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  1. Sounds more like a religious retreat. More power to you though if you can get your followers to bankroll your paradise.
  2. I remember that saying also. 20 plus years in the USN.
  3. Indicating is just a suggestion here. Means nothing.
  4. That's probably more accurate than any of the storm websites can offer.
  5. Would it be any different if you retired somewhere else? Grumpy is grumpy no matter where you retire.
  6. The reason Filipinos are such bad drivers is because all of us are good drivers!
  7. Typhoon2000.com is where I look for stormy weather. Fairly accurate.
  8. And this surprises you? Maybe you haven't been in the Phills very long?
  9. I moved here in 2002 at age 50 on my military pension. Got tired of the rat race at the pest control place I worked at and made the move. Started collecting my SSN benefits when I turned 62. You won't live like a king like some of the websites say but it's comfortable. Your lifestyle will adjust to the amount of money that you have available. I still live in the same place that I did before I got the extra SSN money and it just made life a little more fun. I'll be 67 this coming Dec. I'm really happy that I made the move. You will find ways to entertain yourself.
  10. I lose interest when I have to google a word that is not in my normal uneducated comprehension.
  11. Or showing off. That's what Filipinos do when the have some extra money.
  12. And they will always remind you of this when they need money in the future.
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