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  1. The Philippines has a double taxation agreement with the UK, Oz and the US, so you can’t be taxed twice.
  2. I have a client who apparently has been refused entry to the Philippines as he has only 5 months and 9 days before the expiration of his passport? Anyone heard of such issues.
  3. You need to get with the modern world Mate. IPTV is the way to go: https://iptv.shop
  4. When I arrived last month I walked to the grab counter, was served immediately and a car arrived in 5 mins. Very courteous driver, clean car and only ₱270 into Makati, sorry Mate, but the taxi is becoming instinct. Found uber to be brilliant in the UK, better than grab, never had to wait longer than 7 mins and nice cars. 1/3 of the price of a taxi. Get with the program Stevie boy
  5. Manila is inundated with Chinese, they even have signs in Immigration in Chinese. When I collected My ACR card in Jan, the Clerk Left the book on the counter, there were around 80-100 names in the book, of which 4 were western names.
  6. I have a draft deed of sale I can send u if you pm me.
  7. No go to Welsh Deli, see article on website.
  8. My Father got the 3rd MK1 XJ6 delivered by Appleyards in Leeds, I'm trying to recall the colour now, pretty sure it was blue on blue, I was 2 at the time and he never kept them long. He then got one of the 1st XK12 delivered by Appleyards, now that was thirsty, particularly given my Father's very heavy right foot. For me the MK 1 is the better looking car, however I would say the same about the E Type.
  9. I just read earlier that Gary Speed would have been 50 today, a man that nobody has a bad word to say about. The mystery behind his suicide will never be solved, massive tributes from all his clubs including Leeds where the journey started: The spooky thing was that the next game after his tragic death, Leeds fans planned to sing his name from the 11th minute for 11 minutes,as he wore the number 11 shirt. The game was Forest away and exactly at the end of the 11 minutes of Leeds chanting, we scored: I met Gary on several occasions and he was such a great Guy, I can tell you 8 years later where I was when I heard of his death. Sitting in Clover Pub in Mont Kiara, with my Scum Mate Colin, when I got several texts in a few minutes from friends and family.
  10. Certainly the MK1 was easily the best car in the world at time, I think when your 73/74 MK2 came along there was some competition from Mercedes. Unfortunately due to issues with quality was never the success it should have been, good read below: https://classics.honestjohn.co.uk/reviews/jaguar/xj6xj12/
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