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  1. Yes, I am lucky about that, but she have other shortcomings , but who does´nt? This part reminds me of a guy going with us on an island-hopping 10 years ago. He was totally facinated about the gps with a plotter he had with him. He looked at it constantly and only raised his head occasionally to make sure that reality matched with his gps. Then 100 % focus on the plotter again. He could not understand why we was´nt very interested when he tried to show us about all the functions and we could not understand we he did not enjoy the great views instead
  2. I have do disagree that this apply to 100 % of all philippinas. My woman is an exception, and I am very thankfull for that
  3. Part 2 of the story, for those who want to see what happened. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MSYq58LRME
  4. Thats good to hear! Most visitors to Philippines use to complain about the food they get. You are actually the first foreigner I have heared of that is going to Philippines because of their foods!!! I also like the dishes you mentioned, but in general I find that most foods here lack some Spices. Welcome to the forum!
  5. He was not going to sue her, he just wanted to warn other people for this person. Thats a possibility that the next victim will pick up the bill for this
  6. Time will tell if he is lucky or not, hahaha. At first I did´nt believe that he would get any of his money back, but as it turned out the couple actually sent him 60k. He did not get it yet because of some problem about his ID. I dont think he will get back all the money he sent to her, but if he can get some of it, its better than the alternative ;)
  7. This is true, but I Think they are more efficient facing the sun ;) There is a reason why they often are angeled to catch as much as possible of the incoming Sunlight.
  8. Slandering is one thing, but in this case it seems that he told the truth. Its easy to condemn other people for their mistakes, but finding a good woman is not always easy, even if you are careful. You need some luck too. I had that luck and so did you I suppose, but I have no problem having sympathy for the unlucky ones
  9. This man was scammed by a pinay and contacted the media so that other guys would be warned of her. Not what most of us would be doing, maybe not even adviceble but in this case it looks like he will get some of his money back. The TV-team will also go with him when he go to Cebu to see the "lady" next week. I guess it is safe when TV is with him otherwise I believe it would be very dangerous. He had been supporting her for some time and had sent her almost 300k pesos, turned out that she was living with her husband and their kids. This is not the first time, nor the last, that scams like this will happen. It do surprise me that there is so many pinoys/pinays supporting the foreigner in the comments https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KixZtLuTEZ0&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR1naDyPdXDKJLex062PxvfG-ya73fJwxJIW-fAuKVGPb54p2Gpkky1Hsnc
  10. If my bills was only 2500 monthly, I dont think I would bother with solar panels at all. If I did, it would be an off grid system so I would not get affected by the brownouts.
  11. This is something that makes me confused, people live in places that looks like shacks with trash everywhere but themself are dressed in spotless clothes, shower 3 times a day and are clean in general. WHY cant they keep it Clean where they live???
  12. Is it not when you are off-grid you need batteries?? assuming you want to use your electrical things when the sun gets down.
  13. This is also things that I had on my mind. I second roof is probably effective and I will look into that as well. A mister or a sprinkler should be pretty easy to install and I suppose that could do a good job keeping the temperature down. Thnx for the input
  14. I have been thinking of this too, I found a complete "package" of 3,7 kWp Grid tied solar system that will generate savings of 5000+ pesos/monthly on your electric bills. Cost for this system is 220k pesos, meaning it will be generate a profit in less than 4 years. I will not do this as a first step, but probably in the future if we decide to stay there long time.
  15. You are right about the humidity, that can be more of a challenge than the heat. We do have aircon because I dont wanna suffer more than necessary
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