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  1. Great! Now you can kill two turkeys in one shot, make yourself a nice turkey dinner and get protection from covid while eating it...
  2. Can they at least reserve me a spot in one of those OFW repatriation flights leaving the US?
  3. Hey, I am also sending money to my gf and family, where can I signup for my OFW benefits?
  4. So what you are saying is that the 4.1 millions Filipinos living in the US are OFWs?
  5. Apparently Filipino seniors are voting with their feets, 24% of Filipinos immigrants in the US are 65 or older, versus 16% of both the overall foreign and native-born populations. Filipino seniors LOVE the US.
  6. Ok, make sense, millions filipinos are flocking to the US, to live in an hellhole, risking their lives just to make a buck, got it!
  7. Yes, it is horrible in the US, just ask the over 4 million Filipinos who are living here, they can't wait moving out of this hellhole once the covid restrictions are lifted... By the way, the chances of dying from homicide in the PH is 30% higher than in the US but I know, I know, this is just small details... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_intentional_homicide_rate
  8. South Africa graph, home of the notorious "SA variant", looks very similar with only 0.5% of the population vaccinated.
  9. Filipinos are addicted to this stuff, I will get heart attack by just reading the ingedients at the back of the satche... How hard it is to mix real coffee with hot water and add real sugar?
  10. "My preference is Sinopharm, China. I’m not into products by white people" - Duterte, last month. Moderators note: Adding link that references this quote https://www.rappler.com/nation/roque-response-why-duterte-get-choose-covid-19-vaccine
  11. Newsflash - "BEIJING (AP) — In a rare admission of the weakness of Chinese coronavirus vaccines, the country’s top disease control official says their effectiveness is low and the government is considering mixing them to give them a boost. Beijing has distributed hundreds of millions of doses in other countries while also trying to promote doubt about the effectiveness of Western vaccines. “It’s now under formal consideration whether we should use different vaccines from different technical lines for the immunization process” Gao said.
  12. It goes both ways. We had an entire year of media creating panic and mass hysteria, wrecking economies, livelihoods, causing famine, for a disease with 98% or higher survival rate for healthy people. But now suddenly, "Bad news sells"... “Men . . . go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.” - Scottish journalist Charles Mackay in 1841.
  13. Here we go again... Nobody is recommending horse medicine. I will rather listen to a real doctor who is in the field than some bureaucrats who are in cahoot with the pharmaceutical industry. "conflict of interests, federal government in bed with private companies, they don't want the therapy to work so they can sell their vaccine" dr.ryan-cole-covid-mistakes.mp4
  14. Do you think every death is counted? Vaccinated 03/22, died a week later "from natural causes". https://www.greenbaypressgazette.com/story/news/2021/03/30/preble-high-choir-director-teacher-distinction-sara-holub-dies/7028057002/
  15. Do you think every death is counted? "fact checked" by Facebook, died a week later "unexpectedly". https://smithandwalkerfh.com/tribute/details/7677/Desiree-Penrod/obituary.html
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