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  1. And just who will enforce these laws? The police who sit in their aircon headquarters, or the ones who drive around in the police cars with the blue lights flashing for no particular reason?
  2. The tax must be for the cost of a crew to go around and create pot holes in the roads!
  3. So you agree with a comment that you are not sure about?
  4. I wonder just how bold the Chinese would be about taking over the Islands if the US military bases were still in the Phills? Maybe not so much.
  5. I feel the exact opposite. This has been one of the more lenient groups that I have been on since I started joining groups way back before I retired here in 2002, and I appreciate it. Don't take things personally and grow a thick skin. We all have opinions..if you don't agree with a particular one let it pass.
  6. Well..there is Paris Arizona. Spring Training for many MLB teams!
  7. Why do you use PIA? Sounds like a waste of 35 bucks.
  8. I cancelled my Amazon Prime membership about a year ago and they refunded the money back to my credit card. PLDT and GLOBE don't seem to care what you are downloading or throttle it. I get all of the US tv shows that I want to watch, maybe a day late or so but who cares? Not me. Pirate Bay and EZTV.io have everything that I want, including movies. Sometimes the stuff I download won't play on my TV from my USB. Not support or some message like that. I use Format Factory to convert to MP4 and you can even increase the volume or add srt's. If you download Format Factory, get it from Pirate Bay. If you download it from a website you will get a bunch of unwanted bullshit that you will have to delete later.
  9. Out of curiosity, why are your children eligible to tap into your social security benefits while you are obviously still alive? I was under the assumption that children would only get money after your death!
  10. I gave up on the VPN's I just download what I want from Pirate Bay and watch the shows whenever I feel like it. Globe or PLDT don't seem to care.
  11. No offense but I wouldn't want to ride in a Mazda either..
  12. The rules are whatever the person behind the counter that you are at decide what they are for that particular day. Sad but true.
  13. There is a pecking order here in my beloved Phills. Trust me, I know when I tried to get my GF's birth certificate corrected. Those who have money get things done. Those who don't..don't.
  14. I went on a 3 month vacation to the Phills in between jobs with my first filipina wife years ago. She was from a very poor family. We rented a house for the 3 months and got a housekeeper. She started treating the housekeeper like a slave, expecting her to work long hours and even making her coffee. This went on for about a week before I put a stop to it. Wasn't married to her very long. I was really taken aback by how someone who grew up poor, and then came into some money could treat her that way.
  15. As a former service manager at Orkin Commercial in San Diego I can tell you that the kitchens in most of the Chinese buffet places were so nasty that when we would shine our flashlights underneath the stoves we would have cockroaches and rats looking back at us. The exception was the Golden Corral buffet. Almost spotless. Imagine what the kitchens look like over her in the Phills without anyone checking on their cleanliness. I won't eat there even if it's free!!
  16. Good luck on your venture. I've been trying to remember anyone on this site that has had a truly profitable business endeavor who hasn't lost their shirt thinking they will make a big score.
  17. Hard to convince someone who is smitten and in love that what they feel, and believe isn't true. I only hope that he comes to his senses!
  18. Jack. You are one year older. And you are still a cantankerous old bastard. Congrats!
  19. Is there really a market for lobster in the Phills? When I lived in the states I used to get lobster on my ex-wife's birthday. She thought it was a big deal. The price is outrageous for the amount of meat you get. Then dip it in butter. Anything tastes good with butter. I'm not a fan of lobster. I'd rather have a good corn fed rib eye steak at less than half the price. When we want to get fancy here we just buy the prawns, de-vein them, and fry them up in a batter.
  20. I like my booze also. When I was young, dumb, and full of cum I would mix the painkillers and booze together for a good old time. Might not be a good idea at my age!
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