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  1. After seeing how they normaly treat animals in Philippines I would not trust someone else to take care of my dog. I cant help to wonder, why getting a heat sensitive dog in a tropical country??
  2. Here you have a link to the costs http://www.immigration.gov.ph/visa-requirements/non-immigrant-visa/temporary-visitor-visa/extension-of-authorized-stay-beyond-59-days
  3. Thats how things were done before the computers arrived. Would love to visit a ship like that some day
  4. 62% sounds very high but maybe thats true when you include the fees that the employer pays. My income is average and from that I pay 35 % in tax. The difference is that in Sweden those with a very low income can still get the medical help they need. In Philippines you must have a very good/high paid job to be able to afford putting your parents in a home for elderly people if it cost 80k a month. Biggest problem about taxes in Sweden now is that people get less and less but the taxes is still high! Where do the money go? For those of us who have contributed to the system in a country with free/subsidized healthcare the most logical thing to do would be to go home when we need more qualified care. Why pay for the same thing twice. Thats how I feel but anyone do as they want
  5. Thats about the same money you would have to pay in Sweden, 50-60k in pesos for one person, but that includes everything, rent, care, food, doctors fees and medicin. If you have a small income you pay less. It sounds expensive to me compared to the cost of all other things in PH.
  6. You are right about that
  7. So if you dont notice that your plates were stolen, and you then drive with your mc, you get the same punishment as the one who stole the plates?? On top of that you can get 12-40 years in prison if your stolen mc is used in a crime of grave felony??? This assuming it was stolen during the same night the crime was commited and before you noticed and report it stolen.
  8. We have probably drifted away from the topic now but I cant help to think, did you not check up if they were qualified for the job Before you hired them??? If not, I guess its a bit late to complain now. Anyway, I wish you all of luck in the future with your business
  9. Definitely not, I Think I would be better of doing the job from the start myself without anyone else involved. I am talking about jobs in my household now. Ofcourse its a diffent thing if running a Company.
  10. Maybe they are not soo dumb then, if you pay them and do their work
  11. I agree to some extent, I guess we have to compromise. I am with you on this one even if I realise that my chance to succeed is slim at best, hahahaha My gf often say, thats how it always been done and my reply to that use to be, because they dont know any other way to do it. We can show them other ways and MAYBE some will listen some day. If no changes we would still live in Caves. You can oly explain to those willing to listen and let the others do it their way.
  12. I dont live in the Philippines yet but my original question was more about why the helpers I talked to had more problems with the females in the house than the males. I have seen it many times that hierarchy is something much more important in Philippines, than it is where I come from. For those who are born and raised in a society its a normal thing but its very hard for me to adapt to that. I treat everyone the same, rich or poor does not matter to me. Most often it is the woman in the relationship that is coming from the Philippines and they are more used to that your staff should not be treated too good because of what others have said about this topic. Maybe thats why the helpers have more trouble with the females than the men? Ofcourse there is 2 sides of this and I realise that I would probably not been met the same way if they tought that I was poor. I do love the way I am treated when we are there
  13. This may very well be true because I have seen the same behaviour among immigrants to my country. I just wish my government could see it too But if this is the case, I would definitely do without a helper. I dont want to be like that to people working for me, then a rather do it by myself.
  14. Thats true, but you also need someone you can trust to keep an eye on your property when you are not there. Its not very fun coming "home" and find out that lots of things are missing every visit you make. This reminds me about a story I read about a pinay who had built a house on her familys land. She had put a big part of her savings in it and it was a really nice house. She went home to her husband in Europé or US after everything was finished, and she was very proud, since it had always been her dream to have a house on her own. A year later it was time for the husband to see it for the first time and she was really exited to go back there together with him. They were picked up at the Airport by a brother, he had a pretty new car, she thought it was strange because he did not had a regular job, but she did not say anything. When they arrived home she had a shock. Only the walls were left of the house, Everything else was gone, furniture, roof, windows, aircon, doors, electrical appliances, washstand, watercloset, EVERYTHING!!! She asked her brother (living 15 meters from her house) what had happened?? and the answear she got was: I DONT KNOW!!!!! There was pictures of the house, before and after so I actually think it was all true. A very sad story. If I remember right she broke with her family after this and I cant blame her for that. Bottom line is that I dont want this to happen to me, I guess it would have given me an heart attack
  15. Thanks for that info. I think it would be nice to grow some of the vegetables you need. Another reason is that I find most of the vegetables in the market very "dry" Is this something you guys also have noticed?
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