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  1. My Father got the 3rd MK1 XJ6 delivered by Appleyards in Leeds, I'm trying to recall the colour now, pretty sure it was blue on blue, I was 2 at the time and he never kept them long. He then got one of the 1st XK12 delivered by Appleyards, now that was thirsty, particularly given my Father's very heavy right foot. For me the MK 1 is the better looking car, however I would say the same about the E Type.
  2. I just read earlier that Gary Speed would have been 50 today, a man that nobody has a bad word to say about. The mystery behind his suicide will never be solved, massive tributes from all his clubs including Leeds where the journey started: The spooky thing was that the next game after his tragic death, Leeds fans planned to sing his name from the 11th minute for 11 minutes,as he wore the number 11 shirt. The game was Forest away and exactly at the end of the 11 minutes of Leeds chanting, we scored: I met Gary on several occasions and he was such a great Guy, I can tell you 8 years later where I was when I heard of his death. Sitting in Clover Pub in Mont Kiara, with my Scum Mate Colin, when I got several texts in a few minutes from friends and family.
  3. Certainly the MK1 was easily the best car in the world at time, I think when your 73/74 MK2 came along there was some competition from Mercedes. Unfortunately due to issues with quality was never the success it should have been, good read below: https://classics.honestjohn.co.uk/reviews/jaguar/xj6xj12/
  4. You thought I was being serious
  5. If i became President the first 2 acts would be to ban car horns and e
  6. PAL like many other airlines have a bid to upgrade scheme, you get an email around 5 days before u fly. Bid about $10 more than the minimum and u will get upgraded.
  7. These Southern Canadian sports................
  8. World remit, good rates and in the account instantly, it takes me all of around 20 seconds to do as well!
  9. Each to their own, but I and 3.5B others enjoy it: https://www.topendsports.com/world/lists/popular-sport/fans.htm There is little trouble these days, over the years I have seen some scenes I can tell you......................... Edit: I guess we all love the sports we were brought up with, I watched the superbowl whilst visiting family in the USVI. The most boring sport I have ever seen, but I would no doubt have a different view if I had been brought up with it.
  10. Yes Lorimer was from Dundee: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Lorimer Still involved with the club, but he lost a lot of affection from the fans when he jumped into bed with Ken Bates. Sir Eddie Gray, my all time favorite player is still involved with the club despite by sacked as manager and then again as assistant manager. His love for the club is there for everyone to see and if it wasn't for injury he would have been up there with any of the best players of his generation. 454 appearances for Leeds 52 goals and only 1 yellow card, as the great Don Revie said "Eddie could run on snow and not leave footprints". Given I'm half Scottish the state of Scottish football is appalling.
  11. Good point and my father was born in Dundee, small world. Very happy Bolton have been saved, but fear it is only a matter of time before the next club goes pop.
  12. I agree, but at the same disagree with you. Huddersfield, who finished bottom and were on TV a handful of times got more than £90M in TV income, Leeds and Celtic who were on the TV more than 20 times got £2M. Virtually every EFL team loses money and the FFP rules will have long term consequences and will bring a greater divide than we have currently, in the future relegation and promotion will be among those who drop of of the prem league .
  13. Very sad day for English football with Bury, one of the oldest teams, going into liquidation. I fear this is the start of an avalanche, the EFL are useless and corrupt, Sean Harvey sitting on £400K a year and letting this happen is not acceptable and his history with Bradford and Leeds is questionable to say the least.
  14. Nothing red in our house, when they were sponsored by Sharp we had no Sharp appliances at home or in the business. Better dead than red.................. Edit to say the Daily telegraph said one of the best sports books ever written was "Paint it White" by a Leeds fan Gary Edwards. Gary is a self employed painter and decorator, a chosen profession so he can follow Leeds home and away, I think in something like 35 years he missed one game as the flight was cancelled. In his book, which I have lent to some scum fans, who love is, he will only refer to mu in lower case letters. Further he won't paint anything red and if you want something painted another colour when it's red, then you get it half price! 2 classics from the book are when he had a job in Lancashire and used to set off around 6am and once they got to the border they sprayed the red rose white and bet on how long it would take to spray it back red. The other classic was he is a royalist and has a picture in his hallway of the Queen, when alex fergiesum got the obe he scouled her and when he was knighted he put her picture in the cuboard for 3 months.
  15. Any fan that blows the wife's clothes off!
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