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  1. Mine is silver birch over black with black leather, 1st owner was my grandad and second owner me. It’s officially not for sale, but if it was it would be north of £50K I would imagine.
  2. You won’t get much of a Capri for £7.5K. I have a P5B back in the UK, original and 27K, 2 owners from new, problem is its almost too good to use.
  3. Your absolutely correct and tbh, I didn't actually watch it, just posted for the OP. In Europe you have to hold a qualification to work on a/c, such as from the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) or City & Guilds.
  4. Please keep in mind that in Europe you have to be qualified to re gass or work on a/c. Failure to do so is a custodial sentence.
  5. I really don't have a problem with immigration asking questions when you are travelling with a Filipina, people trafficking is a serious issue. The first time I traveled overseas with my wife, just after we were married and he passport was in her maiden name, we had the same experience. My wife being smart and super organized, had the marriage certificate and the middle aged lady behind the desk was so apologetic for asking what our relationship was. I said to her she should not apologize for doing her job properly and at this point this Indian man tried to run through immigration without being checked. The poor woman had to run and shout at security, she was clearly in shock, as were we to some degree. Philippines I think is the only country were they do question you as I have never heard or seen it elsewhere?
  6. What happened yesterday, losing to those pikey c*nts. Despite this they need to give Lee Bullen the job permanently and you may have dodged a bullet with Bruce going to the Toon. The EPL needs the Wendies and the mighty whites, we had 5000 in the away end yesterday and about 2000 in the home end.
  7. The EPL would love Leeds and the Wendies back, let's make it happen!
  8. I was in KL and had 4 meetings the day after it went missing, first 3 meetings everyone knew someone on board. I cancelled the 4th meeting and went to the pub!
  9. Leeds fans here, Leeds fans there, Leeds fans everywhere.................... Watched yesterdays game in Howzat they were showing the Leeds game on a few screens and the same with C$ty. Around 20 Leeds fans outside, not sure about inside and 1 C4ty Shame we had a blind referee and Posh Patrick, a striker that couldn't score in Burgos!
  10. It's by no means a stuffy hi brow event or I wouldn't attend, smart denim is allowed, but no flip flops, trainers etc not allowed.
  11. I hate MU with a passion, all Leeds fans support 2 teams Leeds and whoever is playing the scum as we call them, they call us the same.
  12. I'm not a fan, even in business the food is terrible, save for one time BKK to MNL, the rest of the time it was terrible.
  13. Transfer deadline day today Guy's, should be interesting!
  14. When I arrived here in 2015, I didn't know a single person and I'm not the best networker outside of work. I tried inter nations, British Chamber of commerce etc, very clicky and full of financial advisers. Then through a friend I met I was invited as a guest to the Cheese Club of the Philippines, I loved it and it has been an instrumental part of increasing my business and social network. As soon as I had a attended a couple of sessions i applied and was accepted for membership. The monthly sessions are held at the Manila Polo Club on the 1st Wednesday of the month, there is a huge selection cheese, wine (18 varieties, none of which would be less than P1K), usually beer and a spirit or 2. As a guest it's P1950 and as a member it works out at less than P1300 a month, no limit on what you eat or drink. You can check them out on FB, Instagram and website below: https://www.cheeseclubphil.com/
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