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  1. If you want the 6 month visa go to Fastpass next door, they can do it for you for an extra 1k or so
  2. Yes easy so long as you want it to stay in your name, you (or the buyer rather) will only encounter problems if you sell it
  3. Easy enough to register, you just pay a "change of venue" fee which is about 100 pesos I think maybe less, only issue will come if you want to sell it as the buyer will have to do the police check and stenciling of chassis number in the place it was first registered.
  4. I trade on the British market but have friends who trade on the US market and we both use Interactive Brokers - no VPN needed, they don't have a problem with you being here and it's a good platform in my experience. Hong Kong based I believe. Have a look into that
  5. Generally the west side of Davao has less water problems than the centre and east as that's where the wells are (Dumoy). Calinan - depends where you are. A few areas are off grid. I just bought some land right up in the mountains and it's a matter of tapping some pipes into a spring. A well might be good, but I think water up that way is generally quite good. Always was fine in Mintal area... in my experience. As for buying homes, I find most of the ones you can buy follow a certain formula that doesn't appeal to me - concrete boxes with low roofs and that require aircon cooling - and if you can find a good builder, it'll be cheaper to do it yourself. If you haven't got a good builder, then it gets difficult...
  6. You will laugh about this but he also sells a herbal drink made from guyabano and mangosteen leaves, bark, and so on. From Oregon and in his 30s. Nice guy. Trying to write some books on the side as well. I agree with you about that line of business, it is very profitable, I am also looking at agribusiness myself in the provinces and there are so many options in terms of this. The local market is developing a lot more and there's a lot of room to increase supply, that is for sure. Really very interesting. Given the cost of land and how it's increasing down here it's certainly much better than growing things. I agree re:franchising, it's a boring option that limits you a lot. Brand holds a lot of appeal here though, even the small fruit stalls! When are you thinking of arriving out here?
  7. Ah, Tamugan - I have an American friend who built a small house on his mother in law's land up there. He says the place drives him mad, but at least he can drive down the road to Davao and escape whatever madness there is up there! Nice and cold too, well, probably a warm summer day in Alaska kind of level, but very nice. And my friend will be happy to have another foreigner up there to talk to! All I can say regarding business is don't rush in too quick. Things don't happen very quickly here and the business culture is incredibly different. The nature of the people is also different. I've done some business here and a lot of mistakes were based on trying to use a Western approach to a country which is not Western. I don't know what type of thing you're trying to do, but my advice is that you spend a lot of time working out how things work (or don't work). I've looked at many opportunities, and there are a lot out there, but it took me a long time to even get an idea of how things work. I still don't know that much after 3 years, but always learning. Your best feasibility analysis will be done if you're out here - have you been out here before?
  8. Another thing, if you ever choose to sell it, the buyer will have to do the HPG-PNP police check up in Manila because that's where it was first registered. So you will have trouble selling it. Much easier to buy it in Davao, plenty of motorbike shops around.
  9. Yes and for annual report I was meant to have a 2x2 photo, nevermind sir they said, works for me
  10. I did mine a month after previous entry and they said that NBI was fine.
  11. Anselm


    Won't cost you much less than that for a pint of locally brewed IPA in the craft beer bars in Manila! (actually I just found reasonable IPA in a random place in Davao for 220 a pint I think, and can get mugs of it in La Vie in Cebu for 60 pesos, so maybe cheap craft beer does exist occasionally)
  12. Those parking guys are not so bad, 5 pesos and they'll find you a space and watch for you... not ideal but have seen cars scratched for refusing to pay, yes a form of extortion similar to how the NPA works but if I'm not going to stress out over 5 pesos... unless the asawa has decided to remove all the coins from the tray I keep them in for some unknown reason! Now there's a real stress! Also have you seen 90% of locals trying to park? But then they ask for 10 pesos at Christmas, cheeky buggers, I don't get 13th month so neither will you
  13. Anselm


    Just been thinking over the last few days when I've been out in certain provinces of Mindanao and they only have Beer na Beer, and not San Mig. I'm not sure where else in the country you get it but Agusan and Surigao tend to stock it. I didn't get that same acid reflux I sometimes get from Pilsen, the taste is a little bit less sharp, and I woke up after 8 bottles like nothing had ever happened. Someone told me there's less sugar in it.
  14. I've noticed a lot more brand new Landcruisers appearing in the last year or half year - but still, far fewer than the more popular models. Lexus - I've seen 2 or 3 in the last year. Not sure if the locals associate it with high wealth though...
  15. Most gas stations seem to have premium unleaded (at least 95-octane) available. Premium diesel is somewhat harder to find in the provinces (not that it makes so much of a difference!)
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