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  1. graham59

    affordable apartments in cities

    p5000 to 8,000 a month should get you get you a decent 2 bed apartment in any provincial city. The last time I rented (2016), I had a brand new 2 bed apartment, with huge balcony, for p5000 a month. That was in a provincial town in Pangasinan.
  2. graham59

    Scrub it... or it won't be clean.

    My Mrs is the same (and the live-in niece). Waste my money buying a washing machine, when they still spend half the day scrubbing clothes in a bowl ... that were probably worn for an hour. We won't change them... and water is cheap here, thank goodness.
  3. graham59

    20,000$ US for soon to be expat

    That must be a nice young lady you're chasing ? Take as more or less 100% you won't be able to find legal work in the Phils... certainly in your trade, and that's a good reality check starting point. If you do find something ... great. 20,000 bucks is more than enough for 6 months, IF you don't fall under the spell of a money-absorbing 'other'... of which there are plenty. Don't burn your bridges back home. 6 months can only really be a taster.
  4. graham59

    Newbie question

    If you have 'tupperware' containers . Pack stuff in them and take them with you. It will save buying more when you get to the Phils, as they're needed to keep the ants and bugs out of everything. Take any electrical/computer leads and connectors with you. Mostly cheap Chinese crap on offer in the Phils.
  5. graham59

    Newbie question

    If you use multivitamins, cod liver oil capsules, etc, then buy some at your local supermarket, and bring with you. Dearer here, and possibly of dubious quality. Use sweeteners in your Coffee ? Same again.... bring some with you. Expensive here. Remember to pack some headache pills too... for your journey. An electrical 'travel adaptor' (though the Phils, I believe uses the US style 2-pin plug). A power bank for your phone. A roll of small plastic food bags. Only tiny things to pack, but handy to have.
  6. graham59


    I take it, it is the Mrs staying in touch with the 'driver' .
  7. graham59

    Very sick wife

    No, I was just trying to be helpful to those who may not have experienced the real life situation, as I have. Of course it's just as easy not to do so, if you think it's a joke. Have you looked at the embassy website recently ?
  8. graham59


    Ye, it is one of the less attractive characteristics of 'the average Filipina'. My Mrs can get severely wound up if a picture of the ex, whom I was divorced from back in 2006, and haven't spoken to for about 5 years, appears on my computer screen.
  9. graham59


    I just turn up my Black Sabbath to number 11.
  10. graham59

    Very sick wife

    (Always consult the relevant websites for up to date information/requirements. )
  11. graham59

    Very sick wife

    No. I remarried in the Phils in September 2015 (My previous marriage was also in the Phils). I needed ...as stated, the Affirmation from the British Embassy in Manila, plus my UK divorce certificate to show to the provincial Registrar. The embassy also gives you a covering letter to show to the less 'up to date' Filipino Registrars. You can find all of this info on the British Embassy (Manila) website. There is no requirement to either register a foreign divorce with the Phils authorities, or (under the new rules) to produce a CENOMAR. Your Filipino prospective bride needs to show a CENOMAR still, yes. Of course some ignorant provincial officials may seek to make up their own rules as they go along. It IS the Philippines after all. I experienced no difficulties whatsoever. ..and that was 3 YEARS AGO.
  12. graham59

    Very sick wife

    The foreigner(after divorcing a Filipina in his home country) is free to re-marry in the Phils, upon production of the normally required docs... ie...final divorce certificate, plus the Affidavit/Affirmation document from his embassy, which replaced the foreigner's 'CENOMAR' (in the case of the UK, anyway)...around 2014. He does NOT need to register his divorce in the Phils. His (ex) partner on the other hand, if still a Filipino Citizen, will be tied into the Philippines laws on (NO) divorce... though that is at the moment changing, to give their citizens the same rights as you or I, when divorced abroad. Been there, done that.
  13. graham59

    Very sick wife

    One thing you don't want to do, is start stomping around over there threatening this and that. You may meet your maker before the heart attack.
  14. I more or less do the same... just that I use Worldremit to take the money from my UK bank and deposit into my wife's BDO one here... which I have access to online or with the ATM card. Still only a small fee involved... from Worldremit, not the bank.
  15. graham59

    Newbie question

    I would recommend you buy a dual sim phone, with the correct band coverage for the Phils area of the world... if yours isn' t already such a model. I have a local sim in one slot and my home-country sim in the other. Ideal for if my bank back home for instance, needs to send me a security code, plus incoming texts are free to my home sim anyway. OR, you could have a SMART sim in one slot and a GLOBE sim in the other (the two most popular Phils ones), so you have maximum coverage and convenience.