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  1. I believe around 15% of the UK population are pensioners...who don't like being messed with. That's a pretty large voting block.
  2. Well one man's 'starvation' is another's regular food intake, of course. Many of the expats I've encountered would appear to be clad in several months 'emergency supplies' .
  3. I would never 'openly' criticise any Filipino politician in this country (Philippines). We are mere guests here, and I believe it is illegal for us foreign residents to do so anyway. I would be happy to receive some kind of (official) reassurance that it is otherwise the case.
  4. In our barangay, the (blue container) water stations are open still...and delivering to our door still. Classed as 'essential services' from the off. Our younger neighbours and neighbouring relatives would help out with shopping, if we were to request it. Not needed so far.
  5. Maybe Mrs Marcos can stump up some cash. I see Mr.Pacquiao is helping out (as always) . A good man. .
  6. I think it must be a week now since I stepped outside our front gate...and I have no intention of doing so in the near future. Plenty of DIY and gardening , etc, to keep me occupied and exercised for some time yet.
  7. If renewing my visa was likely to be liife-threatening.... I could care less about it, but as has been stated above, no worries anyway. Edited to add: There have always been 'agents' who will do the renewal for you anyway, at pretty small cost.
  8. I suppose cats do actually do something USEFUL...like eat mice and rats, etc. Stray dogs, well, I class them as VERMIN....to the locals here, as food . I haven't heard one bark around here for a couple of days now. Hmm.
  9. I knocked a big hole in the wall from the kitchen through to my new 'man cave', to accommodate a connecting doorway. Busy making it look less like a hole in the wall at the moment. No extra help needed . I just sit down every so often, cos I'm getting old now.
  10. It's fine IF they have a bank account AND an ATM card. I would hazard a guess that most ordinary folk need to pick the cash up from some sort of remittance outlet....WU, MLHuillier, etc. Hopefully the government will recognise that there is a problem, and do something to alleviate it. People at all levels of society need money.
  11. WHY would an over 65 want to be out and about ? Trying harder to catch the damned virus...or spread it ? STAY HOME ! Send somebody else out for your needs...and make sure they have a mask, and clean their hands properly, etc. PAY them if need be. This is life-threatening stuff guys, ffsake.
  12. Let's see how the (Northern) Brits are getting on... .
  13. Guy Fawkes was from my home town (York... the original) in England. Born there, 1570. Oh, and the famous highway robber... Dick Turpin, was hanged there (for horse theft).
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