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  1. Hobbit, I can offer my reasoning to do this and why it seemed like a good thing... Aside from the application fee, the annual cost is about the same either way. You could (and I plan to) use the deposit for another investment after you have received your srrv, such as toward leasing your condo or apartment or home. They gave me papers to apply but I haven't looked them over yet. One benefit I like is that I don't have to go to BI any more and only go once annually to PRA and pay the fee. Another is that, it is lifetime so long as I continue to ante up the annual fee. No more applications. Thirdly, I don't have to leave the country if I stay up to the tourist visa limit of 36 months. One more, whenever I depart the country, I no longer need to obtain clearance. I don't need to buy an onward ticket to prove that I have a departure plan so returning from another country is very easy now. Lastly, I think, now that I have this visa, I could finally get the Philippine driver's license. There are actually a few additional benefits regarding work visas but I don't know anything about those. So the long and short is that it's not for everyone, but for some - like me - it seems like a good solution to long term staying here.
  2. Okay Jack, you are right. Cut and run... Yep... sorry I did that...
  3. Good question hk. But this is politics again, so with that I will pass...
  4. Don't worry... I got it... just not going there...hehehe...
  5. Agreed! When I picked up a rental truck from the South Side almost 50 years ago when I was a truck driver summers from uni, I knew there could be issues when I reached down to adjust the seat and found a baseball bat! Definitely not for playing baseball in the traditional manner.
  6. It sometimes seems like the whole world is going to hell in a handbasket. Look up the murder rate in Chicago too, for instance. >Chicago police say more than 50 people were shot, eight of them fatally, in gun violence over the weekend. Two people were stabbed to death, bringing the total number of homicides to 10. (June 3)AP, AP< taken from MSNBC news...
  7. I just needed to submit driver's license number, complete name and address and also some other identity verifications .
  8. That makes me wonder why the Prime Minister there hasn't declared marshal law?
  9. They told me I needed the "country of origin" police clearance even though I had been here for almost a year since and not been back to USA for over 1 1/2 years.
  10. There are also several levels - at least in Washington State - city police, county sheriff, state police. I Googled "police clearance," and it was very clear that the real authority was at the state police. Their website listed clearances as one of their services and they were very good about it. I even got a phone call here to ask a question about my name spelling to make sure they created the letter correctly. (I ordered a written letter to be sent to my mail forwarder in addition to getting the online version - I figure you can never be too careful. If you lived outside of P.I. in your home country, you must have police clearance from there. You also must have NBI clearance here if here for more than 30 days. I am sure somebody here will correct my guesses... Once all papers are submitted to PRA, allow one to two months. Mine took six weeks - mainly because Easter and other holidays slowed it down.
  11. No worries, Mate! Sounds good! Yeah... medical gets done locally but make sure it is recognized by PRA if done outside the country. PRA was super helpful and had lists of approved clinics, banks for the deposit. Here in Davao, there were several steps and it took two days of running around and, ahem, obtaining some samples... It was not expensive and not extensive. NBI takes a month - at least here - and another small fee... Oh, I forgot to mention. The DFA office in Manila that I went to was located near Mall of Asia. The internet showed others, but the hotel staff and even taxi driver told me to go to that one office - I think it is their main office?
  12. >Tommy, it wasn't made clear to me at the time, but can you complete the application process whilst on a tourist visa in PI? Each official I asked gave me a different answer.< Simple answer is yes. I did exactly that. There was an error on the PRA website that has perpetuated to some other places and forums giving one bit of wrong information... I have not looked at the website recently, so maybe they updated it - I suggested to them that they should. I see you are Australian so possibly things are a bit different, but here was my experience... They were very nice people at PRA here in Davao. They handed me a brochure which was up to date. According to the web page, foreign nationals must obtain a police clearance in their home country and have it "authenticated," by an embassy or consulate in that country. In fact, the woman at PRA told me that I could do this entirely while in the Philippines. I simply went online and was able to obtain a police clearance from the Washington State Police - for a fee of $10? or something like that. I received it immediately while online and printed out several copies. I had to make an appointment at the US Embassy in Manila for two weeks later. The embassy, there, does the authentication, which is - as I see it - simply a notarization stating that I, in person, presented that clearance to them and they verified my identity. I had to hand-write a note saying this was a true and accurate statement, and sign it. They told me exactly the working to use - very easy. Cost me US$50, I think? Then I went directly to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), filled out some paperwork (I brought several small passport type photos with me too you will need those) and took a number to wait. 45 minutes later my number came up. They checked my passport...again... I went to pay their fee for expedited service - maybe 500 pesos or so? - and told to return the next day at the same time. There it was waiting for me, correct and right on time. But I almost was not permitted inside because I didn't read the signs about "dress code" and was wearing flipflops... I begged the guard and entrance staff and they gave me a break. I was wearing a nice shirt and jeans so almost passed anyway.
  13. Brett... Let's open up a new topic since we have drifted off the original? Follow me here: https://www.philippines-expats.com/topic/30679-srrv-process-and-discussion/
  14. I just did the SRRV in May. I can confirm the $1,500 application fee. I can't say for the military version you are discussing, but the SRRV, itself was not really difficult, but there were just a number of hoops to jump through and - likely for anyone - a trip to Manila to the embassy for their blessing and also if you need the "Red Ribbon" authentication. Allow at least two days in Manila - expedited Red Ribbon processing costs a bit extra but seemed well worth it since I don't live there and stayed at a hotel. Expedited was 24 hours only.
  15. Geoff... your vehicle makes you sound like the Road Warrior!
  16. Another cautionary note. L was riding in a jeepney a few months back. A guy climbed on board and sat near her. When the jeepney stopped down the road a while the man on board and another on the street exchanged glances that L - already suspicious just by the guy's manner and appearance (big jacket and shifty eyes) - caught. She was very afraid and got off at a place where there were security guards outside and lots of people. She also was in a wet market not too long ago. As she was waiting her turn, a woman sidled up next to here and covered her side and also L's purse with her coat or a wrap (don't remember which now). Again, L was feeling suspicious because that is what pickpocketers sometimes do - conceal their wandering hands and sticky fingers under clothing. L pulled away and glared at the woman who quickly walked away. She did not lose anything from her purse, but the zipper was already about half way opened by the woman. L didn't feel a thing, just noticed the odd cloaking mannerism...
  17. Thanks for sharing that experience, Snowy. Always be aware of your surroundings, especially if anyone approaches you - that's my habit. Both L and I keep backpacks tight and hang onto one or both straps if we feel at all uneasy. Me too. Ever since mine fell out of my pocket in high school. The wallet was returned - including the Prom tickets! - but the few dollars went AWOL. Lesson learned cheaply. But a cautionary note too. I know a guy who was walking alone in Fiji after a movie one night when two guys accosted him. One grabbed him from behind and locked his arms by his sides while the other simply grabbed the front pockets of his jeans and simply ripped them wide open and took his wallet. Like, it seems, most thieves are impressive sprinters and are gone so quickly. Amazing in this country where most things move slowly...
  18. That's a nice story, Dave, thanks for sharing it. Maybe I missed something, but I don't get quite what the two guys had to do with your relationship? It sounds like you did not end up with your acquaintance's sister? Sorry... I always get lost in movies nowadays because they move faster than my mind . Anyway, however it worked out, I am happy for you that it did work out for you! It sounds fortunate that you fell in with a good crowd of supportive ex-pats - like these guys here on the forum!
  19. Oooops! Ah, Jim? JIm? Uh oh... I think we lost Jim... Scotty! Bring him back! Check the dilithium crystals - give it all she's got!!!
  20. I was trying to be a bit nice there, AK... maybe I should have been a bit more forthright?
  21. Maybe I am old fashioned, Dave... but I think the idea sounds a bit sick to me... Whatever happened to working a job or a legitimate business and earning an honest paycheck? These two foreigners maybe were not dirt bags, but they and their girl friends (so-called) just don't sound like real people. And, yes, there is no way there was love there, just using... Sorry... that's just my opinion...
  22. Thanks for that. I have some friends who will be interested to find out what the facts really are about this. Two months is a BIG deal!
  23. That's good, Virgin! I think that will give others a great baseline to compare their use. Sorry if I was sounding a bit pedantic, but I was reading and everyone was talking how many burners or ovens or brands without really expressing exactly their cooking habits. As you have described, you know really well what your usage is so hopefully the others can compare their mileage to yours. Thanks for the information!
  24. Thanks for the clarification... So do you have to leave one month before your 36 months or not? Have you figured it out?
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