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  1. will delete this sorry as hell for asking.
  2. thanks for all the help everyone. sorry havent been back to thank you.. was going to come online yesterday but i am dealing with the Taal volcano. we are about 18K away from it and have been dealing with a LOT of tremors.. lots of very big one followed by small. so i am having to take care of things here now. getting food etc.. you guys are the best :)
  3. ok well i DO have interest exceeding 10 dollars over here. i was foolish enough to move my money over from the US only to find out here the insured amount in the US IS guaranteed up to 250000 ( way more than i have LOL).. but over here in the PH its only guaranteed to 10K.. i have since moved money back to US.. but i do have interest that i need to report for this past year. i didnt know PH takes taxes out for interest. my banks in US never did that..
  4. Then i guess i misunderstood. .. so i have earned NO income for the last year EXCEPT interest on bank accounts here in the philippines and it comes no where near the tipping point.. but do we need to file PHILIPPINE taxes?? or does that go the same way?? usually interest on bank accounts does not have taxes taken out..
  5. actually all. its called Foreign Earned Income Exclusion.. not the other one i said./ .
  6. from what i understand. from all the things i found online.. . even if you have no- income you still need to file a tax form. its letting the IRS know you are still here.. this is my first round of this.. so its all new..
  7. .. i actually do have some interest from the banks here on my savings. so i am guessing i have to file taxes here in the philippines as well. the federal tax exemption i am talking about is.. something you are able to apply for granting you up to 90000 free from reporting to US if you make money here. we MAY start a business here and so i am sure we will need to get this credit..
  8. Hi all I asked similar question a long time ago. But since tax season is getting here.. I want to ask once more.. I am looking for people who have their taxes done HERE in the Philippines.. I don’t have a tax man in the US.. I always did my own…. I was usually able to just use 1040EZ.. so its not complicated.. but since this will be my first year filing here.. does anyone have a person IN the Philippines do their taxes?? I am retired .. and have no income for the last year including SS as of now.. all I have is interest on bank accounts.. both here and in the US.. I know how to file FBARS .. I have done that before. This is strictly for taxes.. so if Anyone has any suggestions. I would appreciate it. I was looking up Expats H&R block and was thinking of using them but they charge an arm and a leg for stuff. Thanks in advance for any help..oh.. and one more thing.. when am i allowed to file for the federal tax exemption.. i didnt get here till the end of February 2019.. and not sure how long i have to wait to file.
  9. hi all thanks for all the input.. sorry its taken me so long to reply. been very busy here.. ok so here is the deal with me. before i left the US i filed with the IRS my philippine address as my new address.. never got a confirmation they did anything with it. but i sent it off. i guess i will not file state taxes.. i had been living in Georgia but am flying to chicago to open an account with Chase.. which. i have verified. i am do international money transfers online with online banking from the US to the philippines.. i am suing a relatives address in Chicago once i open the account. i am going to put the money in a non interest bearing account so.. i guess i should be ok. we will see.. thanks so much again for all the help.. you guys are great :)
  10. For those of you still keeping your money in US banks and then transferring money over to the Philippines.. when you need it.. my question is this.. even though you now live here year round.. when it comes to taxes on your bank accounts in the US.. do you still have to file STATE taxes for the state your bank account is in or no?? I am assuming you still keep an address in the US.. (I.E. maybe a friends address ).. so does that mean you still have to pay State taxes or what??..i mean you earn dividends on your money in the US banks.. so???
  11. ok so you go to your online account for chase in the US and can move money to BPI i guess using the routing number , swift code and all that .. to your BPI account??
  12. i moved some money back to the US from here in the phils.. it took about10 days..
  13. so you have a chase bank open in the US and then one here?? and you can transfer money overseas online???
  14. never heard of transferwise?? what is that???
  15. may i ask what credit union?? i am trying to find some bank that is national in the US and will allow me to do transfers while i am living here. my credit union specifically states i need to be there in person to move money.. which sucks
  16. ok so it doesnt come out from the bank.. my money here is in USD as well. i didnt know charles schwab had banks..
  17. i just went to my us bank website and it specifically states that outgoing international wire transfers from the US have to be done in person.. may i ask what bank you use??.. i may have to go back to the US and open up an account with a bank that i can move money here.. FROM here..
  18. ... ok then how do you get your money from the US when you need to have it moved here?? when i originally sent money over here.. i had to be there in person..
  19. Hi all.. I have a question about Filipino banks.. in the us our banks give us protection of our funds up to 250000 dollars.. under the FDIC.. here in the Philippines.. people are only covered under 500000 Pesos.. which is about 10000 USD.. I am sure most expats here have a bit more than that.. my question is this.. do you leave most of your money in the US or how do you handle the protection difference..
  20. thanks all for the advice and suggestions.. i refused to give up with norton customer NO service and tried one last time.. i got online with someone and explained my situation.. i asked that since my license and subscription were legitmate and valid.. can they just convert my subscription to NON Geographical code.. so i can finish out my subscription.. i FINALLY got someone who listened and did just that.. they gave me a new code that worked and i am now activated once again.. thank goodness.. here is the deal with my issue.. i was told that if i buy the norton at a retail store (which i had done in the US) then my product WOULD be Geographically Coded.. BUT if i bought it online it would not have been.. doesnt make sense to me. but now i know. so i am good.. i dont want to have to go through this again.. but once again thanks so much.. I STILL may make use of NORDVPN as there are shows in the US i liked watching and am unable to here.. so i may give it a whirl and see how it goes..
  21. so this vpn de regionalized you??? meaning i might be able to do it and reactivate this thing??
  22. well the main thing that sort of pisses me off about norton is.. you CANT take it country to country.. as i have found out.. this is the deal. i installed norton security on my laptop before i left US.. and i still had my license code with me. i decided to do a full reset on my laptop as i had a lot of crap on it and wanted a fresh start.. so i wiped it clean and reinstalled norton.. and when it came time to activate it again. it said unable to active for this region. meaning.. i bought it in the US and since i am now in the philippines that come no longer works. i stil had a license for 5 addition devices.. so i am screwed.. so i guess i have to find a "philippine" version LOL.. to use. such a shame. it was working on my laptop all this time. but when i needed to reinstall and activate.. its not in the geographic area i bought it.. hows that for a kick in the pants.. their online support was useless.. told me to return it to the place i bought it for refund and get the proper version.. i said you want me to fly back to the US and return it?? i love the product but this has been a damn nightmare. and.. i dont know if i buy it online ifit will work here in the phililppines or not. what a mess.
  23. just curious where to get it around in the philippines... i have been using norton for 22 years.. and want to continue.. but i cant find it anywhere around here.. actually when i go into "PC" shops. they have VERY limited stuff.. so does anyone who uses this know where to get it?? thanks
  24. one question.. do you know if any of those shops near you have an online presence?? thanks :)
  25. wouldnt figure that to be power supply. to me.. sitting on the starting windows screen.. sounds like a lot of programs are loading or memory hogging programs are loading at start up..i attached a pic.. on my pc the lower left i have a search box i can type in. i typed in msconfig and then clicked on the app for that.. when a box opens up you click on startup programs and it will list everything that starts up with your PC .. it will list things a high medium or low in terms of how it affects startup.. you can try disabling some of the high ones tempy and see if it makes a difference.. fairly often as people load programs on their pc. it wants to load a start up program you really dont need.. and you can get a lot of unnecessary clutter.. and slower load times..
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