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  1. Thank you for the response. I ended up with a ticket to arrive Feb 6th. My ticket out of the country is to Koala Lumpur. Much cheaper than back to Cleveland Ohio. At least initially I will be living in Antipolo, Rizal. About 15 miles from Manila?
  2. Thank you gentleman for the help. I did get my ticket today to Manila. Exit ticket to Kuala Lumpur in October. I have leased a house in Antipolo. I have read this forum and others for many months. I fully expect to represent the expat community well.
  3. New guy here. I have to have a ticket to leave for within 30 days of when I arrive? I understand the reasoning but I don't plan to leave, just throw the ticket away? Does my ticket have to be back to my point of origin in the US, or just out of the country? Say Hong Kong or whatever is cheapest.
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