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  1. My parents have a Grundig, ( well now I hav it ) and the tuner had bands marked as SWI SWII etc. . we had great fun tuning the dials across the bands labeled with countries names. My public library has a ham radio room which I should really learn to use. OK that’s my only comment. Thanks for reading
  2. Sorry to say this but the food for the most part is quite awful
  3. I just read the moniker and If the OP is as she says, a bluefish lover, she might be from the states adjacent to Long Island Sound. My home town has the bluefish in spades. Don’t know if they’re fished anywhere else.
  4. Probably the best places in Manila are the best bet
  5. Last year, A friend had a failed Air con so he took it to my mechanic who tried finding the leak by adding colored gas then seeing where it came out of. After much effort he Never found the leak. then my friend just added something called Stop Leak to his aircon refilled again with the refrigerant and it worked alright for the rest of the summer, over 2 months.
  6. The 10 year factor changed my mind. Helpful relatives who are professional knowledgeable and above reproach will make the deal. Opposite will break it. Ditto the exclusivity of which property you acquire. Western standards yes. Likely to descend into conformity with everything else.........?
  7. There are threads which explain using a vpn so that it looks like Your family in Philippines is in USA. Perhaps search vpn. Which brings up the question, can 2 different locations use the same vpn at the same time. That point might be moot because of the time difference. It might be likely that each location would have their own preferred time to watch and so not to interfere with each other.
  8. I use SHAREit . I typically use it for IPhone to IPad ( and vice versa ) and IPhone and IPad to PC . Occasionally PC to IPad and IPhone . I know it can do android. . One stipulation is that both devices must be connected to the same router which is the typical situation anyway. Sometimes it will offer to generate a scan code to be scanned in by the opposite device to help them connect. My transfers are typically 2 Mega bits per second or better. If at first you don’t succeed , Don’t give up https://shareit.one/ You can use this on a yacht in the middle of the ocean! Only stipulation is that they are connected to the same router. Router does not have to be connected to the internet! One reason to hold onto an old router.
  9. Rayj


    Can you set up a feedback loop? Take their noise and shoot it back at their microphone? Just a thought but how much are you reasonably able to do?
  10. Rayj


    I feel the pain. I have hesitated to post this until now. Here goes. Fiesta at my wife’s family home lasts maybe 3 months. 2 doors down the bingo cum karaoke event runs loud till after midnight and I vow to not go back between feb to end April. But the dang bingo bazaar is on my wife’s property! The bloody truth is I first bought a small lot from my wife’s sister. It was adjacent to a double size lot with house ( decrepit ) . Relatives of a long gone to America doctor were squatting there and darn if they didn’t have a karaoke machine. I kept my thoughts on buying the bigger adjacent lot to control my own destiny and it did happen, I bought the second and tripled my original lot size all in my wife’s name of course. We had the seller condition to level the house. I got rid of the dang karaoke, and managed to get stuck with a bingo vendor for 3 months of the year! Of course there’s income and that’s the main point but ironic.
  11. The words are actually “There’s a bathroom on the right”.
  12. How moon landing tapes found in a $218 batch could be worth a million; https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/15/arts/moon-landing-tapes-auction.html?rref=collection%2Fsectioncollection%2Farts&action=click&contentCollection=arts&region=stream&module=stream_unit&version=search&contentPlacement=1&pgtype=sectionfront and I never saw this guy on pawnstars
  13. How about “How High the Moon” as a theme song for this week. I just heard it by emmylou Harris and finally “got it”. I’m going to dig out my Les Paul and Mary Ford album to see if I get that one yet. The Emmy Lou Harris album also has “Bad Moon Rising” .
  14. Story (picture to come) driving my 1972 Datsun 240Z up curvy back roads in CT on a summer Saturday evening. I came to realize the car in front of Me was slowing down way too much on the curves only to bolt when the road started to straighten out. I think he had a Chrysler. Could have been high hp, I don’t know. He was playing around with me. So I pulled out at the next most advantageous time to get around him. I floored it and of course he hit it too so we were de facto racing until I had to duck back in for oncoming. Whole thing Lasted less than 15 seconds as it was a short and curvy. I did win. I don’t know if he backed off or not. I was too darn scared to do anything but come back to my side of the road as soon as I could. I never regarded my Z as real fast . Certainly not like a vette. I want to post a picture of my Z as I have one but I have to get it out from the glass first.
  15. My wife watched it at the neighbor’s house. He was a doctor so he was rich and had a tv. My wife’s family had dogs which they named after the astronauts.
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