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  1. Sorry I did not look at the date. I read on face book that an American Veteran was murdered on Friday night, thought that was the article here in the Philippines, no more information.
  2. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/american-couple-found-dead-in-well-in-philippines/ Be safe.
  3. Got 4,000 liters of beer. Neighbors been thinking it has been raining, .
  4. Just let me know a few days before coming over, all are welcome.
  5. We moved in on 1 October 2020. Still some work on our part. Making some improvements to fit our tastes. I'm not a picture person, some may be fuzzy, took them with my lap top. Man cave, watching Monday night football. Man cave, filing cabinet and DVDs. Man cave, blinds. Spare bed room. Master bedroom. Master bedroom, Chester draws and closet. Master CR. Balcony. Coming down stairs, living room/dining room. Living room/dinning room. Dinning room/kitchen. Living room. Dinning room/kitchen. Kitchen. Kitchen.
  6. https://www.military.com/benefits/military-pay/allowances/cola-for-retired-pay.html I looked at Military.com, I hope it it 1.6%.
  7. The 1.3% increase also includes Military retirement and VA disability.
  8. We bought it from Advanced Property Development and Management Holdings Inc. The remaining balance we financed through them for 5 years. So the wife will get the title after that 5 years. Advanced Property bought up several lots in McArthur Village and are building homes just like ours. We have added air con, water tank, stove with an oven, washing machine, shelfing throughout the house, couch with recliner, 2 love seat with recliner (one in my man cave), table with chairs, 2 50 inch TVs (one in my man cave), king size bed with frame, two door refrigerator and a few other items.
  9. Any time, just let me know ahead of time, so I can get a truck to deliver enough beer, hopefully I have set aside enough peso for this.
  10. Olivia and I bought a house in Malolos. Moved in on 1 October 2020. It is only 119 sqm, but it is big enough for us, new home. 3 bedroom, 3 CRs. PLDT 2.4 G fiber internet. Got hooked up with Armed Forces Network, get 9 channels, American news, sports, TV shows, it only cost me the for the box and setup, have to renew each year, but it is free. One of the bedrooms is my man cave. About 20 minute walk to Vista Mall, 5 minute walk to get a hair cut, still exploring what is near the house. Got the house furnished, minor updates to the house. It is in a sub-division, McArthur Village.
  11. I hope you have a pre-approved list of acceptable items. Have fun.
  12. Philippines is like the US, each state has it own regulations, each county (except Louisiana has parishes) has it own regulations.
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