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  1. The bad news is: The woman is the head of the household in the Phils. Prepare to be part of the furniture.... and probably in her way. .
  2. My almost new microwave died last week. Yes, we'd had some hellish thunderstorms, and some variation in power, but the thing has got a fuse on it, and wasn't being used at the time as far as I can recall, so ... I'm confused (and I can't heat up my lunch !) :(
  3. Agree.... and another fine example of the stupidity and ignorance here. But, it's a third world country, so, hey ho.
  4. 'People' ? Such arrogance. I will leave the floor to you sir.
  5. Yes, of course we do (in the UK). Our day to day language is very 'inclusive', and dynamic. Probably why it is such a wonderful language .
  6. Plus....'bear' as in to bear weight. Anyway, I see nothing wrong in doing things (like simple spelling and simple grammar) RIGHT. Isn't that what we went to school for ? Seems like everything else these days.... you're pilloried for trying to maintain standards, rather than acquiescing to the level of those who didn't pay attention in class.
  7. My British ones work fine here. No issues. I do always leave their original (fused) plugs on though.
  8. Er no. I don't go there for the sex tourism either. I was last there last month. I will be there again in another couple of weeks. Frequent visitor. I have many friends there, and have lived there off and on since 1991. (I have also lived near Naga in Cam Sur).
  9. One of the funniest movies and actors ever....plus his Naked Gun movies, IMHO.
  10. I lived there with my family back in the 90s and early 2000s... but a very different place now. Certainly plenty of expat facilities though. Some may consider it a bit 'wild west' (and potentially dangerous for foreigners), despite all the development. You'll still be labelled as a rich sex tourist, with pockets to be picked.
  11. More pollution, and death to wildlife because of idiot humans.
  12. My Mrs knows better than to touch or give access to anyone else to my tools ! There are some things a man guards (almost) with his life.... oh, and that includes my small sharp knife, and my other personal eating utensils !
  13. Fear not... I have given over the use of my (long-range) Jet Ski to Pres' Du30 with immediate effect, .
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