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  1. According to arriving passengers study done by McMaster University in Toronto international airport, 99% of study participants tested negative for COVID-19 with 1% testing positive. • Breakdown of positive cases by test period: - 0.7% detected on arrival (61 divided by 8644) - 0.3% detected on day 7 (23 divided by 6620) - <0.1% detected on day 14 (5 divided by 5517) With over 99% survival rate, draw your own conclusions... https://www.mcmasterhealthlabs.ca/pdf/MHL Border Study Backgrounder.pdf
  2. This not conclusive, virus in nose, mouth not sterilized and can be transmitted. per https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7505651/ "Challenge studies in vaccinated primates showed reductions in pathology, symptoms, and viral load in the lower respiratory tract, but failed to elicit sterilising immunity in the upper airways. Sterilising immunity in the upper airways has been claimed for one vaccine, but peer-reviewed publication of these data are awaited."
  3. This is not the same, masks prevent or reduce the spread of the virus. The current vaccines are not giving “sterilizing immunity”, it means they will prevent a person from getting sick but will not stop this person from spreading the virus to other people. So actually, vaccinated people will not show any symptoms(fever, sneezing, coughing) but still infect other people.
  4. So you say passenger, who refuse to get vaccinated, can take the airline to court because he got infected during a flight? What about personal responsibility?
  5. There is proposal in the US to pay $1000 for people to get the vaccine, if this materialize it will be no brainer, free flight + free vaccine... I am sure many will take advantage of this. Pay people $1,000 to take coronavirus vaccine and avoid 'a lot of angst': Economist "The idea of paying Americans to take the vaccine has been floated as a way to achieve that 70% goal. Robert Litan, an economist who served in President Clinton’s administration, first proposed that the government spend $275 billion to pay Americans $1,000 each to reach 80% herd immunity in August." https:/
  6. I hijacked the thread? You made a claim, which is misleading in my opinion, that airlines will demand a return ticket instead of "throwaway" ticket before you can board a flight to the Philippines, so I made a post voicing my opinion, this simple post of mine created some responses, which curiously ignored my core claim but instead were trying to "educate" me about visas (yes, I know no tourist visas are available at the moment) and scams (yes, there are scammers, but what this has to do with someone buying an airline ticket?) So unless you or someone else can show me an "official" airlin
  7. Right, no question about it, you may need a visa, but the whole discussion here is about some time in the future (the op say January 2021, but I think more likely January 2022) when tourism is open again, so I assume when Philippines is open other countries in the region will be open too, hong kong is just an example.
  8. Please... we all know that travel is restricted now, the op is talking about some time in the future when they will open travel and he will apply for a tourist visa, please read the entire conversation. And what is your point about scamming? All I am talking about is buying or putting on hold a legitimate ticket. Just because someone somewhere is scamming, does it mean that we all need to stop using throw away tickets now?
  9. So if I buy 2 tickets for my trip, Miami -> Manila and Manila -> Hong Kong, the airline agent at the airport can now read minds and say "Oh no, the MNL -> HKG ticket is not a real ticket, it is a throw away ticket, you cannot board the plane!"? Not sure of what scams you are talking about, if you have a reservation number and it showing on the agent's system under your name, it is a valid ticket.
  10. Of course... If round trip is cheaper, go ahead and buy it but my beef is that the claim that was in that post is that because of covid, if you not buy round trip the airline may not let you board the plane. Just checked flights from Miami to Manila, one way $480, round trip $865, so it is almost double and if I intend to visit Hong Kong after Manila I am not sure how an airline can force me to buy a return trip from Manila to Miami?
  11. Ok... I am almost giving up on you guys... I am flying internationally for many years, always booking one way tickets and using "throw away" tickets for my exit flights. Now a guy on this thread claims that, because of covid, airlines will demand that you purchase a return ticket from them instead of using a cheap "throw away" ticket to exit the country. So unless he or anybody else show me where airlines are making new rules for return flights because of covid, I call it BS and this conversation is going nowhere.
  12. I don't think so... You said that you are going to apply for tourist visa, is it correct? If so, regardless of what you plan to do at the end of your Philippines "tour" (extend it or travel to a neighboring country), the requirement to gain entry as a tourist is the same.
  13. This does not make any sense... So what you are saying is that once tourists are allowed, if I want to go on vacation and spend 2 weeks in Philippines and 1 week in Hong Kong, I will need to take 24 hours flights from Miami to Philippines, spend 2 weeks in the Philippines, spend another 24 hours to return to Miami on the same airline and then take another 24 hours flights from Miami to Hong kong for the rest of my vacation? Make no sense at all...
  14. I have no plan to take vaccine... After spending months of lockdown in Philippines I gave up and returned to Florida two weeks ago, except for wearing face mask indoors, life is normal here, I think I will survive without vaccine... Never took flu shots and I am still alive... If you have pre-conditions, go ahead take the vaccine, but remember, this may not be one shot deal, to be effective it may require yearly vaccination.
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