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  1. LUFCinMakati

    Free to air TV

    Didn't read all the posts! Doubt there is anything free worth watching? Most people have netflix's etc and watch there own programs, if you have good wifi then people will have a way of accessing programs.
  2. LUFCinMakati

    Free to air TV

    I use an IPTV system, it has 25K chanels, called xxxx. Channels include all the BT / Sky sports, discovery, movies etc, costs P5K per year. PM and I can give you the guys details, many of us use the system and works really well.
  3. Just go to immigration and extend, many people I know do it without a problem, I have done this myself in the past. I'm told you can do it for up to 3 years? If your married just take the wife with you and you get a 12 month BB on arrival. If you have to get a flight I would imagine KK will be the cheapest and as others have said you will need an exit flight.
  4. LUFCinMakati

    Accident Scene Callousness

    It's pretty standard in this part of the world. When I first arrived in Malaysia I was told if you hot a motorbike, don't stop. A few months before this an English Guy had hit a motorbike, no idea who's fault and a group turned up and beat him to death with their helmets whilst his pregnant wife sat terrified in the car.
  5. LUFCinMakati

    Inflation? or Government GREED?

    To monitor over such as short period is unrealistic, Malaysia fir example is showing 0.2 as they removed GST (6%) at the end of June. Replaced by SST on 1.9. Notwithstanding this, inflation is a major issues, but measure it YOY, ADB data attached. ADO 2018 Update - Inflation.xlsx
  6. I know quite a few large and small agents from events like Cheese Club, BCCP etc. CBRE have more than 3000 staff here and many of the new builds are handled by builders such as Rockwell Corp and Ayala Land, that's not a target market in my view. My family have a business on the other side of the world, not UK and my advise would be: - Get a real estate licence before you start - Keep your overheads low - Invest in website, social media etc - Join relevant professional bodies and clubs - Keep at least 6 months worth of money in the bank, we keep 2 years, as its a very inconsistent income stream - Be prepared for dealing with unethical sellers / owners and buyers / tenants and make sure you have a very good lawyer - First 2-3 years will be hard and less your exceptionally lucky - You need a car and a driver, sitting in Manila traffic you need to be updating things, replying to emails and getting new business The above sounds negative and there is money to be made, my family have been in business for several decades, survived typhoons etc.
  7. LUFCinMakati

    So how do you know if your Filipina wife loves you ?

    Looks like Lez from Benidorm lol. The wife was out last night and I got changed to go the cheese club and left without my watch and handkerchief!
  8. Given the number of murders in London right now, we are safer here Guys. Wrong place wrong time, would be my sad conclusion to this. RIP.
  9. LUFCinMakati

    So how do you know if your Filipina wife loves you ?

    Well my wife always puts my cloths out for me, this maybe because she loves me or just wants me to go out in matching clothes.............
  10. We moved to converge and not had any issues, pay for 100MBPS and usually get around 80 download and 100 upload.
  11. LUFCinMakati

    Manila Expats Groups???

    It was mental, the FA were urged to move the fixture as soon as they were released as Leeds were hot favorites to get promoted. It was argued that the last game of the season away from home on a bank holiday, may lead to issues.................... Given Newcastle got a last minute winner in the penultimate game it mean't any 2 of 3 teams could win it and if Leeds won at Bournemouth they would go up as Champions. There was an allocation of around 2500-3000 tickets for the away section and even as a member, i couldn't get one. Luckily I got a ticket from Gary Speed RIP in the home end, which was full of Leeds fans. Depending on which paper you read there was 15-50K Leeds fans in Bournemouth over the weekend. I was living in London at the time and set off on the Saturday morning, there was 1000's of Leeds fans there on the Friday and the police couldn't cope with running battles all over the place. All the way down the M3 virtually every car was Leeds and all gesticulating for tickets. Bournemouth had the good sense to put speakers outside the ground to broadcast the thousands locked out across the car park. I think virtually the whole ground was Leeds, at the end of the game fans streamed onto the pitch in their thousands from every stand. Sadly the violence continued on the Saturday night as the police closed the pubs and the pier was even set alight. In terms of fans, away from home, very few clubs can match Leeds numbers, possible Liverpool, Newcastle and some team from over the border. Last season we took 5K to Preston, last night they brought 288..................... Back to your team, what a transformation has taken place with the new owners and what a job Eddie Howe has done. You won't finish 5th, but will stay up, an achievement in itself.
  12. LUFCinMakati

    Manila Expats Groups???

    Our days of having to sell to smaller clubs are over Mate! However the Academy keeps producing and will do under the safe hands of Radz. In the meantime we sell every away ticket allocated and have the highest home and away attendance in the Championship. I think your lot took about 6 men and a dog to the last time you played at ER lol. Only teasing you as i have never met a Cherries fan, save for a few that were around us in the home end on the 5th May 1990, there weren't many as your town had been invaded. What a day that was:
  13. LUFCinMakati

    Manila Expats Groups???

    U23’s played out a 2-2 all draw, Leeds down to 10 men. Jack Clarke (17) scored the equaliser, watch out for this boy, he is top class and will be playing for the 1st Team very soon
  14. LUFCinMakati

    Manila Expats Groups???

    I wish Yorkshire football was mighty Mate, only have the dog botherers currently and hopefully temporarily in the prem league. P.S. Thanks for Sgt Wilco