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  1. This is not legal advice... However, from my observations here, I would not worry about a building permit. It seems that even large homes constructed here do not have building permits.
  2. I appreciate your thoughts, Snowy. So far, when visiting the home, the upstairs master bedroom has been cool. There are nice breezes usually and the early shade seems to keep that area cool. The aircon for that room works very well so that is good too. You did miss some earlier postings from me about the site, but that's okay. The home is sited in a fruit orchard so it is shaded in the early morning by mango trees to the east. It is exposed during mid-day to full sun, but then is shaded from about 3 pm and later by more mango trees to the west. Whenever we visit, the home is cooler i
  3. So far as I know from reading news articles, SRRVs have not been issued since some time soon after the virus arrived. And, as I am sure most or all members know that SRRV holders are - at last look - not permitted to return if overseas. It really saddens me because, even though it may seem a bit pricey to some, I think it is a good program. Other countries I have visited in the past 20+ years have similar programs with various requirements regarding cost, time, etc. But then, every good or positive program can be subject to abuse and the abusers screw it all up for everyone else. Another
  4. Drinking sprees spread Covid-19 Ire Joe V.C. Laurente 16 hrs ago © Provided by The Manila Times CALAPAN CITY, Oriental Mindoro: In at least two instances, nine individuals were infected by the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) after having a drinking binge with friends, the City Health and Sanitation Department (CHSD) here said. In a public address on Wednesday aired on his official social media page, Mayor Arnan Panaligan said nine of the new cases of Covid-19 in the city were traced to the drinking sessions either attended or spearheaded by a positive
  5. I see your point HK. However, when we looked at homes and condos here, even L could see that the quality was very poor. She had her home constructed locally and was on site every day to guide the build to her standards. Even at our high costs, we are still compromising with our new home. One of those standards is the ability to withstand earthquakes. We have seen a few condos in this area collapse from recent quakes. And, believe me, our new home is not built to USA standards...still far from it. But materials, mainly, have driven up the cost for us. Labour is inexpensive for the mos
  6. Well... it keeps on going... Yesterday was very depressing. I opened up a door to the guest bedroom and it reeked of cigarette. I became unglued and yelled at the foreman. There was also a cigarette butt on the floor in the entryway. No no no!!! This is not a toilet! I think he got my point. I apologized later to him because I know it is not really his fault. He is so busy trying to complete the build that he has little time to do what he should be doing - supervising. We (L and I) see this as the fault of the contractor - expecting the foreman to do everything all at the same time..
  7. Try this one, JD. She did not find us a suitable place, but she seemed to put effort into her search. We did not buy because prices just seemed out of touch with our resources. She showed us local and foreign style homes... Melanny Angangan Real Estate Mobile 09126397316
  8. Yeah...I know we are wandering off topic again - as I always do... but I will add a few more thoughts... In the area of our new home, there are a number of fairly large and nice homes, all owned by Filipinos. They may not be up to our quality standards (L and mine), but they are big and at least look nice. Meanwhile, there are new apartment and condo buildings going up all over this area - it is a bit surprising to me to see this. And as I mentioned in a post or two in some other topic a while ago, prices seemed very high for even tiny condos when we were looking last year. I'm talki
  9. That may be the case. However, there seem to be a lot of wealthy Filipinos here in Davao judging by the number of big, expensive Fortuners, Rangers and other cars I see. Sure...they may all be paid for with big car loans, but there are a lot of big, expensive homes here too. I will just add that the cost for building our home is similar or possibly higher than what I would expect to pay in USA. And a lot of the workmanship is shoddier for that cost.
  10. So far so good as far as L and I go healthwise. I think we will just sit out early vaccines for a while and see what happens. There are not a lot of infections here in Davao, yet - Mayor Inday seems to be trying to keep a lid on it. Quarantine from 7pm to 5 am sort of helps, I guess... But then I see heavy traffic on the roads all around at 6:30pm and know that all those people will not be home until way past curfew. Then there are always those still going out and partying - like just outside the apartment last night until almost 10pm. Some just don't get it or don't care. And there are s
  11. Congratulations, Chief! You did fine with your photos. Thanks for sharing it all with us. It really looks like a nice home. You should enjoy that a lot. So... we talked about beer????
  12. Yeah, OMW... I understand your point here. I guess lockdowns might be useful to try to stop the stubborn knuckleheads from going out and contaminating everyone they encounter? I see it as just a shame that so many people flaunt the suggestions - I see them as selfish, self-centered and anti-social. Those are the polite and nice things I would say. It sometimes seems to me to be a basic lack of humanity with a number of people, no matter which country they inhabit. The situation that Jack described above is a perfect example of selfishness and stupidity. As he suggests, the laws apply to s
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