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  1. Arizona Kid

    Thinking of Bicol

    Ok. I get your sarcasm. Finished?
  2. Thanks for helping me make them confused. I would hate to use plan B. I could be deported or much worse.
  3. Arizona Kid

    Update On Tipping

    Okie dokie artichockie.
  4. Arizona Kid

    Thinking of Bicol

    I don't know where the hell you guys chose to live and for what reason. I came to Cavite province in 2002 and have never had a crime committed against me or my family. Nothing stolen..nothing. Had a few try to con me but I never let it happen. After 12 or so years I just today put a lock on my back door that had never been locked. Cmon guys..figure it out.
  5. Arizona Kid

    Homesick for good Pizza

    Shakeys is the best if you're craving the US style of pizza. I always get the thick crust/hand tossed. Buy their supercard for p400 and you get the buy one take one deal. One time I ordered 2 pizzas with 2 free ones and they were delivered to my house. One of the boxes didn't have the little 3 leg plastic table to separate the toppings from the top of the cardboard top. I called to complain and they ended up up sending me the entire order over again so we ended up with 8 pizzas. The tricycle drivers on the corner were very happy that night. I've tried Yellow Cab but it's not as good as Shakeys.
  6. If you can figure out where I live..come over for a beer. I'm buying.
  7. Arizona Kid

    Update On Tipping

    I don't smoke cigarettes. I don't know why you think I do. The tip was to tell THEM not to smoke in bed..get it now?
  8. Getting close. The bad boys can find me now. Except that Bacoor is not a province.
  9. So you think burglars can find my house from what I post here? If so I better run for the hills! Oh wait. No hills around where I live.
  10. Arizona Kid

    Update On Tipping

    Slow what down..the smoking or the bed?
  11. I agree. After talking it over with my gf. today we decided to put a new doorknob on the back door and start locking it at night. I don't know why we started to leave it open. Just one of those things we never thought about that much.
  12. Arizona Kid

    Update On Tipping

    Don't smoke in bed. Good tip.
  13. I feel your pain. 6 or 8 years ago a lightning strike blew out both of my tv's. We had satellite tv so it had to come through the electric wall socket (I think) Should have listened to my gf when she said to unplug during electrical storm. Now I do even though I have circuit breakers installed. The LED tv was fixable but the old analog was beyond repair.
  14. I know you guys will think I'm crazy but our back door is never closed at night. The screen door is not even locked. We live in an older house with a large yard and 5 dogs that bark at the slightest sound. It's an older subdivision and very serine at night. I keep a loaded 45 that my gf owns in the closet next to the bed. The closet is locked during the day. Been living in this house going on 11 years now without locking up at night. The Barangay watchmen walk around at night and we've never heard of a house break in or robbery at all.
  15. Arizona Kid

    Reationships and friendships

    Some people just can't let go of a fantasy that they have let build in their mind. If he has been warned multiple times..nothing you can do but let him learn the hard way. Common sense is not so common with someone who thinks they are in love.