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  1. My knowledge about appliances sold here is still quite limited - so far only a washing machine and water dispenser. Each one of those has a yellow/green ground wire hanging at the back. Edit: I remembered I also bought a computer printer. There are no metal parts accessible to the touch, so I guess there is no need for a ground connection? At least, none is provided... The small appliances - like the blender - just have the standard two prong plugs. So I will need to find ways to connect the danglers. I feel fortunate that the electrician sub-contractor really is an electrician and knows his stuff. Installing grounded outlets is unusual here, but not unheard of. I wanted this after having experienced 220 volt zingers from ungrounded and mis-wired outlets when sitting on a cement floor in the Marshal Islands one day while connecting up a computer system at the hardware store where I was consulting... I agree that your plan is the most comprehensive way to do this, but I think the ones I chose should work for the majority of, if not all, plug-in gear at our new house. I think the slanted prong plugs are only used in Oz/Kiwiland? I don't have nor expect to have any appliances from those countries.
  2. Thanks for that... I saw at least two PAL flights come in for landings yesterday, but have no idea if more came in when I was busy... Usually there are helicopters buzzing past the apartment here when he is in town and there were a couple of fly-bys yesterday too. I just did not get hosed up with motorcades...
  3. Nice photos, Graham... Lovely area to recreate!
  4. I get your point, Graham... I think there really is no excuse for the "lock us up" directives... It should be up to us to decide if we should be exposed or not. I know that the "powers that be" SAY that they are concerned about the cost to them and their constituents (supposedly) for any infection treatments... Meanwhile, I am truly dismayed when I observe so many when I am "out and about" flaunting the mask-up policies... So I am chewing on that... as you suggest.
  5. Geoff... I am an ex-sailor... Come on, man, seriously... do you not think that I cannot turn anything I find in a "hardware" store into distilling gear?... I already ordered some wine yeast online as suggested by another member here... I used to brew my own beer on the yacht - not the best in the world, but "drink for affect!" seemed to work!
  6. So is alcohol... But do they listen to us???? Nooo... But they allow me into hardware stores... go figure...
  7. I agree with your sentiment, Graham. However, at least here in Davao, stated policy or regulation and enforcement are definitely two different things. I seem to be able to travel freely just about anywhere I please. Of course, I am wearing a hat (covers the grey (white?)) and the mask and eyeglasses cover the wrinkles? So maybe I look 40-ish rather than 60+-ish? Anyway, so far I have not had any problems going to hardware stores or driving to our property through two checkpoints along the way. Enforcement here seems much relaxed compared to even just one week ago, when ECQ was still in force... Just my observations, not meant to be a comment on policy...
  8. I have discussed this with L a number of times. She tells me that the main difficulty is that her language (she speaks 7, but Davaoweno(?) is her native one) does not have words for many things and actions that are common in English and European languages. That is why she will be rattling along in her language, or Tagalog, and suddenly a phrase will pop out in English. English has usually many explicit words for everything, whereas the Filipino languages require lengthy descriptions to get to the same place. It is amazing to listen to her if we stop to ask for directions to go somewhere - it can take 5 minutes just to learn that a particular store or building is just down the road about .5 kms and turn right... And even then, sometimes the directions or her understanding are wrong... It drives me crazy sometimes since, many years ago, I worked on a project that assigned street names and numbers to everything in a county in Washington State. I drew the map, then assisted in giving cardinal directions (N, S, E, W...etc...). Before the address change, it was not unlike here - everyone had Rural Route names and box numbers and emergency services and others had extreme difficulty trying to find particular homes out in the country...
  9. Washed my hands with soap and water, then rinsed out my mouth with Tanduay... good enough? Sorry... but my mind is still dirty...
  10. Geoff... Sad to say... I agree with all your points here... For whatever international reasons, China has taken control of a big portion of what they claim as their "sovereign" territory... What you mention... "might makes right," is, unfortunately, a truism... I met a guy several years ago, who had a similar name to mine... He was doing research about the "ownership" of various areas based upon the location of oceanic "plates" and continental "land." It was fascinating and he showed me how, according to international law and recognition, who owned what regarding these continental plates. It was fascinating... but, sadly, it is not recognized in some of the international community... need I say... China?...
  11. It makes me so very sad to read those articles... And then also, to read about 40K+ deaths attributed to nursing homes in New York State? I am paranoid about this virus... But realistic too... L and I take rather "extreme" measures with hand washing, mask wearing... I, personally, believe it is now up to the individual to protect him/her self in these trying times. I do not trust governments or organizations...L and I are self-serving... like it or not. So, if nitwits want to run around without masks or social distancing... then let them have it. And I have no sympathy for them or their families if they get sick with it... Yes... cold thoughts, but my feelings... We will continue to protect ourselves, the best we can...
  12. Not doubting you, Freebie... but just curious... El Presidente is here in Davao again? I have observed several PAL flights landing here in the past couple days...
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