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  1. I regret making this post and tried to remove it. Bad joke.
  2. Bring some light cotton blankets with you for the colder nights, like Jan. Feb. Real cotton blankets are hard to find here.
  3. I only saw the buttoned flap in the back when I was dating your wife. Of course that was before you were married so don't take offense!
  4. I won't start wearing underwear again until my jewels start hanging below my shorts line. I'll give it a year.
  5. When the peso is at around 50 per dollar, I'm a happy man. In the 16 plus years I lived here I've seen it go as high as 57 and as low as 39 briefly. You just have to go with the flow. Not a problem.
  6. TT. Give what? I love your post's . And if we can't disagree what's the use of the forum?
  7. Tommy. You are irritating people tonight. Back off. That's MY job.
  8. While you are at it. Put in a bid for the Marcos land that was forfeited to the Government. Oh wait..
  9. I got a chance to drive one of the trikes in my sub division. Harder than it looks.
  10. I used the shipping cart deal ONCE. Ordered some stuff from Amazon in the US. Mostly books. The cost for airfreight is crazy. But it did work as advertised.
  11. I've ordered 100 plus items from Lazada, I can only think of 2 orders that I wasn't satisfied with.
  12. Looks like the Chinese are starting to take over the Phills. Drugs..Pogo's, 9 dash line in the Philippine sea. They are taking the Islands by virtue of ownership when they build something on them. When the Phills kicked out the US bases they felt proud..independent. If the US Bases were still in place, not much of this would be happening. Congratulations on your Independence Phills. Now it's time to pay.
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