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  1. My pleasure, next time he’ll get the Yorkshire kiss
  2. Too lazy to read through the threats, you know what these southern Canadians are like
  3. Do what the underspent radio stations did in the uk, when they were banned. As per Radio Caroline, simply broadcast from overseas via YouTube or whatever? Of course I’m missing showtime like a boil on the ar$e .
  4. I think we all should adapt attitude that we are guests in someone else’s land, if we don’t like it then we simply go somewhere else. We have no right to voice an opinion on another countries politics, policies or whatever, I don’t think Filipinos living in the UK, Australia or Southern Canada would get much of a voice in this regard? Also given the Fiasco with COVID-19 in Southern Canada and the UK those of us who are American or British really are not in a great position to criticize other countries policies. On a slightly lighter note, around 20 years ago in London we had this wom
  5. If your Filipino why the feck are u asking? These newbies need to come in with something more inventive than hello there
  6. 1. Tourist visa for a year not an issue. 2. $2K a month will get you a very basic lifestyle. Food, clothes, electricity is more expensive than the US.
  7. One of my friends wife flew in Tuesday, they also live in Cavite. He took all the correct paperwork along with safety clothing and he collected her without a problem. If your friend doesn’t have someone to collect him, he’s screwed as he will have no way of getting even to Manila, plus the Hotels are not taking new guests. Unfortunately they should have got back as soon as the lockdown was announced.
  8. Just posted this under the face mask thread. Better to had it twice I guess.
  9. Please see later bulletin from Immigration. Very sensible I would say, this is 100% genuine.
  10. more IT help required, I have 2 email accounts on outlook, on both of them I can receive, but not send mail. Have googled, but all the tutorials are for older versions than mine, any help gratefully received.
  11. CVT not the issue, Ford CVT is the issue. Stick to Jap or Korean.
  12. There are massive problems with the CVT gearbox in the eco sport, fiesta and Focus. In general parts price for Fords are higher than Jap or Korean. #AVOID.
  13. I have a client who apparently has been refused entry to the Philippines as he has only 5 months and 9 days before the expiration of his passport? Anyone heard of such issues.
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