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  1. L is really getting a bit upset... Filipinas seem to be drawn to me when I walk though malls - as if by a magnet! It is a bit distressing for her and interesting by me... And I haven't even had a vaccine injection yet!!!
  2. Very nice and attractive home... good job! I especially like all the terraces and protected spaces to go to and enjoy the outdoors...
  3. That's a great thought, Jim... I understand the concept.... However it has been difficult to police this since there has been torrential rain virtually every day or night now for over two months... Even now, at 2pm thunder is growling and a storm is brewing... The Filipino neighbours simply light leaf fires in the afternoons to try to mitigate the mozzies. So I guess I will just have to keep lighting coils for a while longer?
  4. That's a great idea! That's why I wanted to plant those trees here. Supposedly, just the trees, themselves, are supposed to repel mozzies... But, at any rate, it will be a few years before these trees can do anything since they are only a bit shy of waist height... We have a lot of mozzies in morning and evening. So I have been burning coils starting at 6am and again at 4pm. It would be good to be rid of them naturally, if possible...
  5. Just curious and not attacking you. But could could you please share your sources of information for those, like me, who are ignorant about them?
  6. Well... the next door neighbour has several cacao plants growing and they recently produced seed pods. We are growing them, not so much for produce, but rather that they grow quickly and will provide cover to our property. Same thing with talisay trees. We are looking for shade and shielding from neighbours. So far, the cacao starts have grown almost one meter in about 6 weeks. The talisay is virtually a weed - it grows by inches daily. We have two neem trees - one of which I truncated almost to the ground accidentally when using the weed whacker. Even that one is growing back now -
  7. Thanks to you and your better half for the tip. We will try that... We are super impressed by your growing efforts there - really really nice. You guys are doing a great job. That planting array is very cool and, obviously, very effective. Just yesterday I saw that three lemon seeds germinated so we may have some lemon trees in our future! We have a papaya volunteer growing in the back and three cacao plants along with four table banana plants. It is amazing to see the growth here...
  8. Not really sure where to post this, so picked this one. Please move it, if necessary, mods... I came across the article this morning and found it to be a bit frightening, but also no surprise, after seeing this river a number of times. I believe the Davao River might be almost as bad, or possibly worse? https://www.msn.com/en-ph/money/business/pasig-is-worlds-most-polluting-river-—-study/ar-AAKSnkV?li=BBr8Mkn "Pasig is world’s most polluting river — study 7 hrs ago Like|3 PH reports 5,462 new Covid-19 cases PEZA sets sights on Saudi Arabia fund
  9. I still don't mean to doubt you, Robert K... However the first article you refer to is from 2004. I will stand by my earlier post that past history does not necessarily prove anything about today. I really think that we must, unfortunately, wait and see before passing any judgements. Concrete proof will tell the tale, not innuendo or breathless press reporting, whether from CNN, MSNBC, Fox or others... Show us all some irrefutable proof and I will be a true believer. But, until then, let's find out, collectively, what really occurred or not? Perhaps we may never learn the absolute "t
  10. I don't doubt you, but the source of your information, for my edification? And I stand by my last comment. Even if there were previous "leaks," that proves nothing about the present, even though there appears to be a "smoking gun," here.
  11. I am so tired of seeing the topics and commentary regarding politics and the virus... So I will post simply for gardening and food... The recent daily heavy deluges of rain from storms (for the past two months) virtually every afternoon or night have devastated much of our burgeoning garden... The wing beans and tomatoes are the winners, so far. Pechay is doing okay, but insects are eating the leaves almost as fast as they grow! If the weather settles a bit, then we will re-try onions, carrots and some others. Meanwhile, we are enjoying a bumper crop of the wing beans, herb
  12. My opinion is that we should all wait and see that the so-called truth appears to say. So much speculation from many sides does not solve or diagnose the problem. There are conspiracy theories more numerous to count. History will tell us what really happened, but it may take a while. I suggest, respectfully, that everyone chill and wait and see...
  13. Hmmm... can you say "high property and other taxes?" Not being nasty, OMW, just making sure you might go there with your eyes open... But... sorry... we are way off topic... again!!!
  14. Sorry to hear of your hassles, Gandang. Your main comments relate exactly why we built our own home. Sure...it was a HUGE hassle. so many things the contractors either did not know how to do or just did poor quality work. Boots on the ground helped a lot to keep it from becoming a disaster. When we shopped condos and homes, the problems we saw were not indicative of quality construction - so many big cracks in walls, cheap and low quality fixtures... And, as I have mentioned before either here or in other threads, watching the construction - especially the masonry (hollow blocks and cement and
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