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  1. I would call you a dick head but I know I can't get away with it.
  2. A holes are having fun tonight. Don't let them get under your skin.
  3. Nice way to make people feel comfortable on the site. Well done.
  4. And the first time a sarcastic response was given, even tho help was requested.
  5. Our 5 Askals get the leftover rice from the day before, and plenty of liver pieces combined with the pork fat that we don't want to eat. I feed them about 8am and then about 3 pm. Happy dogs. Minimal cost's.
  6. I despise people that keep dogs in cages. I hope that's not the case here.
  7. I don't agree with Jack about many things. But his love for dogs softens the fact that he doesn't know what he's talking about most of the time!
  8. We've had squalls of rain here for the last 2 nights. If this Tropical depression pays off, I'm going to go out in the rain in my backyard, shorts, flip flops and all with my son and let it rain on us. Getting hot here in Cavite.
  9. I tried to have my dead or alive form that Social Security sends before they send the scheduled payment to my house.Never arrived, several times. I find it a little amazing that PHILPOST actually works in your area. I ended up having to email the US Embassy in Manila with the proper forms to continue my payments.
  10. The break even thing hasn't worked for me. I never had a CPA. I underpaid big time when I retired from the Military. I owed California state taxes and the Federal Govn't taxes. The Feds were willing to work with me to pay what I owed, but CA cleaned out my bank account. Everything, even my CD's. I ended up having to file Chapt. 7 bankruptcy. The court ordered me to pay almost half of my pay to pay it back. I'm gun shy now so I will just overpay like I usually do. But thanx for the suggestion.
  11. Sorry to hear that. Confusing situation for everyone. I filed my 2019 taxes late Jan. Hope you get yours soon. I always over pay my taxes. That way I will always get a refund via direct deposit. If that has anything to do with it? I don't know. Good luck.
  12. I'm thinking that the bottom line here is that if you filed taxes, and provided the IRS with direct deposit info for a refund, you will get the stimulus check. I got mine but good luck to all of those who didn't. Hope you figure it out.
  13. You have a good memory my friend. Wish I could take it back but can't.
  14. So you admit that you have a sense of humor? Never would have caught that on your recent posts about me. I forgive you. Just don't let it happen again.
  15. I think it has something to do with tax return direct deposit bank info. Maybe?
  16. I brought my son up to appreciate dogs. Getting off topic now. I need to watch out for the Aswang that want too get rid of me!
  17. I'm getting tired of being threatened. I've flattened the curve on my obnoxious past behavior. If he want's to get rid of me there won't be any argument from me..not that I have a say in it. I've toned down enough. I think that he can stop with the holier than me attitude. How are your dogs doing BTW?
  18. How will you get the money now. It must be a paper check? Right? So will the mail handler have to send it to you in the Phills and then you have to take it to your Phills bank for deposit? Another 25 days for the check to clear if that's the case. Glad you got it finally TT.
  19. You keep saying you are going to do it. Pull the trigger if you have cause.
  20. Oakily dokily artichockily. I know that you deep inside love me though.
  21. I tried Opera once. It's ok. I just prefer Chrome cuz I'm used to it. I use Firefox for games. Better zoom options.
  22. I vote for myself as the biggest one. My family agrees with me.
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