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  1. If you read my house build info, you will see what I did: 1. Fairly high cement fence with pointed angle steel. Not a lot of deterrent, but maybe it keeps the more honest out? 2. CCTV system. It it obvious and everyone knows about it. It was also not really expensive. 3. Burglar alarm system. It works a bit too well because marauding cats sometimes set off the motion detectors. 4. Motion detector lights. These seem to be relatively unknown in this area and may deter miscreants because of their fear of lights showing them. 5. Big K-9 dog. He is super fast and I would never want him to be pissed off at me or see me as an enemy. His "play" bites are nasty! CCTV and alarm are both accessible with cell phone. We make it a point to now and then trigger the alarm when people are around so they notice it. Otherwise, it is actually a peaceful and safe neighbourhood. We feel safe and secure. I am the only foreigner in the area and everyone knows that and about me. All of the above is just cheap and simple insurance to add to the paid insurance we already carry. That, and, the K-9 is very loyal and loving to us... couldn't be without one like him! Edit: I forgot to mention that our location is simply open land with no gated community. It still feels safe to me, but a bit less safe to L who tends to be a little paranoid at times... No steel bars on windows (they are heavy and would make an awful sound if broken), simple, but secure locks on doors.
  2. L bought a calimansi plant from a guy for P150. She does not know the name of the type of plant, but knows that it is a grafted hybrid. I picked three fruits from it today already. It is maybe .3 meters tall and .3 meters in diameter. It is also looking very healthy and is thriving in our heavy, orchard soil...
  3. Let me know when they are ready, Rod. I will bring the beer!
  4. I found Old El Paso refried beans online with Lazada. Also, L has found them at Gasaino in Davao city. I am not sure if mine qualifies as "good," but I do make some mean Tex-Mex 'rittos here... Stop by for a couple of them and a "cold one" or two...!
  5. "Tom" atillo salsa, Old? Hahahaha!!! Thanks for the thought and I will have to try this! At least the "cold one" part of the equation is much easier now than before...
  6. The Herdez salsa is hard to find here in Davao. the rest is mostly available. I love Mexican dishes! Thanks for the recipe!
  7. Good! I know I will now sleep better tonight knowing that... especially after a few shots of Tanduay!
  8. Thanks for the reminder and info, Mike. However I don't think you quite answered my question...or maybe I need another cuppa Jo to finish waking up? Does this mean the forum automatic edit should now refer to "Former Pres....etc.?" Just curious. Don't worry, Clermont... I have already been recalled!
  9. Regarding discrimination... Should this forum continue to refer to Mr. DJT as President or Former President in the automatic edit? Is there a bias here?
  10. I see. No reason not to share it with the group... The company is called Dockside Solutions and has a website called Docksidemail. Reasonable prices, great service too.
  11. I have used a mail service and forwarder in Seattle for many years - great service and low prices... no state or city taxes and great service. If interested, I can give you their contact information...
  12. Just an adjunct... Today we have the air/con installer here to clean and check the units. I am most impressed by his team. They have a compressor and all other tools required to clean and service the units. And they clean up after their work... So far - after about a year - the Panasonic units have worked flawlessly. No complaints here...
  13. A lot of Darwin Award winners past and future out there.
  14. I don't remember when or where I read it, but the last time the idea of a law permitting divorce was promulgated a few years ago, Duterte went on record that he would not sign it, due in part to his daughter's opposition to it. Her position was that virtually any marriage could be healed and continue... Good luck to this potential legislation, but I think it is DOA...
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