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  1. Unless the laws have changed you can extend your tourist visa at an accredited travel agency instead of having to go to a BI office. There used to be a list on the BI website where you can do this. Small fee but better than getting stuck in traffic.
  2. I get hip pain on my right side occasionally, comes and goes, mostly goes but when I have it I can barely walk. Then it just goes away as fast as it came. 3 days of pain at the most. My brother had a hip replacement in Phoenix after a car accident years ago and at about 10 years he had to get a tune up. The ball at the joint wears out apparently. But he said it was great.
  3. People add so much sugar to everything here. Even the street bbq guys add it to their sauce. It's in the bread..it's everywhere.
  4. I'll do my part by not purchasing any Canadian imports here in the Philippines.
  5. I vote for doing away with ALL religions. The only thing religions do is cause arguments and wars. IMHO
  6. Bottom line. Why do these pathetic losers do what they do? Is it the promise of virgins in the afterlife? Hell..just become a Catholic priest. Easy pickings.
  7. "Out of stock" does not bother me much unless we're talking about beer.
  8. Strongest one that I have felt since I've been here. And I'm all the way in Cavite. There are some videos of it on YouTube. If a big one comes liquefaction will, if it happens near Manila, will cause thousands of deaths.
  9. I know you must be making a joke comparing Marines to Gomer Pyle, but trust me, you would want them on your side if you needed them. They are a dedicated,tough bunch of guys and were most likely following orders so as not to create a conflict.
  10. Maybe I should have said irrelevant. This kind of thing has happened numerous times throughout the years. Nothing will come of it. It's not as uncommon as you might think.
  11. Back in my younger days... Your daughter is beautiful and her smile will melt many a young man's heart.
  12. Is that your daughter Jack? HA About two years ago when my brain was still working normally I figured out how to keep the inside of my PC cleaner. We used to have a fish tank and I had some of those white fine fiber filters left over from the tank filter doojobby. I started using double sided tape to attach them on the outside of the PC at the air inlet points. I've got 3 of them. When I see them starting to get dirty I just replace it with a new one. Very cheap at P10 per bag and haven't had to clean my PC in over 2 years.
  13. There is just something freaky about letting a doctor using a knife blade on my eyes. I'd rather have large spiders crawling all over me than having a doctor poking at my eyes. Sorry but it just freaks me out.
  14. Please tell me where I can get one of those..or a train horn!
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