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  1. When I go to your post all I see is 3 black screens with no picture. But when I click play it works fine. Good job.
  2. Maybe because Mother Earth is tired of us polluting her air and raping her ground for every penny we can get, and not giving a fucht about what happens to her. We exhaust tons of pollution into her air on a daily basis, and dump hundreds of tons of plastic into her oceans. She will get her revenge with the Super Typhoons and Hurricanes that are already happening. If you follow the news at all you will know that coastal flooding is already happening. Viruses are a logical next step. She will get us one way or another.
  3. Obgyn on call. Just kidding but she would make a good bush pilot where regular doctors aren't available.
  4. I said that you said it BETTER than me. Maybe I worded it wrong.
  5. Yes mother nature will get us one way or another. As long as people still have 2 or 3 kids or even more, the birth rate has outnumbered the death rate. It's not feasible. Aids..Sars..now Carona. It will get us. Antibiotics are becoming worthless. At the rate it's going there won't be enough food grown to feed us.
  6. Isn't that kinda like what I just said..but in a less articulate way?
  7. I'm almost positive that no one will agree with what I am going to post. I think that the viruses come from mother nature, and she is just trying to control the over population by killing off the young and the old! I thought about this many years ago when I was smoking weed one night.
  8. Hope she makes it. Can't be an easy thing to do.
  9. Has anyone truly decided to change the way they cook by watching these programs? The food looks good yes. Would I go through the trouble to cook it like they do? HELL NO. Just something to watch. I'd rather have Spam Tapsi!
  10. Gordon Ramsey started this bull crap. Blame it on him.
  11. I thought that you and her were getting an annulment. What changed?
  12. Or water bugs. It's funny how the US called the small ones that infest kitchens German cockroaches. Might have had something to do with the wars that Germany kept insisting that it was the right thing to do!
  13. My son gets freaked out when he sees the big ones. Don't see the smaller ones in the kitchen anymore since I baited them with borax powder. You will usually only see the big ones when they are dying. Had a really heavy rain once and the big ones were coming up through the drain pipes by the hundreds.
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