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  1. Ok finally, my bad, clicking the check box doesn't work, but clicking the word quote does. Thanks for the advice Alleycat, and thanks for your patience Jollygoodfellow!
  2. Ok, I'll try again the quote button has a check mark by it. Thanks for the advice about hiway 77 Alleycat.
  3. Thanks for that advice. I will keep it in mind.
  4. Looks like I'm staying in Talamban. Hopefully, I can find a few friends near there.
  5. Thanks again folks, I will post again as I get closer to arrival or need some answers.
  6. With friends in Cebu City.
  7. Just looking for some kindred spirits. Perhaps for a meet and greet once I get in Cebu the second week of February. Thanks for answering my post.
  8. Coming to Cebu from Florida in February 2019, anyone here?
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