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  1. You never screwed, just too many programs that should be rolled into one. Yes. Eligible adolescents ages 12 to 17 can now get a Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine at VA facilities that provide this vaccine. Adolescents are eligible if they meet either of these requirements: They receive CHAMPVA benefits, or They help provide care or assistance to a Veteran Here’s what to know: The Pfizer-BioNTech is the only COVID-19 vaccine authorized for use in adolescents at this time. Not all VA health facilities offer this vaccine right now. Check with your VA facility before you g
  2. TRICARE and VA are different. VA will only give vaccines to Veterans and spouses/caregivers at this time. VA Manila are only giving vaccines to Veterans that get care with them, once that is done, if you are registered, COVID-19 vaccines at VA | Veterans Affairs, VA Manila will start calling IF vaccines are available for Veterans that do not get care at VA Manila and spouses/care givers of all Veterans.
  3. TRICARE and VA are different. Right now VA Manila will vaccinate all enrolled Veterans at VA Manila, slow process. After all Veterans enrolled at VA Manila have been vaccinated, they will vaccinate Veterans and spouses/caregivers that are not seen at VA Manila. Have to register to get the phone call for appointment to get vaccine. COVID-19 vaccines at VA | Veterans Affairs I'm 62 and get treatment at VA Manila and really don't expect to get my phone call until September or later, slow process.
  4. With a populations of right at 111 million, the below would help a lot in the Philippines. Philippines to get 40 million doses of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine by Q3 of 2021: DOH | ABS-CBN News MANILA - About 40 million doses of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine candidate are expected to be delivered to the Philippines by the third quarter of 2021, the Department of Health (DOH) said on Monday.
  5. I don't think MEDICARE is available outside the United States, you might want to research that.
  6. I submitted my paper work for 13A and ACR on 5 December 2020, also from Angeles, was approved middle of January 2021. Went to Angeles on 5 March 2021, had my ACR but had to send my passport and ACR back to Manila to get passport stamped, got it back middle of April 2021. Was told that BI office in Angeles would call when it came back, I kept telling my wife to call every few days to check, when she called after holy week the BI office in Angeles had received it back. No phone call from BI office in Angeles saying it came in. Also sent an email to them and did not receive anything back from
  7. I have been trying a few companies to have items sent to me from the United States. This time I used Shipping Cart, about 22 pounds (10 kilos). Shipment was mailed on 22 April 2021 and I received it on 26 April 2021 (estimated delivery date was 28 April 2021). It was not cheap, $125.00, but fast. Nothing was damaged. I get three address: AU Shipping Address, UK Shipping Address and a United States shipping address.
  8. Join as many face book groups about the Philippines that you can find. Learn about Philippines Immigration. What kind of budget are you on? Some live on less than $1,000 a month and some have unlimited budget. Research this site, a lot of good information.
  9. I'm hoping that is the end of a sentence. So I tried again and said no this is not my email, social security is sending a letter to my mail forwarding address to submit the correct email. I will see how long that takes.
  10. The article states that they were doing torpedo drills, I have not seen anyone stating that this could have happen because of a torpedo hot run, a torpedo activates onboard a submarine. Does not give a size of the object, I'm thinking at 50 - 100 meters they would know the size of the object.
  11. Social Security We sent an email to ye******@yahoo.com. Please allow up to 2 minutes for the security code to arrive. The security code will expire 10 minutes from the time of your request.
  12. Yes. Very blessed I don't need it at this time. But somehow social security needs to fix the problems for the ones that do need it right away. The only websites I have any issues with is social security and Mypay, everything thing else works fine.
  13. For some reason, once I moved to the Philippines in August 2020 I could not log in. When it came time for social security to send me my security code, I never did get an email from them. I added the no-reply address to my contacts and still nothing. The young lady I talked to at social security international last night (15 April 2021) said that is a common issue with folks living overseas. This morning I filled out a form on social security wedsite service desk and explained my situation, hopefully I will get a reply with a solution. I sent my first email 4 months out to social security M
  14. Correction, within three calendar days. COVID-19 Information | U.S. Embassy in the Philippines COVID-19 Information Last updated:  04/14/2021 All airline passengers to the United States ages two years and older must provide a negative COVID-19 viral test taken within three calendar days of travel. Alternatively, travelers to the United States may provide documentation from a licensed health care provider of having recovered from COVID-19 in the 90 days preceding travel. Check the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website for additional informati
  15. If I remember correctly, you have to have a COVID test done with in 48 hours of your flight. Once in the United States there should be no restrictions. Now coming back, I thought you had to have your wife with you and a current visa, of course that can change in four weeks.
  16. I tired using my Social Security | SSA, but since I moved here back in August 2020, I have had no luck being able to log in. I'm not hurting for the money right now and don't expect to. I just want the information put out so if someone is counting on the money and they go through social security Manila, they are not surprised. When I talked to social security in Manila, I was told four to five months, I guess that is a standard answer they give. Before when I contacted the white house, I did get results, only time will tell now.
  17. Beware if you are going through Social Security at the U. S. Embassy. I'm blessed and don't need the money at this time. For those that are counting on the money, you might want to figure out a different way to apply. I sent the below to contact the white house. I started my process to get my social security back in October 2020. I tried to get it started before I moved to the Philippines at the end of July 2020, was told I had to wait until October 2020. That is when I sent an email to social security at the U.S. Embassy in Manila. They set up a phone meeting with me in December 2020.
  18. Some good information, not just for American Veterans, but talking about the COVID19 vaccine, and later on getting a booster, so maybe booster for COVID19 like the yearly flu shot. https://www.facebook.com/navytimes/videos/828944194706830 Facebook
  19. Thanks for the post. I just requested more information on the SOFIA 2 SARS Antigen FIA. Antigen testing for confirmatory diagnosis. "Changing the testing game with its high mobility and affordability, the Sofia 2 boasts a sensitivity of 96.7% and a low risk of process error. Get accurate results in as fast as 15 minutes."
  20. This what I can copy. When I heard that the United States Military was getting it, I looked it up. I don't pay for Wall Street either. By Peter Loftus Updated Feb. 27, 2021 7:21 pm ET Johnson & Johnson ’s Covid-19 vaccine was authorized for use in the U.S. by federal health regulators. It is the third shot to be cleared after shots from Pfizer Inc. and its partner BioNTech SE and from Moderna Inc. And it is the first shot requiring just one dose, rather than two. Here’s what we know and don’t know: How do the three Covid-19 vaccine
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