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  1. Show me a single post where I say anything bad against the Filipino people. I challenge you to show me something that I wrote that is not in line with what all the regulars here are “complaining” about. By the way I am not the one who started this negative thread… For the record, I LOVE my Filipina gf and her dirt poor toothless family…
  2. Without reading the articles, I know there is a problem when mothers complain they have no milk for their babies while the fathers have no problem keeping the red horse flowing. Undernutrition is also a problem with the elderly, for financial reasons but some because they have no teeth left…
  3. Screaming "racism" is very common in this day and age, just to be clear, I have close relatives who died during the 2nd world war, should I go into the gruesome details just to score points? No, I won't!
  4. I am scratching my head here, trying to figure out which of my posts are "insensitive" and "endlessly distasteful"? Most of what I write is just common sense that many can agree, this is what I wrote in this forum just from the top of my head - promoted healthy life style/nutrition instead of life long dependency on big Pharma. - promoted use of vitamin D and zinc as protection against covid. - mentioned the availability of Ivermectin as therapeutics for covid. - Distrusted Dr. Fauci and other government bureaucrats. - Mentioned the hypocrisy of the PH government who f
  5. Sorry if someone got offended, you can never underestimate the sensitivity of some people. On a positive note, one can only marvel the ingenuity of the Chinese, face mask use is just starting to go down and they already found a way to generate new revenue stream…
  6. This is the law, DEPORTATION OF ALIENS, Sec. 37, #11 "Any alien who engages in profiteering, hoarding, or black-marketing, independent of any criminal action which may be brought against him;" Anybody know what was the criminal charge against him? Could it be something completly unrelated like employee complaining of abuse? https://perma.cc/VHL4-TUDG
  7. It looks like you did not follow your own advice because a quick read of the report YOU quoted made this paragraph stick out to me... "The RECOVERY Trial is a large, randomised controlled trial of possible treatments for patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19. Over 11,000 patients have been randomised to the following treatment arms, or no additional treatment". It is already known for months that Hydroxy Chloroquin and Ivermectin are mostly effective in the early stage of covid infection, once hospitalized it is too late.
  8. Here you go... CNN reporting... I have nothing against making money, actually while I am no Bill Gates I made ton of money investing in Moderna and other Biotech companies during the last year so I am the last one who is going to complain... "Covid-19 vaccines have created at least nine new billionaires after shares in companies producing the shots soared. Topping the list of new billionaires are Moderna (MRNA) CEO Stéphane Bancel and Ugur Sahin, the CEO of BioNTech (BNTX), which has produced a vaccine with Pfizer (PFE). Both CEOs are now worth around $4 billion, according to an anal
  9. What is wrong with "if Gates owns stock . . " ? It just a general statment meaning that anybody who owned pharma stock made money off the vaccines, I never said Gates made money, I think you are confusing me with someone else...
  10. If Gates own shares in big pharma he made some money. "COVID vaccines create 9 new billionaires with combined wealth greater than cost of vaccinating world's poorest countries" The 9 new vaccine billionaires, in order of their net worth are: 1) Stéphane Bancel, Moderna’s CEO (worth $4.3 billion) 2) Ugur Sahin, CEO and co-founder of BioNTech (worth $4 billion) 3) Timothy Springer, an immunologist and founding investor of Moderna (worth $2.2bn) 4) Noubar Afeyan, Moderna’s Chairman (worth $1.9 billion) 5) Juan Lopez-Belmonte, Chairman of ROVI, a company with a
  11. Can you trust Bill Gates? Bill Gates - look at me I am such a great guy, I am investing in green energy companies to save the planet. Interviewer - is it true that you shorted green energy company Tesla? Bill Gates - I am not talking about my investments. yt1s.com - Bill Gates We need more Elon Musks.mp4
  12. How many clinical trials do you need? https://c19ivermectin.com/ (Cannot copy/paste the article because it is full of links)
  13. Yes but the vaccines on your list are not mRna, was tested for many years and are FDA approved, also there are alternative therapeutics like ivermectin to treat covid, not sure if it is available for the vaccines you mentioned. yt1s.com - COVID vaccines cant have long term effects from Livestream QA 82.mp4
  14. Another flip flop by Fauci. 5/4/20 - Dr. Fauci Dismisses Wuhan Lab as Source of Coronavirus, Contradicting President and Pompeo. https://www.newsweek.com/dr-fauci-dismisses-wuhan-lab-source-coronavirus-contradicting-President-pompeo-1501924 One year later... https://www.newsweek.com/senate-unanimously-passes-bill-declassifying-information-covid-origin-1595262 Fauci has changed his public statements about the pandemic's origins as well as funding he authorized for research at the Wuhan Lab.
  15. AstraZeneca Lawsuit $520 million Drug: Seroquel Seroquel is an antipsychotic drug manufactured by AstraZeneca that was approved in 1997 by the FDA for treatment of psychotic disorders. In 2000, that approval was proposed to be narrowed to short-term treatment of schizophrenia only. In 2004, it was narrowed to short-term treatment of acute manic episodes associated with bipolar disorder. It was later approved for bipolar depression. However, during this time, the manufacturer was marketing the drug for additional uses like treatment of aggression, Alzheimer’s, anger management,
  16. Pfizer Lawsuit - Drugs: Bextra, Geodon, Zyvox, Lyrica The criminal fine was $1.3 billion, and the additional $1 billion was for civil allegations under the False Claims Act. Pfizer falsely promoted Bextra, antipsychotic drug Geodon, antibiotic Zyvox, and antiepileptic Lyrica. The company was also accused of paying kickbacks related to these drugs and submitting false claims to government health care programs based on uses that weren’t medically accepted. Bextra was pulled from the market in 2005 after it was deemed unsafe.
  17. I mentioned the talcum powder lawsuit because it is the most recent, I can go forever with lawsuits... 1) MARCH 18, 2021 - Purdue pharma restructuring to pay billions toward opioid lawsuit settlement. The plan requires the company’s family owners to pay an additional $4.275 billion to resolve thousands of civil claims https://www.jurist.org/news/2021/03/purdue-pharma-restructuring-to-pay-billions-toward-opioid-lawsuit-settlement/# 2) Apr 19, 2021 - Johnson & Johnson, AbbVie’s Allergan business, Teva and Endo are set to face a virtual trial over allegations they downplayed r
  18. The vaccine manufacturers have a long history of lawsuits against them. Why is that? J & J is involved in a two billion dollar one now due to their cancer causing talcum powder. I’m sure the “experts” said it was safe when it first came out. News from yesterday - "The Supreme Court rejected an appeal from Johnson & Johnson seeking to undo a $2.1 billion damages award against it over allegations that asbestos in its talc powder products, including baby powder, caused women to develop ovarian cancer." https://www.cnbc.com/2021/06/01/supreme-court-rejects-johnson-johnsons-a
  19. Many have reservations about getting the vaccine because it’s not long term clinically tested and we don’t know if it causes cancer or birth defects. Cancers take time to develop, I am an investor in few biotechnology companies so I am following clinical trials, here an example of patients who got cancer 5 years into the trial, is it because of the gene therapy? Who knows… "A company has stopped its clinical studies of a promising gene therapy for the blood disorder sickle cell disease after two people who participated developed leukemia-like cancer. Bluebird bio is now investigating whet
  20. Yes, if you being vaccinated in the Philippines in theory immigration can verify the validity of the certificate, now you show up at the airport with vaccination certificate from Uzbekistan, how immigration suppose to know if it is valid or just something you printed yourself the day before?
  21. The vaccines are sort of gene therapy, no long term effect study done, only approved for emergency use, so if you feel your situation is an emergency go ahead take it, otherwise why put this stuff into your body? You can always get vaccinated. You cannot get unvaccinated.
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