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  1. Yeah...well, I didn't insult anyone's Mum, but JGF reckons his Dad can beat my Dad...how mature is that? Also, not hard to do since mine has been dead 40 years... It's all good. I'm not particularly bothered by any of it, but being a bit OC, I value consistency. Have a good one.
  2. I'm still trying to come to terms with the objective/s of this forum. Is it your private little knitting circle? This thread has been dead as a Dodo for 5 years and the guy posts some salient points...I agree with some of it, but not all of it. But hey, you really need to get a grip. It's a FORUM, not your living room where you choose only the sycophants for company and opinions.
  3. Thanks for the commiserations mate, but I'm not spared the Karoake - because the squatters over the back of my wall don't work, they have Karoake every weekend, usually all day both days.
  4. Yeah...a good Vanilla Slice is hard to ignore...what about the original Coconut Macaroon? loved them as a kid.
  5. When I moved here I brought a bread maker from Oz and as there was no bread flour available, it kind of worked. But the bread was heavy and doughy (but I did make some nice date loaf). Now Bread Flour is available in many places, so if you see a Bread Maker, give it a try....they are quite good, I regret giving mine away.
  6. Ok - point: I have argued with only you, and some other individual who made insinuating comments about Australians being materialistic, when he is married to a person from one of the most materialistic countries in the world. Being a staunch Aussie, I was offended by his comment and retaliated. Second point: Actually, a Moderator didn't remove it. It was me, I edited my post before it was approved, and after I received Scott H's comment.. You have to admit - I got you motivated and got some good discussion going. It's just the internet - don't take it too seriously - it's not real l
  7. Thanks mate. Fair comment. As in real life, some people just clash online, right? I'll try to tone down my comments. Stay safe there.
  8. Aaaaww. Good for you for consulting a dictionary for the first time in your life. See, learn something new every day, makes living worthwhile, right? Yeah, I am a very educated arsehole, that's why this is so easy. I'm also a bastard, and a c8nt. It's all good - I don't need your or anyone's approval. It's been fun, but now you bore me, so let's move on shall we? (oh, and please change my tag to arsehole, I prefer the Queen's English)
  9. Careful mate, honest opinions aren't appreciated here. We are all supposted to LOVE the Philippines. Ppppfffttt! Someone posted a good comment about 'buyers remorse' - I'm pretty much stuck in CDO. I was paying a lot of rent for an apartment which was on a quiet street, but it all changed when the RTA diverted all heavy port traffic from the highway down our street, so apart from the dogs, we had to suffer Container Truck exhaust fumes 24/7. Since my wife was studying in the city, I wanted to buy close-by as I didn't want her riding her motorcycle a long distance. So I looked local
  10. Ah, 'troll' - that's so cutting - think that up all by your little self? When I first read your story a while back about Ben Jordan, I actually felt sorry for you, but you know what? I'm kind of getting why Ben ripped you off, he gets my thumbs up. I'm a member of a few forums and the word 'troll' is rarely used, except by morons who don't like what other people say. BTW - After 10 years here I think I have a right to bitch about whatever I want, especially when what I am saying is factual. Ah, just noticed the 'a**h*le' tag, wow, how sadly pathetic you really are, you are a vindictive litt
  11. IP says I'm in USA? well then, my VPN is working....look that up...V P N.
  12. Wow! finally a hero here...woohoo!
  13. Hahaha...forum manager...a loser who doesn't like people calling out losers like you as being losers - so you delete their posts. Hey. I have a great idea. I have a bar in CDO - I'm making money hand over fist, but I have to move on. I'm an expat - so no need for due dilligence - just trust me. 25T walk in walk out...interested? bahahahaha! how farking stupid are you, tool? - and then you moan about it non-stop - for four years - FOUR YEARS....look up "impotent rage."
  14. I don't eat Cheeros, sfb. Maybe you are referring to your own diet.
  15. Yes - Mainland is NZ and an exceptional vintage cheese. Blocks of Parmesan are almost impossible to come by, and again - yes - nice Feta at S&R and just this week a special 2 for 1 on some Camembert, which is actually lovely. I know of Kingston Lodge, but it's a bit toxic there and I don't go often even though, as you say, they sell some good deli stuff. Their bread is good, but I now buy from the Swiss Deli in LKK because the baker at KL told me to ride all the way there just to place and order, then I have to ride back there to pick it up? Nope - it's not THAT good. But thank
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