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  1. Another positive story about our home build...with a couple negatives too... We complained to the contractor about the wood tiles in the bedrooms lifting. I mean REALLY lifting - up to two inches high in one place! L visited Trust Hardware where we bought the wood tiles and they gave her the name and phone number of the professional installer they recommend. We told our contractor that they should have hired him at the beginning in order to do a good job with the flooring. Anyway, a team of four boys showed up today and started fixing the problem. The foreman had assured us he had al
  2. I will add a bit more here since I am now on a roll... The contractor employees working here were pigs. I don't mean that biologically, but in their habits. We have had several different people come here since the construction essentially ended to pick up all the mess the workers left. It's no wonder there were rats here. Just last week, two of the boys were here re-working some bad stainless joints in the railings on the roof deck. I went up there last night for the first time since they left. The deck tiles were almost all blackened from the polishing and grinding they did up there
  3. Sorry HK, I guess I did not make myself clear. I only use my one debit card for ATM cash advances, so it does come in handy. However lately, I have been doing wire transfers due to the rather large payments required for the home construction. My local bank, PNB, is very relaxed and I am sure everyone in the branch knows about me and our home build. They are very curious. So I haven't shown ID there in over a year. They fill out any paperwork for transfers or $/Peso exchanges and I just scrawl what serves as my signature... I should have been a doctor!
  4. Maybe I am talking out of school here? However, I just today received my virus relief payment. Last time it was a check, this time it is a debit card. It was sent to my USA mail handler. I never use debit cards because the chances are greater (or at least seem so to me) that someone can steal that money that is already available and accessible and it might be more difficult to recover that than a credit card from the issuing institution? A few years ago someone somehow hacked one of my credit cards and charged some sort of weird jewelry using the numbers only - the card never le
  5. Now you make me curious, Explorer... What telecom system is your TMobile accessing when you are here? And are there extra fees for "wandering," or anything else? I don't need this as I have okay service from Smart (Stupid) most of the time and won't be travelling to USA for a long while. Just wondering how that works for you.
  6. Direct example of that here... The sparky for the contractor generally does good work and knows how to wire a home. However, as chronicled in my build posts, we asked him if he could install the electric opener. He said yes he could and proceeded to read the manual. We knew he had not done one before. Well, he tried but really did not know what he was doing. It was also obvious, after a while, that he did not understand the manual. He laid the sensor magnets aside without a clue that they were essential to stopping the gate at the proper places when fully opened or fully closed. He didn't
  7. Ah...so I see... Then Plan B of setting up a fence might work? Thanks for that...always learning here...
  8. We will see what happens regarding rats. I noticed in most island nations that the locals wrapped some thin steel or aluminum strips around the trunks of the coconut trees in their copra groves to keep the rats from feeding on them. I would be okay with doing that, if necessary.
  9. I can summarize that, generally, our new home was properly constructed. The main contention points are the finish work. There are lots of detail work that L and I will need to do - re-painting over varnish overspray, replacing screws in door hinges so they all match, working on the door hinge installations too, since they obviously did not use real wood chisels to set the hinges correctly. Many doors do not close properly. I know how to do this and am a bit surprised that the workers did not seem to know how to fit doors - or locks - properly. This outfit built the apartment building where we
  10. I just ordered some neem tree starts from Lazada. We will plant just one since they, apparently can grow quite large. I also ordered a dwarf coconut tree start. We love fresh coconuts, but don't have the space to plant full size ones here. How is the milk and meat from yours? Is it as good as that from a regular, full-sized tree? I had a friend in Fiji who planted an entire orchard with some sort of hybrid dwarf coconut trees for copra production. I don't remember the reasons why, but he was not happy with them... Oh... and we will give a compost pile a try also. Worst case, if pests
  11. I will try to find these neem trees also. We don't have a huge mosquito problem, but they do come out for snacks after about 4 pm daily - maybe only a dozen or so. But you well know that a dozen mozzies can set your legs and/or arms on fire!!! Thanks, Queenie for another good tip!!!
  12. My feet aren't so big as that, Graham...maybe closer to 10 so I am not swimming inside them!!!
  13. So, perhaps I should word my comments in a different way? I will, personally, not engage any work on our home, property or vehicles without having first-hand experience or knowledge about the contractor or worker from either L or someone she completely trusts... I think that should explain and cover my concerns and opinion?
  14. Well, HK... maybe you did get lucky. and I am happy for you... But so far, my experience shows the opposite. So I would advise anyone, especially a newbie here, to not trust anyone who is a worker or claims to be a contractor. It also appears to be wise to let or encourage the wife/girlfriend/mate to begin negotiations or agreements with any local workers... Just my experience and advice...
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