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  1. I think something must have gone wrong with the works somehow. I know that I replied to HK but I still keep getting a post from Jack Peterson. I thought I had replied to Jack but if I didn't then I apologize and I thank you for the 'welcome' beach. By social clubs I mean golf, bowls or footy clubs. The place where someone can sit and relax over a cold amber glass and talk rubbish. Speaking of which, does the State of Origin get televised in the Philippines? In fact, does anyone over there know what the State of Origin is? This could be a game buster. So far, I've worked out that there are four places that I would like to have a look at when I come over. I figure to base myself in Dumaguete and spend possibly 3 or 4 weeks there having a look around. Thanks to you guys I finally think I'm getting somewhere.
  2. Thanks HK for your feedback. In fact I appreciate everybody's help. with the places I have decided to visit next time I come over I think I'm going to have to spend more time there than I originally envisaged. Once once again thanks very much I appreciate it.
  3. Just been reading a bit about La Union. I must say it looks a pretty nice place, do many expats live there?
  4. Thank you guys for your input. I guess the only thing I can do is to come over and spend a week or two there and see how I feel about it. I certainly like the photo you sent Jack, it seems the sort of thing I would enjoy.
  5. Many thanks for your feedback on that, Jack I really appreciate it I was given to understand that anywhere south of Manila was dangerous to foreigners. It would appear that I have been misinformed. Again, many thanks for your help.
  6. The Dumaguete social club looks just great. That's pretty much what I mean when I say a social club. Is it reasonably easy to find rental accommodation there?
  7. Sorry Jack, that shouldn't be bike clubs it should say "by clubs".
  8. Hi Jack Thanks very much for replying. Bike clubs I mean bowls, golf anywhere where you can sit and have a quiet drink in the afternoon or in the evening. A place to meet people and have pleasant conversation.
  9. When I first decided to retire to the Philippines a couple of friends recommended Angeles City. I came over and quickly decided that this was not the place for me. I would still like to retire to the Philippines and I wondered if anybody there could advise me of a place I might like . I'm looking for somewhere that is reasonably quiet,perhaps with a couple of social clubs. I'm coming over again in December or, more likely, January. Any suggestions would be very welcome.
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