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  1. The question is if it's a good thing to heat it up, vitamin c is sensitive to heat. When we heat it up we destroy the vitamins we want to have. Maybe we would get better results if drinking it cold and then have a cup of hot tea to make the throat feel better?
  2. I have gotten HOT kalamansi juice several times when I got a cold in Philippines and it felt good but I am not so sure it is more effective since vitamin c is sensitive to heat, I think? Anyone else experienced this?
  3. The only "problem" with these clean-ups is that they focus of the symptoms, instead of the disease. But I still think it is a good thing, and a way to make people aware of the problems.
  4. It was not that study I was thinking of, but I have seen that too and it actually makes way more sense to me than the one in the starting post. This is a picture from the study I had in mind that I felt was too bad to be true.
  5. I have seen a similar article saying that The Philippines had 7 of its rivers, on the top 10 list, for rivers that contribute the most to the plastic polution of the worlds oceans. I am the first to admit that people of the Philippines is doing a "great" job spreading plastic waste around them but I still find this a little bit hard to believe. Pasig river is only 27 km long, it do runs through a heavily populated area but so do other rivers in the world too, and many of them are thousands of km in length. Look at the rivers of Mekong, Irrawaddy, Brahmaputra, Ganges, Yangtze, The Nile, Niger and Amazon. It is good if they try to do something to adress the problems with plastic polution, but when somethings sounds too good or too bad to be true, I am getting sceptic
  6. I think it would be priceless to see the expression of the car owners face when this happened
  7. In that case, it could be a positive thing
  8. For your information, I had read the complete thread before my reply. Other than that, I rest my case. There is no meaning trying to explain to people who don´t want to understand. Have a good day
  9. You are the one highlighting the part, saying he was the top social media influencer in Latin America with 37 million followers. I think Mike was very clear in his answer. Credibility is not measured on how many followers you have . With that said I must admit that I am starting to get very confused about this corona situation, it is absolutely not an easy thing to find out what is right or wrong, true or false! I am tired of it now, I think I will get my fishingrod and go trying to catch myself a trout Have a good day everyone!
  10. That is true, but it also mean that it will only be the least hotttest air that vents out, the hottest air will be trapped at the top under the roof. But if you say this work good enough I belive you. I agree 100% in what you say about the size of the eves vents, ours are done with a 5mm drill
  11. I have been thinking of installing a wind turbine on our roof but I am not sure how effective they are on hot rising air only, since there is very little wind on our location. There is also models that are powered by solarpanels and maybe that would be a better choice.
  12. Heat rise, but I suppose it will be a lot better having exits low than no exits at al. Optimum solution would probably be to have some kind of venting at the top of the roof. Also, high ceilings help with keeping the temperatures down. Will you use reflective aluminumfoil under your roof? Our house have minimal ways for the heat to escape so we will need to make something about that when we get down for permanent staying. I have been thinking much of this, how to solve it in the best way possible, so all ideas are welcome
  13. Can you tell us more about how you designed the roof? From my experience that is where most of the heat inside is coming from, so it is important to solve that in a good way.
  14. I have no problems with people choosing to not get the vaccine but a person trying to get a Covid vaccine passport without getting the shot lose ALL of my respect
  15. Sorry to hear this Tommy Our condolences to L, you and the family.
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