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  1. Yes, doubtless. Some of us have manners that's all. There are ways. So....let's forget it, eh.
  2. Line it with quarter inch ply, and maybe run a piece of builder's wire up through the strap. Knives rendered useless...unless at your throat.
  3. Only likely to experience such stuff in big cities such as Manila. I wear a 'fishing jacket' So many pockets, they don't know which one to pick (because that is what they are actually up to). Avoid dubious areas, red-light districts and the like, if you want to avoid this kind of situation. Would you wander around such places in your home country ? Shouldn't be a problem now anyway... as 'kids' under 21 are not allowed out of their home...supposedly.
  4. Meanwhile....only in the Philippines: Jeepney goes slowly past my shack, full of large pigs, all squealing, and accompanied by blaring rock music. lol
  5. Yes, I have the PLDT 25 meg fiber service. The supplied 'free' landline phone is handy in case they (PLDT) or anyone else want to call you though...and for calling PLDT if you have a problem. My 25 meg normally runs at about 30, which I think is good value... and (touch wood) is very steady and reliable. We do live out in the countryside though, so perhaps not too many other users. .
  6. Just send the kids back to school and take care of those who are actually at risk....so avoiding all of this impractical and unrealistic nonsense .
  7. The locals use Bostik Super Vulcaseal around these parts...for leaky 'umbrella' roof' nails...probably the most common source of drips.
  8. I am NOT suggesting that the OP should PAY anyone. OTHERS may be doing so, of course. Neither am I suggesting that HE should contact the Barangay Captain. (As a foreigner, one is best advised to stay out of local affairs...in which we have no rights anyway). Please read my post properly.
  9. Generally (regardless of 'laws') in the Phils, he who pays the piper calls the tune. You...or rather your Filipina partner, need to speak to the Barangay Captain first of all, I reckon.
  10. How to lose 76 million potential supporters...and make a total dick of yourself (again ?) in front of the whole world.
  11. Fake accounts n Facebook ? Nooooo ! The boss man has really got his work cut out this time.
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