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  1. It's this constant "oh, how gwapo he is ! " (My 4 year-old), from assorted beautiful young ladies. Then... "Can you give me one like that ?"
  2. I'm used to them now Steve (and I'm 6'1"). Try to wait for a higher-roofed one to come along if you're big and tall... same goes for trikes. Also, try to grab the seat nearest the back 'door'. Saves climbing over people, ...or next to the driver. 21 pesos for a 10 mile trip here in the province, can't be argued with on my budget though.
  3. I made sure we just took a break from any construction work during the whole of December.
  4. My 4 year-old... though he does get taken to the family farm every day, to run around a big grassy pasture, with the other kids. .
  5. My only interest now is how things 'back home' affect my pension and the exchange rate. Looking better so far.
  6. What election ? As long as sterling keeps its value.. not interested.
  7. Nara are those trees at the side of every road that nobody is allowed to touch...even when they widen the road !
  8. Depending upon the exchange rate...I'm either poor, or extremely poor.
  9. A surprise ? You just witnessed a f*****g miracle !
  10. NOBODY else touches my tools. End of story.
  11. I have since bought the bro-in-law (owner) a new screen for his sidecar.... so I can see where we're bloody going !
  12. 'Slippers' (rather than 'flipflops') also up here in Pangasinan. Steve, your place makes mine look like a shack. Well ok, actually my place IS a shack. lol
  13. Lazada works for me...even here in the middle of nowhere. C.O.D. too.
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