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  1. I only lived there from 1994 to 1997, but agree... great days in an amazing place. Now only return for Balikbayan runs, which these days make me feel slightly depressed. 13A sorted soon, I hope, so probably won't go there again.
  2. Quite right Tommy. They (and I'm talking relatives here...who you'd expect might be more caring) have no respect whatever for your belongings and property. They are accustomed to throwing everything on to the ground next to them when finished with it, and living 'in shit' themselves, as a result. I have already told the guys working here, after they'd already been doing it of course, NOT to throw discarded small pieces of wire, nails, concrete, etc, on to our lawn ! As usual, I'll be relieved when they've GONE.
  3. Yes of course... one must always keep updated now (though in my recent experience, little has changed, other than no need for an interview (at Dagupan office anyway)...which only makes it easier I suppose. The purpose of my copied and pasted post was simply to serve as a general guide. One point: British passports don't go along with local habits, as to the order of your names, (or terminology). It upsets their system, so you have to go along to an attorney and have a document typed up and notarised, pointing out the 'discrepancy', and the reason for it. Ridiculous.
  4. I copied this from a forum a while back, and used it as the guide for my recent 13A application. It was written by the Filipina wife. This was for a Brit...so adjust for your nationality. Hopefully you may find some of it helpful also. It is for an application made at the main BI office in Manila too. My application was made in Dagupan, where the staff were most helpful . I didn't need to punch holes in any documents. (My Mrs said they...staff, probably did it later). Intramuros may be different though. Anyway....here it is: So here is the most "scary" part if a foreigner
  5. Weeds I just let dry in the sun, then burn. Keep plucking them out of grassy areas, cut the grass regularly, and in time, you will have a lawn...which will then keep the weeds down all by itself.
  6. Always wear my specially imported, tall green size 12 rubber 'wellies' .
  7. Example...YESTERDAY: I'm having the upper outside walls of our new 2 storey extension plastered. I go outside and notice that the scaffolding has been removed from the wall last being worked on, but there is a panel completely devoid of plaster...and evidently going to be left like that.The plasterer tells me (via the Mrs) that he couldn't do that part, because some of the plaster would fall down a gap at the bottom of the panel, where two walls and a roof section met. I asked them to put back the scaffolding, and then handed up to them a length of coco-lumber, (that had been
  8. Look at previous work. Ask how much it cost to build ! Pay nothing in advance. Buy the materials needed yourself. Get receipts. Make sure the materials and tools are stored correctly...not left scattered all over the place, out in the rain, etc. Pay the wages weekly...at an agreed daily rate (correct for your area of the Phils). Watch them like a hawk. Don't lend or buy them good tools. Expect the worst, and you won't be disappointed. I look at it this way: They can do the heavy work (I'm too old now), and I'll tidy up and fix the broken/screwed up stuff mys
  9. It's just the 'normal' grass that grows around here...regularly cut and 'tamed'. I use one of those 'brush-cutter' things, but am having my old Flymo hover mower sent over from the UK.
  10. It's only a 580 square metre lot Tommy. The house is pretty compact though, (80 square. metres) but space enough for the three of us. Had some much-needed rain overnight, so things should green up a bit. Not so good for the construction we've had going on this week though. Day off for the workers.
  11. No worries....the nephew and his family will be eating it anyway... not us. I'm sure he'll know how to prepare it for safe human consumption.
  12. I have my own (soundproofed !) room. No aircon. Point the fan at the bed (which I literally made myself)...and sleep like a log. No condensation either. All concrete construction. The human body wants to be cooler at night...with a slowed metabolism, for a good night's sleep...so I've read somewhere.
  13. Not just in the Philippines. Such corruption happens in the U.K. too . My City Councillor friend has inside knowledge.
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