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  1. Thanks for the insult. Idiot. Now don't forget to thank the UK for your existence. Kindly remove me from this forum of yours, while you're at it.
  2. WelI yes, there's always sunny Ozzieland... when it's possible to bear the oppressive temperature. I'm sure the bush fires, skin cancer, women (and men) who look 70 when actually 50, with their dried up bodies, poisonous everything, a set of ignorant thugs running the country, and the Chinese takeover... are marvellous. .
  3. Have you been to the UK ? You couldn't be more wrong...especially on the east side of the country, where my home town (York) is situated. 24 inches annual rainfall isn't too bad either, is it.
  4. I was issued with a covering letter from the embassy, explaining their new procedures to the local Registrar. I guess our Mayor wasn't quite as moronic as some. Obviously I had other documentary evidence to hand...such as my divorce certificate.
  5. Cosy memories from my childhood. Cheers.
  6. That's how I see it. Welcome China...and all THEIR nationals being employed wherever they can get away with it ?
  7. (Though I doubt it will be necessary for the O.P.) I got married in the Phils in 2015, and very easy and straightforward. For some countries (such as the UK) you now get a document from your embassy stating that you're free to marry, rather than bringing the document from your home country. It's really not a big deal IMO.
  8. Some REAL JOBS and CAREERS lasting more than 6 months would be nice... and less ridiculously massaged 'employment' stats.
  9. Doors ? I make my own. lol Here's one I made earlier this week....with the second coat of paint drying. .
  10. Many in the same condition as cars to be found piled up in the breakers yards in the UK. .
  11. Here I am doing a little upgrading of suspension, bushes, and braking system, BUT it is a sports car, not a family 'daily driver'. .
  12. Agree. Fit a set of standard rims and tyres. The (original/standard)) tyres and rims are designed along with the standard suspension, bushes, etc, to cope with varying road conditions, and to fit correctly within the car's bodywork, while giving a safe, comfortable ride.
  13. Yes, I believe that does cover you. There is a reference number on the receipt, which is the important 'magic' number for Immigration records, concerning your status.
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