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  1. https://www.facebook.com/immigration.helpline.ph/photos/a.347429052278683/1360358947652350/?__cft__[0]=AZX6bLgmXbC84D_NByK-bhDFr7Sy0GdBVv4RsiAGyI7Hk1wnO-8gHwb5O6m0qVoKt3yZcTCbZP1sffB07Zj7_fcHX0eD0ytnnSeDYPpdYtWS530tcZoy1f8Hu3FJPv3vwGfIEPgerrOKTJU8ubsZ-OpQEPXSSk6g91QREtiYM5AZo9rIssjDdeeKwNGg_UW9m_v4Rd2jG0tHsV2gDmuaKH5o&__tn__=EH-y-R Immigration Helpline PH January 22 at 1:24 PM · 22 January 2021 PRESS RELEASE Diplomats, Spouse and
  2. The following is from NAS (Naval Air Station) Meridian facebook. "NAS Meridian has started administering the Moderna COVID vaccine shot to personnel onboard the base. #sinkcovid The vaccine can NOT cause infection. You can NOT get COVID-19 from the vaccine. mRNA viruses have been in development for over a decade for other viruses like: influenza, Zika and HIV. In the ongoing clinical trials, the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine has been shown to prevent COVID-19 symptoms following the 2 doses given 28 days apart. However, while the vaccines help to protect individua
  3. That is pretty good distance from the flight deck (if they jumped from there) to the water. A man who would jump from a flight deck, if not done properly would wind up with there balls in there mouth from impact. I was on subs, don't think Master Chief was, but we are screened. One of the Corpsman (Doc) we had, would show all the new guys how to cut there wrist without leaving a mess, the new guys thought he was crazy, need to say, no one attempted.
  4. I donate to the Tebow CURE Hospital, in partnership with CURE International, provides physical and spiritual healing to deserving children of the Philippines. This 30-bed hospital is located in Davao City on the island of Mindanao, Philippines. https://www.timtebowfoundation.org/tebow-cure-hopsital.
  6. 6.3 magnitude earthquake 4 km from Calatagan, Calabarzon, Philippines 42 minutes ago UTC time: Thursday, December 24, 2020 23:43 PM Your time: Friday, December 25, 2020, 7:43 AM Magnitude Type: mww USGS page: M 6.3 - 2 km SE of Calatagan, Philippines USGS status: Reviewed by a seismologist Reports from the public: 202 people Felt this in Malolos at around 0745, shook house, sitting on balcony drinking my morning coffee, felt the house moving, neighbors getting out of there houses into the streets.
  7. Looks like new stimulus will be approved: Congress expected to pass a new Covid-19 relief bill later Monday, millions of Americans are set to receive a new round of direct payments. For most recipients, the checks will be smaller than those sent out in the previous Covid-19 aid package, but still a welcome sight to Americans struggling through the pandemic economy. Here are some answers to the big questions surrounding the soon-to-be-sent payments. How much will I get? Individuals who made up to $75,000 in 2019 will receive $600. Married couples who earned up to $150,000 will receiv
  8. Workers, building two more houses. Gone for right now, until they start building two more after the start of 2021.
  9. Bought two, 3000 and 1500 from Ace Hardware. No problems.
  10. Got my email on 3 December 2020 showing I was approved.
  11. 5 December 2020, two of my wife's dogs, Bullet and Coffee. The third one comes only when I have treats. Santa and local kids. Taking pictures with the local kids and some adults also. Will do it for a couple of more Saturdays (12 and 19 December from 0900 to 1100). Giving to charities is a good ideal, we give to The Tebow CURE Hospital, in partnership with CURE International, provides physical and spiritual healing to deserving children of the Philippines. This 30-bed hospital is located in Davao City on the island of Mindanao, Philippines and to St. Jude Children H
  12. Was explaining to my wife, I thought it would be selfish of me, knowing I had a terminal illness and kept trying to get treated. I also do not want to extend the misery and drain resources for my wife. One of my wife's cousin died of cancer 20 years ago here in the PI, still paying. One fact for sure, we will all die.
  13. Love our slow cooker. Shipped one and trying to teach Olivia how to use it. We have a slow cooker recipe cook book. Still looking for Lawry's seasoned salt, love that stuff.
  14. Lost electric at around 0300 (3 am), 12 November and got it back at around 1830 (6:30 pm), 16 November. Sustained winds of around 65 kph, flooding in the village here, water got up to the gate here, but nothing to worry about here at the house. Glad I had balcony furniture, spent just about all day there. Glad to have gas (keep two bottles of gas on hand) on the stove, was able to cut up the food in the freezer. Had plenty of food and water (keep 4 blue jugs of water on hand). Could had electric back on 14 November, but the flooding in the village, they were afraid to turn it back on bec
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