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  1. thanks all for the advice and suggestions.. i refused to give up with norton customer NO service and tried one last time.. i got online with someone and explained my situation.. i asked that since my license and subscription were legitmate and valid.. can they just convert my subscription to NON Geographical code.. so i can finish out my subscription.. i FINALLY got someone who listened and did just that.. they gave me a new code that worked and i am now activated once again.. thank goodness.. here is the deal with my issue.. i was told that if i buy the norton at a retail store (which i had done in the US) then my product WOULD be Geographically Coded.. BUT if i bought it online it would not have been.. doesnt make sense to me. but now i know. so i am good.. i dont want to have to go through this again.. but once again thanks so much.. I STILL may make use of NORDVPN as there are shows in the US i liked watching and am unable to here.. so i may give it a whirl and see how it goes..
  2. so this vpn de regionalized you??? meaning i might be able to do it and reactivate this thing??
  3. well the main thing that sort of pisses me off about norton is.. you CANT take it country to country.. as i have found out.. this is the deal. i installed norton security on my laptop before i left US.. and i still had my license code with me. i decided to do a full reset on my laptop as i had a lot of crap on it and wanted a fresh start.. so i wiped it clean and reinstalled norton.. and when it came time to activate it again. it said unable to active for this region. meaning.. i bought it in the US and since i am now in the philippines that come no longer works. i stil had a license for 5 addition devices.. so i am screwed.. so i guess i have to find a "philippine" version LOL.. to use. such a shame. it was working on my laptop all this time. but when i needed to reinstall and activate.. its not in the geographic area i bought it.. hows that for a kick in the pants.. their online support was useless.. told me to return it to the place i bought it for refund and get the proper version.. i said you want me to fly back to the US and return it?? i love the product but this has been a damn nightmare. and.. i dont know if i buy it online ifit will work here in the phililppines or not. what a mess.
  4. just curious where to get it around in the philippines... i have been using norton for 22 years.. and want to continue.. but i cant find it anywhere around here.. actually when i go into "PC" shops. they have VERY limited stuff.. so does anyone who uses this know where to get it?? thanks
  5. one question.. do you know if any of those shops near you have an online presence?? thanks :)
  6. wouldnt figure that to be power supply. to me.. sitting on the starting windows screen.. sounds like a lot of programs are loading or memory hogging programs are loading at start up..i attached a pic.. on my pc the lower left i have a search box i can type in. i typed in msconfig and then clicked on the app for that.. when a box opens up you click on startup programs and it will list everything that starts up with your PC .. it will list things a high medium or low in terms of how it affects startup.. you can try disabling some of the high ones tempy and see if it makes a difference.. fairly often as people load programs on their pc. it wants to load a start up program you really dont need.. and you can get a lot of unnecessary clutter.. and slower load times..
  7. both this and the other poster who mentioned ozamiz unfortunately they are both a plane ride away from me. thats why i mentioned manila. cause i live in Luzon.. i really wish i was near the dumaquete cause it sounds perfect.. thanks all.
  8. i think that is it.. thanks much.. i actually prefer Long Island tea LOL. but i wanted to try this again too :)
  9. i will look into it. however. i was thinking about doing pc repair work and wanted a shop to stop into.. i prefer looking at the PC stuff in person to make sure it will work.. but thanks for the suggestion. and thanks to everyone else as well :) i will do a bit more googling too.. i have stopped in at advertised PC parts stores around yet.. when i go in and ask them. it turns out all they are is an internet cafe..
  10. i know this is an old topic.. but i figured i would put my 2 cents worth in here.. i had 4 cats i moved from the US to here a couple of months ago.. i was really hesistant as to whereto go and what to do etc.. so i ended up hiring a pet service and am so glad i did.. i had enough on my plate with trying to pack.. sell stuff. etc.. so i wanted this to go to someone who has done it and can handle it. it was NOT cheap but very much worth it to me. they took care of all the papers.. i needed to take the cats to vets for certain stuff.. but this place got all the permits.. picked the cats up at my place.. took them to the airport.. and it all went so very well. cats were not stressed at all when they got here. name of the place in the US was petrelocation.com.. they also picked up the pets over here and went through customs and delivered them to my wife who was waiting for them.
  11. hi all. since you were so helpful about my other question. i have one more.. i asked my brother in laws here and they dont remember this. but a long time ago when i first came over here.. my Brother in Laws got me some filipino liquor.. they told me its made here.. they had 2 bottles.. one was filled with light blue liquid.. the other was red.. they were both very good.. and now i dont remember the name of them.. .. it was a drink in itself.. you didnt mix it with anything.. seems like it started with a T or something.. anyone know what i am talking about?? thanks in advance..
  12. by real.. i mean shops that actually STOCK PC parts such as video cards.. memory.. hard drives cables etc.. i have tried a bunch of places and.. its all very basic.. i really should have stocked up more on stuff before i left US.. but are there any places around to get parts?? i needed to get an adapter for my GPU that used a mini hdmi on the GPU and i wanted to connect to my TV with regular HDMI connector.. thanks all
  13. u are a lifesaver.. i went and dialed the US 800 number from skype and it worked. thanks so very much and thanks to everyone else who made suggestions.. you are all the best :)
  14. actually i did see this before and tried it.. but now that i am reading it.. i see it had to be a landline. i was using a cell phone. now i have to find a landline somewhere but thats at least a start.. thanks .. actually i may try skype as well.
  15. hi all. i am finding it to be nearly impossible to get hold of any credit card companies in the US over credit card issues.. all they do is give you a number to call collect.. only problem is.. there is no one i have asked who knows how to reach an international operator.. so i can make a collect call and these credit card companies of course dont give you an email address to write them. so can anyone tell me if there is a way to get hold of an international operator at all. i am at my wits end..
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