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    The Hammers (obviously!), golf, motorcycles (all/any), Golden Retrievers, sailing, Live music, American V8’s, seeing Tottenham lose, BBQ’s, Red Horse, Nigel Farage, The Square and (if I didn’t mention it) The Irons! I would also like to add to that list fishing and scuba-diving but never having done either that may be a tad premature...

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  1. Oh I certainly did buddy 3-1 - result!!!
  2. Perfect. That was the answer I was hoping for, thanks Ken
  3. Short post this time guys. I'm a big fan of the EPL (amongst many other sports) - can I get SKY Sports out there?
  4. Thanks Mike, I just read the that the power seems to be generated by a waterfall rather than a conventional dam arrangement. So no idea how much this limits electricity generation. But anyway from what you say it may not be as much as an issue as I thought. Not as much as internet speed I suspect!
  5. Oh, so what I have read about Badian is not actually the case?
  6. Brown-out? wow my Phils lexicon is growing all the time
  7. I understand that all utilities can be a bit hit and miss in the Phils. However, I also read that Badian has its own Hydro Electric Power plant – giving an uninterrupted (and cheaper) electricity supply - true/false? Your thoughts please?
  8. What with the NHS IT system - they will need to shovel extra coal in for that to happen!
  9. Plus the world and his wife seems to come here as Health Tourists. Just turn up at any A&E with some BS story and get a temporary NHS number - bingo free healthcare!
  10. Wow really Jim I'm shocked - you mean even if ones NI stamps are all fully paid up? Also how would the 'NHS' itself know how long you have been out of the country for?
  11. Dave I couldn't agree more. Having seen two people die from strokes; they had zero quality of life; while all the medical care staff did what they could to keep them alive for the last weeks of their life; horrible to witness and utterly pointless. I decided then and there to get a DNR* note posted on the wall above my bed! (* Do Not Resuscitate)
  12. Yeah Jock, that is what I had assumed - just wanted to check. Much appreciated
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