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  1. I have an expat system that I get from a Swedish friend of mine, its P5K a year and works a treat. Has 25K channels including UK and US, but not Aussie, if you want details PM me.
  2. Honestly don't know, however I will be in the VIP section!
  3. This is an IBF world bantam weight title eliminator, details below: Saturday 23rd March The Plaza, 2F Newport Mall Resorts World Manila https://ringstar-boxing.com/ It's free, just turn up.
  4. Amazing that the international BPO's can give great customer service, but locally its terrible! We had Sky, had to reboot the modem very other day and the system would go down when I was in the middle of a Skype call. We moved to Converge and the system is very reliable and we get 80-90 MBPS down and upload, but their customer service is shit.
  5. I don't know the Guy personally, but a disabled Guy who followed Leeds spent 19 years in jail for possession of cannabis. It took a lot of people to put pressure on the British Government and in turn the Philippine Government to eventually get him out: https://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/news/thrill-at-leeds-united-fan-s-freedom-from-manila-prison-1-4096791 https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-leeds-16333373 The first link references Gary Edwards, who has written a few books, the first one "paint it white" was described by the Telegraph as one of the best sports books ever. Whilst it relates to Leeds, I have lent it to many friends who support other clubs who have loved the book. I fondly remember him talking about how much he was a Royalist and had a picture of the queen in his house, but when she knighted Sir Alex Ferguson he had to put her picture in the cupboard for a month Slightly relating to this thread reminds me of a strange situation I found myself in. I was having a quiet drink and catching up with emails in the team insider bar, at the red planet hotel. I was the only guy at the bar when this huge half drunk guy, covered in tattoo's comes in and plonks himself down next to me. Tells me he's from Manchester and is a cage fighter, then proceeds to buy me shots, which I don't normally drink, but seemed foolish to refuse. Around an hour later he's completely pissed and gets into an argument with the manageress, who at the time was a friend of mine and my wife. He calls her a prostitute and I tell him to calm down and she isn't, plus she's a friend, this he ignores so I swiftly spotted a pool cue close by if it all went wrong. Things didn't calm down and she slapped his around the face and called the police, the police arrived and I thought they seem to know this Guy, but thought it may have been their way of calming the situation down, They cart him off and I go and calm the manageress down and go back the next day to see how she is. Lone behold when she went to the police station they had arrested him several times and the wife was there and pleaded not to press charges, she agreed to do this as long as he signed a document to say he would never go back to the bar. Wind this story on around a year or so and may friend is completing his 13A visa an chatting to his lawyer or whoever he was. My friend said do you do a lot of visa applications, he says no I usually get involved in deportation of foreigners and as a matter of fact I have just been involved in the deportation of a British Guy, he was a cage fighter..................... In summary none of us want to spend time in a Filipino jail.
  6. A few of us have formed a Rotary Club mainly for expats, but not exclusively, supported by Makati Uptown.. We want and have already begun to help the needy, we would welcome further expats in the Makati area and please pm for more details. Next meeting is Thursday 21st February, 5.30pm at the Makati Sports Bar, Kalayaan Avenue, next to Ringside Boxing.
  7. I think Kota Kinabulu should be the cheapest given it's probably the closest geographically?
  8. MAS has one of the best safety records and MH370 and 17 was a one off. I have flown probably 1000 times over the last 15 years with only a couple of delays. The only thing to be aware of is a lay over at KLIA, there is nothing to do and F&B prices are mind blowing.
  9. I would have thought he paid maybe $10-12K for that as the body kit devalues the car. The difference in price here is of course duties, plus limited supply. Love a Shelby Mustang however !
  10. You obviously live in a very expensive area. Its a 911 996 with the worst body kit and spoiler I have ever seen. The 996 was one of the worst 911 ever, 1st water cooled and you can pick them up for nothing these days in the UK.
  11. Will do, best I have had is Sofitel.
  12. I was talking to a teacher from ISM on Saturday and according to him they have 2200 students with 500 on the waiting list. If any of you have young children and intend to send them there, you had better get their names down ASAP. Any of you working for ADB will I'm sure be ok!
  13. Most of them are a complete bun fight, done Vikings a couple of times, food is good, but you have to shove your way in to get anything. Give me quality over quantity anytime.
  14. Watch the scenes when we get a very deserved winner in the 95th minute, apparently so Guy broke his hand lol:
  15. More expensive in Manila. I have met Peter Lorimer on a few occasions, been very sick recently, but now happily seems to be recovering. My family business was on Elland Road and all the players used to have a cup of tea whilst filling their cars up (pic attached). Yes he was officially recorded as having the hardest shot in the day: https://www.sundaypost.com/sport/peter-had-hardest-shot-in-football/ My Father was from Dundee btw.
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