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  1. I don't see anybody saying this, everybody is agreeing that easing should be gradual so I don't know what you are trying to say but total 5 dead in Cebu and total lockdown? They should start easing now!
  2. So you say we need to keep the numbers low? In Cebu City per the statistics death rate is 0.000005 of the population, they had zero deaths for more than 10 days... last week 70 years old with Alzheimer died. No cure for the virus, let face it people will die. At one point they need to lift the lockdown, and then? Back to square one...
  3. So I guess in your opinion we need to keep the lockdown forever because this virus is not going away anytime soon...
  4. Here in Cebu TOTAL death in the region so far is 9, mostly old with pre-conditions. They find few infected daily, most of them in jails... Now we are all in jail... Make no sense to lockdown so many for so few incidents.
  5. Some people spent too much time in the Philippines....
  6. Chay-na is not our friend... Lead paint on children's toys, melamine in the dog food, tainted drugs, intellectual property theft, hacking, subjugation of 1.4 billion, suppression of religion and speech, social scoring.....1984 has taken place in CHINA
  7. LOL... Just because you are on some list from Manila doesn't guarantee anything, I am hearing stories of people getting scratched off the list because someone from the barangay "complained" that they have a daughter working in Hong Kong, or a daughter working as a teacher, doesn't matter that her husband lost his job and she have 5 kids to feed...
  8. Wondering if they are going to include this death as part of the covid19 statistics...
  9. Yeah right... scratch the surface and you will see the poor getting poorer, the connected and "do gooder" politicians are getting richer while throwing bags of rice and few cans of sardines around...
  10. So he need a Doctor to tell him to quit smoking and drinking? Could not figure it out himself.... The stupidity of some people is amazing...
  11. While in the west they are talking about "flattening the curve" and waiting for the warmer weather to open up the economy, here in central visayas, we are not seeing any curve, actually no deaths recorded for the last 10 days, 8 deaths recorded in total, which is around 0.0000011 of the population, mostly people in their 70's and 80's with co-morbidity. The weather is so hot here, especially when they force you to put a face mask on (designed for crowded places) while walking in the deserted Cebu streets...
  12. Just wondering, so you are going to hire two Filipinas to take care of you when you are too old, are you also going to give them access to your financials? bank accounts, credit card, investments? Because there will come time when you are unable to pay your bills by yourself, buy your groceries, etc.. Also when you get sick, the two filipinas will need to have the financial means to call an ambulance, check you into hospital, buy your medicines, pay for your treatment, etc. Also, if you are too old or too sick to pay the two Filipinas their salary, are they going to stick around without being payed or just take off? You can give your two hired filipinas access to an emergency fund, but are you sure that one of them are not going to drain your account and run away?
  13. They take a sample of 1000 people from each country and conduct 30 minutes phone interviews. I guess not many happy Americans are willing to sit down for 30 minutes and answer questions about their "happiness" from an anonymous caller... I will just hang up the phone... I assume many who are unhappy will answer these calls as an opportunity to voice their "complains"... This may explain why the US is relatively low in the ranking, the results are skewed...
  14. These ranking are complete crap, if people in Finland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland are so happy, why these countries are top consumers of antidepressants drugs? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_antidepressant_consumption
  15. Did it ever crossed your mind that what is comfortable for you may be uncomfortable for others? I love large cities... Living in Cebu Business Park is very comfortable to me, maybe too comfortable... Traffic around my building is not so bad comparing to other parts of Cebu, so no major fume problem, also living on the 30th floor helps getting fresh air... (My gf told me the other day that she used to get bronchitis very often but since she moved with me in the condo she is not getting sick anymore, so it is a good sign). So I get fresh air and it is quiet, even with the windows open. It is comfortable because everything is close by, groceries? I just cross the street and 2 large and clean supermarkets are there, no need to spend time and money stuck in traffic and fumes… Eating out? same, just cross the street, tens restaurants just across the street, no traffic, banks, movies, coffe shops, etc it is all there, zero traffic... I love to travel so relatively near international airport is a plus. Streets are relatively clean, no homeless, beggars, no cooking or parking on the sideways... I feel very comfortable... It may be not comfortable for you but to each his own.
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