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  1. Alleycat

    State pension ( British )

  2. Alleycat

    State pension ( British )

    This is great information; I have just checked my position; the estimate is that I will receive 129.11 per week but I can increase this up to a maximum of 164.35 if I pay 741 by 5 April 2024 (presumably this will increase because I don't currently pay NI).
  3. Alleycat

    Shall we put the Christmas tree up

    Our Christmas tree went up today followed by a long videoke session. I don't possess a videoke but a friend brought his over for our impending wedding party; she hasn't partaken in videoke for a few years because grumpy won't allow it so she had a good session today. She is happy; I have beer.
  4. Alleycat

    Shall we put the Christmas tree up

    Our tree is not up yet although asawa has made noises about it being the time to do it because Halloween is now behind us. I am ok with whenever she decides to put the tree up; I have kids and my ex wife used to do things like make Halloween masks in February; celebrate Eid, even though they are all Brits and she is a Catholic (I am not religious or superstitious) and many other off the cuff things to entertain the kids and make life interesting. It doesn't really matter as long as we are happy and I have beer.