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  1. She lives with her family. that is why I said it.
  2. Thank you. I will. Must be near Asheville, NC, USA.
  3. No plans to go to her family at all.
  4. Never heard of this. What is it, exactly?
  5. She has no visa. No worries.....
  6. We bonded and very quickly. She really took to me and I to her. However, at this point I wou8ld not put it past her Mama to use her in any way she can....
  7. Decisions, decisions.....As my dear departed Dad would say: "It's like be caught between the devil and the deep blue sea....."
  8. MANY MANY good people here and yes I have learned a lot through this experience and on this forum. If nothing else, I feel I have friends here and thank you ALL for your insight and input. I'll figure it out....where I go from here. Taking one day at a time right now.
  9. She is approved now and has been for a few months but, I'm NOT bringing her here now at all. (obvious reasons)
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