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  1. LUFCinMakati

    Update On Tipping

    Go and have a lie down your overvthinking things. If you think less than $9 a day is a good salary then I really don’t know what to say.......
  2. LUFCinMakati

    Update On Tipping

    Why would I be talking about South Canada? No Philippines, they get something like P460 per day, although not all bars/restaurants pay this and some charge them for uniforms etc. Whats left after they have traveled to work and fed themselves? Had a couple of beers yesterday and left P100 in tips, very happy to do so.
  3. LUFCinMakati

    Update On Tipping

    Yes you do sound like a tightwad and would imagine you squeak when walk LOL. In all seriousness I tip when deserved and don't when its not deserved as the servers need the tips as they are at best on minimum wage. With transportation and other costs there is not much left for them?
  4. LUFCinMakati

    Update On Tipping

    Jeez, I'm half Yorkshire and half Scottish, but beside you I look generous! Incidentally the definition of a Yorkshireman is a Scot's man with the generosity squeezed out of him.
  5. Cebu clearly different to Manila, most have cars with mechanical faults, dirty and they often won’t use the meter.
  6. Good news for Grab, I'm not sure if Philippine taxi drivers or Malaysian are the worst out there. I needed to just go down the road quickly the other day, only 500M, but stinking hot. 3 taxis sitting waiting for fares, got in the first and he tries to charge me P150, as he will get stuck in traffic, I said there is no traffic and I will give him P100. 3 minutes to my destination! I've thought about it and marginally its Malaysian, but Philippines gets the silver medal............
  7. LUFCinMakati

    Remembrance day

    There is some interesting information on the British legion site, along with a fantastic poem,link below: https://www.britishlegion.org.uk/remembrance/how-we-remember/the-story-of-the-poppy/
  8. LUFCinMakati

    The Car Service!

    Do you u know what LOTUS means? Lots of trouble usually serious
  9. LUFCinMakati

    The Car Service!

    Been gone too long, but used to be miles and time, whichever came first. Will check and respond accurately. Edit: Have checked with someone at the Institute of the Motor Industry, of which I’m a fellow (FIMI) and he confirms in the UK it’s time or mileage.
  10. LUFCinMakati

    The Car Service!

    As someone with 35 years experience in the automotive industry, plus I used to run a Suzuki Dealer in London, let me give you my 5 cents worth. Servicing schedules are on time or mileage, whichever comes first, by doing only a 10Kkm service my lead to implications in any future warranty claims, hopefully not, in general the tolerance is 1 month / 1Kkm. In my experience low mileage cars can cause more issues than those used regularly, regardless of the mileage fluids need changing. This applies anywhere in the world, although the rules cannot be as heavily stipulated as they are here. If you do have any issues then PM me as I know the head of aftersales for Suzuki or any other car issues.
  11. LUFCinMakati

    knife crime in England

    I think your being over sensitive, the post wansnt meant to be political, merly factual. Along with another mass shooting in the US.
  12. LUFCinMakati

    knife crime in England

    It's mainly young people and a lot to do with the gang culture imported from the US. Amplified by a broken legal system, which raps the police up in bureaucracy and not enough police either. God forbid what it would be like if we followed Trumpy's model on gun laws.
  13. LUFCinMakati

    3 days to go

    We've been rumbled!
  14. LUFCinMakati

    3 days to go

    No can't see Grunts getting up as like the Mighty Whites the squad doesn't have strength in depth. I said from day one the smoggies were favorites, nothing has changed my mind thus far, however I would be delighted to be wrong. WBA will be there or there about's, Norwich are on a charge, but they won't last. Derby you can also make a case for, but its such a lottery god only knows. The only certainty is who will have the biggest average away attendance
  15. LUFCinMakati

    3 days to go

    Very happy memories of that season Buddy, your memory would have to be good to remember 1929-30 LOL. Can't see Leeds, Wendies or sheff utd going up this season, what's your view?