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  1. bigmac

    Very sick wife

    Thanks for your kindness. I am in process of driving that wooden stake. It is going to be a long arduous process I can see already but, might be that jail time is awaiting her...down the road so hopefully, she cannot do this to anyone else.
  2. bigmac

    Very sick wife

    Thanks for your kind words and advice.
  3. bigmac

    Very sick wife

    I've noticed that by your profile pic. U look a lot like Clint Eastwood!
  4. bigmac

    Very sick wife

    Well, good luck to AZ kid! lol
  5. bigmac

    Very sick wife

    lol....talking about the PI.....not working girls.
  6. bigmac

    Very sick wife

    Yes.....? He was there a little less than a week.
  7. bigmac

    Very sick wife

    So far. Probably not done with him but, he did a lot in a short time and he is still doing things to enhance this case. Yeah, I would recommend him.
  8. bigmac

    Very sick wife

    Yes and basically it's one lie to cover up another lie. She knows I have rock solid evidence. She will not even contact me now.
  9. bigmac

    Very sick wife

    Thanks for your reply. I have gleaned lots of good information from many of the members here. I am so Happy that I joined. Thanks for the kind words.....
  10. bigmac

    Very sick wife

    Not saying that you're judging me but, there is one particular person here who has. Thanks for your support!
  11. bigmac

    Very sick wife

    I understand all of what you say. But, judging me is not the place of anyone but God himself. I hope you can understand that.
  12. bigmac

    Very sick wife

    LOL....Yep, gotta get a new pair myself.
  13. bigmac

    Very sick wife

    I do. I now have video of the hospital staff saying they have no record of her and proof she has been attending college for about a year. Have pic's of her on her new motorcycle as well. Pic's of a very fine well upgraded house with aircon, satelite (2 TV's) a large new veranda added on as well as a new kitchen. The house was not much more than a chell when I was there. More to come....
  14. bigmac

    Very sick wife

    You're a funny guy!
  15. bigmac

    Very sick wife

    AS I said, nothing productive here and I will not respond otherwise to your insolence. Have a nice day.