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  1. Yes... I use Express VPN for the TV and computers but not for the cell phones. Speed tests do vary by time. Back to back testing has gone at times from virtually 0 up to 20+ within just a few minutes... I switched a while back to the Seattle server from San Francisco and that seemed to improve service greatly.
  2. Good news! There are already abundant worms cruising through our soil here. One crawled over my foot yesterday and startled me. We see their tracks on the surface in some places where we recently added some "earth fill" or land fill that is mostly earth or dirt (except for the plastic bits, flip-flops and a few rocks. We think it may be river dredgings because it is very silty. So we are going to hold off on importing more worms for now... I am impressed with your neighbours. I always had the intentions but did not follow through with being a true environmentalist. But we both try. When t
  3. Ours has always worked best in daytime or late at night. As someone mentioned some time ago in this topic(?), the worst time seems to be at or around 8pm. That has been the case almost continually. We think that might be prime time for FaceBook and the rest of the social media? By 8:15 or 8:30, all is well (except for the current staccato service due to problems).
  4. Update regarding PLDT... Last night we were able to watch a movie almost uninterrupted for the first time in several days. The previous days were impossible with speeds showing mostly between 0-10 mbs and continuous interruptions. Websites were sometimes slow but streaming simply was not working. We may still add on Cignal in future but will just wait for now - in spite of the aforementioned special - until PLDT settles down some more...
  5. Absolutely correct, L just assured me. It is growing almost wild on the property and was already growing when we moved in. L made a veggie dish with calabasa in it and it was wonderful. It sort of reminds me of acorn squash that I used to bake up in USA years ago. Like you say, they are good and healthy. We are looking forward to trying your recipe - thanks!
  6. Yup... Here in Davao, speed test varies lately from 0-30 mbps. Usually it shows 25-30. A while ago there was signal but nothing connected. Now it is a bit better...
  7. Just sort of a side comment... There was a time aboard the yacht when I needed to replace a large piece of teak with new. I mean 6 feet long and six inches girth.... I found a lumber guy in 'Stralia who sold me some teak that had been drying naturally for 4 years. It worked brilliantly - was anything but cheap, but did the job. I am sure it is still doing that since I sold it a few years ago. I imagine that the hardwood doors we bought might have been dried for a couple of months?
  8. Here are some of the new cabinets: The tool and cleaning product cabinets over the washing machine. The other tool cabinet for heavy tools next to the washing machine. We opted to just use beveled wood edges rather than handles for the doors - simpler, cheaper and convenient. As any readers can readily see, this has been an incredible learning project. We have always had high expectations, but some of those were dashed due to poor quality workmanship or poor material quality. But we have persevered - we think. Now we are on the path of fixing issues we hav
  9. Yes, Queenie... I am very interested in your recipe. Thanks for sharing it!
  10. Thanks, JJ... How much land will that 1 kilo be good for? And, sorry for being ignorant, but do I just dump them on the ground or dig some soil up to help them find their home? I love trying to do things with nature as much as possible. The soil here is very heavy and clay-like, but seems fertile and orchard trees and other plants seem to thrive in it.
  11. Our doors are all "hardwood" yakul, nara and another... They are not actually solid wood, but laminated. Two of them have developed splits and cracks and two have warped seriously - we're talking 1/2" or more from top to bottom. So Jack is definitely right about the warping issue. Oh well... live and learn...
  12. I realize that horseradish and squash are different veggies. But I thought I would try this topic as a starting point. Now that we are semi-professional gardeners, I was hoping someone might have found horseradish seeds somewhere? I never did find any condiments with horseradish as a main ingredient, so reckon I might have to grow my own. There's just nothing quite like it for flavouring a nice roast beef! I grew it back in Seattle and it actually became a bit of a pest - it spread all over and I had to cut it back and keep an eye on it or it would have taken over the entire yard!
  13. There are a number of members here who grow their own veggies and herbs, and it's nice to see and compare. You are doing great with your terrace plantings! Well, the home build is "virtually" done. We had some good painters doing finishing touches last week. And we will hire them back to paint the cabinetry and other last minute improvements. We had a welder here for a day and L flat did not like him. His work was not really bad, but we both needed to keep an eye on him and steer him along. He did not seem motivated and seemed light on "street smarts," as I call them. The electr
  14. I have the workers always apply clear solignum too. I followed your advice from the beginning regarding that. Thanks for the tip, Mike!
  15. I will agree with you, Jack, that my eyes have been opened more in the past couple of years regarding work here. However, I still think our contractor did decent work, but not to the quality levels I had hoped for, compared to USA standards. Their lacking was mostly in the detail work. And, as several on this forum have said, they needed virtually constant supervision or over-viewing. My mistake for not spending more time out here during construction. Lastly, we did - and do - have budget constraints here. But we also are aware of the "you get what you pay for" (sometimes) logic too.
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