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  1. How many rooms will her family require while you are away ? I just have an extra room added on, when I get bored. Is your house going to be 'American/rich Filipino style' (massive rooms)... or UK shoe box style (not enough room to swing a cat) ?
  2. They can have the horrid rubber bumpers and raised suspension (for the US market) back for starters. I might give a few thousand for an earlier V8 model. Friend of mine used to own one back in the day. The other (heavy) MGB GTs, you can keep. Give me a chrome bumper/fender convertible, maybe. .
  3. Oh, how reassuring. No way will I be venturing into 'harms way' in that region of the Phils. A well-known risk, and pointless. Good luck to the unfortunate victims of those animals. Even elsewhere in the Phils...as a (perceived) 'millionaire' foreigner, low-profile at all times is recommended, as others have mentioned.
  4. This was mine, a few minutes ago, near Dagupan (PLDT 25 meg Fiber) : .
  5. Yes, they have a lot to thank good old British 'Lotus' for. Very impressive ! Sadly not in the line-up on the Xbox, though I do have Saleens and an SSC 'Ultimate Aero' to play with... if talking American hypercars. Looking back.... with a very fast car, at Suzuka GP track in Japan... noticed while I was scanning my YouTube just now. Don't know why I had the braking arrows on the corners (for newbies) turned on, but never mind. I use a steering wheel and foot pedals, plus manual gears. Anyway, I hope you enjoy 'pretending' . .
  6. My PLDT 25 meg Home Fiber plan at p1899 per month, is pretty consistent (here near Dagupan) at around 27mb up and down. Comes with a landline... but need to pay an extra subscription for making calls out, other than to PLDT... which I won't be doing.
  7. We are part-way through with having a 2 storey extension built. It will have a flat concrete roof... tiled, and with a 'traditional' steel roof over, with a good overhang, and open sides. I will probably also have some sort of shutters fitted, for those blowy rainy season days.
  8. The value of our shack and land has doubled, if not trebled during the past couple of years. Not that it will be getting sold anytime soon. When I and the first Mrs lived in Malabanias, AC, early 2000s, we were offered the 4 bed house we were renting, for 1.8 mil. Maybe should have invested, eh.
  9. 'Decent construction' ? I'll get back to you. Might be a while.
  10. Even buying (good) second-hand tools and auto spares, and shipping them via Balikbayan box is probably better than buying some of the junk for sale here. I also sent my 'workmate' folding work bench. Sooo useful. You can order them online here from Lazada, but as I already had one... .
  11. Adjustable seating is now available for 'larger' people. .
  12. Good luck. Earlier this year I had my UK pension payment sent to our BDO account, and the idiots returned it to the UK. How hard is it in this country to get a bank to accept a CREDIT ?
  13. I fail to see the relevance of your response. You say it was a Japanese resort you visited...and what has alcohol consumption to do with it ?
  14. I don't see these as being a positive contribution to the Philippines and the Filipino people...except of course to the usual (criminal) suspects. It appears to me to be about control, corruption, and exploitation, by outsiders who have no interest whatsoever in the culture and welfare of their hosts....let alone respecting their laws, as per the Chinese involvement in certain African countries. I disapprove of gambling anyway.
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