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  1. So no singing is allowed in cebu city but I can put my boom box in full volume and that's ok?
  2. From what I know there are different rules for domestic travel vs international travel. If you booked your trip as 2 separate tickets, one ticket to Manila and one ticket to London, you may need to follow the domestic travel requirements, so to be 100% sure you need to check with your origin/destination barangays.
  3. I am 60+ and currently living in Cebu, not in Florida. Instead of answering my question you just resorted to assumptions and kind of threat? (9 mm pistol? what is about?) So I will just ask again - why poor young Filipinos should bother with covid vaccine when they never bother with a yearly flu vaccine which kill around 50k Filipinos per year, especially if it is a new vaccine that was haphazardly concocted in a lab somewhere in china or Russia?
  4. Please explain to me why poor Filipinos need covid vaccine? 50k Filipinos die every year from Flu, are poor Filipinos taking the Flu vaccine every year? I don't think so. Almost all who died from covid are old people with pre existing conditions, life expectancy in the Philippines is around 69, one of the lowest in the world, so what is the big deal here with covid when Filipinos have much bigger health issues? "AstraZeneca pauses COVID-19 vaccine trial after unexplained illness in U.K.: reports" A study testing a potential COVID-19 vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and the University
  5. Just because random test is positive does not mean you have covid. I am living in studio apartment with my gf, I don't think I can quarantine in my unit. If I am sick I just stay at home, I have done it always in the past, just common sense, there is no need for a government employee to give me orders.
  6. Last thing I want is a government employee on my doorstep with a faulty covid test forcing me into a 14 days quarantine in an undisclosed location...
  7. One day in the future astronomers will discover a giant black hole where all these forms are located... I saw many people just dropping empty forms in the box (not giving an advice here...)
  8. . We are still in quarantine in Cebu as far as I know, is the 30 days rule still apply or is it depending on your luck and who is attending you at the BI?
  9. In other words what you are saying is that the reason for using face shield is the same as when a pet owner is putting a cone on his dog head, sad reality on how the Filipino people are treated...
  10. I guess it means that tourist visas for those who live in Cebu City will expire 30 days after the end of MGCQ?
  11. What about those with expired tourist visa? Last I heard they will have 30 days after the quarantine to renew their visa without fines, when this 30 period is starting?
  12. I don't see anybody saying this, everybody is agreeing that easing should be gradual so I don't know what you are trying to say but total 5 dead in Cebu and total lockdown? They should start easing now!
  13. So you say we need to keep the numbers low? In Cebu City per the statistics death rate is 0.000005 of the population, they had zero deaths for more than 10 days... last week 70 years old with Alzheimer died. No cure for the virus, let face it people will die. At one point they need to lift the lockdown, and then? Back to square one...
  14. So I guess in your opinion we need to keep the lockdown forever because this virus is not going away anytime soon...
  15. Here in Cebu TOTAL death in the region so far is 9, mostly old with pre-conditions. They find few infected daily, most of them in jails... Now we are all in jail... Make no sense to lockdown so many for so few incidents.
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