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  1. Long time since I posted to this thread. The house is done. We spent this past Christmas holiday celebration in our new home with family. Cheers!
  2. Some additonal photos of the house in Samar. We poured the 2nd story concrete floor last week and should be putting the roof up inthe next week or two. Notably, we've stayed mostly on-budget which is cool as I'm in the states and my girlfriend is overseeing the construction. I get the receipts for materials and laber about every 2 weeks and reconcile against the money I've sent. I'm quite happy with the progress in less than 2 months. We should be able to move-in ready by Thanksgiving if not sooner. Cheers!
  3. Thanmks everyone for the warm welcome. I'm looking forward to learning from all your collective experience. I'll try to get all the build photos in the right order in a photo album soon so I can share the progress. Roy
  4. Hi all, new member. I've been traveling around the PI for about 5 years. Met my GF 4.5 years ago. She owns land in Samar and we've started building. Attaching a couple pictures. Definitely a modest little place but it is in the Barangay where all the family lives. You all seem like a great group of folks, hopefully we can share ideas and learn together. Cheers, Roy
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