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  1. Thank you Jack! I guess that's possible to do (long term bike rent) without any troubles in any city, like that's possible in Thailand or Vietnam?
  2. Well, i'm pure Russian and I look like Russian, but my last name pretends to be Greek, and I know I have some % of Armenian and Japanese blood Btw, guys do you know, is it possible to rent a motobike for a long term contract on Philippines, like that's possible to do in many others South East Asian countries?
  3. 2 Dave Hounddriver thank you! I live on Phuket, but i know Pattaya well. IMHO that's nice to relax and hang around there, but Pattaya isn't a good place to live. It's much cheaper than Phuket, but... heh. Anyway that's just my opinion. Yeah, you're right. Probably i won't like Philippines comparing to Thailand, probably i will, but i know i will regret if i won't try. Btw, getting visas in Thailand is getting more and more difficult year by year, especially if talking about tourist or education ones. If the worst scenario will go on, i can move from Philippines back to Thailand or somewhere else But anyway i'd like to try. That's right too. I can speak thai a little bit, and i love thai culture (most parts of it), but language is really difficult. Once i've asked for a kilo of bananas on market... I mean, i thought that i asked for bananas. In fact i asked for kilo of penises >.< These two words sounds very similar So now i'm interested in 3 locations at all — Puerto Princesa, Iloilo and Dumaguete
  4. I'd like to live in a small city, yeah. Internet connection is needed, but 4-5 mbps of stable connection is enough. I'll arrive in April only, so i have some time now to choose. Now i'm checking out the information about Palawan, Dumaguete, Iloilo... Are there any differences of costs of living there? I mean in common - average prices for rent, etc.
  5. Yes, exactly, if talking about 95% of people there. The more stupid joke/show is, the more popular it will be. But if you'll post an "insulting" joke about government somewhere, you'll probably will be arrested for 6-7 years, thanks to mr. Putler Putin. This seems to be possible.
  6. In Russia that's still acceptable, by the way. Nobody cares... I've observed the same in Thailand, a lot of thai people look up down to chineses, despite the fact that many of them have chinese roots.
  7. I've read all this topic and found it interesting. As forum members wrote above, racism factor in RP depends of person, i guess... For example i've met some racists in Thailand, several locals who dislikes all foreigners, or just some nations. Once i was looking for a house for rent for my friend who was about to come for one month, and the landlord said he won't rent his condo for russians. Well, at least i understand why some locals dislikes my compatriots, many of them behave like savages when they are on vacation. In fact i usually avoid compatriots being out of Russia, and that's one of reasons why i don't really like my homeland. I just hope that in RP russians didn't got a shitty reputation yet >.< Btw, should i expect an intolerance on Philippines in cause of my look? I have a lot of tattooes, and it could be "unacceptable" for some conservative people as i can guess.
  8. Arizona Kid thank you! I guess a lot of things got changed for last 14 years... Anyway I'd like to live somewhere not far away from the sea, like i do now. Btw, what you guys can say about Dumaguete city? It's pretty popular among expats as i fugured out.
  9. Well, time will show :) Anyway I wanna compare Thailand to Philippines, because if I won't do that, I guess I will regret... Any other advices about locations? :)
  10. 2 filipino_wannabe Thanks for your opinion! Yeah, here in Thailand i don't tell that i'm a freelancer to immigration officers too, due to the same reason. I'm not sure about visa to make, i guess first months i'll keep tourist one, like here i do now. Iloilo seems to be a pretty interesting location. Anyway i'm looking for more, just to have a choice. 2 Old55 i can imagine that, but i'm alright with this side of local life :) People can be noisy and sometimes annoying, but they still can be a nice and pleasant people at the same time :) I have some experience :D
  11. Thank you for editing the start post Old55, now it's better :) Yeah, i realize that my budged is low, but i guess it's acceptable enough. Now i pay ~250 USD for a brand new fully furnished studio, for example. That's really not expensive for Phuket, but the place is really nice, with very friendly owner and good neighbours. I enjoy living among locals, away from noisy tourist area. Well, i'm not sure but i guess Philippines aren't more expensive in common than Thailand, huh? In fact i'd like to rent an apartment/condo (studio or 1 bedroom) somewhere in a chill place, not too far away from the city, and also find a bike for rent, because i'll sell my motorcycle here before leave. Weather doesn't matter so much, i'm used to hot one, and i never run A/C at +30-32 because i feel well enough :) Right now i try to choose a location to live, somewhere not far away from the sea and not too expensive. All advices will be appreciated!
  12. Hello everyone! I'm also looking for a wise advice about a place to live. I stay in Thailand since last New Year, but i'll arrive to Philippines in May, gonna stay there for 1-2 years at least, maybe more... I just wanna compare living on Philippines with living in Thailand (Phuket). But i don't know about RP geography a lot, so i hope someone here can give me a good advice, mm? I don't need a job as i'm a digital freelancer, but my homeland isn't rich country. I earn in russian currency, so my budget is low, it can't exceed 1000 USD monthly. Now that's enough for living on Phuket... All i can say i don't like living in a big city, but downtown is a good idea. I live in a small village village now, but if I need something from the city, it takes ~30 minutes only to go to the island main city on a motorcycle. Something alike will be great. I'm browsing an information about Puerto-Princesa or Iloilo now, and i'll be grateful if someone can tell me more about choosing a good place for an expat on Philippines. Thank you all! EDIT; I moved your great question to a new topic and edited your title to better answer this specific question.
  13. Got it :) Russian language is based on cyrillic alphabet, not latin one :) Sure, as soon as i'll meet someone from here on Philippines! :) Thank you, you too!
  14. Hello Jake! Thank you for the explanation. I believe i won't have any issues with everyday living there, i like asian style :) And you're right, i'm not going to choose a place to settle down right now. At first i'll stay somewhere for a year at least, and use this time to look around. Thanks for your wishes! Czech language, huh, or slovenian one? I guess so but i'm not sure :)
  15. Got it, thanks. Yeah, in other countries nearby some locals are sure that all Caucasian people are rich. What a mistake, they simply don't enough know about Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and countries of Eastern Europe :D
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