?
  6. Thanks for your input. Whole house fans is something completely different to the fans I had in mind, but maybe that is needed to make any difference. I am already planning to put in an attic fan, but I was also curious to find out if a ceiling exhaust fan would make the indoor climate even better?
  7. I been looking on these too but I was not sure if they were effective without wind? Sad to say, our place don´t have much wind so I have been hesitating to install whirlybirds. Do you have good experience from them even when there is no or only very little wind? You can now by whirlybirds which is connected to a solarpanel and that will probably increase their effectivness when there is no wind. I think this solution is best for the attics and I was more thinking of ceiling fans. However, if the attic is cooler the room under it will also be cooler
  8. Is it really necessary with big fan? My plan was to use a small fan, since the hottest air will be at the top of the room and its the hottest air we want to ventilate. The idea with a small fan is that it can be turned on during a big part of the day since they dont use much electricity. They will obviosly not lower the temp as fast as a big one but since they are on, most of they day, I guess the heat will not build up very much.
  9. I have also been looking on attic fans but now I was more thinking of the small fans in the ceiling, that ventilate the hot air from inside the rooms. Something like this: https://www.lazada.com.ph/products/omni-ceiling-mounted-exhaust-fan-12-inches-inch-xfc-300-12-xfc300-12-xfc-300-12-genuine-and-original-i290138168-s469906202.html?spm=a2o4l.searchlist.list.28.3 I guess a solarpowered fan would be ideal for this since it is during daytime you need it the most.
  10. Do any of you have these in your houses or apartments? I understand they are often installed in bathrooms to reduce the humidity, but I am also curious to find out if they are effective in reducing the temperature in other rooms? Since hot air rises, it sounds like a good idea with a ceiling exhaust fan to vent it out. What are your experiences about this? Any input is appreciated
  11. A quote from the article "Foreigners who disrespect our laws and persons of authority do not deserve the privilege to stay in our country". I wish it was like that in my country
  12. I thought all electrical appliances sold in Philippines where without a ground? So why bother with grounded outlets? Now I expose my ignorance about electricity again
  13. Me and my wife are in the same situation. Our plan was also to go in September, but I don´t Think that will happen considering the situation. Luckily I have not resigned from my work yet or sold our apartment. I hope we can do it early next year instead
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