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  1. Well I'm certainly starting to look more like this every day...in the absence of a haircut: .
  2. Under 21. That makes a big difference to those such as my 20 year-old niece...stranded in Batangas Province.
  3. My speeds today (PLDT 25 meg Home Fiber plan)... about 3 miles out of town, near Dagupan, North Luzon: .
  4. Don't bother with the one I got off Lazada. Not as easy to use as it looks. .
  5. Well yesterday we went out swimming. No masks, but life jackets were worn by the non-swimmers. .
  6. The point is, IF 'they' feel like locking you up for some perceived transgression of their (changed daily ?) rules, they CAN. Chew on that while you're out and about enjoying the 'relaxed' enforcement.
  7. We're now prisoners in a police state. What a disaster.
  8. Typical over the top bureaucratic nonsense, totally out of tune with the needs of SIMPLE, POOR people...who desperately need an income ! Something that the (SUV-driving) civil servants have no problem with. As far as the various 'lockdown' categories go, it appears that the LGUs and Barangays make up their own rules as they go along... so good luck ! Only 'good' news (for some) today was that the Pres' will not be handing out any more money to the 'needy', so perhaps the LGUs and Barangays will lose interest if there is no pot of gold to steal from anymore. Are the downtrodden peasants beginning to rebel ? .https://punto.com.ph/workers-to-duterte-focus-on-real-issues-mass-transport-not-militarism/
  9. Is anyone surprised ? The U.S. has been very patient with the bunch of clowns good people (as demonstrated by recent events) running this country...IMHO.
  10. I'm fortunate, as though we are at least 3 miles out from the nearest town, on a rural road, the PLDT 'Home Fiber' line runs along the front of our property, and we were hooked up as soon as the line became 'live'. Currently on 25 meg package, which usually runs at 27 or 28 meg. p1899 per month, without the (provided) landline phone being used for outgoing calls. Previous to that I used a wifi modem, holding a Smart data SIM, with antenna atop a 35ft pole. Kept that equipment, as backup.
  11. Well I've only been in sales and marketing for several decades, including running sales teams, canvassing teams, and call centres, so what do I know ? Times may change (and I've changed with them), but human nature doesn't.
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