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  1. If that was best in town, I would not bother visiting any other restaurants in that town
  2. I guess that is according to the rules. Minimum 6 months to the day of expiration of the passport is required to be granted entry.
  3. I am from Sweden, and that is usually mixed up with Switzerland! It´s not only pinoys that makes that mistake, I have actually heard that alot from people coming from US. But I suppose it is better being coupled to banks, expensive watches and great chocolate than nazis
  4. I understand you Steve. It is not easy, but you have to find a way that is acceptable for both you and Emma. Sad to say, but it is VERY common in Philippines that there is one person or more, in the family that is just like your BIL and I don´t understand why, but the rest of the family usually to accept it . I can help someone because they have a problem, sickness or similar things, but I will never give help to a person who is just lazy, period!! As far as I am conserned, this goes on just because people allow it. I had to work for my money and benefits and so will they have to do if they want it. I have a sister in law who always complain about that she don´t have any money. I use to tell her, of course you don´t have any money, you are not working!!! We will move later this year to my wifes house. It was built 15 years ago and we made the mistake of sending a blueprint to her father, and should make sure all was ok. When we arrived to see the house for the first time, I asked what happened to the plans we sent him? We got a reply, I had a better plan Now when we get there we will start renovating and rebuild the whole house, so we get it the way we want it. Her father was a good guy but he was like the typical pinoy, he wanted it his way, lol. He passed away a few years ago and since then the sis in law (the one with no money) and her family has stayed in the house. She will move out when we get there. She still hope that we will change our mind and let them stay together with us, but that wont happen. She know that and even her brothers have told her that. They will move back to her husbands house, where they lived before. They did ofcorse not pay any rent either, but had lots of ideas what we should fix and improve in the house. They remind me of your BIL, bad in cleaning and no maintanence when things break, but atleast they did not ask to get payed for the cleaning they do, lol.
  5. People can expect many things, but it does not mean that they get as they want. Different people have different expectations, we do what we find right. If we should do what other people want we have to be like a chameleons, lol. cha
  6. Do he help paying the bills? Do he pay any rent for staying in the house you and Emma have financed? If not. I think he has "walang hiya" (no shame) in his body, asking to get payed for cleaning To be honest to you Steve, I don´t think you will be lucky staying in this house for an extended period, as long as you have to share it with other people.
  7. Do you feel that underwear and bedshets gets clean enough when washed in cold water? I am curious because I have never used anything else than hot water for that. Maybe it is totally unnecessary? What kind of machine will you buy to your new house, one that can wash in different temperatures or cold water only? Some of you also talk about dryers, are they necessary for a small household of just 2 persons? I guess the the biggest problem getting the laundry dry will be during the wet season, we can hang ours out of the rain but maybe the humidity will mess it up? What is you guys experince of this?
  8. I understand that many of you have experiences like this but my wife have been living in Sweden for 30+ years. There is no chance at all that she will wash in the traditional way. Fact is that it´s mostly me that do our laundry at home, and I for sure will never do it that way. We need a machine!
  9. Excellent, that´s the kind of machines I was looking for! Maraming salamat po
  10. Are your washing machines top of the line models with high pricetags, or do you know if this is also possible to get in the machines around 20k?
  11. So for those of you who have a cold fill machine, does your machine heat the water inside or is it only using cold water when washing?
  12. Maybe I am lucky, but my wife and I agree on these things. Strange isn´t it, since we disagree on many other things
  13. Yes, but then the water is heated inside the machine. That is what I am looking for.
  14. That is what I am looking for, a machine that that heats the water itself. All machines we use at home here in Sweden do that. Only the big industrial type have hot fill here.
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