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  1. Please help if you can, and please dissiminate this message to others who may be able to assist as well.
  2. He found the blood. It appears as though his wife is going to be okay. Thanks!
  3. I don't know if any of you know Tim, from my forum. I am not sure if he is a member here? Either way, his wife is in the hospital and needs B+ blood. I do not know any details. You contact him at: timpotte at yahoo dot com Please help if you can.
  4. This afternoon, I received the following email from Paul: Thanks to all.
  5. I am waiting to hear back from the guy who originally contacted me through SOS_Philippines. I will update this thread at that time.
  6. Paul Dean, a member of the SOS_Philippines Yahoo Group, posted this request for blood, in Cebu City: Please join the Yahoo Group, if you can assist in any way. This isn't about any one person, but about helping anyone who needs it.Paul
  7. She is saying 10 more units of A- (RH Negative) blood are still needed!
  8. I was going to post it here, but see you did already, Lee.There seem to be some guys through a list or two, and through "another forum" who may be able to help.I hope they find the blood. (deleted)Edit: Daisy posted it there already.
  9. Greetings: A member just posted on my forum where they need O+ Platelets as soon as possible. The information follows: Thanks for any help you may provide, Paul
  10. Please disseminate the following information to any and all groups and forums you are members of, relating to the Philiippines.
  11. I just got off the phone with Mike. He has informed me that no further blood is needed AT THIS TIME. I will post on SOS Philippines to make sure everyone knows there as well.
  12. Tom, I'm sorry I was unable to meet up with you, as we spoke about, prior to your leaving. Safe travels.
  13. I don't know if you have already gone or not, but I will assume you have. Anyway, Giligan's, located at Ayala Terraces, has some of the cheapest beer around, especially for a mall. There are some guys who have been around a long time, so most of you will probably not know them. However, the fellas go up there and sit outside the place ordering some of the cheapest beer in town. They offer 3 beers in a bucket of ice, for the price of Php 90. Most just give the wait staff Php 100 and let 'em keep the change. (Well, I haven't been there in a couple months, but I assume they still have the special. They offer a similar one, I believe, for light beer?)Oh, Tom, my girlfriend's name is Jinky. I call her Kay Kay, though. (I read your statement in the other thread, but forgot to reply to it before.)
  14. I don't know if Dennis is a member of this forum. He is a friend I met a long time back on mine, though. He and his girlfriend Jhona will be there as well. So, that will be Paul plus 3, attending.
  15. You know, others may have an issue with it. But, I personally like kids. If we put them on the pit, oh, for 1.5 to 2.0 hours, depending on how big they are, rotating and basting regularly, they should turn out quite well.
  16. She's very shy, but I hope she will come with me. I'm working on that now. Having this on the 18th may just give me enough time to convince her. But, it will be close. :)
  17. I appreciate the efforts, but no need just for me. I don't drink it like I used to. And, I would have to drive home that night anyway. From there to Carcar would be a long ride.I have a new g/f who keeps me on the straight and narrow, believe it or not.
  18. Greetings:SOS Philippines has had a couple of urgent requests recently. While trying to come up with other ideas regarding getting in contact with members faster, those who may be willing to donate, I realized that I should work on building the database up from the original one Jim Langlands (now deceased) started when he originally began SOS Philippines. So, if you live anywhere in the Philippines, and wish to help others who may need blood during urgency, please contact me with the following information, either by email, PM, or any other form you may have, it would greatly be appreciated: Name, Contact info, Blood Type, Next of KinThanks to anyone who donates.
  19. Yeah, as apposed to the one with the .asia site attached. That's it, I believe.Hmm. But, the .asia mysteriously has disappeared. :th_thbarbaque:
  20. Bob is probably too busy these days with his work to work on boat trips. Carlos hasn't been active on forums in years. The "Other Forum" :signnvm: will have another boat trip as soon as we get past typhoon season. Right now isn't the best time to plan boat trips.
  21. Perhaps gossip mongers have gone a bit over the edge this time? From your smiley, I am assuming you are saying I wronged you in some way? I think you know me well enough to know I am the last person who would do such a thing, Tom.
  22. Not all. You still aren't posting on "another forum", Lee. If Bob and I can resolve our issues, why can't you post there? :thumbs-up-smile: And, if I see something posted on either forum, I feel as though I am invited, although someone really screwed the pooch on the last one. It was quite funny, after all, in the end. Anyway, that is past. Not to mention, you still have a membership on "the other forum" so that makes you invited, or did you forget that? :DLet's all just have one big :cheersty: and get over it. :AddEmoticons04230:
  23. No worries, Andy. Not everyone enjoys the same spirits. It was just good to finally meet you both, errr, all three of you. :th_grouphug:.
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