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  1. Have you seen an Optometrist lately?
  2. I hate the way people treat dogs here. The local dogs, or azkals rarely get the love and affection that they deserve. They are treated as more like property than pets. Then comes the owners of imported dogs walking them around the subdivision so other people will think they are rich. It's sickening but that's the way it is.
  3. And so do airbags! LiveLeak.com - Old man always getting pranked. A car seat given to him for comfort is rigged with airbags.MP4
  4. I kinda wish that BigMac would have had your kind of luck. Good for you.
  5. When most people here buy a used vehicle they just keep it registered at the LTO in the original owners name when they renew. I found that out when I bought a 1994 Honda Accord about 10 years ago. Changing ownership papers cost more so hardly anybody bothers to do it. My bro in law owns the car now so if he sells it he will do the same thing. Just keep all the paperwork in a folder.
  6. So funny. Took me 3.4 seconds to get it. Love your sarc!
  7. I hope the OP finds what he's looking for. Must be a difficult life.
  8. I'm with you. When I retired from the USN after 22 years one of the jobs I got was a pest control technician for Orkin. One of my customers was an old folks home where people who couldn't afford private care sent their old folks to a place that was State subsidized. 99% of the patients there didn't even know who they were. The smell when I walked into the place was horrendous. Poop smell comes to mind. Yelling, screaming, and old people in wheelchairs grabbing at me for no apparent reason. That's not living, it's existing. I don't want any part of that and I've told my family the same. Do not resuscitate! Strong but meaningful words. I keep an option in my locked closet.
  9. None of mine has been outed yet, but I have my suspicions.
  10. I never ewe that politics were not allowed on this site!
  11. Luckily I live in a subdivision with their own water supply. They pump deep groundwater to a water tower. The only time problems arise is if a Typhoon hits and electricity goes out for 3 or more days.
  12. The Catholic Bishops would put out the call for their parishioners to pray!
  13. When I was a kid my parents would get rid of me for a month during school vacation at my Uncle's farm in Iowa. He had pigs and after the first 3 or 4 days I got used to the smell and didn't even notice it. Baled hay, walked the bean rows to remove weeds and cleaned out the chicken coop floor to be used as manure. He had cows too so got fresh milk every day. One of the best times I've ever had.
  14. I've been using the 12 oz. lift method since I was a teenager. Will be 67 this year so it must be working!
  15. Why not just put a big assassin sign on the guys who were hired to do the HIT? That way a concerned citizen can go wake up the cops who are sleeping in their "patrol cars" to do something about it. Funniest place ever. A police car was behind me yesterday with the blue lights flashing. Driving normally along with the rest of the traffic. Maybe this just happens in Cavite or is it the same all over?
  16. I'm more of a realist. Maybe things are different in Iloilo.
  17. Great law. We can't even get the permanent plates for the motor we bought 4 years ago. I bought a new car in 2016 and still haven't received our plates. I got tired of re taping the temps onto the car so I bought semi permanent ones which is what most people are doing. At this rate maybe the new, bigger number plates for the motors should be available around 2025.
  18. If I want my GF's opinion I'll tell her what it is! Joking of course. She's smarter than me.
  19. I would welcome the death penalty if this happened in the US. Prisoners are just too damn comfortable there with free medical and dental care and a warm place to sleep and 3 meals a day at the taxpayers expense. In the Philippines I would welcome a life sentence so they can suffer for the rest of their miserable lives in cramped and overcrowded jail cells.
  20. I consulted my magic 8 ball. You will do well. Besides, your good looking dogs are depending on you!
  21. Landlords don't care about anything but getting their monthly rent. They could care less what your status with the Gov't is.
  22. If you have no ties or commitments why not do a little traveling around before you decide? 2 or 3 star hotels are all over the place if you want to save money. You may even meet your life partner in your travels. You will get a lot of "hey joe's" along the way. Don't take it personally. The further you get from metro areas the more you will stand out as a foreigner. They usually only see us on tv. You will do well if you keep your senses intact, and don't drink (if you do) with people you don't know. There are many places that you might be looking for between Manila and Tagaytay. Small towns. Good luck.
  23. My housekeeper is my GF's Mom. She also gets the 13 month bonus in Jan. My GF said to not give it to her in Dec. cuz she would just waste it. Makes sense so that's what I do.
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