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  1. I'm interested to hear more on this. I was under the impression that one option available to us was to look to find Employment and therefore gain sponsorship for a Pre-arranged work visa and AEP. Can you share your thoughts?
  2. Apologies, I must have deleted part of my post. I should have said that we both have significant Project Management Experience in the UK Automotive industry. I appreciate that the countries we are looking at is diverse, however some are on the list because they offer a location that we are more drawn to live in (such as the Philippines) and others have work opportunities that we favour (i.e. China, Singagpore). I'm hoping that by speaking with people that have made the move already, I can understand their experience and learn from it. Does anyone that has posted so far have anything that they think would be useful to share?
  3. Hi, My husband and I are looking for professional work opportunities and are considering a number of different countries as options (Australia, Singapore, Cayman Islands, Taiwan, Philippines, Hong Kong, Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Indonesia, China, Vietnam). Having read through a number of previous posts and guides, I'm interested to hear from anyone working in this sector, or that has migrated to the Philippiness. Would love to chat about your experience, opportunities and visas to help narrow down the options (we hold UK Passports). Thanks!
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