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  1. (Old) ex-tunneler here, so understand what you're saying.
  2. The installation engineer gave me his cell phone number... for in case I have any problems.
  3. O.P. .... Simple answer then, where relationships are concerned. Don't buy... RENT.
  4. You're in good company. We're all millionaires to the locals.
  5. Should I care what you think ? Please put me on ignore, if that's your ridiculous attitude. Maybe find some mangy stray dogs to rescue, if you're not online insulting other people.
  6. I will have more sympathy when they stop shitting in my gateway. Many around here are simply being fattened up for the pot. Personally, I am happy to have the garden where my 4 year-old plays, free of dog (and cat) excrement. which is why I have made it at least dog-proof. I have had some super dogs as pets back in the UK, my last one, a sweet little Border Collie, for 15 years, but my kids come first.
  7. Yeah, and hit the panel with a hammer, and half the damned building is likely to come down with it, here in the Phils.
  8. Agree. Qatar are good... and the airport at Doha is easy to negotiate too (not vast like Dubai).
  9. Just buy one of those wifi booster/extender things. From Lazada ? Or... use 'Pocket Wifi' . Costs about p1500 for the little unit... which you then own. Ask the girls in AC about it (and any other technical phone/internet-related matter. ) Oh, and no place will ever be awesome to me, if the internet connection is crap. I may live in a shack in the middle of nowhere, but I do at least have 25meg, or more, fiber internet.
  10. Definitely the case. Always has been . I seem to recall Hong Kong to UK being a bit more favourable for such flights.
  11. I've flown KLM a few times (to U.K...but via their Schiphol, Amsterdam base). Good airline.
  12. That comes as no surprise. Another few decades and the 'British' will probably have to pray towards Mecca each day.
  13. My (relative) construction workers now seem to understand that I don't wish to have our property turned into a litter-strewn shit-tip, to match the homes they come from. Also that I put a gate on the property so that it could be SHUT. We live amongst children in this country... a country also seemingly run by children. Still rather be here than PC England though.
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