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  1. Johnkalbo

    New member living in Philippines

    Yup I was there for six years I met my wife in Clark and I have friends who are also marred and happy this is about not exploiting unfortunate the only way for some girls to make money is the bar and there a gain it's only business as I was informed but it's also a way to meet foreign with the chance of a better life there is good and bad in all things Cheers
  2. Johnkalbo

    New member living in Philippines

    Yes I should have put more of a explanation on I have a wonderful filopino wife here now in the uk but we met in Angeles we have a daughter not genetically mine but I am dad that means everything and I agree we all do not fall into the three I mentioned maybe I should have put 5 anyway cheers my friend hope you are as happy as me
  3. Johnkalbo

    New member living in Philippines

    Thanks mate any one who wants some of my memory's dealing with the time I spent just ask. In my view there are three types of guy who go to the Philippines 1 to find a decent wife someone who has not been through the mill two many times and got spoiled by the way of life I can go into details but mainly has not got a pinoy boyfreind but says she loves you only to get you to be mr ATM seen a lot of that ,2 the guy who just wants fun no problem there on holiday why not. 3 you go live there get a nice girl live together and everything is ok but the guy gets restless probably had the girl from cherry 🍒 then starts going back to the bar gets other girls the partner finds out this is where things can go very wrong if you make a Filipino loos face it can turn very ugly better to brake up without a third party one guy on 6th street had his head removed from his body by a pinoy over this sort of thing a daddy in a bar drive by shooting but hay ho it's not all like that get a girl who really loves you and you cannot go wrong . Cheers
  4. Johnkalbo

    New member living in Philippines

    Yes same as me I have to have hormon gel I also have spinal stanosis L2 3 and 4 and blood pressure which gets better in the Philippines so have to go back about 3 times a year the good thing is I am a curry shef I left from one of the best I am a uk Brit just got interested you never know may be come in handy
  5. Johnkalbo

    New member living in Philippines

    Ah ok I Understand what you mean I have never been there and the reason for the house is maybe the same but also to get away from her other family which are outlaws not in-laws my wife comes from bilaran we have been there also culaba ect but too near for comfort I will go into details maybe later my wife has a half brother in Masbate who (seams) to be a deacent guy that is why we are looking for a long term holiday home I don’t think living full time is going to work for me the main thing is medical although money in not the problem I have a income from Pention’s of 150,000 peso a month which is enough BUT it’s not going to happen full time... chears john .
  6. Johnkalbo

    New member living in Philippines

    Sorry I ment xpats
  7. Johnkalbo

    New member living in Philippines

    No problem I've have seen both sides of life there are good and bad but money's king not to say you cannot find a good girl we have been together 9 years and I would live it all again I have been through the mill with two uk wives I will not entertain one again I am very happy ,also it's not always the Filipinos you have to watch the spats can also cause lots of problems any info you want just ask I will give you unbiased answers many thanks
  8. Hi I put a bit about me and darna my Filipino wife on my profile but I lived in Angeles for 6 years and worked in Clark so I am not a novice although I here what you say I have been involved with some charity work by way of looking after a family there not my Owen ,I also understand the way things work out there we are going to build a small property in mazbate for long holidays I thought It may be a good place to carry on my hobby acnolaging the many pitfall there may be, kindest regards john and darna
  9. Hi I have just joined and into mat all detecting is there any interesting things to find out there besides ww2 relics interested as all with this hobby in gold ,coins etc