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  1. Ah... another reason people are hoarding toilet paper... Thanks Geoff!!!!
  2. I guess I am sort of smiling? Maybe just smirking... Sorry, AK...
  3. An interesting thought that I have not seen vocalized yet??? So... who's going to pay for these massive payouts? Hmmmm??? Bill Gates? Warren Buffett? Jeff Bezos?? Our president? Nancy Pelosi? Chuck Shumer? Mitch McConnell? Vladimir Putin? Please enlighten me? Ahhhh the taxpayers..... shhhhh still a secret...
  4. In Philippines, HK? Bwahahahahahaha Sorry... the devil made me do that...
  5. Cool... Thanks for the info. You know how difficult it can be to get accurate information. That's why I asked... And way cool to see that octogenerian cruising around on his bike! I love that!!!
  6. Some good news today... The foreman is still at the home site and continuing with the work. We know this because he has asked us some questions about the construction.... We will inquire about whether two of us can travel to the site in a few days to view progress... So I am heartened about the build... At this time, I just want to see it done so we can move in. I don't care about furniture, appliances... - just want water, power and a proper bed to sleep in... all the rest can wait.... oh... and a decent toilet to use so we aren't doing like @Jake with his tabo and other toilet issues....
  7. Just my opinion - which is worthless today - but I think it will be okay if you have a USA address. At least I hope that will be the case for me... I guess we will all find out within a few weeks?
  8. Not doubting you at all, Hobbit... but curious how do you know this? have you witnessed or been busted?
  9. Please remember, Jim, to not take the paracetamol if drinking alcohol. Together, the blend is super toxic to your liver! Try using a heating pad, if you have one, or at least hot water bottle on your back...?
  10. Yeah... I hear you, HK. Perhaps I should have worded that a bit differently? I just see that we need to all distance ourselves as the mandates order. As much isolation as possible seems to be helping. I have no problem with quarantine. From what I have read, it will possibly prolong the duration of the contagion, but it might reduce the effects sooner... Certainly, I am far from an expert on this. But this is what I read and see... Honestly, I don't think we are really too far away from desperate measures being necessary... They may seem "draconian, " but they might stem the tide and stop this virus in its tracks? Anyway... let's hope it all goes away soon!
  11. So... in short, we need to stop social intercourse and carry on with sexual intercourse? Is that how you would see it?
  12. Yeah.. you are right... sorry... I lost my concentration... thanks for the correction!
  13. Okay... I will stick out my opinion now - maybe stronger than usual... I believe that if we - earthlings - wish to eradicate or at least super-slow this virus - we must (MUST) stop social interactions for at least three weeks, starting today. If people do not interact, then the virus has no place to go and will die off, with whichever patient or human it has infected. I realize this will be impossible to achieve, especially where medical care is ongoing... but I think this should be our goal. That's all... I guess it's another way for me to say that lock down and no travel make really good sense to me...
  14. My biggest dream for my bucket list is to get a ride in an aircraft that can take off and then go vertical and continue to accelerate. Probably I would vomit, but it would be worth the thrill to me!
  15. I used an agent for several years with tourist visa... so easy and only maybe 250 pesos each go? No time for me at BI, no waiting, no lines, no BS... But I did have to go to their office - which is about 50 meters away from the BI. No home service...at least here in Davao...
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