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  1. Arizona Kid

    Moving to the Philippines

    Haven't you heard? It's more fun in the Philippines. I must have agreed since I've been here since 2002.
  2. Arizona Kid

    Tax Season in the U.S.. Have you filed?

    Filed late last month and still waiting for the refund. Had to mail it tho cuz I can't use free file on the internet because I'm living in the Phills. I hope they don't keep it to help build the wall!
  3. Arizona Kid

    Are You Rich?

    It's not Mark Twain. That's for sure.
  4. Arizona Kid

    SM 3 Day Sale Or This?

    That's back when the peso coins were the size of silver dollars. Have to admit that I threw a few in for the divers myself. Most times tho I would try to land them in the boat!
  5. Arizona Kid

    The Americanization/Westernization of ang Asawa

    I don't know why but I think from the pics that you and her will do well together. Both of you look happy. Be patient with her transition. Most of the bigger cities have a Filipino type grocery store. Take her there if she starts to miss what she is used to eating. She might feel overwhelmed at first. Good luck.
  6. Arizona Kid

    Building a Garden

    Can I move in with you? If yes I need to tell you that my 5 dogs have to come with me!
  7. Arizona Kid

    SM 3 Day Sale Or This?

    As long as they stopped at Spanish Gate first they should be ok.
  8. Arizona Kid

    It`s a boy

    10 fingers..10 toes. That's what I used to look for. Congrats. Now it's time for the fun to begin watching him grow up.
  9. Just got back from our Sunday drive and traffic was delayed by not one, but 2 funeral processions. Balloons tied off to the cars following, bunch of people walking mournfully behind the hearse, drum and bugle corps with the sexy girls in front of them. Barangay officials trying to direct traffic. Good thing everybody is on Filipino time here including me.
  10. I've had both ISP's through the years. In some places one is better than the other. In other places it's viceversa. Switched back to Globe in Dec. and will have to wait till May before I can make International phone calls.
  11. Arizona Kid

    Less you forget

    Best part for me living here is that I get up when I wake up. Ever tried to buy an alarm clock in the Phills? I can do whatever I feel like. Don't have to report to anybody except maybe the GF.. Where I used to work as a service manager I had calls every half hour or so looking for me to solve the problems that my workers could have solved themselves, but were too lazy.
  12. Arizona Kid

    Repatriation:  Yes, you can go home again!

    Maybe I'm just lucky. Never had my house broken into, here or there. Never been robbed, or held up. Unless you count having to pay a traffic enforcer P500 for "swerving" even though I didn't.
  13. Arizona Kid

    Have's and Have-not's in Philippines

    I also put my toaster oven on top of the microwave. The toaster oven gets used less than the microwave. It's only use so far is for reheating leftover pizza!
  14. Arizona Kid

    Repatriation:  Yes, you can go home again!

    I'm down to my last 2 cans of Hormel Chili with beans. Time for a trip back to S&R. Happy flatulence to you!
  15. Arizona Kid

    Manila Airport

    I think 60 is considered a senior here. But you have to get a card.