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  1. Paul... I feel for your losses and all the hassles and grief you have suffered through. First off... thank you for your military service. You certainly did not deserve to get ill, beyond your "normal" service activities. And secondly, it is so sad regarding your wife's illness and suffering. I cannot fathom the grief you endured through that. I can only hope that your future will improve for you...
  2. I understand and accept that completely, HK. I am willing to take certain chances... (and I don't usually eat couscous! But we did have salad last night - albeit with fatty and a bit sweet dressing!). Sure, either or both of us might be in an accident, a tsunami might invade (although not so likely at 330 meters!), lightning might strike, a jetliner might crash or...or....? Like I said before... I took off sailing into areas where one cannot dial 911. If something had happened, then we were on our own. However, we prepared quite well then. So I see the same concept here. Up to a
  3. Hey Paul... You offer some good suggestions that I believe not everyone considers. At least in our case - and many others, from what I have been reading here - funding the service one may require is secondary to accessing that service. There are a few clinics between our home and the big hospitals in the city but, judging from appearances, I think anyone going in would come out in worse shape than at admittance. For us it is at least 30 minutes to the nearest quality care and up to an hour or more if traffic is thick. So, as Snowy and RBM post, I agree that trying to stay healthy in
  4. To me... it sounds like you are doing the best posssible to fix your problem there, OMW.
  5. Hi Paul... Perhaps I am missing the point of the OP original post.. and it definitly would not be the first time... I am seeing it as more - what happens or what do you do when the s*** hits the fan when or if you are home alone or with your significant other? Whether you are or not a military or former military veteran...If you or I get sick, we may need attention... simple and plain to me...
  6. I agree with your thoughts, Snowy. I agree also with your convictions. And you are correct, I believe, that our votes currently and before don't always seem to make a difference regarding the people who make or enforce the "laws" of the land... It is challenging to us now about who really "rules" the world... I wish I had the answer...
  7. P Paul... I greatly respect your experience and history. I also regret and commiserate with your personal situations... However, I also welcome you to the forum and look forward to your comments and offerings. I have learned a lot from the members here... Hmmm... And @Jollygoodfellowhappens to be the manager of ths site and is also a mellow and considerate member. Please trust his guidance and comments...
  8. Tommy T.


    Sorry Jake.... Bilot, for sure, but baluts?
  9. Not to mention that a petitioner having the virus may be dead already?
  10. Actually, Dave... I retired when I was 40. However, I did not attempt to retire in any country at that time. When I applied for my SRRV, I was well beyond the minimum ages. But I see your point. Compared to many countries I have visited over the years, the Philippines seems to have one of the most liberal retirement systems around - for foreigners. Fiji and some other countries I like required more investment, land/housing investment and cash. I could have retired there when I was 40+, but it would have cost a lot more than here. As to your question regarding discrimination based on
  11. Hahaha... the leniency for me was not age related (I was and am well beyond their current or future parameters!). I just followed the system and it worked out well for me. But, like you say, I was fortunate to avail of the system while it still worked and definitely appreciate the hell out of that. It is going to save me a lot of hassles now and on down the line...expecially when travel is permitted again using this visa.
  12. I do that with L sometimes... never a good idea. But we still love each other and are best friends!
  13. It will be interesting to see how this goes. I was so very pleased to be able to avail of this system. I hope other like-minded foreigners can also use it. It may not be perfect, but it fills in a lot of gaps for me and made my life here a whole lot easier!
  14. ??? After this home build, I am very close to poor!
  15. Agreed! And, HK, in my humble opinion, retirees should be at least 50+ to avail of this system. I was just looking at the statistics and how many of one ethnicity at young age were using the system. It gave me pause...
  16. So... I guess I will continue with these posts...unless anyone is just totally worn out by trying to follow them?... I just wanted to say that, as we settle in, we are loving the Panasonic Split-Type air cons, the Technogas range/oven/exhaust hood, and the new LG TV. Water pressure is turning out to be a bit thin, so we may be looking to add a booster pump. We get water at all outlets, but it is very light on the second and terrace deck floors. Sometimes there is not enough flow to energize the heaters. It's not a big deal, but rather a minor inconvenience. The Westinghouse ceil
  17. Maybe I missed it on my perusal of topics?... But I find that I may require a wifi signal booster for the PLDT router to reach the downstairs part of the new home - mainly for the smart TV using the Amazon Firestick. The last couple days and nights we have had poor signal resulting in loss of programming. L wants me to add Cignal to the PLDT service for "cable" service and I am resisting for now... Any suggestions will be appreciated. We both find that the Smart cell tower voice and data here is very poor. All we really need would be the voice side, since we have the PLDT in place. A
  18. L loves coconut husk charcoal. I am only familiar really with hickory, oak or other USA charcoals. (I worked in a warehouse slinging 10,000 pounds of charcoal per day in Chicago and was sick of it (and from it) at the time, when in university.) I am open to suggestions because I am truly ignorant about which wood would make for the best flavour for pizza and what is easily and economically available here. I also have dreams of putting together or buying a smoker for doing slow cooked pork or beef. It is already looking like I will have more projects now that we have land and space to acco
  19. I posted previously in another topic about my view regarding medical emergencies. (https://www.philippines-expats.com/topic/30885-home-medical-care-and-equipment/?tab=comments#comment-264437) I find I cannot easily obtain many medicines that I would prefer to have stocked, but am working on that...there may be some ways... I soon will also find one of those difibrilator units that do all but everything themselves. I will also see if I can find a source for oxygen and regulators. With proper medicines (as many as we can mange to procure) and equipment, we might be able to deal with em
  20. This situation seems very sad to me. It appears that younger Chinese and maybe some others have overwhelmed and abused the system to their own advantage and now sabotaged it for the many "legitimate" retirees of advanced age. I feel very lucky to, for once, having timed it okay to get my visa, even though it was pure luck...
  21. Actually, we have a rice cooker that L just bought for us. It is so easy to use, even I can cook rice "properly." I will look into finding a slow cooker or crock pot. For me, I miss things like really tender beef short ribs and pulled pork. However I never used a slow cooker before, but ate things that friends prepared using them. Again, so easy to just set it and forget it. You just need a few fail-safe recipes and they really abound on Kuya G. I am also thinking about a wood-fired oven outside that I might try to make pizza? So many dreams now. There is no pizza spot in this area f
  22. Thanks for your kind comment, RBM. I do appreciate the support and helpful comments from you and other forum members. However, we don't really live like King and Queen here, but it is certainly better than the unending construction phase of this project. And, believe me, we both really appreciate our situation and how lucky we truly are to have achieved this. We take none of this for granted. The home still feels a bit un-homelike as we become accustomed to the new digs. But we are getting there... Now we need to buy the barbeue so we can grill some burgers or hot dogs outside then q
  23. We wish you the best of health and be healthy. Just keep smelling your stinky farts! Then you know you are maybe a bit healthy.. - sick in some of our norms re: stinky farts - but sick as in not covid sick...
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