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  1. Good luck sir. It sounds like you have nothing to fear but a big dip in your bank balance. Strictly speaking it's your partner who is supposed to be filling out the application form of course... but I found it much easier for me to do that part, and for her to just sign it. There are a couple of good British-Phils forums based in the UK, if you want to chat with those who've recently gone through the process...and pick some brains.
  2. My wife's favourite expression... concerning such matters: "They just don't care".
  3. I brought my first Filipina wife (and subsequently, her two children) to the UK, but many years ago, so not really relevant to todays much more onerous and EXPENSIVE hurdles to overcome. However, I do think that your intended's good record of entering and LEAVING the UK on so many prevíous occasions can only greatly help in any application... no matter what is said about tourist/visitor visas not influencing the spouse visa application. ( You need to point this out in the notes section on the application form) The requirements are pretty straightforward (financial, accommodation, Eng
  4. If you also have a British passport, (noting your country of birth) you can renew online. No interviews. No travelling anywhere...as I did earlier this year. Delivered to me, here in the middle of nowhere, after about a month.
  5. Is that a Barangay Police BMW ? Must be bringing in the money down that way. Anyway... silly man. Not the place to do those sort of tricks.
  6. I agree with the above. Consider also, that the period covered co-oincides with the huge, almost universal expansion in the use mobile phones... both by teachers and pupils. Step 1: BAN their presence in schools. No excuses.
  7. I never did get round to using my self-propelled ride-on motorised mower, or road rollers and steam-traction engines over 10 tons classifications... pulling up to 3 trailers and a gypsy caravan.
  8. Seems my twitchy face , perfect morning crap, and 6 cups a day are good news then. Cheers. .
  9. Aah, these wicked tax-dodging vloggers. . 'Facebook, Google and Microsoft 'avoiding $3bn in tax in poorer nations' https://www.bbc.com/news/business-54691572
  10. Yes, and these days, in this 'non-contact sport' it's more about how good you are at passing or shooting while some ape is dragging you along by your shirt or grinding his studs into your shin.
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