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  1. That’s some good aim! Do or die is dead on meaning right there!
  2. I’m guessing Philippine cobra, Deadly. One was just killed next door to us. It was a pale green.
  3. Have not seen any here in my wife’s smallish town, guessing 10k+ people. The family unit is pretty tight So It kind of keeps me to myself when traveling out. 1 day saw a group of young athletic guys at the SM and a couple older types with them. Must have been a sports or religious event. When shopping, and met another couple like us, we 4 got on like gangbusters, even exchanging food tips. That kind of circumstance is ready made for open conversation.
  4. Rayj


    Reverse queuing dilemma : waiting for the exiting men from the men’s room at the mall, like a trail of ants. Just when I think I have a slot another man exits, then another, and then another etc. Just when the line comes to an end, of course a guy pushes past me . Why didn’t I think of that?
  5. Not my wife. When we hit turbulence that makes me turn white, I look over to see my wife laughing! The day I discovered flight paths by earth mapping, was the day I was set at ease of flying to the Philippines. I saw the flight path over land mostly all the way from New York. It comforts me that I may die from a crash, but at least I won’t get eaten by sharks while I’m drowning!
  6. I’m a big milk drinker and I need my cereal in the morning. I’ll be checking out these and the New Zealand products at the end of this coming week. I’m glad we have an S&R now, similar to our Costco at home. I had the carabao milk one time and it was delicious.
  7. The Filipinos I know always look on the bright side. In Amaerica it seems to be not “what we have” but “what more can we have”?
  8. My sentiments also. I met my wife here in the USA through a friend who was active in connecting with Asian single girls through Asian friendship society, Christian singles dances, etc. I struck gold a million to one in my estimation. There are others I know who did it too. Hospitals employ lots of Nurses. If you can get to know any, ask if they know anyone. I’m sure there are many eager to meet a solvent healthy male such as yourself. And if they made it to America on their own dime, then you know they are capable. Chances are using your plan, what if your dream girl dreams of coming to the US
  9. My parents have a Grundig, ( well now I hav it ) and the tuner had bands marked as SWI SWII etc. . we had great fun tuning the dials across the bands labeled with countries names. My public library has a ham radio room which I should really learn to use. OK that’s my only comment. Thanks for reading
  10. Sorry to say this but the food for the most part is quite awful
  11. I just read the moniker and If the OP is as she says, a bluefish lover, she might be from the states adjacent to Long Island Sound. My home town has the bluefish in spades. Don’t know if they’re fished anywhere else.
  12. Probably the best places in Manila are the best bet
  13. Last year, A friend had a failed Air con so he took it to my mechanic who tried finding the leak by adding colored gas then seeing where it came out of. After much effort he Never found the leak. then my friend just added something called Stop Leak to his aircon refilled again with the refrigerant and it worked alright for the rest of the summer, over 2 months.
  14. The 10 year factor changed my mind. Helpful relatives who are professional knowledgeable and above reproach will make the deal. Opposite will break it. Ditto the exclusivity of which property you acquire. Western standards yes. Likely to descend into conformity with everything else.........?
  15. There are threads which explain using a vpn so that it looks like Your family in Philippines is in USA. Perhaps search vpn. Which brings up the question, can 2 different locations use the same vpn at the same time. That point might be moot because of the time difference. It might be likely that each location would have their own preferred time to watch and so not to interfere with each other.
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