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  1. But surely much of the Phils (home) economy depends upon 'misleading advertising' ? All this skin-whitening ****, magic growth pills, etc.
  2. graham59

    The Car Service!

    I suppose the locals buy what they can afford. Those of us who enjoy tinkering with 'junk' perhaps do derive some pleasure from fixing things, so that our cars are no longer 'junk', but appreciating classics that have in fact outlived many millions of mass-produced tin boxes long-since recycled into white goods. .
  3. graham59

    English and the Conversation

  4. graham59

    English and the Conversation

    Normally I can figure out what the Mrs is saying (even with all the 'he's' and 'she's' swapped about ). Yesterday she gave me a real fuzzler though. After much ano-ing and ayi-ng and wotting , she finally had to write it down. VAPING ! You can imagine how she was fronouncing that one . I thought she was on about 'bathing' or summat. I mean, what was somebody doing bathing in Jollibee ???
  5. graham59

    The Car Service!

    Wow... never heard that one before.
  6. graham59

    The Car Service!

    I'm a '.Pistonhead'. Taught myself to take care of my motors, over the years... full rebuild if necessary. Main dealers, in fact a lot garages, tend to break as much as they fix, in my experience. Lotus and TVR cars have been my passion, but I'm also a fan of drag racing and American muscle cars. Some of my cars....
  7. graham59

    Remembrance day

    To this day.... so tragic, all those young lives ended so soon. Both of my grandfathers fought in WW1. My mother's father (a 35 year career army officer) in fact fought in BOTH world wars. My father fought through the whole of WW2, as part of a 30 year RN career. RIP all of those fallen heroes, to whom we owe so much. .
  8. As an Exfat, you need to learn about the three 'Fs' 'Pace'. 'Pamily', and 'Pood' .
  9. Your 'small' fall out may be the local's big fall out. So, best totally avoided. I am purely going by the 'motive' given for most of the foreigner murders that I have been aware of during my many years association with the Philippines. It can be either personal, or business-related, of course.
  10. You are not permitted to work or take part in any business activity unless you have an appropriate visa (such as a 13A... marriage). Falling out with a local may well get you killed, never mind blacklisted. That is something to be avoided at all costs. Suck it up . Their country. Their rules.
  11. graham59

    Choosing a place to live (expat)

    Another pic I took a couple of years ago...same beach. .
  12. graham59

    Choosing a place to live (expat)

    It's basically sand from the waters edge right up to the treeline.... with a very gently sloping shelf running out towards the sea... so safe for little ones when the breakers aren't too big. Further North, it is possible to do a bit of surfing.
  13. This is true. Do not pass Go. Do not collect your bag from the carousel.
  14. graham59

    Choosing a place to live (expat)

    Here are a few pics of our simple lifestyle... though we don't really want for anything. I am kept busy constantly adding to and improving upon our home.... and playing on my Xboxes. lol .