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  1. That is certainly my understanding of the situation... and I am one of those hoping to apply for a 13A in the near future. Not sure about Balikbayan 'run' at present. I decided just to stay here on tourist renewals this time (after two previous Balikbayan runs). Certainly foreigners married to a local are permitted to enter the country, but not sure about how the Mrs would go on actually trying to LEAVE with me. Then there is the (I would anticipate) massively increased travel cost now.
  2. How to piss away 15 billion pesos plus, of poor people's pera ?
  3. Same for UK citizens....from my experience. Just borrow the money first, THEN go overseas. Always better when they need you more than you need them.
  4. We have a winner.
  5. Plenty of nice genuine girls on the dating sites, even now (I met my wife through one..'DateInAsia'...DIA). You just need to become an expert at sifting out the scammers and 'ladyboys'. NEVER send one peso. A nice girl would probably be too proud to ask anyway. Also make sure pics are gen'. Facebook is a good place to look around too, as previously mentioned. .
  6. I don't think it will be a cheap relaxing vacation, that's for sure...if you need to ask about the 'culture shock'. lol Usually not much do in a provincial village...if that's where the home is, but you'll be welcomed with open arms into the male relatives' heavy drinking sessions each evening. Anyway, stick around, ask us some more questions , and if you have them to share...suggest you post some pics of your proposed accommodation.
  7. Well, my nearest beach is 7 miles away, but quite a nice one, and fine for swimming. (Pics taken by me, looking to the north and the south) .
  8. Utter nonsense. Stop pontificating about something that you clearly have no knowledge of.
  9. Good luck. I'm sure you'll be fine, especially as you have your asawa to help smoooth the way.
  10. Last time I had 'Tapsilog' in my favourite little eating place in Malate, Manila, it was 50 pesos. The coffee was another 10 pesos (2 or 3 years ago). I've been visiting and/or living here for 30 years now...and 'living cheap' has yet to become a bore, In fact I find it a lot more interesting and enjoyable. Also fits in well with how the majority of the population have to live...and still manage to smile a lot. O.P: Anything between 20.000 and 50,000 pesos per month (guaranteed income), you'll have a roof over your head, female company, and won't starve or die of thirst.
  11. Good point. Have to say, vast majority of what I buy comes from my local bakery just up the road, and is normally very fresh of course.
  12. They get the money any way they can. Do you think the foreigners pay up front ? As I said ...totally different situation to being a returned home Brit. I don't need google, I have a sister and brother-in-law, both in NHS management positions.
  13. NON-residents...meaning in reality, NON-British NON-residents , and likely through insurance payouts. Very different situation.
  14. Easy. Just don't tell them you've been out of the country. Alternatively, just seek asylum...along with the rest of the parasites currently sucking the system dry. Can anyone believe that people actually PAY these legendary huge bills from the NHS ? Now of course if you were wishing to go through the LEGAL process of bringing a Filipina fiancee or spouse into the country of your birth... oh, lots of money to pay in advance for their NHS treatment, whether they have any or not...nevermind the huge visa fees, etc. The UK really is a sad fked up country these days. Oh, and I'm on the wife's Philhealth policy here. Anything super-serious, if I can't get on a flight out, I''ve told her to just chuck me in the river. Damned if I'm going to spend my last few years worrying about death.
  15. Excess sliced bread goes in the freezer, for future toast...straight from frozen, incidentally. All other biscuits, bread (hamburger buns) , etc, in proper airtight plastic boxes. The biscuits... fine for a week or a few. Bread buns, certainly okay for a few days. (There is no aircon in our shack ).
  16. I have seen no higher than p11,000 'ish' quoted (for the initial years probationary)... then similar again for the permanent. It would cost a lot more than that for 2 x Balikbayan runs...especially NOW. Not heard of the Mrs having to pay anything .
  17. How unfortunate for these wealthy drug lords to have to be anonymously spirited away to their freedom cremation...but fortunate for the guards that THEY miraculously managed to escape being infected. All records only available for 'family' viewing of course.
  18. I guess I just like living amongst other poor, unsophisticated people. I also have very simple tastes in food, and do cook all my own meals too, so can't really complain (apart from to myself .lol) about the food here. I can usually get hold of all the basic ingrediants without too much trouble. Sometimes you just have to be creative. We're also lucky in having a good little bakery just up the road, who sells 'proper' bread and hamburger rolls. Me and the Mrs do own (okay...she does ) our land and house though...all paid for, and that keeps me busy most days, with DIY, etc. I think we all get stressed here from time to time though. At the moment we're having flooding problems, because an idiot downstream of us decided to fill in the creek...which runs close by us.
  19. So, just a couple of cells to clean out and disinfect then. (I heard there were doubts about the 'on offer' test kits from Lazada anyway )
  20. p35,000 is plain ridiculous. For what ...a simple form (which I picked up from my local BI last month) to fill in, and a few hundred pesos for NBI clearance ? Most quotes for the process, doing it yourself are around the p11,000 mark...payable to BI.
  21. On the whole... agree with the O.P. Certainly, very rarely will I touch the local food. Horrible, flavourless, full of fat, sugar and salt, and often prepared in unsanitory conditions, then left to sit around in 30C + . I cook my own. Crazy lazy place, but I'm a crazy lazy person, and POOR..so...
  22. Surely all cargo holds are pressurised anyway (and heated)...regardless of whether live animals are being carried ?
  23. I could only find this useful gadget for cats. Not sure if suitable for small snub-nosed dogs. .
  24. Oh yes....and the full, rather than the 'simplified' colonial version.
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