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  1. Yes, I always follow the protocols. When I was in Cebu what I saw was that only around 50% properly put their face mask/shield, the other half once they pass the security at the mall or supermarket entrance, the face shield go on top of the head and mask under the nose... Now try to pull it off in Florida, you will immediately requested by store employees, cashiers and even other shoppers to cover your nose! No exceptions. HK, this was not meant particularly to you, I was referring to the many negative responses I received to my suggestion that while Philippines is closed for the fores
  2. Curiously nobody was talking about population density when they were singing praises of the excellent job done by Australia and NZ... But now "it is not our fault, it is our density"... But wait, population density in the Philippines is much higher than Britain, so according to your "criteria", death rate in the Philippines should be higher... Singapore and HK are the most densely populated countries in the globe, should they be somewhere at the top of the list of covid deaths? Of course, there are many more parameters and considerations that are particular to each country but
  3. While I am not going to follow your path of "my country is better than your country" pissing contest because I think it is Juvenile or just plain stupid, I have a question for you TerryP, do you have stones and glass houses in the UK? "Britain Hits Highest COVID-19 Death Rate Per Capita in the World" https://www.voanews.com/covid-19-pandemic/britain-hits-highest-covid-19-death-rate-capita-world
  4. Wait a second... so you are not in lockdown, you can go out every day and spend time in crowded supermarkets and that ok, but if I am going to get PCR tested and take a single two and half hour flight to Costa Rica, now I am the bad guy?
  5. You are right... Personally I will be more comfortable flying with passengers who were tested negative before boarding the airplane than flying with passengers who were not tested but got vaccinated 8-10 months ago... For this reason, as I mentioned before, IATA is not calling it "Vaccination Passport", it is "IATA Travel Pass". With all the covid variants around, it is relatively easy to roll out new adapted PCR tests, no so much with vaccine, once the vaccine is in your body, you need to wait for the next vaccine formulation to be protected again. (same as the yearly flu vaccine).
  6. Maybe you did not notice but the app that IATA is developing for air travel is not called "Vaccination passport", they named it "Travel Pass". Why? I will let you figure it out...
  7. With all due respect and I am not trying to diminish your daughter and her boyfriend issues but it was known, long before covid, that people recovering from flu and even common cold can have lingering long term side effects, I will not bother you with links but you can do your own search. "Post-viral syndrome, or post-viral fatigue, refers to a sense of tiredness and weakness that lingers after a person has fought off a viral infection. It can arise even after common infections, such as the flu. People may experience post-viral symptoms, such as fatigue, for weeks or months after fighting
  8. "if iT SAVeS eVEN ONE SeNIOr its IMHO A prICe WORTh PayINg"... Do you really believe this crap? Per statistics the majority of fatal car accidents occurs when speed is over 40 MPH, just imagine how many senior lives can be saved by reducing the speed limit to 35 MPH...
  9. No need to perpetuate any myth, I just read the comments in the www.philippines-expats.com website... You cannot move between major cities in the country without PCR test, barangay clearance, letter of acceptance, quarantine and who knows what else... I call it lockdown but you can call it any name you wish.
  10. I have been to 9 round trip flights in 2020, first 4 trips in January/February in the Philippines, nobody was using masks at that time... Later flights all with masks on crowded airplanes, still alive... Yes, I can get covid but with 99.7% survival rate I will take my chances, whatever not kill you will make you stronger... I will not fall to MSM induced mass panic... For more information, just research "Hygiene hypothesis" "Many parents believe that their children must be kept in an environment that is as clean as possible, but some research suggests that being exposed to what
  11. So now you are blaming me for 28,500 deaths? There is a reason why Florida is called "God's waiting room", many come to spend the rest of their life here, majority of the deaths are in their 80s in senior communities or nursing homes. If you enjoy your restrictions, so be it, just remember, the virus (and its variants) is not going away, so be ready to spend years in lock downs. I will live my life as free as I can, so spare me your condescending attitude.
  12. Don't know... Been here is south florida for almost 5 months and never seen or heard about anybody getting beaten, stabbed or shot over an argument and refusal to wear masks... Maybe I am living a sheltered life or maybe I am just not living in the hood...
  13. I am not from the UK so I cannot comment about the restrictions over there, also I was answering Guy, who I believe is not from the UK. All I know is that where I am now, restaurants, bars, gyms, movie theaters are open, I can travel freely, no mask/shield when outside, no police checkpoints, etc. So for me, leaving the Philippines at this point in time was blessing, I love my freedom! So HK, if the restrictions are not impacting you, good for you! But it is clear that many are discouraged by the prospect of ongoing and future lock downs.
  14. Don't hold your breath... Remember "15 days to slow the spread"? After 2 years in the Philippines I threw the towel last November and made my exit. I saw the writing on the wall with the endless lock downs extensions and the "safety first" mentality. With the new virus variants/strains some say restrictions will be till 2024... Anyway, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia are looking better every day (for those of us who are singles, with no commitments in the Philippines and of course healthy).
  15. The are low cost plans in the US. Ting (and others) have plans starting with $10. https://ting.com/plans
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