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  1. graham59


    It was an aftershock. 4+
  2. Don't know why so many restrictions are put on relatively harmless vehicles, and if OAPs... their occupants. Even the ones the size of a bus. Plenty of buses on our roads, and parked up here and there. What about the millions of 'semi' trucks, with living accomo' behind the cab ? Do they get victimised too ? As a young lad of 18 I lived in a 'motorhome', while also pulling a mobile shop trailer behind it... and got paid for it. Going around motor race meetings and other outside events all over the UK. . This was always my dream home: .
  3. 50 pesos a square metre in my local (large) hardware store.... standard issue foam/foil. Ask your landlord to put a mechanical roof vent or two in for you also, if possible. Up here in Pangasinan, standard labourer rate is p350 per 7am-5pm day, plus maybe p50 'merienda money'.
  4. I think being 'British' finished in the 1960s.
  5. Have shared it on my Facebook. Not sure how it will be received though.
  6. If you live on Luzon (as I do), try taking a trip up to Angeles. Lots of expats there.... like... maybe 30,000, and certainly some decent computer shops selling parts for them (computers, not the expats, lol ), at least when I've been there. Don't we have any AC residents on here who could advise ?
  7. Do it now. What if something happens to you ? Much easier to do it now... and before any rules change, to the child's disadvantage. Who will find it easier to complete the forms... get a countersigned photo, etc... you, or the child's mother ? The cost when I applied for my son's passport back in 2016, was only. £110. It costs about £500 by the way, just to register a birth at the British Embassy now. ... and you'll need more or less the same documents as you would to apply for a passport for a child 'born overseas'... (which of course then bestows British Citizenship also), so it's pretty much a no-brainer .
  8. I seem to remember that the British deliberately permitted doctored 'secret' info ' on the Concorde to be leaked to the Russians. Hence the 1973 Paris Air Show crash of the never to be seen again TU144 ' Concordski' ? Sometimes we're not as naive as we may appear to be.
  9. Most of the 'electronic' parts I've bought from Lazada have been fine, but it's practically impossible to avoid Chines fake crap now, and my last order sorry to say , did include such useless stuff,... so 'buyer beware', and read the reviews.
  10. Well, I'm 67, but only feel about 65 today... .
  11. My first son was born when I was 43, and my second one when I was almost 64. Both with Filipina mothers.
  12. First thing I did for my son (3 years old now), was get him a British Passport. Registering his birth with the British Embassy is then not necessary anyway... so no need to pay two lots of fees to our greedy government. All details are on the Passport Office website (refer to Child born overseas). It can take as long as a year to process, while they fart about checking all the documents. Yes, really.
  13. 'Southfork' ? ( I am at present drawing up plans for the expansion of our shack towards something approaching that garage ).
  14. Careful. 'Pride goes before a fall', or so they say. My poor little ex-maid wife's family, here in the province, have never asked me for a centavo or a 'favor' during the whole of our 8 year-relationship. They have certainly been a great help to us though.
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