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  1. Make sure you have your marriage certificate DaveB. https://www.philippineairlines.com/en/ph/home/covid-19/arrivingintheph Make sure to fill out the forms on this link prior to travel. Number 4 says to fill out after check in, I would fill out prior to going to airport, a lot of folks had a hard time with this at the airport. I filled it out after the flight.
  2. Left San Fran on 1 August and arrived in Manila the morning of 3 August, no problems. Young lady stamped my passport and I asked how long was the visa and she stated since I'm married to Filipino that my visa was good for a year. COVID-19 test was done on arrival and results in less than 18 hours.
  3. Test results are back (about 18 hours), negative. Now if we are authorized to travel we will check out and head to Bulacan.
  4. I'm at the Belmont in Manila. Wife has a driver coming to get us on 10 August, hopefully we will be allowed travel to Bulacan. Yes I have seen Metro and Bulacan are both going back to MECQ.
  5. Yes all seats and yes they got meals. Not wearing masks while eating and drinking. Flight attendants had masks, face shields, rubber gloves and a light blue grown head to foot. Philippines Airlines flies two flights a week from LAX and San Fran, not sure what they do out of Seattle, if they fly out of there.
  6. I knew I would take a hit on the peso, but since I have to stay put and can't get out until we get a negative results from the test. We flew business and only one seat was empty. The rest of the plane was packed. We did get two meals, drinks and snacks.
  7. Before Olivia and I got married, she sent around $100.00 a month to family. So we send $350.00 now and I told the wife that this is a nice thing we do and we don't owe them any thing, so plan accordingly. This helps out 9 family members.
  8. Arrived in Manila at 0400 3 August 2020. Started out in Meridian, Mississippi and drove to Jackson, Mississippi and flew to San Francisco on American Airlines. Stayed in a room in San Fran for a few days to get rested up for a 14 hour flight from San Fran to Manila. Took less than 1 and a half at Manila airport with the processing of paper work and the COVID-19 test ($188.00 US). Cashed in some money for Pesos at the airport, 48.40. Now wait 48 to 96 hours for the results. As of right now we have a driver picking us up and taking us to Bulacan. No cancelations on the flights, I think the reason is we took a direct flight from the US (LAX/San Fran and maybe Seattle) to the Philippines. If you fly through Japan or South Korea or any other place, you might have flights cancelled.
  9. I would want to look busy so folks would know what I'm doing. Just sitting around doing nothing might give folks the ideal that I'm not open for business.
  10. Submarines do a lot more than most people think. Most of the crew have no ideal where they are at. It is a different world down below. 444 days is also a long time to be a hostage of any sort.
  11. Chances of getting COVID 19 in the Philippines is around .0333 percent, chances that you will die if you get it in the Philippines is around 3.44 percent. https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html and https://www.worldometers.info/world-population/philippines-population The state of Mississippi has 2280 positive cases for the ages of 18 and below, none have died. For me I would not want to get a vaccine that is rushed. I think school kids will be required to get it if they attend public or private classes. Here in the United States I would not be surprised that when they do have a vaccine, that if you do not get it for your kids, they would consider it child neglect and no telling what would happen then. We have some crazy laws here in Mississippi.
  12. Is your wife from Manila? I think some of the Philippines still have travel restrictions within the country.
  13. I have learned over the years that common sense is not so common.
  14. I was going to have my colon checked out through the VA, then I get a call from them saying that it is elective surgery and the VA is not approving any elective surgery at this time. At the local Wal-Mart they have signs up prior to entrance to the store saying you cannot enter without wearing a face mask, but folks are still entering without or are taking them off once inside, I guess the employees are scared after the security guard at a Dollar General was shot and killed trying to enforce wearing a mask prior to entrance. One sure fact is that we will all die someday and there is no need to worry about tomorrow because tomorrow may never come.
  15. As of right now John Hopkins shows 275,328 deaths world wide, positive cases world wide 3,959,249, that is 6.95540 percent chance that you will die if you get COVID-19. It has already been proven (United States Navy, onboard ships) that all that get COVID-19 do not show signs, so is that total number correct, no. Here in the United States, if you die of something that has similar signs of the COVID-19 (like the flu), your death certificate shows COVID-19, because the hospitals get paid for COVID-19 cases and not everything else, so are the death totals correct, no. Just like everything else, you can make numbers say what you want them to say.
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