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  1. Thanks Tommy. From the day he opened his eyes to this world, he was a complete joy to me, (and others) and still is. He came to live full-time with me at 14 years. His mum is a Filipina, of course. I am blessed.
  2. Haha... he'd be about 13 there.... and going through his 'rock look' period. Of course he is now (at 25) a very talented part-time lead guitarist in a band, along with his successful career in IT management for one of the world's largest insurance companies.
  3. Steve..... My friend's dad had one... when we lived in Malaya/Singapore. (We had a Austin A35). Needs a big V8 sticking in there... plus a 9" back axle . Here's my boy admiring such a beast at a car show in England:
  4. Here is the local newspaper ad' from the early 80s, when I eventually sold the 3 litre Cortina. I had used it as my daily driver, for work, and covered 20,000 miles in it, during which time it had never missed a beat or needed any attention...apart from routine servicing (by me). I was pretty proud, because every 'nut and bolt' had been fitted or re-fitted by my good-self, and much of it 'non-standard'. .
  5. The P100 ws a later pickup....also available in the UK. This is the V6 MK3 South African (only)model:
  6. This is what a stationary MK4 Cortina Estate (mine) looked like, after having been hit up the arse by a Ford Capri doing 65mph . .
  7. Yes, I do recall those Aussie ones Geoff. the X6 ? They were the later (in UK...MK4 and MK5) squared off bodyshape though...the one in your pic. Not as nice to look at as the 'mini-Camaro' flowing lines of the earlier MK3. The mechanics and underpinnings were almost identical however. Of course the Capri 3 litre was a V6, ('Essex' engine) rather than a straight 6 though. South Africa Ford produced a pickup (ute') version of the Cortina Mk3, complete with 3 litre V6 as standard. I also had an 'estate' model, which I put a V6 3 litre into. The later 2.8 'Cologne' V6's were a much easier fit, but not as much power or torque...except in the injection version.
  8. My last Cortina MK3 was the (now much sought-after) 2 litre GXL model... with the twin headlights. My own, not a company car. Anyway, I stripped that one down to a bare shell, re-built it all, with up-rated suspension, brakes, etc, and put a 3 litre Capri engine in it. Made a lovely car... and quick !
  9. You're right about the tight fit Steve. My mate had the MG version. Just not enough leg room for a six footer like me. Steering wheel in my chest. My Lotus 7 was a better fit for leg room (but a fat person would never fit in the narrow seat). The MGB is a much more comfortable car all round. Sprite and Midget are really for ..... little people.
  10. She had old and new passports with her. The old one with Singapore stamps, from when she was an OFW. I'm beyond trying to understand the 'thinking' behind these 'obstructions' though. You just go along with it all and shake your head. They really have much bigger fish to fry in this country, than hassling a grown woman on a RETURN trip to Hong Kong with one of us evil kanos.
  11. When my (30+) Mrs and I went over to Hong Kong last year, the idiots still interviewed her, despite her having a passport in her married name, AND her marriage certificate. The Phils is a damned prison camp, where in certain circumstances its citizen inmates can get a 'pass-out'.
  12. (Marina) The BL stop-gap car, intended to compete in the company rep' fleet market, using mainly old tried and trusted mechanics , ugly booted variety, or more stylish 'fastback'. At that time I had one of its direct competitors, a brand new Hillman Avenger . Lovely, great handling car, and driven very (too) enthusiastically by Graham the 20 year-old trainee rep'. Gave it back in after 12 months and 32,000 miles... most of the body panels having been repaired or replaced during that time. I think £7,500 is a bit rich for what was a very mundane, basic vehicle. A rarer 1.8 TC, perhaps. Back in the day, all us young reps wanted was a lovely big MK3 Cortina . The dream machine they were. My next job... that's exactly what I was given. Yey ! For that money, I'd be looking for a minter of one of those... or a Capri maybe.
  13. Facebook has been having issues (crashing, then 'Reload' screen) for ages on Chrome. I just press reload...can't be arsed fiddling around any further than that. This is on 25 meg Fibre. How many employees do Facebook have.... 100,000 ? Whatever, I'm convinced that at least half of them are keeping their jobs by thinking up new ways to aggravate/piss off their users. Leave the damn thing alone ffsake ! The FB Purity add-on makes it somewhat bearable on laptop/desktop. Anyway, dual SIM phones only for me and the Mrs. At least you get a choice of useless service providers then.
  14. Yeah, they don't want foreigners here, contributing to the economy. Now thinking up new ways of getting rid of us, since we're just the same as those bad Chinese over-stayers and fraudsters, aren't we. Immigration officials have individual 'discretionary' powers, so maybe you'll find one at the BI who isn't on the rag, when you put in for your first extension.
  15. Come to think of it, our local public loo could perhaps do with an upgrade... even though seating has now been provided. .
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