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  1. Thats great info So you prefer doing bread in the baking-machine instead of the oven? Is it becase it is not so much work or because the result gets better? Do you find the ingredients in normal stores like SM or Puregold?
  2. Maybe you are not an expert but to me it sounds like you have alot more experience about aircons than the average guy, so I ask you if you have any experience from Multi split typ aircons? Is it a good idea or is it just better to go with 2 separate systems? We have a small house with a 15 sqm bedroom and 30 sqm livingroom that we want to cool down a little bit. Only one room at the time will be cooled, livingroom during the afternoon and bedroom during night. What do you suggest?
  3. Thats true, but at the same time it´s not that your life will depend on it I would also like one to our bed and livingroom but I need to find out more before I decide what to do.
  4. Do any of you make your own bread in Philippines? If you do, is it easy to find the ingredients you need, like whole grain flour and yeast? I really don´t like the typical "Tasty bread" you can buy in most shops and would love to get someting less sweet and with more chewing resistance, hahaha. Any suggestions?
  5. My wife is very jealous too but she dont go to extremes like some do. I wonder if some of you guys have any female pinay friends that your wifes/gfs accept? I have several, but it is hard to have a normal friendship with them because of the jealousy from my wife. What is your experience from things like this?
  6. Still nobody who have any experience of the Multi split type aircons, the ones with 1 outdoor unit and several Indoor units?
  7. It would have been even more funny if the owner actually was handicapped Found it a bit strange that the cop let him drive away with almost no visibility at all
  8. What kind of food have you tried to cook in this oven? Are you satisfied with the result you get when you do pizza, lasanga, baking bread and grilled chicken?
  9. It may save some stress in the beginning but it will add stress later on, when she will drive as most other pinoys/pinays
  10. How do you know she is a virtual stranger to him?
  11. My wife is too soft and they can feel that from miles away. I do just like Arizona Kid, I told her to send all those with requests of help, to me, and I will handle it. It is working out well so far, lets see how it goes next year when we will move there permanently, lol. They are usually too shy to ask the foreigner and they know its alot harder to convince me to help them so we dont have big problems with this anymore
  12. What kind of money are we talking about to invest in a small solar heater system?
  13. So you are using the kind of water heaters we talk about in this topic now or do you have a storage water heater?
  14. I have understood this from previous discussions but many/most of these water heaters have ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers). How do they work if there is no ground??
  15. I am also looking forward to get some input on this topic, and it would be good to know how they should be installed in a safe way? Water and electricity usually dont mix well, so it feels very important to get things right
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