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  1. Ty very much kind sir for complete information. I will pass this messagr along. Ty so much
  2. it just annoys me to be stereotyped. i worked hard to finish college get a degree have a decent nice paying job only to be stereotyped. i repeat. not all filipinos are scammers or gold diggers
  3. im not milking him for money. not once did he give me any money or have i asked him for it. so im not using him for money. my family isnt either as we all have stable office jobs. no we dont work in clubs. im not a friggin dependa. i asked that question because our long term goal is to buy a house and put up a business and he needs to help out. i cant do it alone. so go away you judgmental sticks. im not some gold digging dependa. i have a job working at a bank.
  4. wow. that came out wrong. i meant to ask if his fisabiloty will run out or if there are conditions there. and yes there are. dont you generalize filipinas that were milking you americans. the 4 years weve been together , never have i asked for money or he has given me any. i have a nice stable job working at a bank. so no im not a dependa. i was just asking for stipulations of his disability income. not all americans are financially well off so dont think that all filipinas are just using you as atms. if its any worth, i was the one helping him through some sticky situations in the past.
  5. hello my bf plans on coming here to the philippines for good. he is medically retired and honorably discharged. i have questions: 1) will the manila va have programs vocational rehab so he can at least work here? 2) will his pension run out?
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