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  1. Tommy T., The amount of $5,000 is on the low end and that would only work if you do not take but maybe one trip to the Philippines yourself. Keep in mind that to prove you have an ongoing relationship to USCIS you really need a minimum of two trips to the Philippines with pictures of both you and her and her family which shows good evidence of your ongoing relationship. As another person pointed out if you have to send her and her family some support money this dollar amount will go up. The process takes 7-10 months if you do not hit any snags, and if you hit snags it could take over a year or more.
  2. foto, Yes, I believe the two should have more than 90 days...but I do not get to make the rules our guvment makes them. We have been dating for about two years, so that is still not that much time when you are doing it long distance. I have watched some of those 90 day fiance episodes, and many of those couples are massively dysfunctional. In most of those 90 day fiance episodes that I have watched I would get away from those women as fast as my feet would carry me...Run Forest Run comes to mind.
  3. I received my K1 visa approval on the 1st of July, so now we still have the NVC and St Luke medical and Embassy interview. We are getting closer, so all is moving along. I should have her her near the end of September.
  4. I know many of you long time guys can relate... https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1822004994495830
  5. Old55, I expect to get my approval on my K1 visa by the end of April or by the end of next month in May. So, I should have her over here maybe by August.
  6. Just back from Cebu report. I flew from SFO to TPE to Cebu on EVA Airlines, and I flew my gf from Pagadian up to meet me in Cebu on Cebu Pacific airlines. We met in Cebu and stayed for three days to visit with her cousin and sister, and we went to SM Mall and Seaside SM Mall. Then we took the Oceanjet ferry boat from Cebu Pier 1 to Tagbilaran and we spent five days at Alona Beach. We stayed in South Beach Hotel which is right on the Ocean with some beautiful views. Here is the link: http://www.boholsouthbeach.com/. We went on an all day country tour to see the Chocalate Hills, and the Mahogany Forest, and had lunch on a river cruise boat, and then we went to 2nd oldest Catholic Church and the Machtan Shrine which is where Magellan Landed when he discovered the Philippines. We also went snorkeling and swimming where you can see hundreds of tropical fish and sea turtles. We found this awesome lunch and dinner buffet at Henaan Resort https://www.henann.com/bohol/henannalonabeach/, so we would eat lunch and dinner at their buffet which was awesome. Their buffet had just about anything you could want to eat and it was around $8 per person. The buffet was at the Sea Breeze Café, so be sure to check that out if you go to Bohol. We traveled back on the Oceanjet ferry to Cebu Pier 1 to Cebu, and we spent three more days in Cebu. My gf wanted to get her hair trimmed at the SM Mall, so while she was in the salon I was out walking around checking out the sights. I had two Russian women approach me looking for a bar to party at. I talked to them for about five minutes and learned that one of them was married and the other one single, and IMO these Russian women were not relationship/marriage material. So, they were both away from home in the Philippines and looking to party…if I were you I would avoid these kinds of women. I dated Russian women, Ukraine women, Mexico women, and lastly my Filipina girlfriend. From my boots on the ground observation I believe that Filipina women, or a good Filipina woman is a better fit for an American guy than the Eastern European women. When I say a good Filipina I am talking about the women that live out in the province which is considered country in the Philippines. I was advised by my Army friends to stay away from Filipina women from the northern part of the Philippines like Manila, Luzon, Angeles, etc. My Army buddies told me to look in the southern Philippines like Leyte, Samar, Mindanao, etc. My gf is from the province in Mindanao and she still lives at home with her parents and her brother and sisters. So, that is my short trip report and I would tell you to get on a plane and go check out the Philippines first because you will not be disappointed.
  7. redfeather


    My gf will not even add me as a friend on her FB because she said last time she added a guy all her filipina gf started sending him messages and trying to take him away from her. I think that guy went back to his exwife which is usually a bad mistake. My exwife was killed in a car accident several years ago, so my filipina gf is okay with the fact that I do not have an exwife. If another filipina trys to message me my gf gets all wound up about it and thinks the other filipina is trying to steal her bf away...I just laugh.
  8. Old55, Yes, I will return probably two more times. I am planning my next trip now to Camiguin Island. I will travel back when we get her K1 visa and we will both fly back to Texas together.
  9. Old55, I have started the K1 visa process, so it normally takes around 6-7 months to get her a K1 visa. I am guessing I should have her K1 visa around june or July 2019. So, the waiting process begins.
  10. I flew to Cebu and we spent two days going to the Ayala Mall and SM Mall in Cebu. We then took the Oceanjet Ferry from Pier 1 in Cebu to Siquijor Island, and we spent 6 days doing an Island vacation. Siquijor Island has a lot of places to go visit, and we rented a scooter for all 6 days. We traveled all over the Island on the scooter, and we went snorkeling and swimming at several of the fresh water falls. We went to Baha Bar several times to eat dinner, and we also had dinner and breakfast at our resort. We stayed at Islandia Beach Resort which I liked because it is quiet and tucked away in an area that does not have a lot of traffic. If you have never been to the Philz you will not be aware of all the cats and dogs running around all over the place, and I liked Islandia Resort because it did not have but a few dogs and cats hanging around. After our 6 days were over we took the Oceanjet Ferry back to Cebu, and we flew on Cebu Pacific to my girlfriends province and spent two days visiting her family and having a Lechon BBQ. I also borrowed her brothers Honda scooter, and my gf and I drove all over her local area shopping and visiting her friends. My gf was introducing me to her aunts and friends so that they could size me up and check me out to see if my gf had found a good catch…they are sly about this. After the visit to her family and province we flew back to Cebu and spent the last two days sightseeing, and my gf talked our Grad driver into driving us around for an entire day to visit around eight of the historical sights. My gf is a good negotiator and she talked the Grab driver into running us around all day for 2,000 pesos which is about $40, and we ended up seeing almost all the historical sights in Cebu. I liked Cebu way better than my first trip which was to Manila. Cebu is still a big city, but it was a little easier to get around inside Cebu due the smaller amount of people and less vehicles. I also liked the airport at Cebu better because it is newly built, and it was easier to get to the airport and flying in and out was just a smoother process. Cebu is filled with young women to date in the 18 to 30 year old age range. If I had to give you advise between Ayala Mall and SM Mall I would say stick with SM Mall because the women are more down to earth and would appeal to a normal guy not searching for a gold digger. The Ayala Mall is full of high dollar stores that cater to the upper class that love to waste money, and I saw the women that loved that kind of gold digger lifestyle. If you travel to Cebu and cold approach women at SM Mall you should have plenty of dates within 1-3 days time. So, there is my trip report after my travels to Cebu and beyond. Enjoy.
  11. I leave next Thursday to fly to Cebu to see my fiance'' and I have a nice trip planned. We will take the Oceanjet ferry from Cebu pier 1 to Siquijor Island and spend five days on a beach vacation. I plan to rent scooter to go drive around the island on an adventure of sorts. We will travel back to Cebu and then go spend 1-2 days with her family, and I will be meeting her brother and sisters and parents. It will be a great adventure. I will make a post after I return to give you my Army AAR after action report.
  12. Mark, Thanks for your AAR after action report on your trip to the Philz. I wrote down some of your condo and hotel names and I will look them up and try to stay there. I am flying to Cebu on my next trip, so I will try to visit some of these same spots. Your trip report helps mentor some of us on our upcoming trips, so keep those detailed trip reports posted because we can all use the mentoring.
  13. I have looked into Siargao and Coron and El Nido and Palawan. There are so many places to go see that it gets to be too many. I tend to like the less traveled beaches and islands. I like it more away from huge crowds. I am looking into where I might go explore during my visit after this November visit. The Philippines has a lot to see, and it can be way too much unless you narrow it down a little. Thanks for the reply's and different places to check out.
  14. I am going back to Cebu on November to visit my gf for 12 days. We will be going to Siquijor Island to spend five days on an adventure all around the island. I plan to rent scotters, so we can drive all over the island and check it out. We will also swim and snorkel and dive. We will take the ferry from Cebu to Siquijor. If anyone has any other tips on Siquijor please feel free to share the tips. Also, what other places can you get to from Cebu that are good adventure/island vacation spots? Any feedback is much appreciated.
  15. I had a very successful trip to the Philippines, and I returned engaged to my girlfriend. I will be doing the K1 visa on her before the end of October. You want to know about the Philippines, so I will tell you what I observed. The Philippines is a American man's dating paradise. I was hit on by several women even when I was with my girlfriend. If you are a white guy and not too over weight the women will be all over you. It is extremely easy to talk to women and get dates. I found the filipina women to be very warm and outgoing, and they have this soft enjoyable disposition about them that I have never seen in American women ever. I saw no over weight obese people, and the filipina women are mostly thin and feminine. I would tell you to make plans for your trip to the Philippines, and you will not be disappointed. If you are tired and fed up with all the games AW use, and you want to pursue a relationship that flows naturally...then make plans for your trip to the Philippines. I flew to Manila, and we spent the first 3 days in Manila and went to the US Military National Cemetery where we have 17,706 troops that are buried that fought to liberate the Phils during WWII. We also went to the Mall of Asia which is packed full of hot women, and we also did some local site seeing around Manila. Then we traveled by bus from Manila to Bantangus and we took the ferry across to Puerto Galera and spent 6 days doing a beach vacation and snorkeling and diving and island hopping. Puerto Galera is a beautiful place to visit. Then we returned to Manila and spent our last 3 days doing things with her cousin and that family. It is amazing how easy it is to enter into a normal relationship with a filipina woman. My take away is that if you want to meet good women that are easy to get into a relationship with...then fly to the Philippines.
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