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  1. Carcar is nice place, but people there looked at me like I'm an alien from outer space All of them were very friendly, but still... And there's a poor infrastructure there. Good internet is hardly available also, but PLDT promises to start providing cable internet in Carcar very soon. Well, Carcar is pretty cozy place, but I just didn't feel I like it. I don't know why... Just a feeling, hard to explain. My girlfriend (she's from Metro Manila originally, from a wealthy and respectable family) has relatives here, and she used to live in Tagaytay for several years, so she suggested us to move there. I agreed. It was a great decision, I fell into Tagaytay since my first day here. Prices are acceptable, we've found a fully furnished 2 bedroom house (a tiny one) in a chill and clean subdivision here for 15k php monthly. She also told me that short term rent here is expensive because Tagaytay is a popular tourist destination, and it seems to be true. However, it's possible to find a decent house here for an acceptable price, if you're looking for a long term rent. In our case my girlfriend's relatives and friends hepled us to search for houses here, and we picked the one we liked. Tagaytay is really cool city, weather here isn't that hot, air is clean, streets too as well, and there're no traffic jams (except of Friday and Sunday evenings usually).
  2. Hello everyone! Well, some time in Carcar passed, but finally I decided to go back to Luzon. I settled down in Tagaytay city Carcar is an acceptable place, but locals really pay too much attention to an inked foreigner, which is irritating a bit, and there's a problem with finding a decent house for rent. Cable internet is kind of a problem also... Anyway Carcar is pretty nice place, but I liked Tagaytay much more. Last weekend I've made a 2 years rent contract Thanks all of you guys for your help, I really appreciate it!
  3. I had a dengue fever last year, too. Very unpleasant ~3 weeks... I've lost ~14 kilos of weight. But thai doctors allowed me to stay home, they just gave me medicines needed, and shared recommendations. Thai people really don't consider dengue fever as something special.
  4. The full version of this stand up is available at Netflix, and it worth watching I really like Jo Koy, he is an amazing comedian
  5. For sure, I will do it! This forum helped me a lot, and I would be glad to help other people with my own experience. When I'll gain it That's a wise advice. I have booked a room for 2 weeks, and of course I'll take a look around at first.
  6. Thank you! I've been told that Carcar is kinda like the last frontier of the good internet in south of Cebu. That's one of reasons why I've chosen it. Anyway we will take a look in person... I will follow an advice you guys gave me earlier, and try to talk to tricycle drivers. This idea likely will be useful, I believe they know a lot, and they can assist me for a reward. I would like to visit this place It would be great to find new friends there someday.
  7. Thank you for the advice, Dave! I've been thinking about Minglanilla also, but I'd like to live away from Cebu City, in my humble opinion it's too crowded. I'm used to live in a village in Phuket, Thailand, and I honestly wouldn't like to live in a large city anymore... Moscow was enough for me People also told me that I can get a cable internet there in Carcar (DSL connection at least), it's important for my internet job. Cities closer co Cebu, such as Minglanilla and Talisay, really look a bit crowded for me... There's a huge choice of apartments and condos, but I'd prefer to rent a house and buy all furniture needed. And a motorbike, of course... Something cheap and small, it will be useful until I'll be able to buy a big one I miss my last Harley
  8. Thank you very much everyone! I will follow your advice Hopefully I'll find something decent for an acceptable price there. I guess there is no huge choice of housing, but anyway Carcar is a city with ~120k population, not a village, so... Well, time will show
  9. Hello everyone! First of all I'd like to say thanks to all of you guys, the information from this forum always was very helpful for me Now my time to relocate has almost come, and I'll be in Cebu in 2 weeks from now. I know about terrifying road traffic there, and I actually prefer a province instead of large cities, so I finally decided to stay in Carcar. There's no tourist infrastructure, and I barely found a guesthouse to stay for first weeks, but I finally did it. However, I expect some problems with housing search. I'm going to find something cheap there, for a long term rent, but I honestly don't know how do you do it in the Philippines. It always had been easy in Thailand, but Phuket is full of tourists & longstayers... Probably someone of you lives there, or you just know somebody in Carcar who can assist with my search? Even if there's nobody from the forum there, I would be very grateful for any advices about housing search. How do you do it? Just walking around, looking for notifications and asking locals? Or hiring a helper? That's what I've been doing in Phuket, but I doubt it will work in Carcar Thank you all in advance! Greetings from Moscow where I am at the moment, and I honestly can't wait to fly back to Asia
  10. Thank you Jack! I guess that's possible to do (long term bike rent) without any troubles in any city, like that's possible in Thailand or Vietnam?
  11. Well, i'm pure Russian and I look like Russian, but my last name pretends to be Greek, and I know I have some % of Armenian and Japanese blood Btw, guys do you know, is it possible to rent a motobike for a long term contract on Philippines, like that's possible to do in many others South East Asian countries?
  12. 2 Dave Hounddriver thank you! I live on Phuket, but i know Pattaya well. IMHO that's nice to relax and hang around there, but Pattaya isn't a good place to live. It's much cheaper than Phuket, but... heh. Anyway that's just my opinion. Yeah, you're right. Probably i won't like Philippines comparing to Thailand, probably i will, but i know i will regret if i won't try. Btw, getting visas in Thailand is getting more and more difficult year by year, especially if talking about tourist or education ones. If the worst scenario will go on, i can move from Philippines back to Thailand or somewhere else But anyway i'd like to try. That's right too. I can speak thai a little bit, and i love thai culture (most parts of it), but language is really difficult. Once i've asked for a kilo of bananas on market... I mean, i thought that i asked for bananas. In fact i asked for kilo of penises >.< These two words sounds very similar So now i'm interested in 3 locations at all — Puerto Princesa, Iloilo and Dumaguete
  13. I'd like to live in a small city, yeah. Internet connection is needed, but 4-5 mbps of stable connection is enough. I'll arrive in April only, so i have some time now to choose. Now i'm checking out the information about Palawan, Dumaguete, Iloilo... Are there any differences of costs of living there? I mean in common - average prices for rent, etc.
  14. Yes, exactly, if talking about 95% of people there. The more stupid joke/show is, the more popular it will be. But if you'll post an "insulting" joke about government somewhere, you'll probably will be arrested for 6-7 years, thanks to mr. Putler Putin. This seems to be possible.
  15. In Russia that's still acceptable, by the way. Nobody cares... I've observed the same in Thailand, a lot of thai people look up down to chineses, despite the fact that many of them have chinese roots.
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