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  1. Well, seems to me that the actual numbers of seriously 'at risk' persons here in the Philippines are pretty small, when compared with many other countries (elderly, comorbidities, etc) ...so hardly likely to impinge much on the rest of the young, working, tax-paying (?) population. Whether it would come down to ability to pay or not...well, 'chance would be a fine thing'.
  2. Agree. It is simply petty nonsense for ANY country to disbar those living there from receiving an anti-Covid vaccination, whatever their nationality or immigration status. This is about saving lives and fighting a pandemic !
  3. Oh no... a major blow to those local 'whitening' soap manufacturers ?
  4. Isn't this the one that his nibs Du30 has had ... plus all his minders and sycophants ?
  5. A sad day for most of us Brits. A good man... and a 'real' man. RIP sir You will be missed. . https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-11437314 Prince Philip has died aged 99, Buckingham Palace announces
  6. Until April 22nd. Perhaps the Balikbayan scheme will then be reinstated... but who knows ?
  7. So less than one percent of the country's population have been diagnosed as having Covid19 ?
  8. In actual fact, my grandfather was a Methodist local preacher, with his own chapel.... from which my siblings and I were banned, for being disruptive.
  9. Who knows the true facts of that case ? Dead men don't talk. :( Can't be repeated too often though: Keep a low profile. Don't piss off the locals. Don't screw their wives/girlfriends. Probably will cost p5000 to have you rubbed out. The case will never be solved. I'll be happy to hear of one that has, and perps jailed.
  10. Well, let's hope that SOMEBODY in the Phils govt has kept up to date with world affairs, sufficient to know that we are now OUT.
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