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  1. 220 - 250 ? Surprising. I just saw a recipe in our local newspaper for popovers and the author added as a side note: “ add beef drippings for Yorkshire pudding “. So that’s what it is ?
  2. SM Tarlac had a 50% discount sign on a rack of belts but naturally the good one I wanted was not on sale. I bought it anyway. Today I went back forr another for my brothers pasalubong. They were running a big sale with merchandise brought out of the department store and situated at the entrance and running up and down the mall. I got 10% off the belt I wanted. So I got lucky by waiting . As part of the promo there was a drum corps marching through the mall in costume. Around 16 marchers/drummers.
  3. Rayj


    My new found days in retirement far outshine each 9-5 drudgery I was putting up with just to eke out a few more dollar$. My 1 year early jump is paying dividends in quality of life. The dollar$ won’t be missed in the end, time is more precious than money.
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    Not worrying is the key. It’s hard to do. No one knows what the future may bring. If your gut tells you you have enough then all that’s left is to pull the trigger and see what happens. I did it on 7/20/2018. I had one overriding reason. My wife’s daughter has come to live with us and she brought her own daughter, ( my wife’s granddaughter). The granddaughter was starting kindergarten, and I purported the reason ( to my bosses so I wouldn’t poison my working relationships ) that I needed to be available in case of emergency so I was retiring ( quitting is how I choose to think of it ). So I retired 1 year before full retirement age ( and began drawing SS ) But I’ve gained a virtual lifetime of experience. I’m finally learning things that My Filipino wife of 14 years ( we are living in the states ) has been trying to teaching me about patience and all sorts of other niceties. I liken my plunge into retirement as jumping into a boat and hanging on through the rocking. Side note, my wife and I are currently visiting her family and this trip I’m better prepared than before and this is about my 10th trip. I get a great deal of satisfaction in detaching from the media circus that has become modern life in America.
  5. An 8 pack of Duracell AA batteries cost me U$D equivalent of 325 P. today at Walmart to bring with me. Are there Duracell AA batteries , and how much?
  6. Hi, I rarely post but being American, I have acutely felt that the relations between our two countries have been strained. Finally here’s Some good news: Duterte met with Pompeo on Thursday night at the Villamor Air Base in Pasay City and discussed the 2 nations' cooperation on bilateral and regional security issues according to the US Embassy in Manila. https://news.abs-cbn.com/news/03/01/19/pompeo-tells-duterte-youre-just-like-President
  7. I posted back awhile back about bringing with me DVDs and player for my 2 week vacation. Today at the GoodWill, I scored The set of Indiana Jones , the 3 original Star Wars, a 4 disc PBS Planet Earth special and the 10 disc Ken Burns series The Vietnam War all for $16. That and the Clint Eastwood 5 movie western set will keep me and anyone else around happy for the entire length of my stay. Just FYI as the subject of movie watching came up.
  8. Thanks for that explanation. The DVD player I plan to bring is blue ray with a wired LAN connection . I haven’t used it with internet yet but now I’ll have time to discover. I have to put a CAT 5 cable on my bring list. I may hand carry it, not sure yet. I’ll pack about 20 DVDs in baggies to cut down on space. When I arrive I’ll see if the router has a vpn configuration capability and go from there . I can investigate if I can unregionalize the player if I have to. I won’t bring a laptop for weight consideration. I have an iPad for email and messaging. I have ear protection and an old Samsung android phone for a music player. I have the Samsung memory chip loaded with Gigs of music so I won’t run out. I’m hoping to pick up some clint Eastwood westerns and other popular favorites so that my wife’s parents may enjoy watching with me. Thanks for all the help
  9. Thanks for all the info ! Appreciate it
  10. Ok thanks. I had other people’s music in mind.
  11. 1 more thing. I’m looking for recommendations for noise cancelling headphones. A year ago, Bose was the name to own at about $300. If anyone has any thoughts to share on this, or alternatives, I would like to hear them. Thank you
  12. Thank you. Now I see I have new things to try.
  13. Hi, new here to this forum but not to Philippines. I have been about 10 times with my wife. For my next visit in Feb I’m thinking I’ll bring about 10 DVDs with player to watch while I am there. Does anyone else do this? What kind of streaming choices might I have? We are in the province between Tarlac and Cabanatuan. I don’t know the cellular service there. The wired internet service in the house is probably basic at best. Wouldn’t know if it’s 1Meg , 10 Meg, or .1Meg. Thanks in advance.
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