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  1. I am not surprised at all. I was a passenger in a minibus, maybe ten years ago, and an accident with a jeep had just happened. People were laying all over the road and the wheels were still spinning on the upside down jeep. Our driver barely lifted his foot from the gas pedal, he only zig zag in high speed between the wounded people on the road!!! 😮
  2. That is quite the contrary to the Philippines I suppose 😂
  3. Are you saying that you never get an entry stamp when going to Europe??
  4. Sounds very strange that you didn't get a stamp when entering the European Union. That is where the checks are supposed to be, but once inside, there is minimal control. Problem with that is that many criminals are already inside and can move freely without being tracked by the authorities. You also need a passport or a valid national ID-card when traveling in Europe. You must have a way to identify yourself to authorities if being asked. There is permanent and mobile border patrols within Europe too, as well as the equipment to scan vehicles and cameras reading license plates. However, the criminals are not stupid and know to use a "clean" plate when crossing a border.
  5. That may sound great, but this is what have caused big problems in the European Union. Criminal people roaming around, crossing borders with no way of keeping track of them.
  6. I have no fact behind this, but I can imagine that it would be pretty easy to get in trouble if you, as a foreigner, search in a public place and find something valuable.
  7. Just imagine what the charge will be that day the society really is cashless, and we have no other choice than to use the cards.😠
  8. Yes, even now. It started before the pandemic. During the pandemic I can see the logic of it, but not now.
  9. True, as long as they also accept cash, I think it is good. Problem is that it was like that in Sweden and when they saw that people not used cash very often they stopped accepting cash. That is what I don't like.
  10. I tend to disagree. In my place it is now impossible to use cash in many places and I hate it! It is fine if it is possible to pay with card or other electronic suloutions BUT in my opinion it should never be allowed to deny cash. I really hope that Philippines won't go this way!
  11. What about if a former Philippino citizen sign up for Phil Health, can her husband be " included" as well, or is that only possible if the wife is a "true" Philippina?
  12. Thanks for that info. We plan to retire in the Philippines this year but will use the balikbayan privilege. We will not go for a 13a Visa for different reasons. However, in the future maybe we decide to get a SRRV Courtesy. This is very cheap actually, I guess it takes a Scottish person to find such great deals 😉👍
  13. I can't find any information of the annual fee being only $10, when looking in the website of PRA, it say $360. Or is it different for the SRRV Courtesy?
  14. That sounds like a great idea, 🤪
  15. I understand that part but it really doesn't make any difference in my opinion. Tourists are probably a bigger risk of spread diseases than people living there permanently, in my opinion.
  16. Well, my country don't demand a medical to become a citizen. However, we really should demand it because in Sweden the government pick up the bill from the medical treatment. Then it makes sense but not if you have to pay for it by yourself, like in Philippines and most other countries. I guess you could say that Sweden is just as illogical as the Philippines in that case, but in the opposite way.
  17. It doesn't make sense to me since the Philippine government won't pay for your medicare. If you have no money or insurance you will get no treatment. About bringing in any diseases, so can regular tourists do as well, so I can't see the logic in this either.
  18. Viking

    I Am Back

    You have a beautiful view from your place Mike! I hope to go back to Moalboal soon, I always liked it there, great snorkeling and diving at an affordable price and the place is not too big.
  19. Viking

    I Am Back

    Is that Zaragosa island in the far distance?
  20. Viking

    I Am Back

    I understand you want to see the family if you have been away for a long time, but is it not better to have your walks outside instead, if you are conserned of covid? I can only imagine what Boracay looked like 40 years ago. My first visit was 1992 and I thought it was amazing. I must say that I am disappointed in the way it has "developed", but maybe you like it. Just be prepared to see something completely different! Have a great trip.
  21. Viking

    I Am Back

    BGC- Bonifacio global city. I was thinking just like you, must be better places than malls in the Philippines, if wanting to avoid crowds!!!
  22. You can get it from Lazada, if you don't find it in the grocery stores. https://s.lazada.com.ph/s.UcEyk
  23. Nobody wants to experience that when taking a ride on the bike, but are you sure it was a real gun? Replicas are very common today and it's impossible to see if they are real or fake. I just find it kind of strange, even for the Philippines, that a kid in that age is out with a real gun. In a situation like this we should of course always act like if it was real.
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