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  1. she said that too - If It is close friends they will probably pay their own way or work it out before
  2. Neng says if it your idea for a get together and you invite people you will be the one to pay. Pinoy or expat. If you don"t want to pay don't initiate the event.
  3. https://www.airportparkingreservations.com/lot_park_n_fly_at_park_one_lax
  4. Thats a little more encouraging for me then - I was researching heavy duty opiates We have been trying to decideif we will bring her home to the philippines she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and I understand as it progresses it causes a great deal of severe pain. I was researching pain management physicians that is what I found so far.
  5. you can get naproxin in drug stores there its pretty good for body aches and pains you can pretty safely take up to a 1000 mg a day Probably can buy generic but might see brand names too. I bought them out in the province in Leyte. Aleve, Anaprox DS, Naprosyn, Naprelan CR, Wal-Proxen, Flanax (naproxen), Ec-Naprosyn, Midol (naproxen), Mediproxen to legally prescribe opiates a doctor has to have an endorsement for them - I think they can only prescribe 8 days at a time - many drug stores won't have opiates
  6. There will be a bunch of porters hanging around they will be very happy to take you and your bags over to the money changers - exchange some dollars and they will patiently wait to take you out the doors to your transportation - - the rate is good there - almost as good as anywhere else in manila - get some pesos and you are ready to go give them 100 to 200 pesos and they will be happy. (2 to 4 bucks)
  7. I have spent some time in Laoag Nice place one department store downtown and a smaller mall on the south side across the river If you like simple living Laoag is fine If you are a person who needs a variety of restaurants and shopping you might get bored in a small city like Laoag
  8. I agree 100% Terminal 3 has been a breeze in the last few years -years ago the old terminal 1 with all the international flights was the real deal
  9. Every time I leave the door of terminal 3 at the manila airport I think about the mayor from mindanao gunned down along with his wife, niece and young daughter all killed l by a submachinegun from the back of a motorcycle in December of 2013 Pretty sad
  10. Most often there when a drug dealer gets shot "he was struggling for the officer's weapon"
  11. I read one time that about 95% of travel visas get turned down for filipinos and about the same percentage 95% get approved for fiance and spousal visas. I know an older lady in the philippines owns multiple properties, Is an upper level manager in a pinoy company - well established family has applied 4 times for a travel visa to visit family and friends here in the USA and has been turned down each time.
  12. I usually stay at the oyster plaza hotel when I first land in manila - They will come fetch you in their van for free. Usually you can book it on Agoda for a low price. Went to the American Cemetery a few years ago beautiful awe inspiring site. My father was in the Philippines in WW2 and had several buddies buried there. only been to the north end of Bataan.
  13. Teaching Driver education for over 30 years taught me to be more patient
  14. i see this at St Lukes in the Manila area- A really top flight kind of hospital operation they will give you a estimate on how much procedures cost https://www.stlukes.com.ph/international-patients/the-medical-cost-estimate
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